VAN TOUR | Luxury OFF GRID Australian Campervan with custom Full Size Shower

čas přidán 27. 10. 2022
Hey Guys Em and Max here and welcome to our Van Tour video. After a year and a half we have finally finished our van build! In 2021 we bought a 2010 Iveco Daily 50C18. We were inspired to purchase and build our own van after our van travels with Apollo motorhomes in South Australia and Tasmanian.
Our Iveco Daily Van is a long wheel base with a high roof and dual wheels at the back. This is the biggest van on the market you can get before you're looking at a Bus or Truck. The GVM is 5.2 tonnes which make this van great for a van build because it can take the weight.
Size was a big factor for us when we were deciding on what van we wanted. We would be living and working full time in a small space so we wanted a van with as much room as we could get. In our Iveco van build we were able to fit a shower, toilet, kitchen, dinging area and bed. We have built our own off-grid home on wheels and we couldn't be more proud.
Our build from first purchasing the van to finishing the van took about 18 months. The first 12 months we could only work on the build during our spare time and because we worked away and wth our travel business we didn't get much done. The past 6 months we put all our focus on getting this project done! We know that we did absolutely everything in this van build to the best of our best ability, including safely and we didn't cut any corners.
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Komentáře: 599

  • Cleanest build I’ve seen. Most impressive. Love the minimalist vibe.

    • We are super grateful by your reply. We certainly do not receive that level of response very often so it means a great deal to us. Thank you.

    • Es la construcción más elegante y práctica que he visto, mi enhorabuena,os felicito.😊

    • Your van is the cleanest most efficient van I’ve ever seen.Most importantly it has a full beautiful shower & kitchen with burners and an oven. I have seen hundreds of small, tiny homes, vans and campers. Bravo!!!👏🏽👏🏽Extremely impressive 👏🏽

  • The van is amazing. I don't have words for that shower and the hidden toilet. By far my favorite. Love it , love it and love it again. Everything about this van is outstanding.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Gloria ❤ we are very spoilt with this van 😍

    • I agrée! The only thing I would change was the aluminium water tank.

    • YALL SHOULD SELL THE BLUEPRINT OF Y'ALLS VAN, THIS IS AMAZING ❤😊. I think it is beautiful. I would love to do this and have been thinking about it for a minute now. I have watched thousands of van building videos & yalls is I believe my favorite I also u 33:31

    • Also adore yall**❤❤

  • I would add a drop-down sink in the shower that uses the shower nozzle and drains 2 the floor, thereby turning the shower into an actual bathroom.

  • This is the BEST self-built van Ive seen on youtube!! 🤩

    • Wow thanks so much Nat this is amazing to hear 🙏🏼😀

    • I totally agree! I'm looking for vans for more than 3 years and yours is definitely on top 3 ! Congrats!!! 🥳

  • Amazing build!!!!! You’d never know you haven’t built a van before. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Amaaazing van build and absolutely inspiring! If Max & Occy loved this van, imagine those of us still dreaming about building one❣️Now, time to get some love wrapped in fur! 🐾💛💛🐾

    • Thank you for your lovely comment :)

    • ​@_letsescapetogether_ I knew this was the same layout but I didn't know this was actually Max's van.I loved it then and still do love it. I've wanted one like his for a long time. Do you have a great dog like Occy? 🎉 Edit: I'm not sure if you have Max's van after reading some comments. Either way I love your van and it looks well made.

  • Jaw dropping and functional. Honestly one of the best van builds I’ve seen in the last three years

    • wow we are so pumped to hear this!! Thank you

    • @@_letsescapetogether_ seriously you should be showing Winnebago and Thor your floor plans….you outdo them hands down

  • Oh my gosh, I love the little door at the front! That's such a good idea. I also am obsessed with the teak shower mat for preventing mold! The tile you chose for the backsplash is super nice. I have a Breville Barista Pro and thought it would be overkill for a van but it looks really good! Seriously 10/10 guys.

    • Thanks so much for watching and your comments were so satisfying to read 🙏🏼. We honestly do use the pocket door all the time and even Max fits through with ease. Yes the teak mat is really handy and we even take it outside and place it on the floor for our outdoor shower so we don’t stand on mud or sand. Have a great day 😊

  • Well this is one of the best builds I’ve seen. I’m an Aussie too so it’s great to see a build knowing I can get stuff you’ve used here. New sub and I’ll be following along for sure. Thanks

    • Thank you we really appreciate it. Yes we know exactly what hat you mean! When we researched how to build a van it was hard to find Aussie specific builds 😊

  • Wow wow wow! We knew you guys were building something special but the van is beyond epic! Super well done and so much fun to see how you both build it as a team. Maybe you should start a Van Building business! 😜

    • Awww thanks guys we are beyond excited by your reaction!! Like they say team work makes the dream work 😀🙌🏼 You guys can definitely relate 💥

  • What a great van, it looks awesome and also very functional. Love the shower and toilet and how clean it all looks. The electrical system is on point and so neat. What a great job you have done well done.

    • Thank You so much Dee 😀 we have been traveling in our van for 10 months now and we love it so much 🧡

  • one of the nicest van builds I have seen :D well done!

  • I loved Max and Occys van. Then he showed us yours! What a nice job! Congrats guys, many happy travels ahead

    • Hey Kristy! Wow thanks so much for the positive feedback, this makes us so happy.

  • This is the most beautiful van I've ever seen.

  • This is by far THE BEST VAN BUILD I have ever seen.!! Well done AUSSIES for making it look spacious, comfortable and elegant as well.!!🤩🥰😍

  • This is one of the best small van builds I have ever seen!

  • of all the van builds I've seen, this is my favorite

  • You both smashed it! Love both the build and video.

    • Hey Team!! Ahh thanks guys we really appreciate it especially from the best in the game 😀🚐 Honestly you two were are huge inspiration to us and motivated us to build our Van all on our own. Thankyou ❤️

  • I expected you guys to achieve your build but you have totally outdone yourselves. Awesome guys! A custom built and purposefully designed drive machine which is not only versatile, but more importantly, very practical. Well done guys. Let's start building these babies and start leasing them. I'm sure many travellers will want them. I never underestimated you guys. No one should!

    • We were so excited to show you guys the finished product and we are so happy that you like it! We really appreciate you kind words and value the feedback you have given us.

  • That shower location is a great feature. It really does open everything up. I like it, and you two seem very cool, so I subscribed.

    • hey Mark thanks so much for the positive feedback! The shower has been a great addition to the van and we are glad we placed it there. Thanks for subscribing :)

  • Came here from Max and occy's video, i almost dropped my phone when I saw you guys are from Perth too! Your van is absolutely stunning, I'd even say it's my dream van!! Wishing you guys the best and safest travels in your new van.

    • Hey Kyra!! Ahh no way where in Perth are you? Thanks so much for the kind words

    • @@_letsescapetogether_ NOR in ellenbrook, where it's always 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the city 😂😅

  • What an amazing build 🤍 Super clean and stylish! Awesome to see an Australian van with local supplies, products. Love it! Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • The gold/brass choices are exquisite! ❤

  • This is utterly stunning. One of the very best I’ve ever seen. Wow! ❤

  • 👍👍 Totally ❤ this van built! Came from Max and Occy's channel to see more of your work. Can't believe this is your first time!

    • Ahh This comment makes us so happy! We took our time with the build and researched absolutely everything involved with the process. We thanks CS-tv, blogs, articles and professionals in the trade that got us through. Don't get me wrong it was very stressful at times and also there were times when we wanted to give up!

    • @@_letsescapetogether_ : 🤗 You guys did awesome! At first I thought it was Max and Occy's van because Occy was lying right there, making himself very comfortable at home 😂. Personally I ❤ the clean Scan design white and wood colors too, then the large refrigerator, extended leaf Lagoon table, your amazing gas and electric stove plus ovens, hidden toilet, various lightings, and countertop galore! Yours and "Carey On Vagabond" are my 2 favorite van builts, ever, and I've seen a lot 😁. Please let us know after you live and travel in it a while if there's anything you would/wouldn't do differently if you have the chance.

    • Wow thanks you really did watch all the video 😀😀 We wouldn’t use led down lights. They are a pain to wire up. Instead we would just use LED strip lights. Also we would put a deck on the roof

  • I've watched lots of campervan tour videos but this one is totally my favorite!!! this is the most impressive and fit all of my needs. Love it!

  • Especially love the minimalist, Scandinavian style. It really feels like a cozy, airy, stylish home. Have fun with it!!!❤

  • One of the most beautiful builds I’ve seen.

  • You guys are so sweet. Your van is absolutely beautiful. I love the bathroom, the dark contrasted with the your fixtures looks great. Your color scheme is beautiful, and the cute door to the front cabin are just of the few things that I love. So much more of course but trying to keep this short. I love it. Thank you for sharing :)

    • Hey Catherine!! It was so nice to ready your response and your favourite features in the van they too are our favourite 😀🚐 Thankyou for sharing them.

  • You guys absolutely nailed the video, and the van looks so well equipped and well built!! ENJOY IT!

    • Ahh man thanks so much!!! Yes I’m super excited for the charging drawers haha. You will have to come check it out 😀📷🎥

  • Best campervan I have seen. And I love it to see you don't put on your shoes in the van. Really nice :)

  • Yeeeeeeew , you guys NAIIIIIILED IT !! you've done such a great job on the van! Let the new journey begin 🥰🥰

    • Ahhhh thanks guys!!! We can’t wait to get on the road!!! Hopefully we can cross paths

  • I love the clean lines in your build. Exactly what I'm after❤

  • Out of the 100s of vans this is my favourite xxx

  • Lovely Van and couple. Im a new subscriber from Max and Occy 💙 enjoy and safe travels.

  • Wow Guys you have done such an amazing job! So classy, sleek and well designed. Let the adventures begin 😁

    • Thanks so much Bianca for watching and for the compliments ❤️😀 We never really envisioned the van to look the way it does at the start. We just looked at inspo and both agreed on what we liked and it just morphed from there. We really love how it turned out in the end and we definitely ant wait to go travelling in it

  • Love this van. The hidden toilet is perfect.

  • Thank you for the video I love your home on wheels, I like the bathroom, I love the door that gets you into cab in a hurry. The hidden toilet is brilliant.. you've got a great kitchen, in fact the whole build is great......... Stay safe on your travels.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment Lynn🥰 we have loved travelling in our van and have found the build to be very comfortable and convenient for us. We hope you enjoy following along on our adventures

  • Really beautiful build and the electrical is so clean. Enjoyed all of it. Well done. Enjoy your hard work.

  • Lovely van but even lovely people. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment and we are glad you enjoyed watching :)

  • Beautiful!!!! De las más bonitas y elegantes que he visto!!!! Enhorabuena!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😜

  • Absolutely lovely guys! Love the finishes and heaps of practical features! Nice work. Hope to see you on the road soon 🎉

    • Wow guys thanks so much 🙏🏼 This is such a compliment especially from you two professionals 💥 Yes let’s make it happen!!! Can’t wait 🙌🏼😀

  • This Van is STUNNING! You should be really proud of yourselves! ❤

  • Wow....I love what and how you've done your looks stunning and yet very practical. If this is your 1st van build...I can not imagine how much nicer the next ones will be. Good job you guys. Safe travels.

  • This is an awesome build! If ever I would go to one of these vs our Airstream, this is what I would want.

  • Wow! Em & Max you did an amazing job! This is one of the best vans Ive seen on youtube. Love everything, especially the shower, hidden toilet and where you placed it at the front of the van. Love the safety door going into the drivers area, love the kitchen. Yes it definitely has a tiny home, small apartment feel to it. Well done guys!

  • I just love it. Well done guys. I would love one like this. I have subscribed because you both were so generous helping out your mate Max and Ocky when he really needed help.

    • Thank you Sasha Cat :) we love hanging out with those 2 :) Occy is currently at my feet now hahah X

  • This is one of the best builds i’ve seen! Everything is so sleek and spacious and there’s no clutter. The slide away loo and the delightful little door are great. Extra points that you’re here in Australia, and managed to slot ‘milo tin’ into your narrative! Go the milo! 😂.

    • Haha thank you Linda for watching and your lovely comment. We have loved both of those features in our van and have used the little dividing door so many times! Hahaha yeah got to love the classic Aussie icon!!!!

  • This is the best van! You guys have done a brilliant job. I want it 😉 The only thing missing, for me, is an air-con. Even Melbourne summer's are unbearable! Congratulations and happy journeys. I'll be following 🦋 🌈 🪷 🌱 🙏

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. We have the EcoFlow portable air con in the van which is great

  • Is this a motor home??? This is a luxurious house man...I'm blown away..this is the most clean, sophisticated camper I have seen so far..😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌

  • Omg you got the best van inside especially the shower it's got more room and the hidden toilet. Love the design and the kitchen wow looks so big and more room. I've watched a lot of van tour so far you have the best layout and if I have to pick one it would be yours! Amazing! Love it!❤

    • Thank You so much for watching and your lovely comment. We love how spacious the van feels even though it's a tiny space. :)

  • The best van conversion by a beautiful couple

  • Your van is the best van I've ever seen. It's beautiful

    • WoW thank you so much Katherine😍🙏🏼 this means so so much. We have seen so many nice vans out there we can’t believe you think this of ours. 🙏🏼

  • Hi guys just came to show support after seeing you on Max & Occy's channel. Amazing job love the van, my favourites are the drawers with inbuilt charging, the shower and the little door for safety, and that kitchen is phenomenal! I'm looking forward to seeing your adventures xo

    • Hey Jocelyn 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ Firstly thanks for watching and taking the time to show you support we really appreciate it 😀 the charging drawer is so handy for us especially because we need to charge lots of stuff. We are so excited to share our adventure while we make our way around Australia 😀😀

    • @@_letsescapetogether_ You're so welcome, I know right!! I literally need one myself. I really look forward to seeing your growth and journey. I've been following a few youtubers with similar channels for 3-4 years now and I love it, the community and support is there for you guys. You'll do amazing. Have fun see ya next episode x

  • One of the best project seeing so far 🎉 congratulations. I would only add a Murphy lifting bad… everything else is perfect.

    • Thanks! You would add an additional Murphy bed or you would replace the bed into a Murphy bed? Or are you referring to a happy Jac lifting bed?

  • Perfect build!!! Congratulations!

  • The van is so nice I have already liked the video in the first minute 😆I am getting so many good ideas right away! thanks :)

  • We travel with 3 dogs, and a fixed bed is a space hog. Love your shower, gally and room to move. Awesome Van. Thx for sharing.

  • Very impressive guys! Absolutely amazing camera work and as I build my van here in the states, I will definitely keep your van in mind as my inspiration to what the final result will be! Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Layne, This actually took quite some time to film so we appreciate you keen eye to detail :)

  • Wow, how fantastic is that van fit-out. Great job guys.

  • My favorite feature on this van is the shower and hidden toilet. But over all everything is amazing. Excellent job. Clean and everything are functional and well thought of. Love this van.❤

    • Thank You so much :) We have loved having the shower in the van and also to be able to hide the toilet :P

  • Wow! Stunning! Beautiful! Amazing! Fantastic! What an absolutely build. This van has everything you need stays clean, looks clean, its truly a home away from home! Living in this van why would you wanna live anywhere else! Also sounds future proof and as for power i amuse these guys will never run short of power as for eating sounds like they have thought of that too and also i assume they can live off grid for a long time only issue i think they would have is water. Great beautiful van guys. Congratulations on such a beautiful home Lisa UK xxxx

    • Thank You so much Lisa ❤ we are about to do a one year recap of living in our van! Designing the van in the way we have has definitely made it more enjoyable and practical 😊

  • Such a lovely van!!! I really like the idea of sliding table and the hidden toilet!

  • Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • You have done an amazing job on the van.

  • Beautiful Van ! Congratulations!

  • subscribed, fellow aussie here... love the content and your accent eased my headache today

  • New subscriber here. Came over from Max & Occy's channel to see more. I love your van, especially having a full size oven and a really good size fridge at eye level with a freezer and your huge sink. I love your shower with sliding toilet, an awesome design and great use of space. I was thinking you might want to stand your coffee machine on a silicone mat to prevent it from sliding off the counter when driving. You could cut it to fit so you wouldn't see it. Looking forward to seeing more on your travels.

    • Hey thanks so much for the advice!! We are getting some silicon mat for the coffee machine and hopefully that works 😊😊

  • El mejor motor home del momento❤

  • This trumps vans where friends have paid to have them coverted. Well done

  • This is one of the best van builds I’ve ever seen! Beautiful details! I’m admiring it from Colorado, USA.

  • Hello, I'm glad to see that you're Vietnamese. Thank you for sharing. It's great🎉❤❤🙏🙏

    • Hello, Thanks for the lovely comment. So close Max is actually half Philipino Xx

  • I LOVE YOUR VAN!!!! Such a beautiful design.

  • your van is one of my all time favorite van builds! i have been watching van build videos, tours for "3" years and from all over the world! your build is absolutely brilliant! you have so many drawers, cabinets and what looks like a huge shower. and yet your van is very open! it's clean, sleek, ultra comfortable and exquisitely designed and built! congratulations! enjoy your adventures! travel mercies and continued blessings!🕊

  • This is an amazing build!! And good looking couple!!

  • I love your shower with the slide out toilet and the fridge with no wasted space. I really love your large kitchen and all the cupboard and prep area. I used to have a pull along caravan that had the living/bed area and the versatility it offers over the fixed bed. I can never figure out why people give up a generous living/bed area for a fixed bed. Get up in the morning and put away the bed (easy) afterwards your ready for the day ahead. With the fixed bed and no comfortable seating, it will encourage the bed to be used a lot more for comfort.

    • If we wanted to store mountain bikes, snowboards or surfboards inside the van then maybe a fixed bed with storage underneath would be the go. We love our dinette seating area and honestly it takes less than 2 minutes to make the bed and its easy. Thanks for stopping by and for the positive feedback

  • My kind of build. Clean, sleek, spacious.

    • If there’s one thing that needs improvement, it’s the bed. The woman is relatively fit but by the time she finished setting up the bed, she was sorta out of breath.

    • Thank you so much 😊 hahah yes I am use to it now. Honestly it’s just like making the bed at home and it’s a routine we are used to. The arms do get sore by shaking the bedding in the morning though hahah

  • Beautiful van conversion congrats guys ❤

  • Love your build!

  • Amazing and impressive! So Impressed by the design and all the details! All the comforts of home in your amazing little home on wheels! Enjoy your many travels and adventures in your beautiful van! Life is Good! Enjoy!

    • Glad you like it! Thankyou so much. We have already taken it across Aus and need to upload a video

  • WOWWWW this campervan is the best one i have seen so far. i love the open space, the kitchen, the bed at the back where u can park somewhere and sit with the doors open. i absolutely loooooove the way you designed it.

    • Thank You so much, its been nice opening the back and enjoying the view :)

  • This is a gorgeous build! I love your aesthetic 😊

  • Very well thought out beautifully done I love the clean look of everything the shower is a good idea having the toilet in a cupboard at the back fantastic and love the colour scheme ❤

    • Thank you so much. Yes I didn't want to have to look at the toilet and we love having the big shower which we can also use as storage haha. :)

  • The perfect couple! The perfect van! You guys made an unbelievable design: the perfect dream. I added your video to my list to see it many times for sure

  • Love your van, beautiful!!

  • What a great layout and looks so good. Well done.

  • Absolutely stunning build!!

  • Amazing work guys. You've created such a beautiful home!

  • I think this is my favorite build I have seen so far. Well done!

    • Thank You so much for your kind words Brian :) We are so glad to hear you like it !

  • You have got everything! I'm into gadgets for small spaces, seems like an ideal space for them.

  • Absolutely stunning!

  • This van conversion is beautiful ! Congratulations 🎉 ❤

    • Cheers Jacko, It was a long stressful journey but we have loved the finished product and we have loved living in our off grid home on wheels :)

  • My favorite build so far

  • Stunning van guys! The hard work has paid off

    • We really appreciate it guys!!! We can’t wait to get it on the road 😀😀


  • I love the raised fridge, charging drawers, and expanding table! I seen a lot of van build and tour videos, but I haven't seen those features before. I really like them and will have to keep them in mind when I build my van. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Sarah, Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) Yay we are excited for you and let us know how you go with the build :)

  • What a dream ! You guys thought about everything 🥰

  • I'm jealous, great van, exactly how I'd want a van to be like, just perfect, well done 👏 😊

  • I love your tiny home

  • For the past 12 months, Ive been looking at van conversions on youtube to give me some inspiration for my own build. At Last - IVE FOUND IT!!! You guys have done a super amazing job BRAVO!! My searching has finally ended - Whohoo!!!

    • That’s amazing to hear Ken, you will have to let us know how you go with your van build 😊🙌🏼