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We handcuff ourselves to each for 24 hours...
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  • 4:51-4:56 is literally so adorable 🥺😭💗

  • They had to go to a sex shop to buy there question is how the new they sold them.......

  • Why does this video have 2.3K dislikes. They're so funny and realistic, why do people hate them? Love Ethan And Grayson. ❤

  • Ethan: Oh, I can't change my shirt Grayson: no shit.

  • "Aw, I can run away from you!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!"

  • I’m sorry but if I was walking down the street and Ethan said ‘how u doing’ to like 🔥🥺

  • I do

  • 18:46 my last two brain cells when i’m taking a test

  • Ethan can’t sleep and I’m telling him he has a meeting in my mind and then I realise I’m watching this a t 4 in the morning 😂

  • This whole video is just Grayson being a mom and Ethan being a toddler

  • Does anyone else notice the bag they bought the handcuffs in was way too big for just handcuffs🤔1:25

  • After seeing the documentary, you can see their matching bracelets with Sean 🥺

  • 1:12 the way he says it it so funny 😂😂

  • grayson- Get up. Ethan seriously Ethan- Good morning everyone

  • 4:56 5:22 5:31

  • Grayson: “okay just don’t touch me” also grayson: *puts his hand on e’s shoulder🤣

  • I love how u guys have little side conversations throughout the video 😂😂

  • they are like its early but I have to get up at 6:00 and they have to get up at 8:00! so not fair


  • Its like watching me and my sister if we did this😂

  • 2020 anybody?

  • is it just me or do you really want to know who films when both of them are in the video? lmk

  • These are the only twins ik who talks abt each other so much 😂 but love each other to death

  • Ethan is a mood like his sleep schedule is the same to mine

  • Can someone please handcuff me to Ethan!!!

  • Grayson's laugh when Ethan said and were the twins doing it

  • grayson: it made me giGgLe tHo

  • 6:43 did anyone else notice they switched sides were they cheating

  • OMG Dolan twins try Cheerleading

  • At 4:46 just look at grayson,but down U welcome

  • 18:44 aw😩

  • What everyone thinks their sleep routines are: Grayson What they actually are: Ethan

  • Ethan is more patient and careful with his words although he is lazier. Haha..

  • 5:24 handcuff is on Ethan's right hand 5:56 handcuff is on Ethan's left hand

  • Did anyone realise they swapped spots in the bed? E was on the right on the first part of the night so g should be on the left but when g woke up e was on the right

  • I am rewatching because I am bored, but I just realized why did they do this if they have appointment

  • 21:17 😛

  • I just LOVE it when Ethan does the thing where he goes, woOoW

  • “Grayson takes an hour to pick out his outfit” oh really it takes me a year

  • At 24:24 what is a Charlie horse???

  • Ngl listening to them argue in the dark is really funny lmao

  • 6:22 when gray rubs Ethan's shoulder 😵😍😂

  • grayson: "I have to pee i drank a full bottle of water before i went to bed". Ethan: "I HAvE tO PeE I dRaNk A fUlL BotTlE oF wAtEr BeFoRe i WEnT tO BEd".

  • The both called eachother a bag of bricks 4 hours apart 💀

  • 😂☺️there so cute and funny ♥️

  • When Ethan rubbed the milk into the table, that gave me anxiety

  • Ethan:I I'm hungry it's just gonna take 2 seconds Grayson:😒 Ethan:I dont think I'm hungry anymore Grayson:I thought you said you were hungry Ethan:well I'm not hungry anymore

  • The way they mock eachother😂😂

  • Is it better than being apart for a week tho? They made a video of that

  • You said it I be like oooh y’all HOT

  • I’d gladly be handcuffed to Grayson all day any day 😍👅

  • i would soo handcuff my buddy that did that with me lmao

  • You could've cut the sides of the shirt, make strips lengthwise and like tie them together

  • 6:19 he's tickling me with his toes

  • Ethan: does anyone else just rub the milk and it’s gone Me:yes Ethan: where does it go? Me: on your hand

  • 356

  • That was funny guys to Watch

  • 18:44 😂😂

  • Anyone watching in 2021

  • Nobody Absolutely nobody Eathan from the floor: gOoD MoRnInG EvErYbOdY