UFC 229: Post-fight Press Conference

čas přidán 7. 10. 2018
Watch the UFC 229 Post-fight Press Conference LIVE following the event.
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  • Get a fuck out of there Tony u are nothing gangster u can not acting

  • Hey! my brother Khabib! Please do not forget that fighting for money is a sin acc.to Islam. You can only protect yourself and your ethics in a violence status. in I think you should stop the show! Or only stop to use Islam.

  • Ufc anti Islam

  • Khabib won .... shut that loud mouth Connor. Canada loves Khabib!

  • Alhumdullah Islam zindabad.... we love khabib brother... from Pakistan

  • A lot of kabitch dickriders on CS-tv....

  • Dont care what religion khabib has or where hes from he got taunted hated apoun spread racism... Dana you're a biased prick.. Khabib deserved to win!

  • هذا الشاب حبيب متخلق و محترم

  • Dana is eating conors SHIT!

  • Ever since McGregor threw the dolly at the bus, I felt that the UFC is changing into WWE.

  • Salty taste in Gregors mouth

  • Khabib... Please go ahead. fight for the sports again.

  • Tony Ferguson is off his head!saying he hasn’t sparred for 5 years then talking about sparring 😂😂😂

  • Conor lost out on alot for not doing press conference what is diff from this

  • Wow he wouldn do press that's some bullshit its required after the cage hoping an then this he needs to be punished

  • Bye bye UFC 😂😂😂 UFC is finish now is BELLATOR 👍👋🤜🏻🤛👋👍🏼🎊🎊🎊🎊

  • I really enjoyed listening to Tony Ferguson awesome dude👍

  • Notice how Conor did not come. But when Chael sonnen talks shit and loses and still shows up and hangs his head no problem

  • Khabib Legend

  • I love khabib Iam from indonesia

  • Check Out Our Reaction to #UFC229 !! cs-tv.org/tv/video--SCX7GjtBWU.html

  • Why did they give Ferguson the mic😵😵😵no one cares bring khabib

  • Khabib ur next fight should be Israel Adesanya ....No Eagle talk now let's get location on this cause you know GPS is blinking... What's you say bro!

  • RIP Condom McPIGor wkwkwk

  • I was a Conor fan but I can no longer support a cheat, loser, fraud, racist and someone that attacks other people family. Absolutely embarrassing

  • Listen to ferguson. ..... great motivator. ......

  • Ferguson is very cool!!!

  • Russian people are chill as fk, i seriously dont understand why people and nations keep antagonizing Russian people and Russia, i use to like Conor McGregor, but as soon as he said and did all the low stuff that he said and did leading up to the fight, i no longer considered him a role model and am glad that he got his ass beat.

  • Mc gregor rubbish mc gregor is chicken mc gregor little boy😂

  • What about the fouls made by Conor in the match? UFC is just getting worst. WWE is getting better.

  • haha khabib blocked the advertisement products with his belt, what an og

  • 1:21:55 The EAGLE

  • Dana stop lying how much fucking money do you need you’re a pig in more ways than one you’re disgusting man

  • ufc comite make bad decition . dont make another problem. rasis and insulting religion is the big problem/ bad behavior of connor is the big problem / be wise and be fairly

  • watch my new video, Habib be humble

  • he perfectly give the reply at the ring

  • khabib is the perfect example for all the over the world that the dont mess with muslim

    • Muslims live in third world shitholes, they are poor, undedicated, they have low life quality. They commit crimes and violence. Your pride is meaningless.

  • I was rooting for Conor to win the fight but now Khabib has earned my respect. He deserves the win and the title.

  • Ребята Конор дерется как лев, А хабиб змея+гиена! Конор кароль и останится королем UFC. Хабиб первом раунде сцепился как змея, втором раунде дрался как гиена, первом раунде рукопашке Конор бы от имелбы Хабиба. Если я прав ставтье лайк. Хабибу нодо снятся в фильме Кин-конг 3

  • i like you khabib,i am from indonesia masyaallah tabarakallah syukron katsiron khabib

  • "You can not talk about religion and nation!" You are not in Russia Khabib. I still think that he is the best fighter but not a good role model.

  • what will you do if your father is insulted, your convictions are reviled, your descendants are demeaned and your country is not respected ... will you be silent and just go away to maintain peace ?? Are you blind what happened there?? everyone has the right to independence...

  • So everything is on tape the whole word has witness the same still Dana denies that conor attacked first...Give this man the biggest Donkey of the Day

  • The vid was good until racist Dana come on...

  • U really did nuthin. U only tap...Lol!!

  • We are going to boycott UFC. Give khabib his money and his belt.

  • respect for khabib

  • Khabib is the beast 💪 I Love Khabib ❤ From Iraq💌

  • Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar ☝

  • Why dont terrorist go to public swimming pools? Because the sign says no bombing.

  • Love u khabib from India

  • Alhamduilah Congratulations khabib proud to be a Muslim Alhamduilah

  • Alhamduilah Congratulations khabib proud to be a Muslim Alhamduilah

  • Khabib Champion ☝🏻

  • Fuck white supremacist Dana White and everybody at UFC

  • Khabibs ears look fake 😂

  • Dana White aka Don King #crook

  • What's it come to when people can't take being called names and plays race cards jaysus like being in school again and the police are like teachers trying to sort it all out instead of doing there real job.

  • Khabibi crying like a 10 yr old girl cause he was called names haha wannabe wankers thug..

  • Everyone acts like there's no line to cross.. THIS ISNT WWE, if you disrespect my entire background AND family. Im sure anyone woulda snapped, Im not a fan of anyone cause I know they dont care about us but Khabib was a better person here up till he snapped. Yes it's wrong but what Connor did was EXCESSIVE and unnecessary. Shattering a GLASS WINDOW with PEOPLE INSIDE?? Unprofessional however potential injury for others.. Khabib jumping over the fence toward a man in the crowd?? Unprofessional and understandable.. Nobody got GANGED up, no property damage etc. Don't be ignorant people

  • Khabibi 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Next fighting to khabib vs danis dilon hehehe

  • Assalamualaikum,Alhamdulillah "khabib" i'm from indonesia like you

  • this islamist fucked a goat that night

  • Tony is full mentally handicapped here. He says he took the Kobe approach and proceeds to say sleep less and then a few seconds later says rest More what the fuck

  • Honest View. I am chasing this fight since the start. I know conor style , I have seen what conor did was way out of the line where any human being can get angry. Put yourself in place and think. What Khbib Did is not fair however, justifiable. In video conor was hitting first to khabib teammate so brawl started inside octagon. It really seems like UFC and Dana White having double standards. law should be equal for all. Why we people in USA and other countries don't stand up for right thing, look bad people are taking over every thing all because good people are shut up!

  • Tony a G on the low. Ppl learning now though

  • Someone should have asked Dana if he felt this was worse than what conor did to the other fighters

  • Is Dana female name?

  • Yoo Dana pay Khabib.

  • Allah akbar

  • Alhamdulillah Khabib Love youuu muslim,love youuu Khabib... Allahuakbar... Allahuakbar... Allahuakbar From Indonesian...

  • Crazy Muslims reaction to Khabib.. cs-tv.org/tv/video-4a6x_aM-NgY.html

  • Why HAHbib instead of KAHbib from Dana and reporters?

  • Cheap moves !!

  • Jesus just imagine if two or three fans would have been injured during this deal lol Khabib gonna get hammered by the commission. Fuck Connor though too

  • tap tap tap- who's there? - Conor McGregor

  • @.and I will stop watching ufc if the khabib team is needed unfairly by the UFC

  • Tap tap tap to ma ma ma ma

  • Talking shit only works for building hype if the fans think you're invincible. If he turns up again and gets smoked, he'll have played out the exact storyline as Rousey. That would actually be hilarious.

  • wtf, why AlcoMac on preview, he wasn't there

  • This comment section is just fucked between people sucking off either Khabib or McGreggor. There are people just assuming everyone if they are Irish they like McGreggor and if they are Russian they like Khabib. Both sides are so utterly butthurt, it actually pisses me off.

  • Dana annoys me in this press conference 😡

  • khabib time 😎

  • Keep it in the Octagon people, that's where the RESPECT is. All Parties

  • After All,The Real Lightweight Champion for me is Tony Ferguson,true warrior and real Fighter represent the MMA as should be.Give him The Title shot as soon as possible with Khabib to get oficial.The best Fight ever!Yes,Khabib won the fight,but lose the belt and legacy with his stupid actions,after the fight.AT the end of the day-The WORLD IS WATCHING!This is not the way to represent sport,not like this with brawl,looks like hooligan fight to me.

  • One By One Post fight interviews.This is N0.1 Bullshit.Bring Back The old way conference.

  • Is it even legal to advertise whisky at a press conference? McGregor and Dana are a disgrace. They shouldn't be in sports. Their place is in a Zoo: C.M. is a monkey, Dana is a snake. He thinks with his "smart" talk he can fool people. Guess what? People are not as dumb as they look. I wish Nevada Athletic Commission dug deeper into UFC. Of course, Dana built UFC, but he will never change his rotten ways. Let him have his dividends and send him home to watch UFC on TV. To swear on his daughter's health. What a fu**ing bastard.

  • Don't be surprised when Khabib gets a light sentence after Russian influence

  • Khabib-McG rematch preview yt3.ggpht.com/-DbBvDX5U-H4/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAw/S0bAn4T0SWY/s288-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no/photo.jpg

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-PxS9YWj72lA.html cs-tv.org/tv/video-LlilSnBBaPg.html These are the reasons Khabib jumped out of the ring to attack Dillion Danis.

  • Fuck Dana white🖕🏽

  • 🔴Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor suspended video on my youtube🔴

  • Too late it's already WWF and Conor and Dana ruined it.

  • Ferguson vs Mcgregor has to be next

  • It's so nice to see Dana so butt hurt. I lover every minute of if.

  • I’m proud to be a Tony fan


  • learn your history Irish were the first mafia of america and are still being it be the presidents of america or White prezz of the ufc

  • Irish white even plays Helloween13