Vegeta Anger- What Did You Do To My Bulma!! English Dubbed Dragon Ball Super

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  • I would be the same but I would explode into ssj rage and I think that my aura would be way bigger.

  • best antihero ever

  • The movie did this scene WAAAAAAAAY better than the anime.

  • Mama no

  • 2:17 thank me later

  • At that time beerus knew he fucked up

  • You shouldn't a did that... you pressed the Bulma button.

  • Beerus is so mean, i hated him in this movie

  • Vegeta you cry so weird I guess thats why you dont regularly cry

  • Whis is just eating

  • This is one of very very few instances where Vegeta's love and care shines through That tough guys does love his family Just doesn't know how to show PS: how do these voice actors keep their face straight while dubbing All the screaming is so damn hilarious (atleast to me) I can hardly stop myself from snorting out of embarrassment That's why I don't watch these clips out of my bedroom.... all The yelling is too embarrassing....

  • Ma nigga Beerus bitch slapped her back to Uranus

  • What you guys don't get about this version is that he's trying to hold it all back. He knows that if he doesn't Beerus will kill everyone. That's why he's having a legitimate strokepanicheart attack. I mean he also loves her sooooo....🤨

  • This power up seems like nothing compared to when Gohan went Ultimate training with Piccolo. But they make it seem like Gohan is in his Ultimate form here.

  • 2:32 And whis is still chomping 😂😂😂😂

  • Is this beerus dude a good guy or a bad guy? ('cause i hv never watched DBS)

  • Sometimes Bulma can be straight up stupid.

  • This how you how i know vegeta and goku are real men because anytime something happens to they kids and ESPECIALLY they WIVES . ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

  • The meanest bitch slap in anime history 😤😤😤😤😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gchhkfsjexiyggljgfulg challengesjf l to my bulma

  • The shout was better here.

  • Lord Beerus don't play that SHIT. #PimpAintDead

  • Lol and goku was just watching this all from the sidelines

  • Vageta, mark my words Beerus mark them well your going to suffer for what you done

  • I just love how whis is nonchalantly eating 🤦🤦 his fat ass lmao

  • Cool rage vegeta!!


  • Dbz vegeta: i have more important thing that foolish woman Dbs vegeta: WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BULMAAA!!!!!!!!

  • 2:16 and this is why I don't fuck with Vegeta wife...😐

  • Vegeta:what did you do to my BULMA!!Whis:ok

  • 2:13 my rage when my family gets killed

  • Remember when vegita was a serious and foreshadowed villain? Me neither

  • I like the buildup to the slap in this one better, but I like Vegeta’s instant reaction in battle of the gods better.

  • Imagine if vegeta went SSGSS instead of ssj rage.....??

  • This would be even better with the ultra instinct song

  • What if he did that after he obtained ssjb evolution?

  • Thanos: *kills bulma* Vegeta: has anyone seen my wife bulma Thanos: T_T

  • Now imagine, cell coming back and kills bulma and trunks... *O O F*

  • Gives me chills every time. So good.

  • Triggered

  • She got pimp slapped

  • The first time I saw this I thought he was going to ssj3.

  • Bulma looks lesbian with the short hair

  • Put the super vegeta theme on this and this scene would be so much more epic. Most of Bruce falconers themes would boost this series

  • Respec whaameeen!

  • 2:26 So, what are we staring at?

  • imagine if vegeta went ssj3

  • Lmao, ( 2:15 - 2:28 ) Piccolo has known Vegeta for such A long time now. He is so shocked by Vegeta's reaction.

  • 1:40 When you’re about to bust a nut but you can’t.

  • The begging was fuckin heart wrenching, and there was this little sob right before he turned where it sounded like tears were gonna come out, that was so beautiful and I'm so glad they showed Vegeta's love for his wife, I genuinely want to see how the proposal went and how they even ended up together (the question on everybody's mind of course we say some glimpses of him being worn down on her both nothing close to romance?) The only thing that pissed me off was the lack of Goku in this scene, it was later revealed that he was watching this unfold and he didn't do a thing I would have liked to see a brief show of his reaction to Bulma getting slapped since Bulma is his oldest friend hell they're practically siblings for him to have no reaction is just bad writing and I get it this was Vegeta's moment and maybe in the back of his mind Goku knew that but even still you wouldn't watch your sister get pimp slapped and stand by? Edit OMG guys he was crying like I saw an actual tear right where he looks up and his hand is covering one eye

  • Vegeta is the best.

  • Vegetal was not playing

  • So close to super saiyans 3, so close

  • Vegeta triggered at beerus 😦😦😦😦😦😦

  • i prefer the movie version

  • 2:16 When your crush gets hit by the bully and you let the beast out

  • The Beerus "Pimp Slap"

  • Please watch my new dbs intr

  • Two things, bulma was strong enough to turn beruus, with a slap. And she survived his counter. Why? She's been banging vegeta for years. That's the only answer I can come up with. She must be tien level of power during the cell saga by now lol

  • Bulma got pimp slapped

  • Nope, that neck is broken and or she dead.

  • So bad ass

  • I love when a saiyans eyes go blank

  • that kind of rage&anger should turn him to kingkong

  • I like this side of Vegeta when he was first with Bulma they stayed together cause she got pregnant but over the years they have gotten closer and thats new for Vegeta to care that much about someone

  • This show is so terrible that it hurts. No emotion, rushed as FUCK. It's degenerate.

  • Beerus hit bulma so hard it replayed 3 times.... wow that must have hurt

  • So Krillin needs to get hurt for Goku to get strong, and Bulma needs to get hurt for Vegeta to get strong. *It all makes sense.*

  • Man i wonder how beerus slap didnt blow bulmas face

  • Imagine if vegeta was in blue form

  • MY BULMA!!!

  • While I feel that they dragged certain parts of this on a little too long, this is probably my favorite scene of Vegeta's. I love how emotional Vegeta is in general.

  • Let's be honest here if this was anyone other than beerus that did this vegeta would have won the fight afterwards

  • Dbs Is Terrible Movie Did This Scene 10x Better And without all that drama to it

  • Damn. Slapped her so hard it replayed 3 times

  • If you look at his mouth his mouth changes... By the time he goes ssj2

  • To my BuLmaaaaAaaA!

  • 2:15 When your crush keeps getting hit by the kid that's weak that dont like hitting boys but like hitting girls...

  • 2:15 just incase yo u wanna hear his scream again!

  • It was much better in the movie

  • Yee vegeta hha

  • This is the same guy who, only a couple years ago wanted to destroy Earth

  • Battle of Gods did it better

  • He should have unlocked a new transformation there... Maybe in the new movie Vageta will get what we've all been wanting for his own power I guess so he can differentiate from Goku but still have a challenge

  • One of the most badass vegeta moments ever

  • You won’t like him when he’s angry

  • 😍😍😍😙😗😚

  • Honestly should have just given him 3 at that point. How tf is an ssj2 gonna be stronger than a 3? Absolutley no logic whatsoever

  • The most intense dramatic bitch slap ever 😂 lolz

  • me no LIIKE BULMAS HAIR CUT ** read in a spanish accent**

  • !:02 AWWW HE DOES CARE !!! :Y

  • 2:34 whis Is like yeah whatever

  • The power of love~

  • Plot twist Beerus,Whis and Bulma set this all up for Vegeta to surpass his limits btw Bulma wasn't hurt in this roleplay

  • Hence why vegeta is 100 times a better character than goku, I hate goku tbh

  • Akira should have make vegeta turns into SSJ 3 here

  • Vegeta just chilling after the tournament of power Me:Yo Vegeta Vegeta:huh? Me:Beerus slapped Bulma Vegeta:BERUUUUUUUUS!!!!

  • Vegaet should wins at bearus


  • I’m Whis is every domestic dispute. ... Coolin and watching the show 💯🤣