VW Caddy 2k DIY Restoration Full Timelapse - 4 Months in 18 Mins - Volkswagen

čas přidán 31. 05. 2021
Caddy 2k Full Restoration Series:

Caddy 2k Interior Series:

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  • Come nasce il corona virus? In che modo il covid 19 provoca due corpi? cs-tv.org/tv/video-aYh_72m7yc4.html

  • Супер

  • Terlalu lama.. jd sungguh membosankan nonton nya..

  • nice work :D

  • Fantastico! 😍

  • Fabrikanın geri istediği caddy

  • Что он сделал с рессорами?

  • What is the front bumper VW ? Golf 7 GTI ?

  • Lo Maximo ! 👍👍👍

  • Very nice job my friend, where did this work?

  • Looks good but the video quality is unbelievably poor

  • Tüvtürk videoyu yakında yasaklatır :)

  • Türkiyede olsa muayeneden geçmez bu araba Kral 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • You are an artist my friend !!! Well done !!! 👏👏👏👏👌

    • Thank you so much bud! I learnt a hell of a lot on this’

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Всё равно грабовозка

  • Ей не хватает задних форточек

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  • Хрень какая то.две разные машины.внутри когда что то делает, 4 двери, снаружи три.

  • cs-tv.org/ch/UCdxZcywbbAEcl3o1lmBTCOQ

  • Great job buddy !! I hope you've been happy for the price you received for this van

  • Supppperb nice

  • By far the best looking caddy I’ve ever seen. As a body man/painter I say, perfectly done!

  • Mantap broo👍👍

  • woww...nice..

  • wheels tipe?

  • Un capo y trabajo sólo... 👏👏👏👏👏

  • 0.75 x speed more interest

  • Brilliant!

    • @Dan Chambers Dan, you’ve achieved my dream , honestly. I moved from England and travelled around a bit and now live in Tropical Northern Australia. Unfortunately, cars here cost a fortune, especially something like you built, but even a knackered V.W. Would cost around £10,000 honestly, and so I’ll never have the opportunity, but in a way that’s good because I know I’d screw it up royally. People I’m certain don’t know the times that things have gone sideways or the real amount of hours that you put in. I envy you mate, I hope that you get your own Custom Build shop one day, you certainly have earned it. Best regards, Colin.

    • Thank you.

  • 😍👍

  • Magnifique 💪

  • Nice

  • 👍👎🏻

  • good job ;-)

  • Nice Project

  • Сколько сарай не крась, он сараем и останется...

  • What year is that car ?

  • What an incredible amount of work you have put into this! Everything customized. Great respect!

  • Ckk

  • Good work Music name

    • Thank you bud! There a a few different track in this I think dude.

  • Great Video Dan! Can you please let me know how much you charge for this front bumper modification? Thanks

  • Good job but I don't like the colour. It looks like it's coated in primer and awaiting the top coat.

  • How do you know where all the different nuts and bolts go back?

  • Great build would have liked to have seen the back seats area and why didn't you paint the break calipers And surprisingly no exhaust tips

  • Parabéns fico top d +

  • 💥💣 100%🔥🔥🇩🇿👍🥵

  • Omg

  • Very nice man! What kind of filler (black) did you use?

    • Cheers bud, it is UPOL SMC filler

  • Wow 🤩

  • @Dan, Amazing work! What was the budget?

    • Thank you, I think it cost me around £7k all in.

  • This guy realy knows what he is doing...he should be left alone..

  • Oops awesome, a lot of time and effort but well worth it

  • wow, what a nice project 🔥

  • Still a Caddy

  • Great Job, the Parts from the 4th gen Caddy looks like very awesome on this 3rd gen Caddy ✌️ Beautiful 😃

  • Great work mate.. Loved watching this.. I just would love one of these down-voters to just tell me why? I really don't understand..

  • Nice done !!

  • Top job mate...

  • 👌

  • Respect .

  • Nice mate, you grafted on that.

    • Cheers bud, A lot of graft and I learnt a lot!

  • This guy is goooooooood

  • Lots of positive comments on the bumper, and fair play it does look great. But I would be forever worried about someone else bumping it in a car park. Thats why I like my bumpers stock, but my interior custom 🙂.

    • If we worried about things like that no one would push to make things look nice. Just be careful where you park or leave it and if anything does happen just fix it! Life is too short to worry about something that might happen.

  • Brilliant

  • Great job!

    • Thank you bud, Glad you enjoyed it!

  • WOW !! That man is a genius !!👏👏

    • Thank you bud, Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Fair enough, but did it pay off economicly?

  • Amazing work and video! Best video and transformation I have seen, muc respect!

  • الحرفية و الإتقان في العمل بارك الله في كل من عمل عملا و أتقنه إحسان👍👏💪

  • too bad its a VW

  • I don't like this type of vehicle But not the video

  • Du hast vergessen das Lenkrad auf die richtige Seite zu bauen ;-)

  • Ok

  • 💣💣🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I like the VW caddy, you have made an awesome job m8 ! It looks so great.

  • Amazing transformation buddy exceptional work & quality finish

  • Well done.. dope af

  • That's the bollocks that! Nice

  • Любой гробовоз на заниженных тапках будет смотреться!)))

  • All that for a hearse

  • is that definetly a 2000 van? Those revised front ends didnt come in til round 2010?

    • @Dan Chambers ah fair dos

    • 😂 Caddy 2k refers to the chassis, The van is a 2011.

  • can you do dacia Logan Old One 2005 that would be Sick , keep it up bro you are amazing ️‍🔥️‍🔥👍

  • Osm

  • Hello great job i from france Just what name song 7:00?

  • Paint code please

  • Whats here not to like?!..ooooo, BMW and Merc fans...right... Awesome job,man..question..where did you get those lights inside of workshop?..😊👍

    • Thank you! They are 600x600 office ceiling grid lights.

  • Красава

  • Sei un maestro

  • Hi , its an amazing caddy - i drive the same but not in this shape 😭 what kind of bumper is it - from a golf gti ?

    • @Dan Chambers great job 💪🏻👍🏻

    • Thank you! Yes, MK7.5 Golf GTI bumper cut and grafted onto a Caddy bumper.

  • 2k hours

  • Mit welchem Programm hast du dein Video geschnitten? Wie macht man das schnelle abspielen?

  • Четкий!!!

  • Well... This is simply Awesome! Hats off to you for the untold effort & the brilliant footage - You are one skilful Brother😎

  • go gop bro

  • so qool qar

  • Amazing !! :D

  • Perfect

  • I gave up after a few minutes as it was obviously at least two different vehicles, disappointing.

  • Он снимал торпеду, чтобы сзади ковёр расстелить O_o