Types of Basketball Players

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Types of Basketball Players


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  • When your girlfriend is at the game and you dont want her to see you fail

  • They dont pass the ball to the one they think is ass at ball lol😂😂

  • I’m the flopper on offense

  • Wtf he wearing

  • When your girl is at the game tjass start cooking up

  • Ill have to admit, getting ur ankles broken in basketball is humiliating, but trust me.... if u get ur ankles broken in soccer, they finna bully u for like a month

  • This is the first white boy I saw who can ball

  • Am I the only type of player who dribbles past everyone but misses every shot?

  • we all know that guy who dont pass and ends up missing the shot and blames it on you

  • Ryan Trahan was on this?

  • 2:02 I'm kinda cringed.😬

  • Why some vids so cringe

  • Yo is that Ryan trahan in the flopper scene

  • The traveler? More like the adventurer

  • They killed me with the “LeBron James”

  • What of a video with ddg

  • I know all of umm

  • I know them

  • Traveler is the funniest🤣🤣

  • Yo

  • Whoever is an og that watched this before the audio got cut at 4:38 your cool

  • I’m the guy that people think I’m good lol

  • D: ight imma head out

  • 3:03 Lebron James

  • When you miss the wedded paper into the trashcan and lose the bet 2:12

  • Foulers are so annoying

  • you forgot "kindergarten fundamentals"

  • What’s the song at 3:54

  • WTF

  • C

  • Nobody: Soccer players: 2:41

  • Literally all my friends at my highschool 5:39

  • City of burbank

  • That laugh track though on 4:39 XD

  • The background looks like the wall of shoes from step up

  • *leeebroon james*

  • 3:54 when activate gamebreaker Nba street Vol.2 😂.6:24 James harden defense lol

  • The flopper mr like neymar jr

  • Ty and charc, 5:18 when yo mom tell yo lil brother to come here

  • Types of ergfvdjhsdhfk

  • I cried when his ankles got broken

  • 2:02 porr rob

  • Ryan Trahan A.K.A the best actor ever

  • do another collab with poudii

  • do more collabs with tytheguy and blackcharcaol

  • do more collabs with ty and charc

  • Do yall think ty can dunk It’s obviously B all my homies can dunk

  • The guy in the Atlanta jersey low key looks like tupac Like the comment if you see it

  • They missed one: *the teammate who thinks they play for the other team*

  • bc im ass ima fouler

  • Is anyone else disappointed they didn't put the club penguin the description

  • I don't know them

  • guys sub to me and i will sub to u lets help each other out

  • I was dead when 2:02 played

  • 3:04 this music brought me to tears 🥺😭 Anyone else have this problem?

  • 3:06 this clip I can't breathe😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • LeBron James

  • When your ex is at the game, 2:34