čas přidán 7. 02. 2023
Take a look as the unranked Vanderbilt Commodores shocked the No. 6 Tennessee Volunteers with an epic buzzer-beater to win 66-65 to end an 11-game losing streak to Tennessee in their first win since February 22, 2017.

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  • 6 fouls, a free-throw, and a game winning shot all in less than 18 seconds. Amazing

  • This ending was insane. 18 seconds with only 2 fouls and did enough to force the 1-and-1. Wow!

  • That pass.... The kid with the presence of mind to know he didn't have the shot and not to try and force a bad attempt. And the stone cold shot from the corner. So proud of the Vandy boys and Coach Stackhouse!

  • Had one of my idiot UT Vols buddies that talked about "the loser Vandy fans rushing the court, and how pathetic that looks"...So I reminded him of what Vols fans did this past year when UT finally got a win over Bama (it just took 15 years)...12 hours later I'm still waiting for his reply.

  • As a die hard Vols fan, I should be upset about losing this game. However, that shot was absolutely beautiful. What a play design by Stackhouse! I hated seeing it, but I’m glad I witnessed this. Never seen an ending to a game like this. All the fouls that Vandy had to give, and then pull it off like that. Hats off to you Vandy. Great shot young man. This is exactly what this rivalry needed! As always, win or lose, GBO!!

    • @Kyle Barrett I'm a Vandy and that game on that day was my birthday so a nice present

    • It’s all love over this way! Can’t wait for the next one. 🍊⚓️ 💯

    • As a Vanderbilt fan I truly appreciate your comment. Much respect bro. I still have to say ⚓ anchor down ✌️

    • Appreciate the classy response - rivalries make life better. ATFD.

  • That shot gave me goosebumps

  • Way to go Vandy!!

  • My man really celebrated the win with an air dunk 🤣🤣🤣

  • The end of this was so hype, was very glad to have watched this today

  • I confirmed something here that I also saw in another buzzer beater. The game clock shown by ESPN is almost 0.1 seconds behind the real game clock. This video is very useful because you can see the shot clock too (and clearly this shot got off in time either way). This is something to keep in mind when viewing buzzer beaters in the future.

  • That's as close as you can get - go Vandy!

  • Neither team led by more than 5 points at any point in the game and Vanderbilt's biggest lead was 4 and it happened one time at 8-4.

  • Right in front of his bench that’s cold 🥶

  • What was up where it looked like a UT player or coach had to be restrained at 0:34? Looked kind of like a player shoved a fan but then they kind of turned toward where the celebration was occurring. Great job Vandy, you stopped a bad losing streak against that school to the East.

  • Yeah!!! 🙌🎊🎉 ANCHOR! DOWN! 🖤💛⚓🏀

  • That was awful close lol I mean he just got it off

    • Look at replay it doesn’t look like it was off in time

  • Honestly in college basketball until the March Madness Tourny starts rankings mean nothing cause we've seen soooo many upsets already this season

    • @mainelyoutdoor I only really watch my Jayhawks and some ranked matchups before March madness. The other matchups are bad teams vs bad teams, average vs average, good vs good, great vs bad and so on. Just boring matchups that mean nearly nothing in the long run.

    • Honestly in any sport why watch until playoffs

  • March madness early edition 🎯

  • Awesome Vols!! Just dunk the ball and you win!! Horrible choke job! Congrats to Vandy!!

    • Super tough loss for us Vols fans. Fell apart at the end

  • I don't know, man. That might've won Alabama the Southeastern Conference Regular Season Title.

  • The fact that NOBODY referenced Memorial Magic was disappointing.

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    • @Alfredo Casey Thank you for this. Will definitely reach out to him now. Thanks again

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  • That’s got to be the weirdest place to put the team bench

  • What a dime tho

  • Welcome to the Lakers 🤣

  • Tennessee should have never been that high in spread on the road

  • Like why give up the 3

    • If anything he misses and you win or he makes the layup and yall Overtime😂

  • Lol dude sagged off too contest THE SHOT TO TIE THE GAME INSTEAD OF STAYING ON HIS MAN IN THE CORNER FOR THE 3. That Mistake is inexcusable

  • Get em Lil Cuz ...🗣️ I see ya SPANK

  • I forgot about college basketball 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • My dores have done something good in a sport other than baseball

  • Thanks Vandy - Tide fan.

  • What happens when you don't stay on your man

  • They have a weird court layout

  • LOL.....Barnes is rechecking the time with the refs.....


  • Number 25 should’ve stuck with his man, what a silly defensive play.

  • Wow

  • Vanderbilt is too good

  • So that UK win over UT at Thompson-Boling Arena becomes that much more garbage is what you're telling me....

  • Yeah baby

  • Vols are overrated in all sports!!!

  • My buddy lost $686 dollars on this shot. Please upvote so it’s the first comment because I’m going to send him this video forever and I want him to see this comment first.

  • When you get beat by a horrible team like Vanderbilt, you know your basketball team is a train wreck!!!!!!! Some of Tennessee players need to stop doing COMMERCIALS and concentrate on playing basketball or get rid of Barnes!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Michael Davis I'm known for hot takes with my friends. Like my hot takes that got my NFL playoff predictions to 12-0.

    • @CrazyWeatherDude definitely a hot take

    • @Michael Davis y'all aren't bad in football. Just absolutely no defense. If you guys had a hint of defense, you would be a playoff contender.

    • We ain't that horrible we beat Arkansas too, if we talking football that's another convo

  • I'm a Vols fan, these players don't give af about the game, they want money, women and a free ride to the NBA to play with the stars, as i said, Tennessee is garbage 🗑️, I'm not fooling myself again with this program, the coaching staff is arrogant, and the team is selfish, no leadership.

    • I disagree Tennessee is a great basketball team its just that Vanderbilt played really well today. I saw the game both teams put out tremendous effort

  • I'm a Vanderbilt student and I could care less

    • I really don't like this school after they made us wear masks last year and with all the little weird kids correcting your grammar.

    • Smells fishy. A Vanderbilt student would not have made the grammatical mistake you did and would have instead written, “… I could not care less.”

    • You lying, even if your not a sports fan you have to be a bit happy. Vanderbilt beated one of the best college basketball teams in the country. Last year when we upsetted Tennessee in the tournament I was super esctatic.