Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
2nd Channel Video: cs-tv.org/tv/video-57IMufyoCnQ.html
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Checkout these papers to learn a bit more about Taylor-Couette Flow:
Wikipedia Article:
Taylor's Groundbreaking Paper
How instability forms

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  • If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. cs-tv.org/tv/video-57IMufyoCnQ.html

    • You should be wearing gloves handling all that mercury.


    • @destin hello smarter, i was thought something that only you are able to show and explain, you can make a video about the strong of the hair? how much carry or pressure these things can support? i hope you read this, ty

  • I appreciate your channel very much. It's very wholesome, educational, interesting and entertaining. On top of that you're pulling in 3 million views, 6 million views, and 120,000 likes. Keep up the great content!

  • You were very lucky to lose count both times.

  • woooow

  • Thanks, you rock

  • whenever I hear this music now all I can think of are the wild Macaws

  • 6:33 you don't understand how much that meant to me to hear it's kinda ridiculous but you have no idea the series of mistakes I've made this last few weeks and how desolate I've felt and frustrated I've felt. I needed to hear that. Thank You. I'm going to watch this video once a day this week to get through this hard time.

  • Mind = blown

  • In the thumbnail he looks like the skipper from gilligan's island

  • 0:30 ''Taylor expanded" No pun intended.

  • Good. And now rotate it at 2400 rpm.

  • Incredible! Another phenomenal video from Smarter. I never would have thought that would work.

  • makes an awesome demonstration of air flow as well ... and for those who think fluid dynamics and air flow arent the same ... you are so very wrong ... they are exactly the same ... they just have different viscosities and so react similarly but more pronounced ... this is why drag reduction works in wind tunnels and water tunnels ... it is essentially the same thing with different densities

  • That is unreal!

  • His reaction was just as amazing as the video. His passion is infectious.

  • A wonderful science lesson and an empowering life lesson in one video :)

  • Destin, I think it would be a cool idea to revisit the liquid coiling effect.

  • colors never really mixed TOGETHER, did they?

  • This is boring! Can you blow up something, its much more fun!

  • I don't think the two cylinders needed to be so different in size a thinner gap would be better because it uses less syrup and mixes faster

  • He fast fowarded so we wont because you might miss something he was going quite slow

  • 9 and a half minutes ago, I didn't know that laminar flow existed. Now I know more about it than 7 billion plus people on the planet.

  • Spoiler, the colors never mixed

  • Just watched this. It looks like you lost count both times and only did 6 revolutions either way. Regardless, it was an impressive fluid dynamics presentation. Thanks!

  • Hahaha my sink has laminar flow

  • That would be "Sir Geoffrey" or "Sir Geoffrey Taylor" but not Sir Taylor at 0:30.

  • SmarterEveryDay likes laminar flow as as much as beato likes suschords

  • What, How, Why... Sweet!

  • Will Smith: It’s rewind time

  • Destin, please do the mass-to-charge ratio experiment with the deflection tube and Helmholtz coils. With your video quality and slowmotion it would absolutely stunning (more than it already is).

  • 6

  • BUT....technically there was no mixing of the colored corn syrup. Right? It was just an illusion of mixing becausse they were spiraling on top of each other?

    • they never really touched but if you looked at it from the side you are looking through all 3 layers so it filters the light as if they were mixed.

  • If the rotation were done very smoothly by a servo / stepper motor, could it do the same 7 rotations with fewer "striations"?

  • 🤯

  • J-Roc in da house!

  • Striation due to the corn syrup warming up?

  • 100 000 Hitlers like this video

  • That's awesome!!! 😀

  • That’s amazing.

  • I am too high for this dark magic!

  • I feel more smarter now

  • He only did 6 turns.. watched that part 3 times and counted along with him every time and he keeps skipping #4. Great content though! the end was really really cool!

  • Smedley butler ,war is a racket

  • Neato!

  • that makes me think of time and how it seems to flow in one direction when we are the colored syrup. but someone outside of that syrup would be able to flip it, reverse it, manipulate it

  • Who else thinks this looks like an Ali a thumbnail😂

  • Thanks, Bob, I needed this.

  • Sorry, but it's NOT reversible mixing. The colors aren't actually being mixed, they're just being overlaid in a tightly-spaced spiral pattern. If they were actually being mixed, you wouldn't be able to separate them again by simply reversing the crank.

  • Awesome video on fluid mechanics

  • SED: "DO NOT fast forward this video!!" Also SED: *Fast forwards video* J/K A tasteful fast forwarding

  • Laminar Flow Day is celebrated in at least fourteen countries worldwide...

  • Good thing that he lost count on the second time as well!

  • Nobody : Not a soul: Me: it does look like a galaxy

  • Amazing

  • im surprised you didnt bring up the fact that this how a clutch works

    • A clutch in a car? hmm


  • What kind of headphones do you have? Can you go over the science of noise cancelation (NC)?? THIS WOULD BE AWESOME !!

  • Destin is a better version of Bill Nye.

  • ultra awesome

  • I wish I could subscribe every time a video comes to an end, because every video completely earns it.

  • moral of the story dont eat corn syrup

  • This video is amazing... NUFF SAID!

  • David Bohm used this experiment to explain his concept of the Implicate Order of the Universe.

  • So Taylor expanded on Couette's work, that's a Taylor Expansion then. I knew it.

  • The only thing i learned is that its called taylor-couette flow... wow

  • watch from 6:30

  • Narrator: please dont fast forward it to understand it’s beauty. 4:47 : fast forward it himself 3x times.

    • Well it was already sped up even before then.

  • ياليت مترجمه بالعربي

  • That Was The coolest thing Ever!!

  • One thing, you have lost count during both the rotation during the experiment was conducted and they were co-indentally cut off each other. And the second thing, it was a good metaphor you mentioned and was perfectly timed to the coloured corn syrup to get back to their places by the end of it in relation to the metaphor as well. Nice video. Well done.

  • do a video on the science of music

  • Destin, I was really shocked by this video. When you pointed out the shear thinning in relation to this radial motion it very much reminded me of how the current geological formation theories are so very flawed. There's some research from a few outside-of-the-box university professors that are forging new channels of thought in planetary formation based on planets being shells with essentially hollow cores - your video here really threw my eyes wide open at how valid and plausible this research actually is! Their work goes further than anything else in current acceptance to properly explain earthquakes and various other phenomena we don't fully understand. Great video!

    • @Asrar Sultan you obviously didn't read a word I said and I reciprocated.

    • ​@Crypto Nein Every statement you made here is wrong at many levels, i can dissect them and then feed you their faults but why waste time over someone who lives like a troll. Physics and other sciences are not stagnant but very much blooming and expanding in different direction. It is only when you associate yourself with researching world you come to know about them. All the discoveries at the start of the 20 century are time tested and very much established while the recent findings cannot be given the status of established science until they are repeatedly falsified or proven to be correct which takes a plethora of time and then being printed on school text books such that stubborn trolls like you can know how world works. I myself do not hold scientific dogmas in high regard but whenever we want to prove something we are burdened to produce evidences contrary to mainstream paradigms. Shifts in thinking can only occur when you have potential to overturn how and what is already known.

    • @Crypto Nein ​ @Crypto Nein First of all your use of nonsensical jargon and barely expressive sentences is the real indication of being ignorant, intolerant, uneducated, conspiracy propagator, and being very daft in manners and possessing the demeanor that of a spoiled teenager. 'Overwhelming' is pretty vernacular and often used in everyday life. I very much expect such things from a person like you who interjects "lol"; "cool"; and other nonsensical words after every idea their brains can muster after drastic struggle. I think i showed real humility when i asked for your guidance in knowing the faults in geology (hope you know what those are in geology too). Instead of telling me what those faults are you started acting like a troll by insulting and criticizing me without anything to offer. Second ; English is my 3rd language and i think taking my typing skills as an insult to your intellect are very distressful. I'm researcher in Geology so it can be taken as my sincerity that I asked for your no-where to be found knowledge about geology. I'm ashamed at the capacity people tend to have to shun established sciences in favor of junk sciences. Last but not the least I very much hope that you are not from India, If yes then everything can be explained and understood regarding your netiquette and online behaviour

    • @Asrar Sultan your closed mindedness and inability to research is sincerely disturbing. This kind of a damned paradigm here is primarily why we are in a stagnant state in physics and many of the other sciences. The discoveries that are being made today are actually minuscule - but not because we know so much, but because people start to believe in this kind of dogma. I literally can give you names and their institutions, but what good would that do you or anyone else who relies on the mega-teat of "MSM" and it's subjugate MSS as you refer to? Your use of loaded words such as "overwhelming" is a red alert for those who think and reason. You use a few of these phrases that reveal true intent. If you could simply recognize that humility and a recognition of not knowing is the foundation of science itself, then tremendous growth could be achieved. Please also consider the time tested axiom about flies with honey and vinegar.

    • one should rely more on mainstream and less on fringe research until fringe is brought into the fold of mainstream via overwhelming scientific evidences. What we have currently is the best we got to explain geological phenomenon including earthquakes, though i support the idea that everything can be improvised until perfection. I don't see much flaw in our geology, Would you be kind enough to hint me about some so that it acts as an eye opener for me as well.

  • The mention you mentioned don’t fast forward, I did. Lol

  • The way he says " Couette" Couwette is so funny. J'ai froid, j'ai besoin d'une COUW ETTE aurait tu une COUW ETTE à me prêter?

  • My mind just exploded :O

  • You should check out a slow mo of a sand blasting for taking care of rust I wanna see how it works.

  • So when you slowly unwind the fallacious assumptions of the heliocentric model and get back to the the base that all else was stacked on you will realize that the earth is a stationary flat plane.

  • You should be wearing gloves handling all that mercury. tinyurl /HighFructoseMercurySyrup


  • loved this video, thankyou

  • hey it's me Destin from LAMINAR FLOW

  • I’m french and your pronunciation of Couette is actually right so good job ! 👍🏻😂

    • Charlotte Cunaud that one is easy for us! :)

  • Can you explain how a smartphone knows how much battery power is left? The voltage is constant so how does it know how much energy is left? I've googled this and the answer appears to be "it doesn't know, it just estimates by measuring how much power was used since it was full". I don't like that explanation.

    • @Marcus Sykora Voltage detection only works when turning the phone on. ... "When the phone is running, we thus cannot rely on voltage measurements. " says the internet.

    • Smartphones use Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries, these batteries operate within a certain voltage range. The smartphone is able to read the voltage of the battery and calculate the percentage of remaining battery power. Li-ion batteries use cells and each cell can store up to 4.2 volts, as the battery is used this will go down and most smartphones stop discharging to prevent damage between 3.0 and 3.6 volts. Past that your battery starts to damage itself, it’s pretty cool stuff. If you’re interesting in learning more look up “Lithium Ion Batteries”

  • Hey I heard that a duck’s quack doesn’t eco. Is this true?? How, why?

  • It’s amazing

  • That's awesome! Thanks for taking the effort and show us

  • this kind of messes up my conceptual understanding of Sean Carrols analogy about coffee and cream mixing to explain the arrow of time, and life from the perspective the of the second law of thermodynamics. But I guess the colors are not actually mixing in this demonstration of ultra laminar flow.

    • The colors are mixing and it's the same as the coffee and cream, it's just a difference of degree. The analogy is still valid. The second law is a statistical law, it can be 'broken' in certain situations but it's just so infinitesimally unlikely that it doesn't really happen, same with unmixing the coffee and cream.

  • Hey Destin. I’m a big baseball fan and it would be so cool if you could do a video on a pitch called a knuckleball

  • Liked this video when he started rotating. His passion transferred and I was actually so excited for this experiment to work. When Destin asked "is your heart pounding?"I didn't realize mine was haha

  • Do a video of how a rock skips on water and does the shape even matter

    • Check out Mark Rober! He actually did a video on this and built a machine to skip rocks perfectly (he and Destin are friends so I'm sure he would say the same thing).

  • Be interested in seeing if the fluid trace could be modeled with a polar function. It seems like it'd be easily modeled as a first order, with r dependent on theta. Another test done over a grid might make for some cool math!

  • This is like the coolest thing

  • I have an idea for a video: try to figure out why it's so hard to ride a bike backwards as in a normal bike going backwards down a hill why is it so hard to balance

  • I have a question about something like how you hear up and down. My question is how can you feel how something thick-ish and are able to tell that it's thick. For example if you take a 1/4 inch metal plate, close your eyes and pinch it with one finger on one side and the other on the opposite side you can tell that it's thick. If you can answer my question that would be great. Love your channel by the way!

  • Hi Destin.. I have only recently discovered your channel and I can't describe just how much I enjoy your videos..! I was never very mathematically minded at school.. physics and chemistry were unhappy mysteries for me and I just about coped with biology.. so no surprise I became a photographer..! As such, I have a heightened sense of wonder at this world we inhabit but you have added extra dimension and awe.. and I thank you for it. I would love to see you one day visit my homeland of Greece and to see your take on all those wonderful inventions the ancient Greeks came up with.. have you ever heard of the Antikythera Mechanism..? I would love to hear your take on it..! Wishing you and your family all the very best and thank you again.! g

  • Not sure if you'll see this cause there are more than 4.5K comments as of this posting and my info is off this topic but since this is your most recent posting here goes ... if you're still interested in bird slowmo video check out Leslie the bird nerd from Newfoundland. Her latest post (6/9/2019) has some great shots of blue jays direct incoming flight to land and takeoffs in slowmo. I know you usually partner with guys but with her patience and bird following partnered with your super slowmo cameras, the images would be great.

  • Not sure if you'll see this cause there are more than 4.5K comments as of this posting and my info is off this topic but since this is your most recent posting here goes ... if you're still interested in bird slowmo video check out Leslie the bird nerd from Newfoundland. Her latest post (6/9/2019) has some great shots of blue jays direct incoming flight to land and takeoffs in slowmo. I know you usually partner with guys but with her patience and bird following partnered with your super slowmo cameras, the images would be great.

  • I love this video.......thanks for it......

  • I've known about this. I've read about this. I understand the principle behind it. But to actually see it in action? That's so cool. Thanks Destin.

  • Can you please make a video on MAGLEV trains and how they work?

    • Ah maglev is fun, Hats what I study and work with xD You can build a makeshift model yourself with some basic ceramic fridge magnets (Preferably the disc ones with holes in the center) and a pencil. Current project, is the "Project Mcfly" Computer mouse. Yes Im serious.