USING THE #1 PLAYER’S BASE… does it work? (Clash of Clans)

čas přidán 5. 10. 2019
LET’S TRY THIS OUT! Today in Clash of Clans we copy some Top Player bases and try them out for ourselves! How will this work out..
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  • ew that hat

  • You know some people need money , so put the goodies in the inside!

  • What's mean by HWD??

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  • i love those ppl that put their th on the outside not even guarded so u have a guaranteed win

  • RIP Kobe❤️😢


  • The heart base is now the number one player in the world going into 2020

  • That mushi monsters head band

  • How did he loose 500 trophies

  • HEY GUYS!!! Stadium Villians is looking for members who like to be active! We need people looking to be promoted to elder and request troops constantly!!! JOIN NOW FOR TONS OF TROOPS!! CLAN TAG: #L99CV8VOL

  • I just attacks a Base like this

  • This guy is an idiot... he shouldn't post videos cuz they just show his lack of clash knowledge and tbh it offensive to us elite clashers

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  • "How do you 3 star a heart?" Me: By playing with it Ps i'm okay

    • its ok my realastionships dont last long either last one lasted 7 weeks

    • Year 6 breakups headass

    • It's ok we all have our struggles

  • It’s funny that every time he comes back to film he looks completely different.😀

  • 0:01

  • 2019-e boys 2019-e girls 2019-e dragons

  • Mmmmmmm the old intro gives me so much nostalgia If you don’t mind would you just sub to me it would help a lot

  • idk but this was a old video. like earth was still in top 1

  • theres gonna be a townhall 13 soon. and im still at th11 but 50/50/11 heroes. and semi max defense. i think i can still catch up

    • can we get 6,000 subs with few videos? Everyone on reddit says th13 is coming at the end of next year

  • He started upgrade to th 12

  • Hi

  • He had 5k trophies then went down to 4.5k

  • Yow

  • White lightning is cocaine lmao

  • Fix your mic

  • You should link all three bases in description, I’d love to use that second one

  • The heart base is now #1 in the world

  • In legends league your active base doesn't have to be the base that you defend with. It's like a war base but for legends. So those bases that the top players in the world have active may not be the bases that they defend with. Either you know and just want content that'll excite 13 yr olds or you actually didn't realize.

  • Join my clan: Green Valkyrie

  • the chinese top players‘name are very stupid hahahahahahahahahah

  • Oh baby a triple?

    • [Fowl] HOMIE homie that was coleson

  • Isn’t this guy the dude what had like a chick moaning and like keys shaking for the intro a few years back?

  • We’re all waiting for u to play Royale tho

  • Hey guys can someone help me with a clash of clans account because I lost my account please

  • Lixoooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ill three star you

    • Charles Sparkman u sure

  • Join in my clan please name :clan greek

  • upgrade that barrack

  • Love the hair cut dude

  • nice

  • Just gonna say it I love all your coc videos

  • haaaah what an intro

  • That was super fun to watch!!

  • Ohhh is this why you didn’t upload in 4 days?

  • Is that Intro back? Damn!

  • I see one player th 6 his tag is VYVRLRG8 SEE this base plzz

  • Those th12s who put their base are just for looks... they dont use it for their actual defence

    • April,20th,1889 I was a rushed th 9 in legend league a couple of years ago. I used to have like a lvl 10 king, that’s how rushed I was

    • Bra there’s th 2 in legend leuge

    • Kiwi Man I’ve seen maybe 1 th7 since the new update I might just be too high lol lowest I’ve seen is a few th9s

    • @ZzZ ive seen as low as th7

    • Michael York true I’ve seen th9s in legends so a th12 really can’t flex too much

  • Just upload daily

  • Bro please provide the base links

  • Pause at 7:47 exactly

  • Been watching you since you were a virgin .... just heard about you last week

  • Max th12 gets a 1 star against a th11😂😂

    • @OPzeq max players dont always = smart players

    • Max bases don’t always = max troops

  • haste spell in bowler army.. well play bro..

  • Super prerecorded lol

  • he went from 5000 k to 4500 lol seems legit

  • How tall are u

  • Too bad he never looks at the comments and always uploads 3 days ater filming

  • Love u

  • cool base

  • Great vid

  • Go th12. Just do it. Dont think. Do it. Do it.... Do it

  • why does he look like john cena

  • I fucking love these videos been here for s long

  • 24th comment Xs

  • It's nice to see wite active on clash of clans again lol

    • Ibe stated watchin him again after 3yrs !!!

    • @69k Subs Without Any Friends yeah lol I just started watching again last week... I was briefly on and off his channel when he was doing pokemon go in 2017-now, and watched some of his 2017 clash videos... I've watched all of his newer ones now lol

    • @DankGaming Games oh, i see. He came back to it about 2-3 months ago. Mustve been nostalgic, it was for me too, especially whem he brought back the intro

    • @69k Subs Without Any Friends Nah I used to watch wite in 2015-2016

    • R u new?

  • lol

  • I'm watching ur videos back when u play Builder hall and say 3,2,1 BAAAM!!

  • Hurmm..unsubbing this channel..he so way late on the coc videos.. only focusing the main channel..this videos is still dated from september but uploaded on october

    • Peranti Bajet stop bitching about time

  • This was made like 2 weeks ago

    • Cleet N' Beans 01:20 look at the amount of days left in the season. It was made about two weeks ago

    • Cleet N' Beans Well the beginning was

    • With the new battle pass? It was a few days ago at most.

  • Can I have the base link please Ps: Nice Video👌 love your Videos❤️

  • Montreal Quebec not Canada 😡

  • There was no thumbnail lol.

  • Love your vids mystic


  • Oh ya mr krabs

  • Like if mystic is the best youtuber ever

  • Love ur videos

  • Bro big Fan