UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 1

čas přidán 2. 01. 2021
Watch the first matchup between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor back at UFC 178 in 2014 when both fighters were featherweights on the rise. The lightweight rematch goes down at UFC 257 on Saturday, January 23 in Abu Dhabi.
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  • Ya McGregor not the same anymore. Doesn't have the killer instinct

  • Conor underestimated him in the 257 match he should have checked the legs or switched stance from southpaw to putting his other leg first. Fair play to dustin he deserved it but eventhough dustin never got cocky after the fight he even admitted Poirier: "He hurt me with the left hand. Nothing went, but he flashed me good. If he would have pressured and I would have gotten hit again, I think I would have been really hurt.” This is a man of class to admit that he actually did get hurt aswell all resepcr to them both now with khabib going in to a professional football career what’s next? Mcgregor is out for 6 months medically so maybe a Dustin vs Nate or something?

  • If you put it in slow motion when joe Rogan says he hurt him you can clearly see that conor didn’t land a punch and dustin just fell lol so fake

  • Fixed hahaha

  • Poirier lost all the stamina from all of these jumps pour choice

  • Crazy though because now he’s flat footed & plants his feet like a boxer. He needs to chop angles and go back to being light on his feet. In & out. Yes you lose power compared to planting your feet but it’s better fit for the ufc to be light on your toes. In out. In out bang! Well done too dustin on his win over Mcgregor though. Mcgregor needs to go back to this style

  • Anyone noticed how they used the same ref Herb Dean on both fights 6 years apart?

  • That was Conor! Fast and wild!

  • Conor is no longer the same

  • ahhhh...irish pork

  • Corona elle est ou

  • mcgregors movement is nothing like he was back then

  • dustin admitted he was hurt bad in fight 2 though so he didnt just run over connor

  • dude he completely missed. and its weird how the commenters keep saying he is the real deal when obviously this was a paid fight. he ducks out of the way and his elbow does not even hit him of two of his hammer fist they barely graze him. in the new fight you can see that he actually tried and kick the shit out of him.


  • I just released a psychological breakdown if you want to see exactly why Conor looked so different against Dustin the second time

  • I feel like the way both of them were TKO’d was very anticlimactic

  • McGregor🔥🔥🔥

  • pity McGregor 

  • I miss this 'hands down' style from Conor.

  • Who touch this man? A ghost maybe? Ha ha ha Money for both and revenge, is like a wrestling????

  • So the chennn does recover

  • You can see Dustin was landing the same calf kicks he did in the rematch. If he took the shots it could have ended the same way as the rematch.

  • Watching the first fight again, dustin was actually fighting similar to the 2nd fight. He was already landing them leg kicks and didn’t look too bad until obviously he got dropped. So basically I don’t think dustin skills has improved that much, but what he has improved its his durability. My man has developed an iron chin from all those slugfest he’s had. Man ot his sweet revenge in the end 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Dustin after seeing Conor after a long time: You've gotten fat.

  • Look how confident conor was back then..he was like at home with 0 fear of losing...

  • What took place last Saturday was unfortunate but mark my words he will be back 🇮🇪💪

  • This fight looks rigged and in hindsight they made a hero and opened up a new market in Europe

  • Fake ass fight

  • What happened to this Connor

  • 1:16 siyah kadina bayildim😘

  • CLICK BAIT .. this is not the 257 fight.

  • Reading some of these pro-McGregor comments left in the time before the rematch is so satisfying. McGregor himself was acting pretty chill but some of these fans are in too deep lmao

  • Купленный?

  • Conor is back👿🖤

  • How many subscribers can I get from this comment? Currently at 512

  • Crazy how poirier basically had the exact same game plan in the 2nd fight but just moved the kick from the thigh to the calf. Obviously took the shots a lot better this time as well.

  • Y pourier lo revento en la revancha

  • The diamond pulled the uno reverse

  • Get rrkt

  • Dustin moves. To. Much. In term of efficency of energy that is so bad. Im sure hes nervous and just waiting inside his mind when am i going to be knocked out. And then he did get knocked out. But with more experience and knowledge hes improve a lot and won.

  • This literally shows history repeats itself, but only with the other guy lmao

  • I want to fight Conor ‼️

  • This ain’t 257. This is the first fight.

  • I thought conor was gonna fight like that but he's changed he wasn't on his toes or throwing the same kicks I miss that conor

  • The real key to won a fight match as a man is never clean shave your hair, better off grow them long like mane's lion.

  • Where was this Conor mcgregor the other night?

  • So fake fight,,,, watch closely at 4:26, none of his punches land on Dustin and the ref called the fight off too early... Fake I'll say

  • I love mcgregor before when he is still hungry for a belt, but now I've seen huge change in mcgregor he is a little bit humble now

  • Conor the loser

  • Not a hater but i feel like the fights dustin - mcgregor are like gta series, aah yeah gta v was good but not what i ve expected, i ll go back to san andreas

  • Conor used kicks, movement his hands was wide he used distance... He fought “Doostin” this day

  • Hahahaha...KO...KO...KO prettttttttt

  • the diamond paid his debt in full with a shining performance

  • No.i think it was stopped too quick

  • " how the turns have tabled "

  • It’s all bullshit

  • When he meets fearsome opponents we'll talk about it again

  • Def was down he cheats

  • Conor landed a lucky punch in this fight. Truth is - he was never any good. And Dustin exposed him second fight

    • i guarantee you would never get in the octagon with Connor

    • There’s no universe where u beat even the lowest level ufc fighters get off their nuts u waste of air


  • I feel like that announcer guy does not get enough credit both for his AMAZING announcing voice and the strain it must put on his throat overtime

  • if you look at the interviews from mcgregor from that time, he was much more passionate. think he doesnt have the right spirit to win anymore

  • McGregor was different here. He had a different level of confidence. He looked nervous in the walkout for the second fight.

    • His stance was so different, he looked ordinary. Used to his wide unorthodox stance and movement

  • 假拳

  • Wtf how this is not the same conner who lost her will be back!!!!

  • That rabbit punch

  • Trilogy 💯

  • There has to be a third match now right?

  • it is fix match you see he down easyly

  • Banyak gayaa😅😂😂

  • My teacher called MMA fake lol

  • When you’re still not consumed by extreme cockiness.

  • Karate Conor Was The Best

  • conor is noob ) muradov is king

  • conor is so much better back then.....now he relays so much in his boxing it affects everything from his style back then a the teep kick to keep the distance from the enemy

  • It just brings me joy watching all the mgreggor fangirls cry ahahahahah

  • Herb Dean stopoed so fast, Porier was trying to stand but in C Mc Gragor vs D Porier2 again Herb Dean gave a lot of time for Mc Gragor.

  • Attitude of Conor has Changed since he fought Khabib. Khabib told before he will make him humble, Conor is now humble

  • I see a lot of deleted fanboy comments here. 😂😂😂

  • Hi Can I use this video for my CS-tv channel

  • who ever come here after poirier vs mcgreggor 2,welcome..

  • Im here after Dustin knocked Mcnugget out 👊

  • The hard part for Conor to utilize the same in and out movement again will be the weight issue. The more mass and weight you carry will take off more oxygen meaning you will get tired in minutes. Look at Conor in the alvarez fight he put on less mass and was able to bounce on his toes unlike the flat footed fight he recently been. The mayweather fight motivated him for these flat foot boxing style, nate diaz fight motivated him for weight and khabib fight motivated him to gain more muscle and be like a rock just like pre Tibau. Conor need to be himself. Thats it.

  • Ты тоже смотришь после реванша?

  • Dustin's chin recovered and got better !! Stronger

  • Выглядит как постановочный матч🤔

  • Conor was way better then and his movements were incredibly. Definitely has gone past his prime. 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • They always get Connor from the feet. Fuck LMAO. Just a new fan

  • Remember (the Eagle 🦅) 🤣😂✌️

  • ;

  • The good old days Connor was the man.......

  • 5:38 his lower tooth chipped but act like nothing

  • Dustin defeated McGregor on his second match because nowadays Conor is really getting weaker. But remember no matter how improve Dustin Poirer may be but he could never defeat the before Conor McGregor

  • Sudah tidak ada Virus Corona kah di sana?😎

  • El karma

  • 1. 145 vs 155 Poirier has a stronger chin at 155 2. Conor landed like 20 lefts and didn’t ko Poirier in the second fight 3. The reason Conor’s style may seem different now is because he was way leaner and faster at featherweight 4. Conor was 100% motivated in the second fight and looked to be in amazing shape on Instagram 5. Conor’s own coach said Dustin beat the best Conor he’s ever seen 6. This fight was a fluke, Poirier was even more skilled then but at 145 couldn’t take the shot as well

  • Shoutout to everyone who dunked on that guy saying Dustin was gonna get KO'd end of the first round before he disabled his comment. You guys are doing god's work.

  • How the fuck did history not repeat itself here. I still don’t understand.

  • 1-1