Volkswagen Camper Complete Van Build Start to finish

čas přidán 26. 10. 2020
Camper Conversion and Full Build I've just completed on a volkswagen van.I tried to video the entire work hope you guys enjoy. I built this camper over a 6 month period hope you guys enjoyed watching the conversion.

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  • If your watching this dont skip to the end, watch it through. Best 23minutes I've spent this year. Steve

  • That clickbait photo to pull people in lol. Different cars and all that. What a fucking xunt

  • 👌wow👍

  • Really super super fantastic....

  • Awesome man great work love it dude ❤️❤️👍

  • Sorry but....where is the bed?

    • You need to look closely the seat in the rear folds into a bed, quite clever

  • how much money did u spent on this nice rebuild

  • Such good work but so sad it can't pass mot legaly

    • Yes passed the mot no problem 👍

  • 😍👍👋🙌

  • Tanks yer great!

  • Yeah - eeeh so, I eeh actually came here cus i had a problem with a JST connector in my van......12 volts that is. I need to connect a single LED Rail to my Renault Master. Right - eeh - I´m not even gonna ask - too embarassing. Have fun - stay safe - and ...nice Build dude. You kinda know what your doing.

    • Thats great. Thanks for taking the time to watch👍

  • 👍

  • Good job you are the best

  • Magnificent job bro, see I always tell people it only takes 25 minutes to build a camper van 😂 But seriously only 6 months start to finish?, seriously impressive work, bravo sir 👍.

  • Un genio 👏

  • Are you kidding me 😮😮


  • Trop fort 👍👍👍👍💪

  • Im Endeffekt kostet wie Flammneue ... Leider aus alte Oma machst du nie eine Mädchen. Trotzdem große Respekt, sehr gute Arbeit

  • Don't you wish you could do it as fast as they show it?

  • Great work. You are really creative , hard working and determined. Keep it up. l will like to know you.

  • Waouh ! Bravo from France.... Gonna get all my inspiration from you !

  • Lining paint carpenter ware fabric coating glass film coating. Man you're 5 in 1 😂

  • Brilliant Transformation , just in the process of restyling my t5.1 , already has all the sportline kit , just doing fogs // lights to v3 leds , rear leds , 20" wheels & tyres , and a bit of tidying up . Bottom half in black , top half in silver . £3000 mainly lights & wheels, spray job £1200 .

  • It's not even the same van!

  • Tremendous talent sir. Just back from Skye and I am itching to do a van conversion. Wish I had a minuscule amount of your knowledge .Amazing video and inspiration . You deserve every credit

  • Браво! Эти два маленьких мастера с золотыми руками! Но особенное восхищение вызывает их взрослый помощник! )) Молодцы!

  • In Austria we would say "Saugeil"

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  • Buf, so epic.

  • Молодець, але ти десь в цій галузі точно працюєш))

  • Absolutely Brilliant you’ve done an amazing job on that van 10/10 👌🏽 fantastico

  • Hard work, well done mate.

  • 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍❤️🇩🇿

  • Amazing

  • 16:32 I like how he just moves the van like it’s only a 2 ton toy

  • How the fuck in the thumbnail are 2 different generations of T :)))))

  • Nothing special

  • Увидел себя !

  • Good video. Annoying music.

  • Bravissimo

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  • Looks 👍 how long did it take?

  • Fantastic job! I had lots of conflicting thoughts watching this, mostly me arguing with myself about how great it would be to do a project like this, and also me telling myself that I'd never have the patience to do it. Definitely a lot of skills needed, or to be learned.

  • Golden hands u have got....

  • that's brilliant mate great job

  • Fake 2 different vans

  • Unbelievable

  • Love it.

  • I Absolutely want one like this for me!!! Wonderfull!! Good job bro! You're right! 👍

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  • Great job 👏🏽

  • ये हमारे देश m nhi मिलती car??????

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  • Music повне лайно!

  • Dobra robota👍👌

  • Top van pal hard work payed off love it

  • You've had a busy day, lad.

  • Hi, As first very compliments for this job. Amazing. I have a question. Do you ad more Air condition for the backside?

  • Impressive how you did all of that alone

  • 12 million views, I’m betting over half are creepers

  • Were do you get the front bumper and head lights

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  • Awesome..

  • Good Job mate

  • Music is shit! talking too quiet, me turns up volume, noise blades in.... FFS. Else great video, new sub. lol.

  • What a job you have a real talent buddy what part of the free state you from I’d love you to do a van up for me just brilliant lovely van

  • Bellissimo complimenti sei molto bravo

  • Когда человек с головой и с руками, тогда и любое дело по плечу!

  • Brilliant job much was the original van, the cost of materials and the time out into it...? But it looks amazing.

  • Top job 👍❤️👏

  • professionel!

  • Wonderful

  • Congratulations...

  • Nice work...

  • Awesome job 👏 quality 👏

  • Fantastic video just wondering if you could have picked music that was anymore obnoxious.

  • Una maravilla amigo, es usted un auténtico profesional enhorabuena

  • Jeez as a fellow country man, I also renovated my vw, but kept it basic, nice work.

  • Ah, he's doing the woodworks... and the interieur, nice, very gifted. Oh, now he's doing the wiring and electrical stuff... wow, he's really good. Wait, and the bodyworks as well? You're kdding m... no, not the paintjob, too?! Oh come on, screw you, I hate you!! :D I really, REALLY enjoyed watching and I'm so deeply impressed. Wow!!!

  • Coming to a lowes parking lot near you

  • good jop boss

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  • You have to be a jack of all skills and master of all to accomplish such a feat. Wish i have half of your knowledge and skill

  • There’s a handy man and then there’s this body man

  • Put it on 2x speed.. the music is way cooler this way.. lol

  • You spent so much money yo fix it and yoy didn't clean the rust...

  • Wow, what an awesome job! Blessings! 🙏Jesus Christ Saves Souls🙏 1st Corinthians Ch15 Verses1-4 KJV

  • What a Fake Video. It's a complete different Car .Just Look at The Front Lights. The Car in The beginning is an old VW Transport Van. At The end it's an new Camper Van

  • Apa ini mobil Esemka?

  • Respect

  • That old van tured into a new one fast if any one that by the body and looks of both vans at the start hahaha what a joke....

  • One man army! All done in a day! Great to see the kids helping and enjoying. What dad's are supposed to do for the family..

  • 你太不可思议了,真的是宝藏男孩!动手能力极强

  • Yes indeed This is Very Drop 💯

  • Congratulations here from Brazil !!!!

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