UFC 257 Free Fight: Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez

čas přidán 8. 01. 2021
Conor McGregor became the first person to hold two belts simultaneously after he defeated lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in 2016. On January 23, McGregor returns to face Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 257.
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  • Maaan i miss those times from Conor so much i hope we can see again a win strike from him 🙏

  • That screaming lady really reminds me to vickie guerrero ..

  • The girl screaming in the beginning needs to stfu

  • This fight seems staged for Alvarez to take a dive😔

  • Conor was never that good, he was close to getting finished every fight, it was the trash talk that threw his opponent off

  • How the hell did anybody not smack Eddie's wife upside the head for screaming like that. That had to ruin the experience for those around her.

  • Eddie put gloves out first at the start - I respect that about him

  • This Conor walks through Dustin....light on his feet and lightning fast.

  • I miss when conor was at his prime. Wish he could've done this during 257

  • This performance was something special,sad to see him change his style to boxing guard because this was a thing of beauty...

  • Hahah Dustin beat the shit out of him

  • this connor was godlike

  • Nobody: One person in the crowd beginning of the first round: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Conner is the new Rhonda Rowsey 😂

  • He looked his best in this fight he should study this version of himself if thinking about getting back active

  • Conor was magical in this fight if you see it in a movie you would believe it to be true !!

  • no way eddie is 5’9 wtf is that

    • @getanomen yeah clearly. not only Alvarez but a lot of fighters are made so much taller than what they are actually are.

    • @Anas i agree. weird that everywhere you look it says he’s 5’9 and here he is standing with conor and he is significantly shorter.

    • He’s 5’7 or 5’7.5

  • Connor McGregor just doesn’t have the dedication he had the money went into his head and look at him now

  • Dustin played a very good fight against Conor but you can tell how lose he was in this fight compared to his previous fight with Dustin. Dustin figured out how to ko Conor which is impressive.

    • mate he was loose because he was fighting someone he had a strength advantage against. Dustin is bigger than Conor, so he has to be stable so he doesn't lose balance. His stance did look wider as time went by, but other than that nothing is different.

  • 3:08 ахахаха

  • One of my biggest regrets in life is not being a ufc fan during this time :( began watching ufc in 2018

  • В этом видео прекрасно всё. Реклама замороженной еды. Альварез который в какой то момент уже кажется начал бояться происходящего. И конечно же новый Конор, который по моему скромному мнению теперь уже обязательно отпиздит Хабиба.

  • Why do his previous opponents try to trade punches when they can easily kick the shit out of Conor's exposed lead leg to oblivion just like what Dustin did?

  • Hey guys has anyone seen this Irishman... cuz that guy on Saturday wasn’t him... maybe it’s the hair

  • Back here wishing Conor was this active Conor...

  • Why does herb dean always want fighter behind the black lol

  • This is the Conor we want and we love! His stance, his kicks and his movement make all the difference. I hope Conor uses these in the trilogy (if it happens, of course). If he does, he will get revenge on Dustin for sure. Also, i think trash talk/cocky Conor makes his confidence go high and makes him a lot smoother and relaxed in the fight. What do you guys think? I love Dustin, but i just think the real Conor beats him! Let`s go Conor!

    • @Tyrone Jones Callos yes man, i hated to see that, if he changes that and goes back to his hold style he will beat Dustin again! Lets hope he does!

    • That's right mate im crying his movements here are different and the style no kicks no footwork in the rematch with dustin

  • Conor should’ve taken this kind of approach against Dustin. He was so flat footed against him, his stance was stiff, and he never bothered mixing things up with his kicks.

  • The prime McGregor. Insane distance control, light on the feet, beautiful slips with effective counters & stab kicks. I think this version would have eaten the 2021 version of Conor.

  • I really miss this McGregor. Hope he comes back stronger

  • Where is this Conor?

  • He really embarrassed tf outta Alvarez

  • Everyone here is thinking Conor isn’t as good anymore but nobody thinks of how much Dustin has improved since their first fight

  • Hes now fighting like he’s in a fucking boxing match, he needs to bring back his karate bruce lee stance, and forget about boxing

  • conor wait for khabib stop fighiting. he never win khabib!

  • cornor he’s gone

  • 0:09 look at the eye of the tiger Conor had and compare it to the Dustin stare down before the fight, Conor needs to pull a rocky 3

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-5adr0_os4Lc.html

  • Eddie was flat scared! Did absolutely nothing!

  • Back to see conors old style, not that crumlin boxing stance ..this version of Conor would have whipped 2021 Conor too

  • He is still in his prime guys even after the DP loss. I’m telling you it was just inactivity and inconsistencies with timing. You could see it when he gauged distance and threw the left hand. He showed flashes of his prime Connor in round 1.That worked against Cowboys but Poirier is a dog. One of the biggest hearts in the game not to mention he’s a crafty technician. If Connor remains active and continues to fight consistently we will see him wearing gold again.🤔🤔🤔Well as long as Khabib doesn’t come out of retirement that is 😂😂😂😂

  • What happened to this conor man

    • That Conor is still there. The question are, is he going to switch back to this stance, cause if he does he is a problem for anyone

  • 155lb First win

  • I want this conor back

  • You don't need your hearing aid if you're within 1 square mile of Eddie's wife.

  • Once you hear her un can’t unhear her

  • He looked like a flat footed boxer against Dustin. Where was this Conor??? His movement was gone

    • That Floyd Mayweather fight was the worst thing to ever happen to him. He abandoned his MMA/karate style striking for a boxing style...

  • Conor fought this fight so calm lol

  • Watching this now is just honestly frustrating. Like I still don’t understand what happened with 257..I just don’t get it. I felt the same way as I did when I was rooting for Floyd (Floyd vs Connor) then I saw he had an actual game plan at the end. 257 though, it felt off from the start and did not get better. I just don’t get why he was so one dimensional/flat footed

  • Dustin had wobbly legs and lost. You can go cry in your beer now fools.

  • Conor gave him a little kiss at 9:19 - I thought that was a nice gesture.

  • Who's screaming ?

    • Eddie’s fuckin wife..she’s literally just screaming his name repeatedly.

  • I swear that screaming woman in the background is at every UFC fight.

  • That lunatic, I mean Eddie's wife, is what lost him the fight. Jesus christ the fight hadn't even started and she was barking mad...

  • You see the low kicks and the effectiveness. Conor needs to bring those kicks back w the karate stance. Fluid movement. Nimble.

  • Boxing ruined McGregor. This is a totally different fighter

  • This is the real conor aggressive and smart not like now

  • Joe "He's hurt" Rogan

  • Good old days....

  • Does he look bigger here than against dustin or did dustin look like a welterweight?

    • @Artizon i think he looks bigger here vs alvarez than he did vs dustin but its hard to tell cuz eddie is smaller tbh

    • @n n people are saying that but i thought he was a good size, bigger than he was against alveraz and khabib

    • ​@Artizon mhh i guess since theyre the same height, still conor looked really lean last saturday

    • Dustin is just thick, I think there is more muscle on Conor.

  • 11:40 someone explain to me what happened here ?? he went to ask Dana White for a raise and Dana told him: is that not enough what I pay you?

  • I miss the old Conor😔

  • Who TF is squawking throughout the fight.

    • Eddies wife saying “EDDDIIEEEE!!!!”


    • This is 155

  • That was amazing, i wonder how conors career wouldve been if he didnt go to fight mayweather and instead stayed active defending his belts?

  • this was undoubtedly Connors best fight ever the best condition he'd ever been in if he fought poirer in this condition if he fought a lot of people in this condition man the damage he woulda done.

  • Conor wasted his prime years fighting Mayweather and chasing money and not defending his belts.

  • prime conor

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-aVtSCPg_NMY.html

  • Conor must decide if he wants to be a boxer OR a mixed martial artist. He completely lost his old karate/capoeira style with wide stance. Now, he just fought the way Floyd fought him in those later rounds in 2017. This would be more of a mexican boxing approach. However, this does NOT fit his usual fighting style. His coaches are to be blamed for it - especially Phil Sutcliffe's (although I really like him) influence on Conor this time around made a huge impact on the (bad) result. Additionally, I think that Conor STILL might have some cardio issues which made him even more vulnerable in the 2nd round against Dustin. That's MY take on this whole Conor situation.

    • I think he should hire that touch butt guy again. His movement and footwork were really good when he was training with him

  • Who here after Conor lose to Dustin

  • This Conor would destroy current Conor... His style has totally changed.

  • Where is this fight that Conor was meant to have lost with Dustin? I’ve saw the one two weeks ago but Conor won and I’ve seen this one where Conor wins again... but a few times I’ve heard that Conor has been beaten recently... baffled

  • A unhumbled something to prove connor is/was levels above

  • Conner's back ,im so good I love watching him taunts all the guys hefights dislike but Ive watched him from the begining. I absolutely loved how he taunted Jose Aldo even when they were in seperate planes ,he managed to have his radio into Aldos plane and talk shit to him hah He is so cocky but stands behind everything he says he will do. The champ is back. !!!!

  • This is the Conor that needs to come back for Poirier vs McGregor 3.

  • Everyone tell Conor to get his karate stance back. He also needs to get ido portal and artem lobov in his team. His boxing trainer needs to go, boxing is making him worse.

  • I have watched this so many times

  • Eddie: Takes a breathe His Wife: *SCREAMS FROM HELL*

  • Igazi profi Conor! Egy hiba az ellenféltől és büntet..Zseni!👑

  • the mayweather fight ruined him

  • the whiskey destroyed conor

  • Connor was spending too much time drinking proper 12, not going to the gym not taking this seriously, he should have won this fight but those are the reasons why he lost it.

    • I mean his own head coach said after the fight that he was the most focused and trained the most for the fight, no excuses Dustin was the better fighter that night.

  • He was hungry

  • Please come in

  • Wait, is it alvarez wife yelling for 10mn EDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE"?

  • This is the conor we love. Please go back to this style! Against porier you just looked like a boxer. Just become a mma fighter again. We all want to see this conor again.

  • For people coming back after Conor's loss, I just wanna share something that I saw someone else say. That people aren't giving Dustin the credit he deserves and just blaming Conor's loss on not being as good anymore. Conor has still got it, but Dustin just had a better gameplan and executed it well.

    • @Jack U .Lait yeah dustin is better that night , conor wasnt aware

    • @Hey FakYou he wasn’t better that night they fought. Give Dustin his credit

    • Lol eddie alvarez is smart fighter, this conor version is so much better than conor this day. We all know that conor is so much better than dustin till this day

  • He didnt even saw alvarez atack and wasnt prepared for it and still was able to master counter him in the first round .yesteday his reflexes were 10 times slower

  • That combination that finished Eddie hooks was so much like Roy Jones

  • Conor you need to hire Ido Portal again and play touch butt to get your movement and timing back.

  • Conor go back to your Karate style on the balls of your feet! Stop being dependent in your boxing stance. Conor use your steep kick again! You looked flat footed against Dustin! Ring rust is real Idc what Dominic Cruz says!!

  • I wouldn’t be upset if Eddies wife lost her voice permanently

  • Damn Conor was so cocky here. Being married with kids made him soft.

  • Because his footwork is more mobile and he's far more active, the leg kicks aren't as effective here. Eddie stops dishing them out as Conor's footwork has made Eddies foot make contact with the knee. Whereas against Dustin, Conor was just flat footed and eating every shot without any attempt to evade or check

  • Conor looks a lot quicker here . Compared to the Dustin fight , he was much slower . Still his striking was on point but he didn’t even throw any front kicks . His hands are also not loose like they were here. There were tight , mcgregor will be back , just needs some time

  • Man it’s crazy what years can do to someone. I love connor and all but he just isn’t that agile anymore

  • Bring your karate stance backkk !!!!

  • Best fighter version of Conor

  • Iyeth pertandingan anyar lain lur