Vesna - My sister's crown ( Official Music Video )

čas přidán 28. 01. 2023

Official Video for “My sister’s crown” by Vesna.

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Direction, Art direction & Script: Zuzana "Zizoe" Akopjan Veselá
Director of Photography: Chaply RZBLZ

„My sister’s crown“

Moje sestra do kouta nepůjde
Ani tebe poslouchat nebude
Moje sestra v srdci je divoká
Copy zaplést, nikdy si nenechá
Moje sestra do kouta nepůjde
Ani tebe poslouchat nebude
My sister’s crown
Don’t take it down
Don’t take it down
Nobody has right to do it
She’s beautiful
And capable
She is her own queen
And she will prove it

You can take your hands back
No one wants more boys dead
We’re not your dolls
We’re not your dolls

Life’s not a moneybag
Blood’s on your God’s head
You can’t steal our souls
You can’t steal our souls

Sestro krasiva
Oj ty silna
Chorobra jedina
Korona tvoja

Дай ръка не се страхувай
С другите сестри поплувай
В морето ни нямаме място за тези омрази
Пази, пази
Не тъгувай
Хоп троп момите не са нон-стоп на разположение
Ти просто че сме сестри до край знай!

You can take your hands back
No one wants more boys dead
We’re not your dolls
We’re not your dolls

Life’s not a moneybag
Blood’s on your God’s head
You can’t steal our souls
You can’t steal our souls

Sestro krasiva
Oj ty silna
Chorobra jedina
Korona tvoja

All the sisters of the world
Come together with a prayer
Choose love over power

Sestro krasiva
Oj ty silna
Chorobra jedina
Korona tvoja

#chooseloveoverpower #vesna #mysisterscrown #eurovision #eurovision2023

Gaffer: Luboš Mořický
Best boy: Prokop Steiner
Electrician: Patrik Bandas
Colorist: Péťa Miloš
1AC: Patrik Spork
1AD: Vendula Nedělová

Production: Martina Pavlíčková
Production assistant: Vendy Nedělová

Make-up: Kateřina Koki Mlejnková
Hair styling: Michaela Boháčová
Styling: Monina Nevrlá
Art direction: Zuzana Zizoe Veselá & Bára Juránková
Set design: Tereza Šůstková

Choreography: Zuzana Zizoe Akopjan Veselá
Dancers: Michal Heriban, Michal Černý, Tomáš Smička, Alexandr Sadirov

Photography: Milan Vopálenský

Actor and voiceover: Lilia Khousnoutdinova
Vesna: Patricie Kaňok Fuxová, Bára Juránková, Tereza Čepková, Olesya Ochepovskaya, Tanita Yankova, Markéta Mužátková

Music: Patricie Kaňok Fuxová, Tanita Yankova
Lyrics: Patricie Kaňok Fuxová, Tanita Yankova, Kateryna Vatchenko
Music production: Production Lovers (Adam Albrecht, Šimon Martínek, Michal Jiráň)
Mix and mastering: Production Lovers (Michal Jiráň)
Violin: Bára Juránková
Domra: Kateryna Vatchenko

Special thanks to:

NF Propolis 33

Thanks to:

Gabriel Loci


  • Jsem z Polska, učím se česky. Letos si myslím, že vyhraje Česká republika. S pozdravem!

  • Мурашки по коже от припева. Желаю вам победы! Привет из Германии ❤️

  • Дякуємо за підтримку💛💙

  • This is not a typical cry song, but every time I hear a chorus, I burst into tears. It hits you different when you are Ukrainian. All the best wishes and ready to vote for you at Eurovision ❤

    • Well I’m Polish and I’m crying so you’re not alone. Take care sister. Slava Ukraini!

    • You are not alone, sestra krasiva. Slavic sisters have your back. ❤️

    • Slava Ukraini from Slovakia! I'm also ready to vote for this masterpiece.

  • Спасибо за акт настоящего творчества! От текста до клипа. Посыл каждый зритель считывает свой, отражающий его внутренние переживания. peace and love to this world🕊

  • I can't believe that it took 10 years to hear again Bulgarian language at Eurovision, and Bulgaria isn't participating. Amazing song! Bulgaria is with Czech Republic 🇨🇿🇧🇬

    • @Servy Rovers In the Czech Republic, most people are against "Czechia", so we prefer "Czech Republic" 🙂

    • Poli Genova in 2016...

    • @SK TZN Αnd greece's official name is Hellenic Republic etc , always found it odd that czechia was the only one written everywhere with the official name

    • @94ayd It's not really 'no longer' lol, just a colloquial name, like how Slovakia's official name is still Slovak Republic

    • ​@Hugo Espinozathey mean it's no longer Czech Republic but Czechia

  • If the Czech Republic ever had a chance to win, IT IS THIS YEAR! This is not just a Czech song, it's all-Slavic song, all-women song, all-European song. The true Eurovision song.

    • Sadly they cant have any of the dancers, because they already have 6 members. And it might be that this studio version is better than live.. :(

    • Last year’s song for CZ was my favourite. But this, is way better 🇺🇦🇨🇿

    • And most importantly it's a song of allyship about fighting back against the oppressors of those we consider our own blood and family. Incredibly touching.

    • Slavic supremacy yay

  • I was born in Poland and when I've heard this song I felt so proud that I'm Slavic! Mes douze points vont à la République tchèque! Držím ti sestřičko palce!

  • The song is heartbreaking. We're Slavic, we are crying and praying to stop this madness. God, help Ukraine!

    • I hope the EU will help Ukraine push the invaders away. There should be no wars in Europe in the 21st century, it's a disgrace. I hope all russians disert to the EU and leave Putin to go and fight alone.

    • @azaries3 yes, I'm aware, but the comment I replied to says about tears and prayers. There is no God that can help, it's people who host refugees and provide support

    • @Євгенія Варуха No but slavics are actually helping Ukraine by giving them, refugee, there are millions of Ukranians in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc.

    • Has any tears and prayers helped anyone in the world since the beginning of time?

    • No

  • As a slavic girl (1/2 russian 1/2 ukrainian) who was born and raised in Europe, far away from any « slavic sister », this song genuinely made me cry. Everything that’s happening is shattering my heart but this song showed me that there is still some hope for us. The bond we have between slavic people should never be forgotten and we should never let anyone shatter it like these political sc*mbags are trying so hard to do right now. It fills my heart with joy to know that I have slavic sisters that still believe in that bond, thank you for this song ❤ From Belgium, « mes 12 points vont à la République Tchèque ! »

    • Soy chilena, no tengo nada de eslava y el coro me hace llorar igual 🥺

  • I'm not even Slavic (I'm Italian), but I'm having such a visceral reaction to this song, it makes me tear up and I don't even understand if it's happiness, sadness or rage or a mix of all of the above. This song right now is my top one for this Eurovision

    • I'm German and I tear up too 🥹 Amazing Song 🥰

    • same, and I am from Austria! 👌🏻

    • @Ani Malyan I get it now👍🏽

    • I live in italy and italians mostly don’t speak english

    • ​@Ani Malyanwhat do you mean by that?

  • To kolejna piosenka, zaraz po 1944 Jamali z eurowizji 2016, przy której nie mogę powstrzymać wzruszenia i łez. Czechy po prostu MUSZĄ to wygrać w tym roku.

  • Úžasná píseň se silným poselstvím, smekám. Moc se mi líbí spojení čtyř různých jazyků, kdy Ukrajinský vnímám jako jasné gesto podpory. Bohužel se na internetu šíří obrovské množství dezinformací a nepochopení na hranici nenávisti, což mi je líto. Držím palce

    • ​@Forcsez корона це символ сили і стійкості, все вам як малим дітям поюснувати. Текст для початку перекладіть

    • ​@OnlyCalm йдіть з'їжте пиріжок, не шукайте того чого немає

    • Love from Ukraine ❤

    • @Robin Oswald Sorry for possible translation errors. according to your points: 2) the guys are not exactly the shade you write about. compare the color of the robes of European monarchs or the purple cloaks of the nobility of ancient Rome and the costumes of these guys. they are different in color. but let's assume they are the same. this is not a symbol of the empire, but a symbol of kingship / nobility. not every king/chief who wears purple rules an empire. and vice versa, not every empire has purple in power. for example, the Chinese emperor wore the color gold. so it doesn't seem all that clear to me. 5) specially revised the clip and in the scene where the girl is surrounded by purple guys, they are holding 4 sticks. how can you draw a five pointed star with four lines? 11) don't you think that it looks more like a presidium from which politicians broadcast or a podium from a press conference? 12) maybe here we are talking about patriarchy? that men push women around

  • I am half Polish and half Bulgarian. I think this song is just wonderful, catchy and the lyrics are beautiful. I really like the power of the chorus and the melody. I’m crying while listening to this song bc it’s soooooo good. Czech Republic should win Eurovision this year😭❤️

  • I have no connection to the Slavic countries, but as a citizen of Europe.. I’ve cried every time I’ve listened to this! ❤️️

  • Držím palce zo Slovenska, táto pieseň má veľký potenciál vyhrať! ❤️

  • As a Serbian, I can understand a large amount of the lyrics. It's the beauty of slavic languages, they're all so similar. I hope you do well in Eurovision. Pozdrav iz Srbije, svim Slovenima. Sve najbolje 🇷🇸♥️🇨🇿

  • This song on my repeat. Not only because there is supportive words for Ukraine , its just simply beautiful)) Good luck from Ukraine))

  • I am Bosnian and I feel my soul reacting by itself when that chorus kicks in. I just start moving. Damn. Slavic emotions living in our genes.

    • Slavic sentiment touching allover our world, and all Slavs united will easily make this song a winner of ESC 2023! Hugs from another Slavic sister living in sLOVEnia!

    • ​@Monika Ima nas MashAllah 😊

    • I think it touches everyone! I'm not Slavic but the chorus is so strong, I can't help but to sing along with love.

    • When the chorus kicks in I get super emotional. I am German btw... or am I?

    • I'm British with one line of my great-grandparents tracing right back to Ukraine when it was Kyievan Rus'. Given the fact that my home country is hosting on behalf of Ukraine this year, I am in love with this song and want it to win ❤

  • I'm German, my grandma left the czech republic when she was young but when i hear this song i have to cry. It shows the Connection of all the slavic countries so much, like sisters. This is a beautiful Song with a beautiful Message and i Hope this wins.

  • To piosenka jest świetna ❤

  • Bravo Češka. Jednostavno, bravo 🇭🇷🇨🇿

    • ​@Thor ur tripping bro My sme Slovani, nejsme Němčouri

    • to brate, podržavaju i drugi balkanci ovu pesmu, pozdrav iz Srbije

    • @Roman Nope. We have quasi-Germans, quasi-Italians, quasi-Americans, quasi-Jamaicans...

    • @Roman Aaaa O.K. We have those in Croatia as well

  • I am french and I would never had believed I would find a song like that, from a country that I don't know at all. This is so great 🥰 Hope I could listen your next songs

  • I’m from Greece, but this year I stan Loreen and Vesna, congratulations czech people❤

  • Česko, s touto písničkou může se vám podařit vyhrát Eurovision Moc štěstí přeju z Polska

    • “Russian gentlemen first assure us that we are all Slavs so that they could later say that everything Slavic is Russian and must be subordinated to them,” wrote the Czech poet, critic and politician Karel Havlíček Borovský in the 1850s.

    • Dziękuje ♥️

    • Děkujeme

  • I wish you, sisters, the best staging and vocals on Eurovision 2023! You deserve the 1st place this year! United with Ukraine! ❤ + 💙💛

  • I love this song! Hello from Ukraine) it was nice to hear the Ukrainian language in the song.❤️🇺🇦 I love Czech

    • we stand for You 💛💙

    • Разом ми сильніши. Слава Україні

  • Какая красивая песня ❤

  • I'm from Poland and this year's "chosen one" discredits the Slavic nations Czech Republic I hope you win, I keep my fingers crossed for you ❤❤❤❤

  • Дуже дякуємо за підтримку💙💛

    • ​@Рони Вибач, але ти не правильно трактуєш ситуацію. По-перше, приспів виконується українською мовою учасницею яка виступає від Чехії, по-друге, слово єдина в приспіві - означає незалежна, по-третє, корона - символ влади, у цьому випадку мається на увазі перемога у війні. На майбутнє, люди, перестаньте вже усюди бачити один негатив, у даному випадку нам ніхто нічим не зобов'язаний. Дякую Чехія за підтримку!

    • Підтримку, смієшся? В України немає "корони", вона є у 13 країн, у тому числі і в Росії (мава йде про корони на гербах). Вони співають про "братські" народи називаючи нас сестрами і про те, що треба одне-одного любити. Ти готова любити росіянців? Готова брататися? Більш того, у них одна з учасниць росіянка. Це не підтримка, а танці на кістках, моя люба.

  • the bulgarian part took me by surprise!! i know bulgaria won’t attend this year. But my language is part of a very beautiful project!! Успех от България! 🇺🇦🇨🇿🇧🇬💛

    • @razor 95 Thanks God, Im not russian 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • ​@Leyla BakurskaI think its beautiful that a russian is singing in ukrainian :). It clearly shows her views. There are many inteligent russians - artists, musicians, etc. - oposing the war. Many of them had to flee to other countries where they can talk freely about the war or sing in ukrainian if they wish so :).

  • greetings from Croatia, this song is really beautiful, love it 10/10

  • Šaljem ljubav za svu moju slavensku braću! Nakon slušanja ove pjesme želim vrištati od sreće što sam Slaven 😅 Sretno, do pobjede! Ljubav i blagoslov svim Slavenima od sestre Hrvatice 🇭🇷

  • Česko, s touto písničkou může se vám podařit vyhrát Eurovision Moc štěstí přeju z Polska

  • Дякую! Díky Čechům! Zdravím z Kyjeva 🇺🇦♥️🇨🇿🙏💔♥️✌️

    • @Yurii Prokopiv про що? про те що всі чи більшість абсолютна словʼянських країн підтримують Україну і ославують її мужність та відвагу? не слухайте російської пропаганди - в Чехії пишаються українською звитягою та відвагою, саме тому приспів українською

    • а за що дякуєте? Ви зрозуміли про що пісня і кліп? Дибіли

    • There is a great message in this song. Sisters are Slavic countries and the sister who must be strong is Ukraine.

  • Очень красиво, глубокомысленно при этом всё на поверхности. Я думаю, эта песня будет в топе Евровидения

  • Ako Slovenka, držim palce, dúfam že sa vám podarí dostat do Eurovizie, Lubim vás čechov. Pozrav z Slovenska.

    • @Bee Weysn I hope that you will meet a good one

    • @this mood. oh no you're good! I've met plenty dumb ukrainians in Czechia so I'm used to it-

    • ❤❤❤

    • @Mariia Klevtsova and also this song is about Slavs where unfortunately you belong too so show some fucking respect and be happy that people are still helping people like you, if there wasn't happening what is happening we for sure wouldn't need to have a song like this so be FUCKING GRATEFUL

  • Jestli tahle píseň něco dokázala, tak jednoznačně rozproudila hluboko uložené emoce Probouzí, spojuje a ukazuje cestu. Je na každém, jak s tím naloží. Děkuji autorům za krásný song...I klip.

  • krásná píseň!! tohle si zaslouží vyhrát, krásné texty i hudba. Pozdravy z Polska 🇵🇱❤️🇨🇿

  • Sestro prekrasna, Oj ti si silna, Hrabra jedina, kruna tvoja 👑🇨🇿🇺🇦🇧🇬 ❤️🇷🇸 let’s be United, help together and be in peace and good relations with each other, all of us slavic nations Veliki i srdačan pozdrav iz bratske zemlje Srbije i ljubav za Češki narod i sve ostale slovenske naroda. We in Serbia love you🇨🇿🇷🇸 you deserve to win this year. This one is my favorite. I understand almost everything among non-English lyrics as a native Serbian speaker. Slavic power ✨ Singing sounds great, powerful, powerful message that in the song, excellent melody, the fact that more than one slavic language is included..ah. Fantastic! And besides, this sounds different, original and great at the same time

  • It's fantastic songs. Good Luck ❤ 🇵🇱♥🇨🇿

  • Not just Slavic but European support! I wish you the best from Denmark 🇩🇰🇨🇿🇺🇦🇪🇺

    • @Talulah воно то так, але самі білоруси не підтримують Лукашенка і самі не раз намагались його скинути

    • @choni gaga вы это кто?) You have comments in Russian and Polish on your account😂 russian bot

    • Thanks, but it's not about this song. Russian narrative...😤🤮 Thanks for real help our Slavic brothers from Czech Republic ❤️, Denmark and other countries of EU and all Slavic countries. 🇺🇦❤️🇩🇰🇨🇿🇸🇰🇧🇬🇲🇰🇭🇷🇲🇪🇧🇦🇸🇮🇵🇱🇪🇺

    • Thanks🇺🇦

  • I'm speechless. I don't understand the lyrics in the chorus, but it hits me hard every time. I never voted in my past for any act at Eurovision Song Contest - expect from this year. All the best and 12 points from Germany!🥰

    • Exactly, no words needed. The impression of the atmosphere, the lingering feeling, the sensation is so strong. I agree with you, thank you. You'll find the highlighted subtitles: Vesna - My Sister's Crown | Czechia 🇨🇿 | Official Video | Eurovision 2023.

    • The yellow letters are the subtitles in English! In case you can't see them, go to the settings and try to increase the quality of the videoclip!✨💖😉


  • This song is for women empowerment everywhere, I love it so much and I hope it does well beyond Eurovision!

  • Wspaniała piosenka, mam nadzieję że Czechy wygrają !!

  • 12 points from Sweden! ❤️

  • Odlična pjesma sa snažnom porukom. Puno sreće na euroviziji! Pozdrav iz Bosne i Hercegovine za sve Slovene!

    • Hvala ti. Ja sam Ukrajinac. Volim Bosnu!

    • Díky moc za podporu! Pozdravy z České republiky 💞

  • Спасибо за эту прекрасную песню с простым и очень важным посылом ❤ Буду очень болеть за вас в этом году! Слезы наворачиваются от энергетики вашей работы! Сила в любви 🥀

  • 12 points for the Czech Republic from Poland 💙

  • Thank you for such strong song. All the best from🇺🇦😊

  • Sestro krasna, oj ti silna! Hrabra jedina, kruna je tvoja! Bravo Česi, ovo je pobjednička pjesma! HR❤CZ

  • I hope this wins. You have my vote. Much love from a southern neighbour.

  • To all my Balkan/Slavic brothers and sisters, we must all vote for this wonderful song! This is the first step to regain our love for each other and always to remember that we are one! It's time to lend a hand again, always moving forward together! Love from Bulgaria 🤍💚❤

    • @Олена Брунько Yes, you don't choose your sisters, but you can choose your friends. It is better to have a good friend than a bad sister.

    • But we are not united. We have our own borders and there will be no love as before, especially for Russia.

    • Not just Eastern Europe, I bloody love this song. Its currently my 1st (from the UK)

    • I am Slavic from the Balkans and I prefer Spain's song. I don't see why we should support a song just because it has Slavic themes?

    • ​@Anna N Europe is like this group of cool guys hanging out, discussing books, learning foreign languages, and there's this shady creep, who's into deep web snuff porn. All of them happen to know the guy and remember how cute he used to be in high school (2 ru cultural revolutions: 1913-1917, 1990-1998), and went from feeling sorry looking on how bad he fell off, to straight up hating on the guy, when he resorted to violence. And there's always this one russian who falls off stereotypes but thinks it is all about him regardless and starts the holy war in any comment section of the literally any video. Like "nOt AlL mEn ArE LiKe ThAt". but with nationality :D

  • I love this song so much, I'll listen to it again and again and follow this band even after the ESC. 12 points from France 🇫🇷

  • Благодарю за песню. Две недели она в моем плей-листе на повторе. Ох, мурашки по коже. Какой видеоряд шикарно-эмоциональный. Мощная смысловая нагрузка. Текст тоже не остался в стороне. Девушки вы неповторимы!!!Победы Вам на Евровидении! úžasná píseň

  • Świetna 🇨🇿 myzyka, słychać tam słowiańskie korzenie. Będę trzymał za Was kciuki sąsiedzi i pozdrawiam z 🇵🇱

  • Fenomenalna pesma, pozdrav iz Srbije! Serbia 💖🇷🇸

  • When I first listened to this song I didn't understand it. Then I realized that Czechia, Russia and Ukraine are all Slavic countries. Then it all made sense. There are things that can only be said through music. Congratulations.

  • KONEČNĚ!Konečně jsem se dočkal, konečně někdo, kdo se odpoutal od té české marnosti a vytvořil píseň, která má šanci uspět!

    • Domi byla loni dokonalá! byla to první vlaštovka. Tento song má taky šanci uspět.

    • @Michaela Kuzmová a ještě lake malawi nebyli tak špatní.

    • @Jindra Chytrej Zato vy nejspíš nemáte šanci uspět nikde podle toho komentáře. 🙂

    • Mají velkou šanci to ve finále rozjet, ale už v roce 2018 měl našlápnuto Mikolas Josef a myslím si, že také nebyl marný a jeho vystoupení bylo celosvětově oceňované.

  • I love this song, I feel slavic girl power 🔥 12 points from Poland 🤍❤️

  • I've heard about the recent scandal and let me clear up things, There has been a ton of misinformation about this song. By no chance does this song support the Russian agression. It is the EXACT opposite. This song supports Ukraine and is celebrating it's bravery. "Moje sestra do kouta nepujde, ani tebe poslouchat nebude" is about Ukraine not giving up in the war. I know that after a lot of trauma from the Soviet Union the word "Sister" might give off the bad vibe, however that was never the intention. Czech Republic is allways on the side of Ukraine. When writing hot takes, please do some reasearch and don't spread misinformation.

    • @Zzielonego Wzgórza I don't know about the women, but the purple guys are supposed to be Russia.

    • So could you tell me which sister doll is what country in this video? I thought that the blue one is Russia.

    • Silná píseň❤️vidím v tom obrovskou sounáležistost SLOVANSKÝCH ZEMÍ

  • Tato píseň už vyhrála👍👏👏,svým krásným a moudrým poselstvím,Děkuji za krásnou kreativitu a Lásku,která nás všechny spojuje.❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • From Italy this song is a drug for me, especially the refrain with multiple voices. Even without knowing the language it gives me shivers of pleasure.

    • For me too, and i'm Brazilian

    • anche io non posso smettere di ripeterla, è nella mia testa e non ne esce più


  • Czech Republic is getting its best result if this is chosen for Eurovision. A great song with folk vibes, a great concept and message! Love from Greece and good luck to Vesna!

    • @Ondřej Matějka you had Mala Dama though. I know it's probably not traditional and/or popular in Czech Republic but the language was there

    • But weird is that I don't feel any Czech vibes from a band which represents our country, it's just some random slavic-like mix. Nothing against them, their message is probably good, but I just with there was at least once something really Czech in eurovision.

    • @Ross Carter omg those two are my Czech favourite 🥰

    • @Alin Alin I prefer Hope Never Dies.

    • είναι ΑΠΙΘΑΝΟΟΟ

  • Byla jsem připravená na další ostudu v Eurovizi, ale tentokrát jsem překvapená! Neříkám, že bych si to pustila do sluchátek v autobuse, ale je to silná píseň. SLOVANKY

  • вааау, песня невероятная! мне очень понравилась, определённо моим фавориты в этом году!!

  • Doufam, ze to dokazi prenest dobre na stage protoze toto je fantazie! Ohlasy ze zahranici jsou neskutecne dobre! ❤

  • Hoping this song slays in 2023, twelve points from UK

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Píseň je za mě plná síly a podpory. Mrzí mě její dezinterpretace mnoha lidí, kteří ji považují za propagandu. Já sesterství u slovanských národů z pozice Češky vnímám úplně odlišně a s velkou sounáležitostí. A to především ke Slovensku a Polsku, kteří jsou k nám nejblíž. A samozřejmě i k Ukrajině.❤️

    • ​@Petra to je sila kolko ludi používa banderovsky pozdrav slava ukrajine. To akoby Slovák používal na stráž

    • Z mého pohledu autorky jen neznaly kontext, ale pokud tuto píseň považují a "prodávají" jako mírotvornou a na podporu Ukrajiny, pak se o kontext měly zajímat již při tvorbě (konzultance) a když pak přišla kritika, měly projevit sebereflexi. Ať už nějakou formou vstřícného vysvětlení, nebo i uměleckou reakcí v rámci své tvorby. Myslí vůbec tu podporu Ukrajině vážně, když následně argumentují "nadčasovostí" a "svobodou uměleckého vyjádření" případně, pro mne nejabsurdnější "umění často nebývá pochopené"? Je to jakoby ukrajincům říkali, "jste natvrdlí". Je potřeba si navíc uvědomit neemancipační limity těchto novopohanských trendů, na které vidíme v konceptu písně i videoklipu reminiscence. Aby nakonec nešlo o další ukázku kapitalizace emancipačních snah na úkor jejich potenciálu skutečně věci měnit.

    • ​@VIRAMYS Wrong learn soviet history it's full of occupation and brutal oppression. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania occupied in 1940 by SSSR. Eastern Poland (today's Belarus) occupied together with nazi Germany in 1939. Occupation of Kazakhstan in 1919, Georgia in 1921, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in 1924, Tajikistan in 1929 Moldova in 1944. The Soviet Union was in fact not union at all and all those "republics" were brutally annexed.

    • ​@GlowFox17 Не зовсім так. Росія з'явилась від Московії, а та колись була околицею Київської Русі, яка платила їй дань. Після того як туди поставили намісником молодшого онука Мономаха, він пішов війною на Київ. Тому не було ніякого "Росія пішла від Русі".

    • @Марія Жуйкова když to děláš podle Google

  • I really hope this song will do well it’s so good ❤️

  • Děkuji za smysl a výkon

  • God I love how Slavic theme is being more prominent and also more modern year after year. Sending so much love from Serbia to these beautiful ladies, Czechia and our other Slavic brothers and sisters ❤

  • Chills… the vocals are super good! I also love the combination of the different Slavic languages :)

  • I get chills listening to this masterpiece

  • This song has the power to make me feel like a strong Slavic woman. and I'm a Brazilian guy. lol please, send this to Eurovision! it's such a powerful entry and with a necessary message!

  • This song is one of my favourites this year! The song is meaningful and empowering! Well done Czechia! Greetings from Portugal!

  • Дякуємо тобі сестри за таку пісню! Бажаю перемоги вам в конкурсі , а нам в нашій країні, хай згине це зло - яке навалилоло на нашу Україну!

  • Дякую за пісню!👍👍👍 Бажаю вам успіху та мирного неба нам і вам💙💛 Із усіх пісень цього року ваша найбільше сподобалась!

  • You were my favorites for a long time, but now that Poland has a hopeless representative, my vote is with you. Slavic power!!!

  • I'm Czech and I literally wasn't expecting anything from the "official Eurovision song", but I was never so wrong my whole life. It's awaken feelings I never knew I had in me. Amazing.

  • neumím si představit nic lepšího, co bychom pro Eurovizi mohli zvolit 😍

    • @1mdrum Až na to že ta čeština je jen na začátku a pak už víc ne...😂

    • @M1kY28 ;x není to jen ukrajinsky, jsou tam taky čeština, bulharština a angličtina (která do teď nikomu na eurovision nevadila💀)

    • @1mdrum Věc názoru, za mě to živé vystoupení nejlépe podala Pam. Tenhle song je bezesporu nejoriginálnější, ale víc mě oslovil videoklip než živé vystoupení. Můj favorit je sice Pam, ale bral bych i Vesnu nebo Rodana.

    • @M1kY28 ;x jediní KABÁTI zpívali česky, jinak každá písnička byla anglicky a to přece nevadí žeo💀

    • @M1kY28 ;x Proč ne? A proč teda pořád zpíváme anglicky?

  • Serbs 🇷🇸 understand a lot of the words in this song. Long life Slavic brothers and sisters. 🤗 Greeting from Belgrade! 🍀

  • With a blind listen without knowing the country, this is one of my favs, just musically. Haven't even examined the lyrics yet. Reminds me of Serbia's last year.

  • It’s SOMETHING WOW! So many symbols, culture codes, so strong message and performance! WOW! My winner in Eurovision 2023! 12 points from Poland and Ukraine!

    • За себе відповідай!!Жодного балу за таку хуйню від України!

  • Ova pesma je za mene top!!! Pozdrav iz Srbije 🇷🇸 🤝 🇨🇿

  • I'm Bulgarian and Russian and this song makes me feel shivers. I'm so happy people use music to express their emotions and message so it'll spread around faster than any propaganda❤️ love and freedom is above war🫶

  • This song has everything in it: culture, message, stage potential and many other. The song in it's entirety is amazing and I really hope Vesna will get to perform in Liverpool to gain the best result ever had for Czech Republic. I am from Italy 🇮🇹 and since Czech Republic is in the SF1 (Italy votes in SF1) I will definitely vote for this masterpiece. Good luck from Italy. 🇮🇹♥️🇨🇿

  • CZ: Strašně se mi líbí ta metafora pro současnou situaci. Naše Ukrajinská sestra potřebuje podporu

    • @Keeke Orb perhaps the song is masterfully sung, but it carries very bad messages. Not to mention that it's just not fair - the Czech Republic has great singers (the same Pam Rabbit), and these group used the theme of the war in Ukraine to score points for themselves. Your regret about the song is irrelevant, I listen to good music for me. And I am well how it's possible in our situation 🤷🏼‍♀️, thank you for the wish)

    • ​@Анна Турская so sad that you are not able to enjoy this masterpiece song. I wish you well.

    • @Oksana Shalygina Так це про те що росіян годують кровʼю і пропогандою, а не про борщ. Цей момент не Україну показує, а навпаки.

    • @Václav Romanov мы вас не забудем и будем ненавидеть до конца дней, и сделаем все для того чтобы наши дети помнили вас

    • @Валерий Примачок ти не бачиш у кліпі нещасну росіянку з синцями яку борщем годують?

  • it's beautiful, I just wished it had more czech parts cause I love czech language

  • If they have a powerful staging and good vocals they can win! The song is a bop!

  • I love these melody and lyrics Love from Ukraine 🇨🇿💗🇺🇦

  • I really love the slav unity message. We really need more of this to promote and preserve our beautiful culture. Can't stop listening love from Serbia sisters

  • My neurodivergent slavic self can't get enough of this song. It's so fucking amazing.

  • As a Ukrainian it gave me such an inspiration! Thank you Czech Republic’s and it’s people for all the support! Since i was in Praha communism museum and learned about Czech history i started to think that we have a lot of joint history and need to support each other, sure that Ukraine will always support Czech ❤

    • @Levchun Oleksandra How? You yourselves often call Poles your brothers and sisters. I've seen this dozens of times on different Ukraine support groups. So why can this work only in one way? Why can't Czechs, Poles, Slovakians call you a sister/brother nation if the intention is good?

    • Sister in this song = Ukraine, strong land which will never give up. Crown = for Czech people, it is a strong symbol of suverenity. Bohemia was often under power of other countries during the history, therefore we treasured the crown of Czech kings as a symbol of our independence and freedom we once had (e.g. during Charles IV. period). So when we sing my sister's crown, don't take it down, it literally means that nobody has right to take independence and freedom from Ukraine!

    • as a ukrainian i would like to ask you to explain me the meaning. i cant get why Ukraine speaks to a sister and tells her that the crown is her? TO WHOM UKRAINE IS SPEAKING? WHOSE CROWN IS THAT?

    • @Cyril ViXP Ми несемо відповідальність за місце де народились? Ця людина не має російського громадянства і більшу частину свого жить прожила у Чехіі, плюс в якому місті вона підтримувула війну?

  • I really hope this wins the Eurovision. :) I am from Finland and our song sucks again but at least this time our song is quite popular so it probably is at finals.

    • Any time a Nordic country submits a bad song, I assume they are handicapping for the rest of the field lol.

  • Pozdrav iz Hrvatske/Croatia 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷 pjesma odlična the song iz amazing

  • Pěkná písnička! Вudu pro ni hlasovat. Zdravíme z Bulharska!