Vesna - My Sister's Crown (LIVE) | Czechia 🇨🇿 | First Semi-Final | Eurovision 2023

čas přidán 8. 05. 2023
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Vesna from Czechia performed ‘My Sister's Crown’ in the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, the United Kingdom.
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~~~ Lyrics ~~~
Moje sestra do kouta nepůjde
Ani tebe poslouchat nebude
Moje sestra v srdci je divoká
Copy zaplést, nikdy si nenechá
Moje sestra do kouta nepůjde
Ani tebe poslouchat nebude
My sister's crown
Don't take it down
Don't take it down
Nobody has right to do it
She's beautiful
And capable
She is her own queen
And she will prove it
You can take your hands back
No one wants more boys dead
We're not your dolls
We're not your dolls
Life's not a moneybag
Blood's on your God's head
You can't steal our souls
You can't steal our souls
Сестро красива
Ой ти сильна
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива
Ой ти сильна
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
My sister's crown
Don't take it down
Дай ръка не се страхувай
С другите сестри поплувай
В морето ни нямаме място за тези омрази
Пази, пази
Не тъгувай
Хоп троп момите не са нон-стоп на разположение
Ти просто че сме сестри до край знай!
You can take your hands back
No one wants more boys dead
We're not your dolls
We're not your dolls
Life's not a moneybag
Blood's on your God's head
You can't steal our souls
You can't steal our souls
Сестро красива
Ой ти сильна
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива
Ой ти сильна
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
My sister's crown
Don't take it down
My sister's crown
Don't take it down
All the sisters of the world
Come together with a prayer
Choose love over power
Сестро красива
Ой ти сильна
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива
Ой ти сильна
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива (My sister's crown)
Ой ти сильна (Don't take it down)
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива (My sister's crown)
Ой ти сильна (Don't take it down)
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива (My sister's crown)
Ой ти сильна (Don't take it down)
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Сестро красива (My sister's crown)
Ой ти сильна (Don't take it down)
Хоробра єдина
Корона твоя
Jsme v srdcích s tebou
We stand for you
#UnitedByMusic - Liverpool 2023
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  • This was so amazing💕 already loved the studio version, and it didn’t disappoint live

  • I don't care if this song doesn't win the contest, because for me it's clearly the number one. It makes me so emotional to listen to it

    • so true

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

    • It is a so beautiful song

    • То є 100%%%

    • Then you clearly haven't listened to the vocal version. This version won't win.

  • Just for our non-slavic friends: "Vesna" is a slavic goddess of spring.

    • It's just spring. )

    • ​@Ivy DarkAlso a goddess in some of the slavic countries. I wikipied it before posting the comment ;-)

    • Vesna is also the goddess of news she brings us the good and bad news *vesti* *vestnik* *vesna*

    • In Indian culture we call it "Vasanta" which means spring and we worship the spring goddess to mark the arrival of spring.

    • Ohhh thank you

  • 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Дуже сподобалась пісня... Наші справжні брати і сестри. Ми дуже вам вдячні за всю допомогу... Ми вас сильно любимо

  • Дуже дякую за підняття важливих тем та за підтримку України! Надзвичайний перформанс 💙💛🫶

  • Listening to this song, I can't help but feel proud to be European. I just can't explain that feeling but hearing all these different languages coexisting in harmony does that to me.

    • Multikulti? 😂

    • Isnt it just about slavic xD?

    • @lyth Is English language Slavic?:

    • @Matěj Nosál jseš matěj 💯

  • I love this so much because it’s original. A lot of the other songs just feel like things I hear on the radio every other day. This song is catchy and the meaning is amazing. Along with the fact they sang in their own language and not just English. Loved

    • I agree! Btw, it’s in Czech, Bulgarian and Ukrainian. 😊 they included a language of each Slavic language groups - west, south and east :)

    • @Xuěhuā yes! I know that’s what I like about it

    • @Xuěhuā Thats so iconic

    • Absolutly true! ✨️

    • They sing in 4 langages

  • Děvčata přinesla do Eurovize něco nového, krásného a Slovanského. Jsem na ně moc pyšná i na naší zem ❤️🇨🇿

    • Love Czechia🇨🇿 from Serbia🇷🇸

  • im polish, and hearing such a beautiful song being sung about our slavic sisters is making me cry. i really got goosebumps as i think that ukraine is our sister in this song:c Slava Ukrainie! 🇺🇦🇵🇱🇨🇿

    • I'm czech n my Slavic sister , I agree 👍 💯

    • 🤗🙏💙💛

    • @Миру Мир love you ukrainians🇺🇦🇵🇱

    • Absolute true!!! Pozdrawiam z Ukrainy, kolego❤

    • @Vegetable pozdrawiam z Polski bracie/siostro🫶🇺🇦🇵🇱

  • I am Ukrainian and I've heard a lot of supporting words but this is the first time I felt the feeling of sisterhood with these heaven girls, who wants Peace Glory and Love for Ukraine

  • Дякую вам сестрички🇺🇦

  • The use of the Signal for Help at 2:38 is just the cherry on top of this performance. What a statement. Absolutely amazing. 12 points from Ireland x

    • Oh my, I didn't even realize that (the detail you mentioned)! Thank you for pointing that out!

    • I didn't see this detail too

    • Ireland should have qualified instead of this song.

    • Gosh! Didn't realize 😯

    • @MR. BULGARIA 🇧🇬 [MACEGISM] Ireland's song was the most generic ass boring pop song I've heard in a while.

  • Very very decent, and it’s lovely to hear Czech❤️ Z luboŭju da 🇨🇿 z Biełarusi🤍❤️🤍 Support to Ukraine🇺🇦

  • Thank you Czechia for this amazing song, I felt so proud listening to it! All the love from Ukraine💙💛

  • Love from Ukraine!❤🇺🇦 Thank you!

  • Дякуємо за чудову пісню і підтримку України 💙💛

  • Mám z toho husí kůži ♥

  • I'm so proud of Vesna because after all the struggles they've had these past few weeks they finally had their standout moment. I rooted for them since the very beginning and I'm so glad things went well for them!

    • Дуже класно🇺🇦❤️🇨🇿

    • Sorry ci to je za jazyk? Anglictina a??

    • @Michaela Cizkova Toto je ukrajinský jazyk, příteli 😁

    • ​@Michaela Cizkova English, Czech, Ukrainian & Bulgarian

  • This song is actually fire, the mix of languages sounds veeeery cool! Hope for the Czechia win, good luck from Ukraine! 🇺🇦❤🇨🇿

  • Nádherné 👌👍🤗♥️ Tak hodně štěstí ve finále, úžasná reprezentace ČR🇨🇿 Přeji 🥇

  • This is the most meaningful contribution. My number 1. I hope they get to the top. 12 Points from germany.

  • Чехи молодці🇨🇿❤️чудовий виступ

  • This song keeps repeating in my head the whole day! Great song. 12 Points from Taiwan 🇹🇼

  • Україна вдячна вам за те, що не забуваєте, що відбувається на нашій землі з нашими людьми! Для нас це дійсно дуже важливо. Ваш виступ був неймовірний…🤩 Добро переможе ❤️

    • Thank you very much - the suffering of others should never be indifferent to anyone... Yes, may good prevail and peace is coming soon

  • Сестро красива, Ой, ти сильна Хоробра, єдина Корона твоя!!! Я - українка і мені не сподобалося офіційне відео на цю пісню, але сама пісня і виступ просто супер і мені дуже приємно чути рідну мову у виконанні Чехії! Дякую!

  • The most beautiful song. Greetings from Serbia! 🫀

  • I'm from Ukraine! Was it incredible to hear your song about supporting Ukraine? I am very grateful to you, and all Ukrainians are sincerely grateful for such a wonderful song, you are beautiful girls! 🇺🇦 🇨🇿

  • 12 points from Ukraine to our beloved Czech sisters (and brothers) 🇺🇦❤ 🇨🇿

  • Дуже красиво❤❤❤Very beautiful ❤❤❤Love from Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

  • My absolute favorite this year! Strong message en amazing vocals🫶 Twelve points from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • Дякуємо Чехії ❤🇺🇦🇨🇿


  • A truly beautiful song, naše slovenske sestre! Greetings from Montenegro 🇲🇪♥🇨🇿

  • Congratulations to our neighbours! That was a perfect and touching performance. Good luck in the final! I wish you a top result. Hodně štěstí z Rakouska! 🇦🇹

    • ❤🇦🇹

    • Thanks for this!!! Your song is amazing either sad we can't vote in sf2 but we will in the final.....

    • That's so sweet! Thank you from Czech😊

    • Thanks from Czechia!! The Austrian one (the song) is also amazing and in my top 5 this year definitely! Its so cachy!!

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

  • I'm so impressed with everything they did, awesome performance, awesome stage, beautiful voices and they can definitely dance!! Czechia 🇨🇿 deserved the finale, congratulations from Kosovo 🇽🇰

  • Děkuji za krásnou písničku. Ode mě 12 bodů. Дякую за гарну пісню. Bід мене балів!!

  • This song is amazing. With love from 💙💛

  • Češi bratři, milujeme vás z Ukrajiny. Díky za všechno!!!🇺🇦🇨🇿🇧🇬

  • beautiful song 🇺🇦❤️🇨🇿

  • Sisters, you are so cool❤❤❤ with love from UKRAINE 🇺🇦

  • The song brought tears to my eyes 🥺 Such a wonderful text, beautiful melody and singing. Girls, I wish you victory!🇺🇦🇭🇷🇨🇿

  • my slavic sisters 🥺 whenever i listen to their song i always get the goosebumps, especially at 2:27 like wow

  • Голосовала бы за вас, сестры!!!

  • Wow 😍 thank you from Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤️❤️❤️

  • This is so is absolutely fire! 12 points to our slavic sister country from Croatia 💖 sestro krasna!!

  • Big thanks from Ukraine for support!! Díky moc bratři a sestry Češi😊

    • Žádné sestry ani bratři ! Jste klíšťata nic víc!

  • And once again, I'm proud to be Czech ❤️🇨🇿

  • Amazing❤ from 🇮🇹

  • Super!! ❤ from Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • 🇺🇦 +🇨🇿=😘

  • Huge love and Respect from Ukraine ❤

  • Bravo Češka! ❤from🇭🇷

  • One of the best songs this year, thank you Czechia, greetings from Spain

  • Amaaaazing! Love from Belarus ❤❤❤ One of the best songs!

  • I am so proud of Vesna! Thank you for representing not only Czech republic but all the slavic nations, love, tolerance and unity of europe although it has many differences ❤🇨🇿 choose love over power! holky držíme vám v sobotu palce ✌️🇨🇿 diky!

  • Как здорово, что все больше выступлений на родных языках ❤

  • Uwielbiam 😍 Pozdrowienia z Polski 😘

  • What a beautiful song! 12 Points from Serbia 🇷🇸❤🇨🇿

  • You were fantastic, girls! 🫶 Well done, Czechia! 🇨🇿 Thank you for including Bulgarian language in the song! 🇧🇬 Bulgaria will vote for you! ❤️

    • Sláva Rodu, DA ŽIVE BULGARIA

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

    • Bulgarian? Aren't they singing in Ukrainian fully? Which parts read as Bulgarian? They are singing about Ukraine.

    • @Tina the rap part is in Bulgarian.

    • @Tina they’re not only singing for Ukraine but also in general injustice hence why they sing in czech, english, ukranian and bulgarian 😊

  • What Chezh Republic offers this year is quality and art. Pure perfection. I was in love with the song since the beginning, but I was a little bit afraid of the staging. But this blowed my mind away... My favorite act as of today and with lyrics with great message. Congratulations!!!!!

    • I am very proud of them as a Czech.

    • @FofiACS you should. This is perfection 🥰

  • 12 points from Ukraine!!! 🇨🇿❤🇺🇦♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥇🥇🥇👑👑👑👑💗💗💗💗❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💝💝💝💝💝

  • Чехія! Дівчата ви супер! Спасибі вам величезне за пісню! Ми з вами!🩵💛

  • I have listened to this song I think 50 times already, and every time I have tears in my eyes. Thank you! Big love from Ukraine! It means a lot for us!🔰🔰🔰

  • I love this song and performance, it has something wild and tribal in it. Gives me vibes of "Molitva". 12 points from Poland to our southern brothers ❤😊

    • Molitva was really boring in comparison, this one is just very powerful. IMO vibe is similar to Shum, but yeah it's very different song.

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

    • Molitva lol not even close

    • @Samuel Galea Molitva is along my all time ESC facorites and I loved Czechia 2023 too.

  • My favorite of the night. 12 points from 🇪🇸 !!!!

    • +

    • Mine too amigo mio!❤👌👍👏👏 Saludos desde Gracia! Greetings from Greece!

    • Tenian que haberse vestido como en el videoclip, hubieran potenciado más su actuación 😢

    • 12 🐒

  • An absolute masterpiece. A beautiful representation of the values that the Czech people hold dear in these difficult times.

  • Perfect performance! Powerful song. Voices! Styling! Bravo girls! Greetings from Croatia 🇭🇷 🇨🇿

  • I've listened to this song several times already and ALWAYS had goosebumps. 12 points from Poland. Also, idk how so many westerners are missing the point of this song and think it's only about female empowerement when it's also about ukraine. From "You can take your hands back/ No one wants more boys dead" through using several Slavic languages to using the "help" signal in their live perfomance... idk how y'all are missing it when it's as obvious as they can make it considering the rules. The same goes for the Croatian song (mama kupila traktora), it's about Putin and it's so painfully obvious but it's flying over so many people's heads, mostly Westerner's. Slava Ukraini!

    • salva

    • I’m from Ireland and I totally get that message ! Women empowerment, still a topic not widely enough addressed❤❤ I love this song it makes me feel empowered

    • I think the pro Ukrainian message was quite obvious even though I didn’t understand all of the lyrics (I come from Germany)

    • Musik hat die Kraft - die Bedeutung eines Liedes ins Unterbewusstsein zu sprechen. Auch wenn wir die wahre Bedeutung nicht bewusst erfassen können, so spricht der Ausdruck in Bewegung und Klängen so zu uns, dass jeder das Lied verstehen kann. Mit Sister von Sisters ist dieses Lied für mich die Herausforderung und Aufforderung in jeder Frau seine Schwester,, Tochter, Mutter und Freundin zu sehen - damit können Frauen auf der ganzen Welt - die Erde grundlegend verändern. Das Gebet, Lied und der Tanz von Schwestern ist eine Macht, die nicht nur unseren Verstand erreichen kann, sondern unser Herz, unseren Geist und unsere Seele (die Symbolik in den langen Zöpfen spricht mich persönlich an, darüber nachzudenken, was für mutige, starke Frauen im Iran leben und für die Freiheit kämpfen und sterben. Ich glaube, dass wir nicht alles bewusst verstehen (müssen)... Jedoch regt das Lied an, mehr verstehen zu wollen 💕...

  • This year Eurovision was just amazing especially the energy between the artists. The Czech girls were so powerfull made me so proud to be Slavic and I showed this song to my little girls. Such a perfect representaton of STRONG SLAVIC WOMEN that we are❤ This is in our blood strong with a big hart💪💪 However Iam still a woman and I love Käärijä immensely, such an original and wonderful performer and person. Sending all my love from Slovenija

  • Cestitke sestrama iz Ceske za prolazu u finale...Odlicna pesmica.. Tekst je i na Srpskom veoma razumljiv.....Pozdrav iz Srbije...Slovensko bratsvo...❤..Srbija..Hrvatska...Slovenija.. ..Ceska...U prvih 10🙂

  • So proud of them, they have a lot of POWER. The performance is amazingly well done, staging is incredible! So happy they qualified, good luck in the final girls! ❤️‍🔥

  • Oh my lord this is def the best one yet🙌❤️WINNERS!!!

  • It should have received so much more points!! The thing is that lot of people don't understand the purpose of such a powerful song!

  • Девчонки молодцы! За них болел))

  • My favourite this year ❤ 12 points for our Slavic sisters from Serbia 🇷🇸

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

  • Krasiva song! Congrats and Best of luck from Israel! 😊 👏❤

  • My wife is from Slovakia and we live London ,she is not very well in hospital but when she heard this song it made her so happy and proud, I as an English man would like to thank these girls for that moment ❤

  • שמבינים את המילים המסר מרגש לאוקראינה ❤ כל הכבוד אלופות 🇨🇿🇺🇦🇮🇱

  • 12 point from Poland dla Braci ❤

  • Děkuji vám moc Češi! Jé to krásné, brečím 🥲😭

  • MY SLAVIC HEART IS HAPPY 🇨🇿 🇨🇿 🇨🇿 🇨🇿

  • Czechia! It was such a beautiful performance! This song is like an anthem of Slavic people. So proud of you, hope you’ll win! 🇵🇱💙🇨🇿

  • This song is beautiful

  • Awesome song and performance! Winner for me! Grz from Netherlands

  • прекрасная песня 🤍 спасибо за репрезентацию всех славянок 🤍

  • Дуже мощно , дівчата молодці👏👏👏

  • This slaps hard Love from Slovakia 🇸🇰❤🇨🇿

  • Sooo proud of you girls !!! Love from Slovakia sisters ❤️👑🇸🇰

  • До сліз! Пісня із сильним змістом.

  • This song gives me woman life freedom an Iranian, i'm really thankful❤

  • They mixed 3 diferent languages, made a catchy music and a fantastic performance, I'm really impressed, abraços de Portugal 🇵🇹❤️🇨🇿

    • 4 languages actually - czech, english, ukrainian and bulgarian

    • Didn't knew! ty

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

  • It's the 3rd time I watched the video of their performance, and again, I teared up! Congrats, Czechia, love from Greece !

    • We have to vote for them on Saturday ❤❤❤❤❤ let’s go Czechia 🇨🇿

    • Thanks ❤

  • 12 points from the Philippines! This is the most pleasantly unique song this year!

  • Czechia, the best wishes!🇨🇿🇺🇦

  • Thank you from Ukraine! It's beautiful, love it! 🇺🇦❤🇨🇿


    • @meridian SLAVA UKRAINI 🇺🇦💖


  • Vesna didnt win but was in my top 3 performer's. The song gave a great message and on top it was sang in 4 languages / czech, ukraninian, Bulgarian and english /.

  • Amazing performance, Lots of love from Ukraine ❤️ thank you for support! 💙💛

  • Love that visuals!!❤❤❤

  • Love, love, love !!! So powerful show, I loved it. I voted for you, thank you from Finland 💙💙