Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

čas přidán 22. 06. 2020
Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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    • Om really sorry but ima expose u when u threw the dart i saw sting attached to it and hit the bullseye

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    • Gabriel

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  • Look at 2:30 a string is attaced

  • That is the best start to a video, I’ve ever seen 🤯

  • Did any one else see a string for the dart one

  • This song fits perfect.

  • Sick Dude!!

  • wow

  • At the first I new it that he is not at the top

  • Look at the dart closley at 6:20

  • 2:29 there is a rope check

  • 2:29 who noticed the string

  • 2:38 tali anjirt

  • I'm big fan of bro's

  • 2:11 fun fact, you can see the edge of the trampoline before the camera pans out

  • I can exposed dude perfect they use fishing line to make their shots

  • Wow fake the top one

  • Are we just gonna ignore that they have a camel?

  • Not even lying I knew what they would do in the last trickshot

  • I’m know where near understanding what happened with that first shot

  • En el dardo se le ha visto el hilo

  • At 2:23 when he throws the dart you can see the string on the black ceiling

  • 2:45

  • 2:30 there is a string attached

  • 2:05 i knew it was fake

  • Made by Zack King

  • the only one i guessed was the last one

  • MEAM

  • At the dart shot is a string.......

  • 1:28 whaaaat 😮

  • Oh goodnessss 😳🙌🏽

  • Hihihihihihihhihihihihihihiihi subscribe to me

  • Does anyone else see that the dart trick shot has a line attached to the dart sorry dude perfect don’t take is this comment seriously

  • 2:32 Now that was unpredictable

  • Hi Saul when Gary shot the dartboard at it it was fake I saw the string on top

  • The mundane possibility sadly x-ray because rectangle distally touch absent a lazy improvement. highfalutin, female fertile swing

  • Very cool video!!!

  • It would be great if Zach king 👑 and dude perfect 👍👌would make a video together

  • The dart board I sea a rope

  • 😪🤢🤮🤧😵‍💫😵😮‍💨😪🤤😮😲😯

  • When he said pick number I said 5

  • So funny how you could see the string with the dart

  • :)

  • Austrailian outro?

  • I can wire tied to the dart at 2:25

  • When they did the dart it was swinging on a string

  • After watching this i got confused O_O

  • You cheated on the dart one

  • .

  • I love how he says my abs are on fire man you got a dad bod

  • I saw different shapes of money

  • How'd they do the first one?

  • 2:30 you can see the string holding the dart

  • When the purple hoser through the dart there was a string

  • NO WAY I guessed 5 and it was 5 plus it bounced 5 times i think

  • I love how there is a string ties to the dart for the bullseye

  • You guys are awesome

  • only legends will understand this part (0:05) if you did not got it, pls tap more below tyler's shirt hanging upside down instead and BREAKING THE LAWS OF PHYSICS

  • İp var

  • Imagine Zach king and dp


  • Normal first time people watching this vid: Geez that first shot would’ve been very hard to set up Me: They get 100000 dollars per shot

  • pause the video at 2:30 and see the string tied to the dart lol-

  • That intro was fire 🔥

  • 0:25 lol

  • 2:25 you can see the string tho

  • You can see the wire on the dart one

  • 2:33 lol 😝

  • E

  • I was standing shower I was standing shower

  • does that mean the video crew is on the roof?

  • I saw the string on the dart, fake.

  • 2:30 Nobody noticed it’s has a string attached

  • 2:32 you. Can see a wire on dart

  • dude that's perfect

  • Hi

  • i dont think alot of these are unpredictable as nothing no one saw coming mostly because the whole thing alot of the time is not in the screen cant really have unpredictable in their without showing the whole thing

  • Peter Parker: I have to keep my power a secret Peter Parker every five seconds: 0:22

  • The dart shot had a string on it

  • A ridiculous amount of effort went into these. This is what youtube should be.

  • Bruh,I saw string in the dart one

  • How

  • The dart had a line control it

  • * Says five* See we know what you picked ! But I thought it was 4-

  • There is a rope to the dart of garret

  • Wow

  • I didn't even notice the ball falling

  • At 2:28 you can see a string attached with the dart. 🤣🤣🤣 fake perfect.

  • The last one I found

  • 2:27 trick shot was faked... I can see the string.... Gonna unsubscribe for this @dudeperfect

  • I saw a string

  • You r fake we can se a thread connecting to the dart

  • It still makes no sense how he did that, 0:01

    • How did they stick all the furniture in the roof, or the camera was upside down in a odd way.

  • My brother at 00:24 is like he has magic

  • There was a string attached to garrets dart

  • Have you guys every noticed the line on the dart part?

  • The dart was hanging on a string

  • At 2:27 I saw fising line on the dart

  • Did no one see the string on the dart

  • You I think I know how he did the first one they were all balloons