Vegeta Anger- What Did You Do To My Bulma!! English Dubbed Dragon Ball Super

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  • Cell saga,Cell shoot Trunks Vegeta got mad,he attack Cell he do no damage but her we go super Vegeta got mad he can touch guy who is freaking god hahahahha. From these point power levels just went to hell.

  • 2:33 whis

  • Whis: Whatever boizzz im eat something 2:34

  • I thought beerus was gonna like wipe her from existence but just a slap?

  • I like the movie better

  • I wish beerus would’ve killed right there, fuck monica rial that stupid bulma VA thot needs to die.

  • That’s when it stops when another man pimp slaps yo girl

  • That would of been epic if that was Vegeta's first time going super saiyan

  • Bulma: you have something to say then say it Beerus: begone thot

  • Beerus stands up for gender equality

  • Top two things about Vegeta you don’t mess with Number 2: His pride Number 1: His bride

  • Sorry if I wasn’t posting videos, I need a computer bc my computer broke so I’m trying to buy one

  • THIS SHIT👆 Was the single most heart wrenching moment in all of Dragon Ball canon. You do NOT slap another man's bitch in front of his son while you're on your knees, at her birthday party after I just danced for you.

  • At this very moment Vegeta gained my eternal respect.

  • In my head: "Oh,that God fucked up big time"

  • It's so touching to see Vegeta improving his treatment towards Bulma.

  • Beerus: "I'm gonna blow up your planet, killing everyone including Bulma." Vegeta: "Fine" Beerus: *slaps Bulma* Vegeta: "MY BULMAAA!!!!"

  • Movie did it way better why does super always try to ruin shit

  • Her getting slapped in replay was just too funny to me the rest was epic asf

  • This is my favourite scene!!!!!!

  • The scene in the movie was WAYYYY better

  • I Wish when he transform into rage form the whole earth shook

  • My testosterone’s levels are Rising.

  • This was so much better in the movie. Super is such Trash


  • Thank you? U have it wrong. There's nothing to feel good about destroying me. You're a coward and nothing more.

  • I bursted out laughing when she got hit XD Lmao Tho still bad wow.. What a sad moment in this

  • This niggas rage just broke the scale son

  • Amazing

  • Beerus: I did not hit her, it's bullshit, it's not true, I did not hit her, I did not.

  • bulma doesn’t give a FUCK she straight up slapped a super villain LOL

  • Me when my friends are arguing 2:32

  • To bad guys never hurt Bulma Vegeta will kick your ass

  • Let's be honest, we've all wanted to smack Bulma at some point, Beerus was just the only one with the balls to do it lol

  • I wish all girls find a boyfriend or husband like vegeta

  • Broly: *Breathes within a mile of Bulma* Vegeta: *Unlocks Super Mega Ultra Alpha Omega Hyper Turbo Instinct x1000000000*

  • So this is the way to make vegeta surpass goku

  • Way better in the movie then in the show so much better in the movie.

  • I prefer Vegetas reaction in the movie

  • 1:15 Slap

  • What did you do... *TO MY BULMA?!*

  • Seriously. For being from super. This is seriously one of my favorite scenes of vegeta.

  • Hail to the King!

  • What a legendary scene, when hes crushing his teeth , amazing!

  • One of my favorite scenes in DB! Vegeta can't control his family man mentality and when Bulma gets hurt he loses it. Good stuff!

  • If this isn't relationship goals, then I don't know what is...

  • Whis is just standin there eatin XD

  • I don’t remember this being that dramatic in the movie


  • This reminds me of how most guys would react if someone put their hands on his woman. We go Super Saiayan WHATEVER, and start wrecking whomever is responsible. Vegeta's still the most relateable (or however its spelled) Character in the DB.

  • Bitch slappin beerus

  • Bitch slappin bulma vs beerus

  • y’all remember when the preview for this episode aired most people were thinking Vegeta was going Super Saiyan 3?

  • It’s so sad seeing how trash the best scene in the movie was horribly changed in the series -_- . Literally everything about it is much worse. The music, the animation, art, designs , “power” and the choreography....

  • “Vegeta, no!” “VEGETA, YES!!!!”

  • This is rage like me

  • Slaps. Dies0

  • Vegeta's Priorities: 1. BULMA 2. Pride 3. Beating Goku 4. Saiyan Culture

  • One does not simply get away with touching Vegetas wife

  • u aren't dealing with the average saiyan warrior anymore... He has risen above and become a legend.

  • People in the comments acting like this was real. “Why didn’t goku do anything!”😂

  • And people say Super is a bad show...

    • +Kai Chen I see what you mean, I constantly bounce back and forth between the movie and the Super version. I've come to like this one more just because of Vegeta's Saiyan rage going off the charts. Plus the music is really good too ☺

    • JacobW151 but Battle of Gods did the scene better in my opinion. Not saying Super is bad. Its a cool show.

  • Destroyer Deity? How could they have possible thought that would sound better than "God of Destruction? Just sayin' it's an odd choice. Not hatin' here.

  • You know what beerus is a nice guy he did as vegeta asked and showed mercy. His punches are cable of destroying a city. Had he touched her face seriously head obliterated like some mk brutality shit

  • Sadly we will never get a bulma figurine that increases a base form vegeta figure’s damage to the highest possible when it gets defeated in hero colosseum (simply make it a pure support figure that can’t fight but give it small health)

  • Vegeta soooo got laid that night

  • That proves that vegeta loves bulma a lot 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • -Badass enters chat-

  • Imagine what would happen if she was killed during a fight? Wonder how strong Vegeta would get?

    • If it's this Vegeta, I'd think he would be stronger than this. However if its Vegeta who can go ssjb, well, i can't imagine how strong he would be. Probably stronger than goku ssjbkk.

    • Yin Yang Damn.

  • Kinda knew Vegeta would react this way. I’m sure any husband would go nuts just seeing their wife slapped. But we knew this all along when Majin vegeta said bulma and trunks meant nothing to him and Goku called him a liar. Cuz Goku knew deep down that’s not how vegeta felt about them.

  • That ship should've sank right there from the weight of Bulma's and Vegeta's massive balls.

  • Vegetal is now an angry potato With yellow hair

  • Writing and animation are so shit on this... I mean, DB is pretty retarded, but the way this scene was executed looks like someone was really trying to make it look more stupid than it actually is.

    • Michał Pawlak Dragon Ball is the only good anime.

    • Then why the hell you here, just to troll?

  • This shows us really how much Vegeta loves Bulma.

  • 2:32. Whis does not care as a table flies past him. Also this vegeta on Dokkan Battle is awesome.

  • Chris, you are Vegeta

  • Lol Goten sounds a lot like Timmy Turner

  • He reached back like a pimp and pimp slapped the shit outta Bulma

  • I would be the same but I would explode into ssj rage and I think that my aura would be way bigger.

  • best antihero ever

  • The movie did this scene WAAAAAAAAY better than the anime.

  • Mama no

  • 2:17 thank me later

  • At that time beerus knew he fucked up

  • You shouldn't a did that... you pressed the Bulma button.

  • Beerus is so mean, i hated him in this movie

  • Whis is just eating

  • This is one of very very few instances where Vegeta's love and care shines through That tough guys does love his family Just doesn't know how to show PS: how do these voice actors keep their face straight while dubbing All the screaming is so damn hilarious (atleast to me) I can hardly stop myself from snorting out of embarrassment That's why I don't watch these clips out of my bedroom.... all The yelling is too embarrassing....

  • Ma nigga Beerus bitch slapped her back to Uranus

  • What you guys don't get about this version is that he's trying to hold it all back. He knows that if he doesn't Beerus will kill everyone. That's why he's having a legitimate strokepanicheart attack. I mean he also loves her sooooo....🤨

  • This power up seems like nothing compared to when Gohan went Ultimate training with Piccolo. But they make it seem like Gohan is in his Ultimate form here.

  • 2:32 And whis is still chomping 😂😂😂😂

  • Is this beerus dude a good guy or a bad guy? ('cause i hv never watched DBS)

  • Sometimes Bulma can be straight up stupid.

  • This how you how i know vegeta and goku are real men because anytime something happens to they kids and ESPECIALLY they WIVES . ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

  • The meanest bitch slap in anime history 😤😤😤😤😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gchhkfsjexiyggljgfulg challengesjf l to my bulma

  • The shout was better here.

  • Lord Beerus don't play that SHIT. #PimpAintDead

  • Lol and goku was just watching this all from the sidelines