VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 52 (ft. SETH ROGEN)

čas přidán 11. 09. 2021
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In today’s episode Seth Rogen joins us to tell tales of his experiences working with effects as a producer, Director, and Actor. Thank you for joining us Seth!

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  • Seth's laughter is confidence.

  • laugh hehehehehehr

  • I love how much Seth loves cinema after working in the industry so long he still loves the job and honestly his passion always makes him so much more fun to watch plus his laugh is so genuine it always makes me smile

  • He's looking older these days.

  • Seth looks soo old. I FEEL so old.

  • Bridge 4!

  • u guys gotta do squid game!!

  • He laugh like a car trying to start in a cold day 😂😂

  • It's donkey Kong

  • Ngl Seth Rogen has one of my favourite laughs of all time, I just find it so wholesome

  • Recommendation: Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, Any other Holloween Disney Channel Movie! Alot of practical effects, alot of terrible effects.

  • He have Blackbeard laugh 😂😂😂

  • Can’t believe they got Donkey Kong in here wow emoji

  • Oh yes the interview. The movie where north korea was so pissed of they hacked sony lmao

  • How did this happen

  • that laugh lol

  • 0:26 I despise fake laughing and chuckles and his are always the worst but that was the worst of the worst I've ever come out of his mouth

  • Maaan idc what anyone says, I think the green hornet is a good movie, suuper funny and entertaining

  • Vincenzo ep. 1 opening! Please react to this! 💜

  • Yo!! it is donkey kong

  • Nobody: Seth Roger: E E E E E E E E

  • Jesus christ, that laugh 😂

  • God I hate Seth

  • The laugh bro

  • Seth Rogen is a great guy and so good at his craft, but that laugh freaks me out, kinda like nails on a chalkboard :(

  • When I clicked on this, I half expected the guest to be Sunlesskhan

  • There’s no fuckin way he did the vfx for Jurassic park. Was that a joke? Am I stupid?

  • Great Episode

  • Please do all best VFX shots in Michel Gondry's work!

  • Of all the things they didn’t talk about in the Interview, why didn’t they talk about the tank shooting an ENTIRE SHELL AND CASING!?!

  • Can we appreciate Seth just wanted to be on show and didn't come to promote anything.

  • The lip pimple is gone in this one

  • Bear man!

  • Seth Rogen merged with vision actor guy?

  • His fucking laugh dude...

  • I love how real Seth is.

  • Hey, it's Donkey Kong! 😂

  • Seth rogan has a one piece villen laugh

  • Actor/producer/director is asked of he wants to plug some work, and instead of self promotion, he starts recommending other movies that he had nothing to do with, just to make sure you, the audience, don't miss something great. Seth Rogan, class act

  • #releasetherogencut

  • That cgi Seth is so awesome! Also his laugh

  • Seth Rogen doesn't laugh. He accidentally lets sound escape from the bottom of his neck.

  • I enjoyed it, but Seth's laugh just feels fake. Or overdone. I don't know. It was too much for me. But cool video overall.

  • I replayed the fighting scenes in the green hornet way more time that I can remember. regardless of what the movie was, the effects look so damn cool.

  • Ohhhhh the Irony.... please DO tell us Dumbo ( Obama has massive ears and it bothers him ) what does a dictator do? 3:23

  • That laugh's echo haunts me

  • I’m sad y’all didn’t talk about pineapple express

  • Someone needs to put seth rogans laugh over chewbaca

  • Ah classic donkey kong

  • Has the Corridor Crew examined the first few minutes of of the Fire Fly movie, "Serenity". In the begining the Capt Reynolds walk around the ship for what seems like 5 minutes (ok, it probably like 30 seconds) UNCUT. It bengins outside the ship, the camera zooms in, and then you get the tour of the ship. Its an amazing scene. Most people dont realize how much work must have gone into that. Seth Rogen? Ok, he's a guilty pleasure. I'll never admit I like the guy.

  • If I wanted so many ad's I would have kept watching cable.

  • I know it might not have done that well but I LOVED the green hornet. It was one of my favorite reboot movies I've seen. I thought it held up to the original and added some good comedy. I'm sure there are some other people who would agree.

  • I mean... I know it is what it is, but goddamn that laugh is special

    • I also like how they let him finish laughing before saying anything 😂

  • It’s super dope that Seth Rogen actually uses the show for reference in his actual job. It’s ALSO super dope to see Wren’s cold sore grow in real-time over two episodes.

  • I’ve said it before but I love The Green Hornet ♥️ The SFX were super good and I love the humor. I watch it often.

  • Would love to see a bunch more directors on here. Definitely one of my favorite episodes

  • Had no clue until right this second that the tunnel scene in the dark knight was a mini. That is fuckin incredible!

  • D K, Donkey Kong, D K Donkey Kong is here

  • Censoring three (obviously) fake tits while showing lots of violence and gore (fake or not) is way more ridiculous than Seth's laughter.

  • They put reverb on his laugh at 0:26 I'm dying

  • Heh he he he he he he he he he he hehhhh

  • 0:25 that iconic fucking laugh lol

  • Seth doing that wide spread sit. Honestly tho

  • Seth on camera - funny, charismatic. And then woke asshole on twitter

  • omg its donkey kong

  • Donkey Kong rly knows his stuff

  • Can’t believe they got donkey Kong on set

  • Does anybody have any proof that Seth Rogen worked on Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings? I looked up the cast and crew on IMDB and his name did not come up?

  • What we do in the shadows the series, series 2 episode 1 the resurrection scene

  • Honestly, the only thing missing in this video is Seth smoking joint while doing this

  • love this one

  • Can't believe you guys got Donkey Kong on your show

  • sellout rogen

  • Unpopular opinion: I can't stand Seth. Sorry guys, I usually love your stuff. But this episode was one of my least favorites yet. Not only because of my bias towards Seth, but the points discussed weren't that big of a deal. Anyway: I LOVE YOU CORRIDOR CREW (I'm looking at you Niko lol).

  • It's funny that they mention Raiders of the Lost Ark as an inspiration for the head exploding effect at the end of the movie with using the melting head effect combined with a small charge to make the head explode in The Interview, but what I find extremely intriguing is that they didn't mention that they were influenced by that movie for a different aspect of that shot. Let me break it down real quick with some history behind Raiders. Back when the first Indiana Jones movie came out, they only had 4 ratings: G, PG, R, X. There was no PG-13 rating back then, and George Lucus wanted all the Indiana Jones movies to be rated PG because of the demographic he was making his movie for. When the Motion Picture Association first saw Raiders, they gave it an R rating because of Belloq's head exploding. George Lucus decided to do the easiest thing he could do to edit that shot; add flames in front of his head. Ironic that The Interview had to do the same censoring effect that George did for Raiders of the Lost Ark, but for different reasons. TR;DL The Interview used the same censoring effect that Raider of the Lost Ark used in the same scene that inspired them to use the melting effect to influence the head exploding effect in The Interciew. Fun Fact: Indiana Jones is the reason that the Motion Picture Association had to add PG-13 as a rating. When Temple of Doom came out, it BARELY managed to squeak by with a PG rating, and because of this, most parents ended up taking their kids to go see this. You could imaging how horrified parents were when Mola Ram took out the heart of the guy who was being sacrificed (if you don't know the scene im talking about, look it up) Most parents were so upset about this that they complained to the Motion Picture Association to the point of forcing them to add a new rating between PG and R, thus the PG-13 rating was born. This allowed George some room to push the boundaries in future Indiana Jones films, causing Temple of Doom to be the last Indiana Jones movie that was rated PG. TR;DL Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the reason the Motion Picture Association had to add a PG-13 rating before it existed because of the heart removal scene scarring kids.

  • Omg This Is The End is one of my fav comedy movies from Seth, certified classic I love Seth Rogen

  • his laugh is hilarious lol

  • Great!

  • How ironic that Rogan and Obama didn’t like censorship then but love it now.

  • Not really sure I understand the Green Hornet multiplying car thing is that just supposed to be stylistic? I will say Kato moving faster than everyone is sick

  • D O N K E Y K O N G ?

  • Hearing seth's laugh echoes reminded me of black beard from one piece. Zehahahahaha

  • Love that Wren's wearing a Bridge Four shirt.

  • Обращаюсь к русским каналам. Начините уже кто-нибудь переводить эти видео и выкладывать у себя. А то приходится смотреть с субтитрами

  • We need the TRUE ending of "The Interview" and the assassination of Kim Jong-Un

  • 21:09 niko became a squeaky toy for a second

  • Jurassic park came out in 1993. Seth Rogan said he would have been 12. You know who else would’ve been 12 years old. Donkey Kong.

  • I can't believe they got Donkey Kong on the show.

  • Hugh Jackman next

  • Love the sotormligth archive shirt

  • No way how did they get donkey Kong to star in their video

  • that....... fucking ........ laugh

  • They did an episode with donkey kong

  • My man a One Piece character

  • Can't believe they got Donkey Kong on the show.

  • You guys collabed with Donkey Kong?!


  • this episode was amazing

  • 🙄that laugh

  • I can’t believe you got donkey Kong on the show