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čas přidán 24. 09. 2023
After 13 months of work, the second DIY camper van is finally finished! 😍
Update 08/22:
We built another van, which is less than five meters long! The new van conversion timelapse is online now, check it out! 😍
This is the whole Peugeot Boxer van conversion in just one video!
Btw. that's the same car like the Citroen Jumper and the Fiat Ducato.
Enjoy watching the full van conversion timelapse!
We started from an empty transporter. We wanted to build a campervan that you can live in full time and at the same time looks better than all the ready made "premium" camping cars.
For the german people:
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Ihr findet auch eine ausführliche deutschsprachige Van Tour auf meinem Kanal sowie seeeehr ausführliche Videos zu allen Bereichen des Ausbaus! All das findet ihr in folgender Playlist:
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0:00 Have fun watching the timelapse!
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If you have any questions about the van, just leave a comment :-)
We've installed two sky lights, three huge solar panels for our 12V battery system, a LiFePo4 battery, a fridge, a hidden gas stove, a camping toilet and a 150l fresh water tank for showering and for example dish washing. Also, there's a roof top terrace, an extendable bed and an extendable table and tons of storage! Well, and a parking heater and even a boiler for hot water... :D
This is the parking heater*:
Have fun watching this camper conversion timelapse!
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  • Update 08/22: We built another van, which is less than five meters long! The new van conversion timelapse is online now, check it out! 😍 I'm so excited for your feedback on this one. 😊


    • Hi,from Singapore... You are so talented... Like your video...

    • How long was this build?

    • Off da hook van.. Woohoo 🙌

    • Had a van we lived in but yours is the best ☺️💕!!

  • What these two guys can produce in their driveway is amazing. Great teamwork.

  • This is far the best Van renovation I've saw this year 2022. This was done a year ago. You literally can see how fantastic the designed and looks so spacious. Way to go !👏☺️🔥💯

  • The MOST satisfying time lapse I have ever seen in the past decade. Thank you. and I am in awe (as a builder myself) of how clean and pretty your very practical layout is. Amazing you built it in the carpark and hallway! Full credit to you both mate.

    • Thank you so much 🙌

    • Beautiful! I'm too old. Just keeping with my 94 caravan and aluminum cot.

  • Very inventive, but what I love the most was the team work between this couple to complete this project was amazing. Great job to both of you, team work makes the dream work.

  • Olá Dennis, trabalho excelente, bonito e muito perfeito. Parabéns 🎉

  • I love the fact that you put so much effort and time into the detailing. It's a wonderful build.

  • Great video Dennis. It shows your determination and motivation to finish the job (during multiple winters and summers) without cutting corners. It is also important that you maintained the rule “Attention to details” during the whole process. Absolutely quality workmanship and great finished product.

  • Can we just appreciate this guy's woodworking skills and creativity and how precise his measurements were

  • Brawo za kreatywność i pracowitość. Super😍

  • I'm not sure if it's a yearning for freedom, or my love for sims that makes my favorite part of the van builds- showers. How nice and spacious yet efficient they can be. I love that y'all's is almost not taking up any space 😅 it's like a science ig the balance

  • Love seeing young people doing things as a couple like this. My wife and I at 19 years of age bought our first house over 40 years ago and built something we still benefit from in our 6 home! Hope they travel a lot! 😀

  • What an amazing job you both did, congrats!! Just beautiful!! I just wish, there was and end tour of the finished interior and maybe let us know the cost of such a project? Most don’t realize the exorbitant cost of doing this and that not everyone can afford to take this on. Great video, looks amazing.

  • Everytime I say to people I want to do something like this they make fun of me, I wish more people where into van life, or at least be less judgemental. Your vídeo is SO encouraging!! CONGRATS!! Awesome job! 👏👏👏

    • They laugh because it's way out of their comfort zone. They stopped dreaming.Take the leap! Show them what you can accomplish. Maybe you'll inspire them to walk outside their comfort zone.. I admire people who go right when everyone else is going left!

    • Go for it Valerie!! :)

    • Don't hold back, 'live free' as much as you are able to in this statist authoritarian world ✌❤✌

    • Fuck them they make fun of you because they don't belive in themselves. Follow your dreams

    • Sometimes you have to show people things they can't see

  • To jest niesamowite jakie umiejetnosci posiada ten młody człowiek. BRAWO DLA WAS

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  • I know this is 13 months squeezed into 24 minutes but it doesn't make it any less amazing! Beautiful result!

  • I don’t like that you can’t get to the cab to drive, in an emergency but otherwise I think your van is pretty perfect. I am amazed at the quality of your work. It looks fantastic!! Great job!!

  • I have seen many van transformations here in USA but nothing as awesome your van transformation, it's like watching a masterpiece take shape. Europeans are amazing when it comes to craft and finesse. Everything you guys make is amazing. 👍👍

  • The time and patience you put out to transform what seems to be a cargo van into a minimalist kind of home are beyond my expectations. Just wow!

  • Truly a fantastic build. Efficient, beautiful, and so very well done.

  • I’m about to start on my first campervan build and your video is very inspirational. Just goes to show what you can achieve with hard work. Well done, truly well done.

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  • Clevere Ideen, fantastische Ausführungen und mega Design. Ich habe Hochachtung vor eurem Talent und Durchhaltevermögen. Wahnsinn wieviele Gedanken und wieviel Arbeit in dem Zuhause steckt. 👍👌 Großartig zusammengefasst.

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  • I am amazed,seeing the seasons come and go,all made from scratch,no units bought . Truly an amazing couple ,what workmanship .Good travelling to you both x

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  • This is absolutely beautiful, he put a lot of intelligent thought into the he design and dimensions.

  • I wish you had given us a proper view of the finished job, after all that hard work. And you did an amazing job of everything, happy travelling, you both deserve a good long holiday

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  • This is one of the best ‘how-to’s’ I’ve ever seen. Your time lapse techniques are amazing. Especially like the meditation floor glide and floating panel tricks!

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  • Good work, congratulations. To be honest, the simplest conversion I've seen is from a box style search and rescue ambulance. Almost everything you need is already there, AC, built strong, insulation, electrical, heating, 4 wheel drive (search and rescue) and more.

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  • The craftsmanship is truly a 10! Gorgeous work on everything. Love the cabinets and watching you work. Not sure why you didn’t leave an walk thru to the cab however even if it meant a swivel cabinet. I wanted to see the shower door/curtain setup. Amazing job.

  • Hi Dennis - this is a fab job! We are thinking of a similar build in a Fiat Ducato L4/H3, so a bit bigger; but I'm wondering if you had detailed plans of the build to share to compare the various choices you've made?

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