UNHhhh 137: I'm Sick Part 1

čas přidán 25. 11. 2020
From educating each other on food poisoning to debunking CBD, our gals are here to cure what ails you.
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Pete Williams
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Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill
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  • Because it's our show and not for your.

  • The drugs ads edit. 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Pete is fucking trade! 🔥🔥🔥

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  • I say this in almost every episode, but. . YOU'RE SUPER CUTE, PETE!

  • trixie is lookin like momma Brady from the brady bunch lol

  • Trixie’s wig reminds me of cotton candy.I love it 💕

  • Can we talk about how fab these ladies have been looking, so stunning Also the editing had me pissing myself

  • Call me a psychopath but I think puking when you're drunk is sooo fun. When I'm drunk I don't mind it, it doesn't bother me much. I think it's fun how dramatic it is, all the noise, the splashing, getting someone to rub your back maybe, and then you just sit there while a firehose just explosively sprays out of your mouth like The Exorcist except with complete mental tranquility, serenity and grace. It's so fun. Puking sober is absolutely awful though.

  • We need an entire video for the anti-vaxxers #2021AmericanNightmare

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  • 8:37 ok HOW DID SHE DO THAT, chile I-

  • 11:54

  • started off with sickness, ended with cock wallet piercings.

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  • Ayahuasca! Lol I died when katya said that

  • You know it's bad when you're sitting on the toilet and holding the little bathroom trashcan on your lap at the ready

  • do you ever think about the fact that they are just talking to each other...... and everything is green..... no sound effects, nothing flying behind them.... and still they crack each other up. amazing

  • CBD? I like CBD Caucasian Big Dick Rocco Steele, anyone?

  • what kinda food poisoning do they have? a meal that tastes great the NEXT DAY??? when i had food poisoning i couldnt eat for three whole days dude i felt so disgusting...


  • ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to la stáge, Ms. Cee B. Dee

  • okay but the way trixie said "And welcome to" was so cute omg

  • This cannot be where I learn that WC stands for water closet

  • Got food poisoning last night, immediately thought of this episode. I was poisoned...by food... that's why it's called food poisoning.

    • 3:20 for future reference


  • I just caught the genius of Trixie saying she's checking in with her TMJ 🤣🤣🤣 the way in which she said it was so casual & fluid

  • katya believes in god

  • Me: having emetophobia and hearing them just talk about throw up 🤢😓

  • IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR SHOW AND YOU SEXY ..LADIES :P , Trixie the skirts are off the hook, your a straight turn on for me

  • Dead that I got a CBD ad in the midst of all this

  • At 1:50 the first part of the background music sounds like a song and I can't figure out what the name of it is can someone tell me?

  • Who else is rewatching and suffering withdrawal symptoms immediately after finding out that season 5 is over

  • This is the second time, Katya called out vitamins for being a crock of shit and was about to go off...until Trixie interupted her, multiple months later I've still yet to hear wat she has to say 😑

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  • OMG!! I have had food poisoning 4x. Sitting on my throne with a trash can in my lap.

  • Half way through I did notice the proportions not being equal. It made katya look slightly larger

  • Omg I literally got a CBD add

  • I had a food poison episode 6:30am Christmas morning, and the only thing that got me through was thinking about this episode.

  • THOSE LEGS!!! TRIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DEAD! ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • I know he’s gay but Pete is so cute and hot to me, like honestly ideal man

  • "my only flaw is being terrible at everything" has the same energy as when Quilen Blackwell said "Oh my god, I love me and all of my magic traits! Like doing everything fucking wrong!" after failing to remove a sticker from a Bundt cake tin

  • One time I got food poisoning from an Italian restaurant and woke up in the middle of the night and vomited into my pillow so violently my eyes were bloodshot and we had to throw away the pillow

  • Trixie’s Predator snarl or her stomach

  • Katya: I wanted to say something about something I said Trixie: I would love it if you would say something about something you said lmaoooo what?

  • “Nail glue in the throat” HAD ME REELING

  • Katya's broken fan is a MOOD

  • Katya looks great

  • It’s the “Wellbutrin mention” for me

  • Katya lookin thick

  • Er, anti-lockdown propoganda ads are running on these videos

  • This is literally one of the best episodes I can't stop laughing oh my goddd

  • So sad. Trouser on religion again!

  • How does one pass from Alcoholism? My butthole is clenched honey 🍯

  • The puking anxiety is FR!!

  • HIIIiii....I just heard....


  • Trixie if you see this i love your outfit and style in this video

  • Holy Pete!🥵😍🥵😍

  • “I come in I’m doing a number 🎩”😂

  • '' you know how i'm feeling about every tomorrow'' thanks katya i'm getting that tattooed

  • I swore that they already did a sick episode lol

  • Can u get ur d pierced was my thought watching this

  • that diaper trixie's wearing is....a choice

  • Lmao the intro itself is gold

  • Helpful information from Dr Trixie

  • They both look great(all the time!), but Katya is STUNNING in this episode

  • Dead Nipples would make a great name for a metal band.

  • "I don't get sick, I stay sick" My new motto.

  • katya, baby, time doesn't exist therefore it doesn't go anywhere

  • Were those noises coming out of Trixie’s mouth real??

  • Look at me with my quesadilla in my hands, waiting for them to stop talking about poop and vomit so I cant start eating.

  • I live vicariously through y’all

  • So glad I'm not the only one that's terrible at everything. 😂

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  • I LITERALLY JUST bad a convo with my neice about how it's scarier wondering if ur gonna vommit than it is to have a good flow right out the gullet, minutes ago and Trixie just talked about it. Y does this always happens with unhhh

  • The way I got the most random CBD ad after Katya read them to pieces.

  • 6:44 was painful to watch.

  • So now those who take CBD are the same as anti-vaccine crazies. Greaaaaat. Maybe things are different out in LA?

  • CBD definitely works for anxiety and similar things like insomnia etc. It also works for pain though THC WORKS WAY WAY more effective. I have never used it for pain but I know it definitely helps my dog. But as far as personal experiences I took some CBD tincture and slept like a damn baby and I normally can’t sleep for shit. It’s like the physical effects of smoking tons of weed but not feeling high so you just feel a little relaxed and chilled out. Anti-Aging?? Who the hell believes that? But it does have some great medicinal properties. AND THE REASON THAT DOCTORS AND THE FDA WONT APPROVE IT FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES IS BECAUSE OF THE GREEDY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES. Thee same exact reason marijuana is still being fought on the federal level.

  • dying!!! the frog noises. are. everythinggggggggg-ugh!

  • who's the cutie in the tank top?...(tongue pop)

  • I hate katya’s outfit in this episode but it’s kinda giving me brook lynn hytes vibes

  • when they talk its like how conversations play out on MDMA

  • I need a wig but I’m too broke to get a good one. They dangle their wigs in front of my poverty stricken self lmfao

  • 8:03 I love how Katya says 'one second' repeatedly and then just takes her sweet ass time moving over to the chair.

    • omg epic

  • I love both of you,,,, the real sickening is INCEST SAME BLOOD SIBLING having secret sexual affair relationship.... That's the real disgusting and gross, because they make love with their same blood sibling!!!!

  • I had someone tell me CBD would cure my dad’s dementia and I’m like BITCH THATS NOT HOW THAT WORKS

  • Trixie serving some TMJ visibility!!!

  • Wait real talk tho if I say had 2 of my wisdom teeth would katya accept one if I sent it in?

  • POV: your here from the tiktok of things you say from popular internet videos

  • 9:52 UNHhhhh 😂

  • Please welcome to the stage: Deb Niples

  • Nothing they say makes any sense and I live for it. I wish I had a friend like this to just sit and bullshit and laugh with.

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate Pete's body ? Really attractive man :)

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  • Ooh did Trixie just mix up Motrin the aspirin with Wellbutrin the upper? I think she did! Lol. Now I know how she got so thin lol 😂😂😂

  • TMJ?

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