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čas přidán 21. 04. 2020
4 months of work to convert a panel van into our fulltime home on wheels, shown in just 8 minutes.

The clips used are from our 21 episode van build series, link below.

Want to see more of our van? Here is our van tour:

Want to see how we converted an empty panel van into our home on wheels? Here is the 21 episode series:

Products we use:
Stick on tiles:
Plate rack inside the cupboard:
Felt letter board:
Table leg:
Wall mounted toilet roll holder:
Anti slip matting for inside the drawers and cupboards:
Plates and bowls:
Shower head (in bathroom):
Non spill dog water bowl:
A similar bathroom cabinet to the one we have:
Dog bed:
Pans for cooking:


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  • i wouldn't use vinyl flooring o-o doesn't it bubble up???

    • It worked perfectly fine with us. We used a lot of adhesive under it!

  • when i saw for sale i was like hold up...

    • I know right! She's now sold and gone to her new home!

  • Really nice conversion, is the bed long enough going across the van.

    • Thanks! We slept diagonal as it was 7ft across!

  • What is the flooring you used?

  • How much will it cost for you to do mine

    • Sorry we aren't building conversions for other people at the minute but we may do in the future!

  • Viva

  • 👋👋👋

  • Can we talk about the t.shirts that he has been wearing 👌 I'm so jealous hahahaha

    • Dan always loves a good t-shirt! thanks for watching.

  • This makes me want to build out a van even more now!!!

  • Sieht Super aus . 🤩 BRAVO 👍👏

  • Excelente 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Wow Your hard work pays off Congratulations

  • Amazing 🤩

  • Do you do builds? If not who would you recommend?

  • Wow what a transformation well done guys looks amazing!!!

  • Very little clearance on that water tank?

  • Man im dreaming to make same like u guys realy nice job

  • How much to do mine for me ?

    • We aren't doing conversions at the minute but we may do in the future!

  • Wish I had a partner to make with me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • What a great insulation work man, omg, rly nice!!!

  • Che bravi, complimenti! Quanto costa allestire un camper così?


    • @Dan & Abi nice one will go check it out cheers for watching

    • Been watching your channel the past few day’s as it popped up on recommended. That TT build is a bit of me and I would love to get a KA race car too 😂 got another channel playing with cars myself keep up the good work. The facelift on the lorry was well worth the effort too!

  • 👍🏼😍🚌

  • Nice where's the toilet shower 🚿

    • Thanks! Opposite the kitchen area is a full bathroom with shower and toilet.

  • Would like to know how much everything cost is it cheaper to build a vw crafter camping van or buy a vw grand camper van ?

    • We bought the van pre-COVID so it was a lot cheaper then. We spent £17k on the base van (it took us 4 months to find the right one), approx £20k on the build excluding labour and around 4 months building the van.

  • Fabulous! Cant wait to get started on my Crafter build after seeing you guys. Love the design and the video. One question: start to finish, how long did it take you in man/woman days do you think?

    • Thanks! Good luck with your build. Dan spent every evening and weekend building the van for the first 2 months and then full time every day for the next 2 months! Hope this helps.

  • how much money does it take to build.🤑

    • We bought the van pre-COVID so it was a lot cheaper then. Van cost £17k. Build cost £30k without labour and it took around 4 months to build.

  • It's very nice if we also have campervan like this... We are beginer campervan from Indonesia... We want to explore indonesia and share to all people... Thank 's for your video... It' s very cool....

  • Dan & Abi great job on the van and love the time-lapse of the stages of build. Dan you make it look so easy! Good to see a van build video like this. You have given me inspiration for how you have placed the sleeping area.

  • Great stuff thanks for the video. Can you drive this on a regular license or would you need a different one?

    • Thank you! The van is driven on a normal UK driving licence.

  • Parabéns vou seguir também estou a construir uma van Força, vem conhecer o nosso canal

    • Thank you. Good luck with your build.

  • This is my dream and you made it so easy

  • Awesome !

  • where did U bay widnows glass?

    • Have a look at our build series, the windows are detailed in there. Thanks for watching.

  • Love the build, great quality and got me wanting a crafter now !!

    • Thank you! Go for it!

  • I want to convert my. Van's

    • Do it, its great fun!

  • thats fuckin dope, i love that. nice work!

  • That's a great video. I live in Japan, but I've remodeled my car. Cars provide infinite enjoyment.

  • Please tell me what those tools are you use to hold up the wood?

    • They are plasterboard props. You can get them from most DIY stores.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Incredible

  • Hi how long take to do that i loved i wish some day i can do it.

    • Hello. Thanks for watching. It took about 4 months of evening and weekends to build it.

  • campervan before sending it to cover the decay. Please click to subscribe to the channel. @

  • There must have been a time when you hit your thumb or did something in error. That was slick!

    • Haha, I'm sure there were plenty of times! Thanks for watching.

  • Where do you get those telescopic stands?? Cheers great build

    • Thank you and thanks so much for watching. Do you mean the props holding up the wall and ceiling panels? If so, they are just plasterboard props that you can get from any hardware shop.

  • Great Job. Amazing skills

    • Thank you so much 😀

  • ماشالله الله

  • Merhaba, Öncelikle başarılar dilerim. Ben uzun yılardır kendi karavanımız yapmak için hazırlık yapıyordum ve bir anda yapmaya karar verip M29 İveco aldım ve karavanımı yapmaya başladım. geriye bir baktım ki 25 e yakın video çekmişiz ve kısa zamanda bayağa bir yol kat etmişiz. Bu işe gönül verdik ve zevkle yapıyoruz biraz yorgunluk olmuyor değil ama zevk alarak yaptığımız bu işte yorgunluk çok tatlı geliyor. Herkesi karavan seven ve bu işe gönül vermiş olan kişilere destek verilmesini dilerim.

    • @Dan & Abi I thank you. I follow you

    • Thanks for watching and commenting. Well done for getting 25 videos done, its hard work!

  • Did you just screwed the floor wood into the metal? Will that stable? And also seems left a lot of holes on the floor.

    • Have a look at our van build series on CS-tv and it will show you how we built the van.

  • Never considered a WV crafter, it seems a good size. Will check it out.

    • Really great size for a campervan, we’ve got loads of room for us and the dogs!

  • Beautiful result ! I love the white mood of it. I also have a Ecol Van Build Timelapse if you want to check it out :) Good job again :)

  • Hello.Nice build. Thank you for sharing. 👌🔔🎁🏠🖐✔👍👍👍 See you soon.

  • Super!

    • Thank you very much!

  • Hey love the build! Lots of inspiration for me. Any tips on getting the sterling battery cables in to the battery under the passenger seat. I got the cables under my floor. Just can’t decide best way to get it in there. It looks like I’m going to need to drill holes into the box but don’t like sound of that. How did you manage it? Thanks

    • Thank you so much and thanks for watching! We really can't remember what we did, however, drilling holes into the box does sound familiar. Good luck with your build.

  • Do you want to sell it? 😜🤪

    • I will message u on Instagram buddy

    • How much are your offering? 😉

  • Would’ve liked to see the bathroom,but nice job anyway

    • Thanks so much! Have a look at our Van Tour video, it should show the bathroom on there.

  • So much knowledge goes into constructing this.

    • We watched a lot of build videos on CS-tv before starting! Dan's 15 years of joinery experience definitely also helped! Thank you for watching.

  • An aproximativ e cost of the interior?

    • Around £16,000 excluding labour costs.

  • before vs. after : vw california

  • Nice to see a vid without a load of old chat! Good work!

  • Tkanks for sharing ! Here my van's conversion

  • Hello! That's a great video. I am remodeling it so that I can live in a van.

    • Thank you so much and thank you for watching. Good luck with your build!

  • Ficou lindo de mais

  • What about the waste water tank under the van when it’s -10 to -20 , isn’t it gonna freeze

    • UK temperatures don't usually get that low so we should be ok.

  • Could you put out a link to the pruducts you are using for insulating at 2:53? Both the holder and the insulation 😄

    • They are insulation stick pins, I think, that we got from eBay. We used sound deadening first and then kingspan/recital PIR insulation. Thanks for watching.

  • What knowledge would i need if i were to do this or something similar? Like home construction classes or something? Van looks great, excellent job!

    • Thanks so much for watching and sorry for the slow reply. We would suggest you watch as many van build videos on CS-tv as possible before you start building. Dan has 15 years experience as a joiner which helped a lot but the CS-tv videos were also a massive help.

  • Is getting wood flooring in my van okay ?

    • @Dan & Abi its okay

    • We wouldn't suggest putting wood flooring in your van as it is very heavy. We used vinyl that looks like wood. Thanks for watching and sorry for the slow reply.

  • Looking great!!

    • Thanks so much and thank you for watching.

  • Was this a long wheel base van??

    • Yes it is. Thanks for watching and sorry for the slow reply.

  • สวยยยย

  • Excellent

  • Wow this guy is incredible! Is he professional in making van to a home on wheels?

    • Thank you so much! Not a professional at building campervans but Dan has 15 years experience as a joiner. Thanks for watching and sorry it has taken a while to reply!

  • This is mobile tiny house...not csmpervan...i always interest with toilet n water system with electricity...nice job😉

    • Thank you so much. We do call it a tiny apartment! Thanks for watching.

  • how much cost??

    • The van cost around £17,000 to purchase and the build cost was around £16,000.

  • Quanto custou a mão de obra pra montar esse carro? Sou super fã do trabalho de vocês. Obrigado

    • Thank you so much. Sorry it has taken us a while to reply. The van cost us around £17,000 to buy and the build cost was around £16,000. Thanks for watching!

  • Greetings from Indonesia🇮🇩, Southeast Asian. Nice Build Campervan, very inspiring😁👍

    • Thank you very much!

  • Nice build mate bright inside nice

  • Great build bro! Thanks for the great content. How many hours do you estimate it took to build?

    • Thanks so much! No idea on exact hours but it took every evening and weekend for 4 months to get it built. Hope that helps!

  • That's an excellent crafted VW crafter😂 Seriously well done, at the same level if not better than Greg Virgo with his Sprinter. Hopefully will do my own conversion one day🤣

  • was wondering how much did the conversion cost?? amazing work

    • Thanks! The build cost around £16,000 excluding labour.

  • wow you guys are so good I hope one day you can build mine too😇

    • Thank you so much! We may start making them for customers in the future!

  • Top job! I'd love to do the vanlife thing now that my youngest has flown the nest, but I'd need a lot of help! Would you know of anyone who would do my van conversion (I'd do as much as I can of course) and how much it would roughly cost if it were like yours (excl. the van) nut incl. all the labour? I'm seriously looking and am in the UK.

    • Thanks so much! Go for it, it’s the best decision we made! Watch lots of videos on CS-tv (we have a full 21 episode van build series on CS-tv) and if you need help with the electrics then speak to tomsvanbuild on Instagram, he is a wizard. Good luck!

  • pls tell me how much.

    • We paid £17,000 for the van and the build cost around £16,000 excluding labour.

  • Looks amazing! Can you please tell me which under van water tank and fittings you used and where you purchased them from? Thanks

    • Thank you! The tank is from Barratt tanks. Have a look at our underslung water tank video it should give you all the info you need 😊

  • 👌👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍❤️

  • Please tell me this is a manual transmission van. If it is, where can I buy one because in the USA, car companies want the consumer to purchase automatics. Manual transmission car will last you at 50%more than automatic. Easy and cheaper to maintain...

    • @Dan & Abi thank u. I would see bow to import one Wonderful work on your van..

    • Yes the van is manual, however, we are from the UK so wouldn't be able to advise where you could buy one from in the US!

  • we build our own caravan. just have a look to support us. we love youuuuu

  • Wow! Amazing build! I wanna buy a VW crafter myself. Do you guys have any ideas for me what I should be thinking about, before i start? Pros and cons?

    • Thanks very much! Take time planning your layout and how you want to use the van. We watched so many builds on CS-tv before we even bought the van so had a good idea of the layout but once we bought the van and did a mock up it changed slightly. Good luck with your build!

    • There are no cons!! Enjoy the trip.. Take your time to make the plan that works for you. Measure 3 times, cut once! Don't hesitate to stop and ask an expert at every step. Hope the conversion its legal in your country.

  • How long need make weeks? And how much cost? And which size have he car? Thanks matt

    • It took about 4 months to build during the evenings and weekends. The van cost £17,000 to buy and £16,000 to build excluding labour. IT is a 2017 LWB VW Crafter.

  • Savage job !! Tell the truth, was there a swear jar and was it full near the end ? Great job, your video has me lying awake for hours thinking....👍

    • Thank you! We wish we had made a swear jar as it probably would have been very full at the end!

  • I watch this and think. That looks easy. Then realise I can’t even build a table

    • @Turtles 🐢 I swear those toys

    • Do you guys know those happy meal toys? Why were they also so different to build, was 6 y.o me an idiot or was I not the only one?

    • A table from IKEA with all the p prices and instructions

    • don't doubt yourself..anything is possible in desperation

    • Keep trying :)

  • All the things I can only dream I could do.

  • That’s just unbelievable ur a very gifted man

  • Fantastic job !!! Congratulations on your camper van idea. Best regards.

  • what kind of material did you use for the ceiling?

    • We used 6mm plywood and put grooves into it.

  • I like your your motor home

  • Masha Allah very nice work 👏 👍

  • I don't know what word to describe, you are a genius.

  • Does anyone know where I can get a valuation for a converted Citroen van please? It's based in Sweden but I have lots of pictures and dimensions etc.

    • Sorry, we don't know. Maybe try one of the van forums on facebook.


  • Молодцы!!👏👏👍🤝