Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

čas přidán 22. 06. 2020
Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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  • Sparky’s LIVE gaming right now!! 🎮 come hang! ⬇️ www.twitch.tv/dudeperfectgaming/

  • 2:33 the proof that this kind of video are fake

  • 0:27 how ?

  • Now that's....Perfect

  • I predicted the last trick

  • I can only imagine how much that fan hurt when it hit one of their ankles

  • So who else saw the wire in the dart trickshot

  • Tech Deck trick shots

  • 2:30 you can see the string nice try

  • I gussed 5 on the ball and cups one

  • The strings we all see the strings 😂

  • 3:39 it would have been unpredictable if he just made the shot and nothing else happened because of all that stuff over there


  • Did anybody see mad sting to hit the bull sie

  • Why can't you triple-like a video?

  • I like yes yes no maybe

  • My brother has your phone number

  • 頑張ってください🇯🇵🎌

  • Camel bottle flip.... *Was not expecting that.* This is ssooo awesome guys!

  • I was so scared that Tyler was gonna fall on his head in the first one

  • Now this i what I call BAT MAN (Edit) I mean the start of the video

  • Hey dude perfect, loved the video! What camera do you use?

  • You guys should do a worm fimding battle where the person who has the most woms wins.

  • Now instead of the bottle buster, ty is going to become the cake o buster. 3:12

  • One is fake

  • In 2 minute 27 time the arrow was hanging

  • 2:25 there is a string on the dart

  • Dude perfect this video

  • I really thought you were upside down 😂

  • perfect

    • I love dude perfect

  • Ummmmm....is the white string part of the dart trick...or was it meant to be *hidden*

  • Perfect

  • My sub teach let us watch you vids..... It was a great day

  • 0:58 anyone else flinch or just me?

  • They hit 50 mil...yo CS-tv where’s the ruby play button

  • 2:23 ther when is about to do the trick you can see the string 😔

  • Van


  • Sparky is panda

  • . . -|

  • Imagine the celebrations when Tyler’s kids score at little league or something

  • This video is basically "they had us in the first half not gonna lie"

  • awesome!!

  • Editing

  • Cool

  • You can see that the dart is attached to a string in the sealing

  • I love dude perfect

  • you guys do everthing how do this thing?

  • The dart trick was fake I saw the string

  • Yo who ever disliked has no child hood lol 😂

  • The dark with the dirt poor one is fake I saw the string

  • How did they get their basketball to float up though

  • Your videos are cool !

  • Mind blown 🤯

  • @ 2:29That dark board trick is kinda doubtful I can see some ropes tied to the needle

  • i like the intro

  • What about to make video in terraria with gilf stuff

  • 2:26 who else saw the thin string holding up the dart

  • Subscribe to me plz

  • Pliw twist: *The ball is actually a balloon*

  • fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I predicted the last one with my 3rd eye

  • all the Dudes are... Spiderman

  • You can visibly see the string at the dart one 2:21

  • I’m in ur discord and I just started watching ur twitch

  • 1:54 imagine seeing that under your bed

  • Nice 👍 dude perfect 👌

  • At 2:28 there is string 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Can anyone subscribe me please?

  • I am Watching this Video for the 4 time and I am still amazed Unbelievable

  • On the dart one there was a string holding the dart.

  • Dude Perfect is basically a big flex on professional athletes

  • Other people comment something have 0 likes

  • Tis is fotoshop tis is fake

  • nice vid!

  • 2:28 , is that a frikin string ?

  • While I was watching this video i was expecting the Spanish inquisition

  • 2:23 look this part carefully

  • 2:01 gots me

  • *unpredictable trickshots* *none of them go in*