Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

čas přidán 8. 01. 2019
We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/
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  • I bet the camera man was trying to hold in his laughter , while Ethan was trying to run awwwwaaaaaay 😂😂😂♥ I'm dead

  • 3:35 that head pat was so cute I can’t 17:18 the way Grayson pulls ethans hair to stop him from throwing up is everything oh my god

  • 16:07 they’re so childish I CANT😂

  • I never seen anyone say making pancakes is complicated. 😂 I love Ethan 😂

  • I am backk!!😂

  • how does someone mess up an uncrustable PB&J lmaoooooooo 😅

  • Ethan was so rude just drink it 😆

  • Ethan is such a fucking pussy Grayson is the better twin in every single fucking way

    • Oh wow you didn't really have come for him like that, dang😂 but yk we all have opinions lol

  • Ethan actually messed up the challenge a lot of times, he asked Grayson for things more than once almost every single turn. And for the protein shakes ethan told him to bark at someone so actually Grayson shouldn’t have drank them

  • I did press the bell button but I don’t got twitter and the last part was so funny

  • At 0:18 it sounded like E said Chris

  • Imagine just looking out your car window and seeing two brothers, one with a milkshake in his hair and the other licking some of his shoe... beautiful 😭😭😂

  • Ethan singing made my whole day

  • 23:22 really cracked me up

  • Who else heard them say in n out and seen that they went to McDonald’s because the cup said Mc cafe

  • Eathen looks like that life gard form stranger thing XD

  • i’m still watching in 2020 i love these guys tooo much ❤️

  • The fact that they still kept up with CS-tv while going through a loss is beyond powerful

  • These videos always remind me of that episode from Victorious lmao

  • Hardest challenge to do lol

  • Yoo I just noticed this Ethan cheated bc when you told him to go get the shakes he then told you to bark at a stranger then you didn’t say anything then he made u drink the shake and u did witch dint count bc he went twice

  • I been here sense 2014 and I’m 12

  • Hi

  • ethan singing makes him transform into his anesthesia self 😂

  • Gray and E: THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE MAKING US BETTER BROTHERS! Me: you're 7 year olds in 19 year old bodys!

  • Grapeson!😂👀

  • 2020 anyone?

  • add me by friend.

  • adraine call mrs stewert from visiting

  • call adraine by friend

  • dogma the movie

  • “can i please shave in your room” the way ethan said that was so cuteee🥰🥺

  • Hi

  • Gray for the smoothies you said yes dump em out

  • When Grayson was on the car he didn't get that much turns

  • I feel so bad for Ethan

  • Ethan is such a cheater 😂🙄

  • I would have said yes but not do the thing. It says we have to SAY yes not do thing we are saying yes to

  • 16:52 paused it and u'll see a dad bod of gray

  • Did anyone else notice they never went to in n out for the milkshake. Instead they went to McDonald’s lol

  • get a guy like grayson... he literally cooks for you ;-;

  • "Now he really wants his toenails painted pink." 😂😂

  • Ethan is a gaslighter bruh

  • that last part had me dying

  • The whole smoothie fight I was like what if people saw this?

  • "I got him by his douchebag shirt" 🤣

  • I hate to be this person but: WhO iS hErE iN 2020

  • 9:58 Ethan: this is a little bit to revealing. Also Ethan: posts pics of him without his shirt on instagram and spapchat.

  • Ethan: I can’t have dairy. It messes up my stomach Grayson: *Could literally die from all of that protein*

  • Ethan is annoying in this like Grayson said he’s ruining the video

    • But just imagine the video without E. What would happen? Probably nothing... Who would Gray say yes to?

  • Cringe 😂😂

  • a hell noooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • ethan could have just told grayson after “can i change back into my old pair of clothes?” and grayson would have to say yes 😂

  • what it was: i’m singing the outro in my falsetto i got a moustache and i look like a creepy gym teacher what it should’ve been: i’m singing the outro in my falsetto i got a moustache and i look like a pedo

  • 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • IT’s DANNY!

  • He sings good

  • 16:05 got me dead when he pulled E hair

  • 4:27

  • It’s so annoying how he had to drink 3 large protein shakes and he couldn’t even drink a little of the milkshake. Like, I get it, it makes his stomach hurt. But as if it doesn’t hurt Grayson’s stomach to drink 3 large protein shakes.

    • jamiltrash but remember at that time Ethan was sick; he had a stomach bacteria or something. He said it in the video with Shane.

    • Chloe oof But Ethan isn’t lactose intolerant??

    • jamiltrash you obviously arent lactose intolerant, for some people drinking a little bit makes them throw up especially for me