Vegeta Anger- What Did You Do To My Bulma!! English Dubbed Dragon Ball Super

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  • 2:13

  • Beerus was like begone thot

  • Beerus must have been planin that, to level up vegeta, cuz with red haired goku he was still holding back, so he mustve had to REALLY hold back as to not harm bulma seriously.

  • Bulma, biggest balls in the show

  • Am I the only one who got chills during this?

  • Smacky cat

  • goku tease vegeta: my bulma!!!!!!! goku vs zamasu: i'm pissed,you r'e gonna pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... l

  • still gives me the chillls

  • Now all we need is to see what would happen if Videl was in Bulma's position.

  • WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BULMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *intense ssj power up* *still proceeds to get his ass kicked*

  • Loves win, ya all...

  • How many slaps will bulma take to get vegeta an U.I?

  • Best vegita scene ever

  • 2:32 whis is like "you sure you wanna do that"

  • this would have been a cool vegeta ssj3 scene

  • I thought Vegeta might transform into SSJ3💓

  • i mean, i’d go off too if someone slapped my girl

  • Let hi find out what Oolong, Roshi and Yamcha has done to his bulma!!!🤣

  • movie did it better on the beat down and the slap, since it was quick and emotionless but his reaction in super is far better, that's how much he loved bulma. vegeta prince of tsunderes

  • "Beerus please have mercy!" "Frieza please have mercy!" "Cell please have mercy!" "Android 18 please have mercy!" "Goku please have mercy!" The way things change. KILL THE STINKIN FURBALL GEETS!

  • 2:29 "Why didn't my husband do that?"

  • Vegeta is a better family man but I don’t think goku is as bad as everyone says

  • Lord Beerus did it now!

  • Don't ever touch a man's girl.

  • if you just look at whis you can understand hes havin a good time

  • sub is so much better.

  • Bro the movie version is so much better. He beat Beerus’ ass. But in this version he does zero damage at all.

  • The backhand from hell

  • The real husband

  • Imagine if we got to hear the piano for this scene

  • this version of the regular MY BULMAAAA scene is garbage compared to the battle of gods one

  • My Bulmaaaaaaaa!

  • Have y’all noticed with Vegeta as soon as Bulma gets hurt he goes chungus mode but when krillin dies Goku goes BIG chungus mode 😂😂😂

  • Vegeta isn't the best guy, but he sure is the better family man of the series.

  • Who else thinks vegetas ssj theme would have made it better

  • What the hell did goten say when he caught Bulma

  • Thank me later 2:08

  • TLDR ; Beerus nobodys that malicious as to savour the time to swat a fly.. Good ol dragon ball unnassacerily stretching a scene. I think the quick slap exchange between bulma and beerus was perfect as was becouse i honestly didnt think beerus would slap back or do it as non chalantly fast as he did..... and of course theres no replicating that vocal boom in a theater for the first time when vegeta goes of the chain.

  • 8:45 vegeta looks he's gonna poop when beerus slap bulma

  • I think i love to come back to this scene so much, not only because it shows Vegeta go full blown John Wick, but you can feel and hear the full extent of his anguish that he feels toward his wife being knocked out. Although by his reaction its clear that he thinks she's dead, and you get to see how much Bulma truly means to him and how far he's come from the villain of the Saiyan Saga, and the lengths he would go to avenge her.

  • whis continues to eat

  • Vegeta gon be like: you going to jail now!!!!!

  • 2:09 I have to admit THAT does not look natural

  • I liked the db battle of the gods way better than super

  • I like how whis casually eating his food like still not enough lmao😂😂

  • 2:42 Now Thats Lil Terio

  • Welp… geets is pissed

  • Oyfum

  • This still gives me chills

  • This was better than the movie more dramatic

  • Vegeta is better than Goku.

  • Does someone know the music's name?

  • This was so much better in Battle of Gods

  • 2:13 - 2:17 "*what did you do... TO MY BALMAAAAAAAAAAAA?!*" Wowee, I thought you we're more cold hearted -_-

  • Bulma aint dead it was just a back hand from a destroyer god

  • No man or immortal being can get away with hitting vegeta's beloved bulma!

  • Something interesting about this, see how vegeta’s eyes disappear? That only happens when someone gets knocked out or is unconscious. To see that someone is dead(their eyes are empty[the pupils are white circles with black outlines]) or potentially dying, caused vegeta to snap, and unconsciously attack beerus. I know his eyes appear, just roll with it. This means that vegeta was unconscious attacking beerus this entire time, only snapping back when he was knocked out. Also, they use empty white eyes to convey people are dead, because the people animating dragon ball super are fucking idiots.

  • Yep vegeta is huaband goals right there.

  • Wait is there two versions of this

  • Bulma got slapped like how Death slapped the Japanese Actor. UwU

  • Vegeta fucks beerus up for like 10 seconds

  • Don’t touch another mans wife

  • meanwhile the angels just eating

  • U know what would be cool if vegeta transformed quickly between ssj1-2-3

  • 2:29 "I bet if that had been me, you'd just die".

  • That slap though with bulma

  • Yall see how she went sliding XD

  • Yo gon die Wait what? YOU PUSHED THE BULMA BUTTON

  • I hate the way Super redid everything. Goku fight dragged on way too long, and vegetas Original that’s my bulma was much better. Vegeta screaming don’t hurt her is way too over the top for me. The original that’s my bulma is way more believable.

  • Lowkey ssj3 or majin Vegeta should of came out..

  • Beerus slapping Bulma is one of the only times we see Vegeta actually show *EMOTION* towards someone, this scene always reminds me of Planet Namek with Goku’s rage when Krillin was killed by Frieza...

  • Which episode is this?

  • 1:47 when your about to nut and hear your door open

  • Still get goosebumps everytime i watch this

  • I love vegeta since I was 6yrs.,old. hahaha now I realized i am 36yrs., old and I still love watching this, funny , huh 😂😂😂

  • movie version of this scene is 100x better and more powerful then this.

  • If vegeta raged about bulma getting slapped, imagine what would happen if bulma got killed along with trunks. That would be an interesting episode.

  • 1:59

  • Cell saga,Cell shoot Trunks Vegeta got mad,he attack Cell he do no damage but her we go super Vegeta got mad he can touch guy who is freaking god hahahahha. From these point power levels just went to hell.

  • 2:33 whis

  • Whis: Whatever boizzz im eat something 2:34

  • I thought beerus was gonna like wipe her from existence but just a slap?

  • I like the movie better

  • I wish beerus would’ve killed right there, fuck monica rial that stupid bulma VA thot needs to die.

  • That’s when it stops when another man pimp slaps yo girl

  • That would of been epic if that was Vegeta's first time going super saiyan

  • Bulma: you have something to say then say it Beerus: begone thot

  • Beerus stands up for gender equality

  • Top two things about Vegeta you don’t mess with Number 2: His pride Number 1: His bride

  • Sorry if I wasn’t posting videos, I need a computer bc my computer broke so I’m trying to buy one

  • At this very moment Vegeta gained my eternal respect.

  • In my head: "Oh,that God fucked up big time"

  • It's so touching to see Vegeta improving his treatment towards Bulma.

  • Beerus: "I'm gonna blow up your planet, killing everyone including Bulma." Vegeta: "Fine" Beerus: *slaps Bulma* Vegeta: "MY BULMAAA!!!!"

  • Movie did it way better why does super always try to ruin shit

  • Her getting slapped in replay was just too funny to me the rest was epic asf

  • This is my favourite scene!!!!!!

  • The scene in the movie was WAYYYY better

  • I Wish when he transform into rage form the whole earth shook

  • My testosterone’s levels are Rising.