VAN CONVERSION Timelapse - 11 Month in 27 Minutes | DIY Renault Master Campervan with SHOWER CABIN

čas přidán 12. 03. 2022
#adventureshappen #vanconversion #timelapse

After 11 months of work, my first DIY camper van is finally finished! 😍

This is the whole Renault Master L2H2 Van conversion in just one video!
Btw. that's the same car like the Opel Movano and the Nissan NV400.
Enjoy watching the full van conversion timelapse!

Endlich gibt es meinen kompletten Ausbau in einem Video. 11 Monate Arbeit in einem 27 Minuten Zeitraffer. Viel Spaß

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  • Not only was I impressed with his craftsmanship, but his design and decor left me speechless! What an awesome job! I can see that this is his passion!

  • Wow! WOW!! Just WOW!!! I'm an almost 76 year old Aussie and absolutely LOVE this conversion! I've been waiting and waiting to see one which blocks off the cab and uses the space to build something - so hate those makeshift curtains in almost every other build. Not only a talented builder, but creative too! Job well done!!

  • Parabéns ficou muito linda sua casa...

  • Você está de parabéns! Que capricho maravilhoso! Amei tudo o que fez! A 'van' é linda!

  • Impresionante 😮 Ver el resultado final es increíble 😍 Ahora quiero ver el van tour 👍🏻

    • Thank you. A lot of tours will follow. But first a new Vanbuilding. 😊

  • Muito bem feito, parabéns!!

  • Everything you need on a short and practical wheelbase. Wow! You can really be prowd of what you have done and I am sure you are. I love it when people create stuff and this is top Level!

    • Rhx soo much. I love it to build something with my hands and be creative. 🤗

  • Impressive. I've seen lots of builds and conversion by " one man shows" . This one is on my top 10's.💪 Great Job😉. Cant wait for the tour 👍☺👍

  • Coisa mais linda! Quanta criatividade hein! Amplitude, luz natural, aconchego... Muito bom gosto. Parabéns!

  • Show de bola. Parabéns ❤️

  • Absolutely wonderful everything you did. Talent, passion and dedication. You are a golden boy at home. Thanks for sharing this video.

    • Thx for looking my video and you nice words. 🙏🏼😊🤙🏼

  • Buen trabajo, limpio y te ha quedado muy profesional y luminoso en todo el entorno, me gusta lo del "bar playa", es un punto fresco de libertad, con gusto se hacen cosas agradables a la vista de todos, felicidades y a disfrutarla

  • Top muito linda essa casinha

  • Simplemente impresionante 👏👏

  • AMAZING WORK!! Thanks so much for your's so one example, I always wondered how the solar panels were mounted on the roof and now I know. The sink setup is genius...I am Keeping this one saved for my future van build.

    • Thx 🙏🏼😊🤙🏼 good to know thats helpful for you.

  • J'adore ton van, je suis fan de ça, fan des personnes qui achètent ou qui ont déjà un camion comme toi et qui l'aménage en Van pour après partir dans des endroits du monde. C'est mon rêve quand je serais plus grand... Mais sinon j'adore ta vidéos et je kiff ce concept. Voyage bien !

  • Superbe réalisation 🤩 Bravo 👏👏👏

  • Uauuuu! Arrasou 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Great craftsmanship, i really enjoyed to watch the whole proces in this timelapse, well done man!

  • Top demais! A q mais gostei até agora.... Tem o projeto não?

  • Juste magnifique !!!!!!!!! Résultat impressionnant cela donne envie de prendre la route ! Bravo pour ce formidable travail !

  • Absolutely beautiful.. there are truly no words allowed for such dedication and craftsmanship.. ❤

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it ❤️

  • Your conversion and decor details brought tears to my eyes. I'm praying to do this same as a gift for my daughter. Truly you are a MASTER BUILDER.

    • Thank you soo much 🙏🏼🙏🏼😊

    • Thank you. My health is very bad and doing vanlife is a dream of hers. I've cashed out my retirement so that I can surprise her with a van that's perfect for her.

    • Your daughter is lucky to have you, whatever the result may be !

  • Superbe travail pour un superbe rendu ! Vous avez de l’or dans les mains. J’ajoute que l’agencement est pour moi idéal. Chapeau bas !!

  • Increíble trabajo 👏🤝

  • loved your creation, it was a pleasure to watch your build from start to finish, to see it all come together, a job very well done.👍 👏

    • Thank you soo much for your words 🙏🏼😊🤙🏼

  • Ein wunderschöner Umbau! Genieße die Zeit damit

    • @Adventures Happen 캠핑카

    • Vielen Dank. Ich genieße jede Sekunde 😁

  • Piękny kamper 👍👍👍👍

  • This is awesome it looks great! You convinced me to get a Renault Master L3H2. I would like to work on it at least 2/3 hours a day during work days and the entire day during my off days. Do you think i could finish it in 6 months or less like this? Never converted a van before but i do know my way with wiring electronics thankfully:)

    • Yes, that’s definitely possible. But it also depends on the weather. When the weather is good, you’re faster. In bad weather you can’t do some things and it takes time to wait for better weather. Enjoy you build 😊💪🏼

  • Absolutely fantastic I love every part of it, well done on such a great conversion.

  • Show! Excelente trabalho! Parabéns que gostoso de assistir teu vídeo. Camaçari-Bahia no Brasil

  • Stupendo, spettacolare. Un'opera d'arte 👏👏👏

  • Wirklich klasse gemacht. Das hast du auf jeden Fall drauf. Respekt

  • Muito bom seu trabalho parabéns

  • Wunderschön, tolle Arbeit 👏👍

  • parabéns ficou lindo

  • Beautiful!! Wirklich schön gemacht!

  • Did you mount those upper cupboards using rivnuts? I wouldn't like to think what could happen in a highspeed crash. Hey did did excellent work though. I am maybe 10% through and you've done things I am scared to do on my build, since I have low experience. One thing I've learned though, you need vapor barriers. Anything metal on the inside that connects to the outside shell is a problem. Because any condensation in the air on your inside habitat, will be attracted to that metal because of the temperature different and it will cause it to drip and create puddles. I think the carpet on the walls will help but I noticed there were some exposed metals. If you get some of that silver bubblewrap and metal tape you can really seal that metal in

  • C’est beau merci ❤

  • İnsanın hemen taşınası geliyor :) Ellerinize sağlık harika görünüyor.

  • Incredible! There is nothing this guy can't do.

  • A simple layout, but beautiful and zen!! Love it!

  • Wow! This man has skills! Totally cool conversion, excellent work.

  • Qué pasada genial 💪💪💪

  • 🏖 This is the best time lapse van conversion I’ve seen yet! Bravo 🙌🏾

    • Thx soo much. That makes me happy 🙏🏼😊🤙🏼

  • Te lo scrivo in italiano: tu sei un genio, questo video è una meraviglia, sono sbalordito. Sei un grandissimo. Hai la mia ammirazione più totale. Bravo Bravo Bravo.

  • Top de mais , só faltou a geladeira.

  • Muy buenas ideas de almacén y la decoración super

  • Magnifique travail. Félicitations 👍 On s'abonne à ta chaîne avec grand plaisir. À bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures et pourquoi pas en musique 😉

  • Awesome job and the beach decor popping!

  • Good on you 👍 Very clever man - you must be very proud of what you've done 😁🌸 Van lifer Australia

    • Thx so much 🙏🏼 yes i am a little proud. 😉 Greatings from Germany to Australia. 😊🤙🏼

  • Beautiful job on your van! Thank you.

  • Super gearbeitet sehr gemütlich mit viel Liebe zum Detail

  • Ich hab eine Frage - wie wichtig ist für dich Stehhöhe im Camper ? Hattest du einmal einen Camper ohne Stehhöhe? Wie sind deine Erfahrungen? Vielen Dank im voraus ! VG

    • Hey, also für mich tun sich da unterschiedliche Fragen auf. Erstmal hatte ich nie einen Van vorher, also auch nichts unter Stehhöhe. Es gibt unterschiedliche Punkte. Mit ner Dusche im Van ist Stehhöhe schon sehr wichtig. Wenn man dauerhaft drinnen wohnt denke ich auch. Man sitzt u d liegt zwar sehr viel, weil es gemütlicher ist. Aber wenn mal ein Regentag ist und man nur drinnen ist, ist es auch schön, wenn man mal aufstehen kann zum bewegen. Wird dem einen wichtiger sein, als dem Anderen. Man muss das für sich abwägen. Als Camper auf Zeit für WE oder so fände ich es nicht mehr so wichtig. Meine Ansicht 😊🤙🏼 Gruß Ronny

  • La verdad que buen gusto para todo me sorprendió la decoración porque al principio estaba todo blanco y como le diste color y personalidad

  • Thanks for showing, Ronny. Ganz toll muss man sagen

  • This one of the most beautiful van builds I ever seen

  • You did a GREAT job. I love it

  • Parabéns pelo vídeo ficou show abraço Rubens de Amorim

  • hermoso trabajo... mis felicitaciones viejo.... sigue asi no cambies nunca... abrazo desde Argentina

  • i feel incredibly inadequate right now. This is so impressive - well done!

  • Just amazing!! And the smile at the end?Priceless!!

  • Ja was soll man dazu noch sagen … einfach Top. Jetzt bräuchte ich nur noch die Daten, wann und wo ich das schöne teil abholen kann. 🤩😊👍

    • 🤣🤣 Ich habe schon überlegt, im nächsten Sommer (2023) vielleicht einen neuen zu bauen, um ihn dann zu verkaufen. Mal schauen. Dann wären deine Chancen auf jeden Fall besser, als beim jetzigen Van 😜🤙🏼 Gruß Ronny

  • Well done! Amazing job 👌

  • La Mejor de todas... Bravo..!!! Gracias INFINITAS.. Thanks..🍀🌹🙏🏕

  • Just beautiful, really inspirational, thank u so much!

  • Muito bom

  • Genio totallllllll.Saludos desde ARGENTINA. Un trabajo excelente felicitaciones


  • Hey, lovely job😊 I know it said, the work took 11 months, but did you work on it every day? I mean how long would it take to build, if it is not a weekend project, but you'd build it every day morning til evening. I'm just wondering because we would like to trip around this summer, but 11 months.. 😥

    • @NotNormalSince1990 Every Day. I only took a break when it rained or when I was waiting for material. But dont forgot, I needed more time because I filmed everything. You two times faster without filming every part. 😉

    • @Adventures Happen Very cool😁 Did you build every day, or only on weekends?

    • Hey, no no, 11 month ist the time from start to finish. But i had a break for round about 4 Month. Oct to March you can not work so much. Is to cold for glu and painting and much more. If you start at march with a good place or a hall you can finish it in 5 Month. Than you have to work from morning to evening 😊

  • I like it so much!👍👍👍 Good design and nice RV.

  • Awesome, such detail with a fun outcome. What a great looking companion your dog.

  • I had to stop myself from crying. Absolutely beautiful and go live it brother.

  • absolutely LOVE this conversion!!!!! what did you use for the insulation?

    • @sandrafromtexas1957 yeah bro.. k flex is popular in vehicle conversions

    • @sandrafromtexas1957 👍🏼😊

    • @Adventures Happen I did find your video...thanks for the reply!!!

    • Thx. 🙏🏼 For insulation i used K-Flex (like Armaflex). You can see it in my video for insulation. Best regards 😊🤙🏼

  • Superbe réalisation bravo 👍

  • Impressive, now that it’s finished I’d like to see a tour in real time.

    • @Adventures Happen 캠핑카

    • Thx. There will be a few more tours to see on my channel. 😊🤙🏼

  • You are a good builder. Very artistic. I like the sliding doors for your cabinets.

  • WOW its beautiful and seeing you do all that is very impressive.

  • Espectacular, se aprende

  • so beautiful creative, I really like it, someday I hope to have a campervan like that

  • This guy is amazing. Great work 😘

  • Best van build yet. Good job

  • Incroyable 👏 bravo 🎉👍

  • So sweet and very practical. A little beachheaven. I love the kitchen idea. But I miss the wc😂. Enjoy your trips. Thanks for sharing. 👍😊

    • Thx 🙏🏼 the wc is seperate box in the shower 😉

  • Felicidades.ha quedado genial

  • это превосходно! Вы молодец. Скажите, какой размер спального места с учётом углублений?

  • una sola parola.... Fenomeno 💪👋🤗😍

  • Amazing van! I love the beach theme.

  • It's gorgeous!♥️😁

  • Beautiful build I love it

  • Amazing. What a talented guy. It looks great

  • Wooooooles quedo super hermosa🙏😊🤗🙏

  • Your skills are superb. Wow. Stay safe and TFS💖

  • This young man is awesome and incredibly creative! Congrats...Mahalo!

  • Your work becomes craftsmanship because the design is seen in the mind's eye.

  • 😎👉🏻 Sos un crack!!!! quedó precioso todo!!!!

  • You're amazing man. Loved your creativity . Its my dream too.

  • Wow wow wow! What a built! Too awesome! You are amazing!

  • Super job you did on your van... 👍