VW Polo GTI v Hyundai i20 N v Ford Fiesta ST review, 0-60mph & brake tested!

čas přidán 6. 10. 2021
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It’s time for a mini hot hatch group test!

We’ve brought the new Hyundai i20 N, the Ford Fiesta ST & the VW Polo GTI together to find out which is the best hot hatch to pick up for under £30,000!

So how do they compare? Starting with the i20 N, it’s powered by a 1.6-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which can deliver 204hp & 275Nm of torque.

Next up, we have the Ford Fiesta ST, which is housing a 1.5-litre 3 cylinder turbocharged engine under the bonnet. The power output is slightly down on the i20 N, at 200hp, but it produces more torque, clocking in at 290Nm.

And then finally we have the Polo GTI. It rolls up with a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine which can put down 200hp & 320Nm.

In terms of price, both the Fiesta ST & i20 N will cost you around £25,000 (once you’ve added some essential options to the Fiesta - most come as standard with the i20 N!), whereas the Polo is that bit more expensive, at approximately £27,000.

So is the Polo worth the extra money, or are you better off with either the i20 N or the Fiesta ST? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:41 Engines
02:03 Exterior Designs
03:43 Brakes
04:57 Interiors
07:38 Suspension
08:39 Driving (Fiesta ST)
10:51 Driving (Polo GTI)
12:56 Driving (i20 N)
14:29 Practicality
15:16 0-60mph
16:47 Verdict

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  • Which sounds best? VOTE below!

  • This guy have very bad fashion sense Wearing a sweatshirt with denim shorts

  • How is the Polo a hot hatch with an auto?

  • @carwow is there any point in considering the i20n if fuel consumption is something you care about? I live in Greece so gasoline is around 1.7 euros per litre when prices go up. and according to the site it is around the 8-9litre per 100km (around 30mpg for imperial). I currently drive my mother's seat toledo 2003 (and filling it up costs around 85-90euros for around 500-550km which is fking expensive) makes me need to fill up every around 3 weeks

  • I like the Polo and The i20N

  • automotive is killing manual gearbox...humanity is killing automotive.

  • That i20 goes like a stabbed rat, but I heard all kinds of Rodney visits in the engine bay and other issue with Hyunday engines. Which is a sad thing to say, because the engine is the only weakness of the car. I also like the st looks better. As a side note, high 20s for a hot hatch sounds a bit bonkers to me. Wouldn't it be much better to get an brz or gt86 for about the same?

  • I really like the polo, only problem for me is that you can’t get a manuel

  • i20N

  • hyundai just looks cheap for someone just not rich enough for the GTI

  • Peoples alltime favourite car the POLO

  • Wish we still had the ST in the US :(

  • Fiesta sounds the best to me. I really dislike the i20 front end - I wish they'd fix that. Looks wise i'd take a GR Yaris over all of them.

  • I like i20 N LINE IS BEST it is too good

  • Ford 💙

  • The polo gti sound does not do it justice.

  • Ford .....

  • I myself own the new standard Hyndai i20 so your choice makes me very happy. It is a sweet thing.

  • That VW is not a good hot hatch at all, engine sounds like whiney awfulness...and automatic?!. The Hyundai is impressive considering the company roots, but it does scream a bit of chav. The Ford ST still keeps it for me though, it's by far the best looker and the engine is about 80% of what makes a hot hatch exciting, and it wins.

    • Completely agree with everything you’ve said there

  • Fiesta forevee

  • Take the VW all day regardless...

  • The Fiesta anyday

  • Hyundai is just Great!!! I love it👍👍

  • You know mats sponsored by VW when he constantly bangs on about a boring polonor golf.Everyone knows the i20namd fiesta are drivers cars.Whybdid he spend more time on the VW?The VW is the most boring to look at the worst gearbox and the worst interior.

  • here u pay 2de hand 3 year old stil 24k euro... for st fucking shit gouverment fucks all prices with taxes

  • Ford ever win your bad soul !

  • Why don't You f;lat shift Fiesta? On purpose? Obviusly Fiesta Should be much better on 0-60 because I have one(ST2) and I could done 6.2s. 0-62(100km).

  • The fiesta st had it exhaust valve closed, there was more sound to have. This was noticeable by the exhaust fumes only coming out the right pipe

    • That was not casual. This was a very Hyundai comparison since the beginning.

    • Didn't ask

  • Polo is best forever

  • suzuki swift shoulda been here

  • Can you test the 595 abarth

  • The blip is rev matching I think. Not sure why it’s blipping on the up, but I’d be curious if it’s still there when you turn it off.

  • Hyundai i20n

  • Polo ❤️

  • the look of that hyundai... a impresive downgrade from the previous i20N.... the lines, the lights looks awful..

  • 1:47 :)

  • In Korea, hatchback is relatively unpopular, so i20 as well as i30 are not sold in Korea, but I'm very jealous as a hot hatch lover. The same goes for the wagon.

  • اللهم كفينى بحلالك عن حرامك و غنينى بى فضلك عمن سيواك

  • The responsible adult here has a Polo GTI ..i think i prefer it to the my manual mk7 Golf GTI

  • Totally agree with you Mat. Hyundai is making good cars for value. It is truly a pity that current GTI don't have manual gearbox because it would be a round car, that's why it loses, it is a car that pretends to have a sportier configuration.

  • Is Mat wearing Daisy Dukes?

  • Hi Mat Watson, anyway out of the three I love the Hyundai i20 N.

  • Yea sadly Volkswagens stock exhaust on their sport cars are utter rubbish

  • i20 N is the best💙

  • the VW has better sound

  • N all day every day👍

  • My caaar ! Obviously with polar white paint. So.... the fiesta with the self locking differential is a nice cheap sport car, stop. The i20 N performance in 2021 is the best HH in the market and it will be like this for a long... Good material (still Korean), high technology, great sound, great engine, seats, eye catching.. and fucking cheaper, c'mon no match.. while the Polo... Oh God... Is a good car, good-looking, well built...but the same 🥔 end of the story. #theBestEndOfRumors

  • Imagine, just begin to imagine being so lame that you pick the boring gti over the other, far more fun cars.

  • That noise is a fox matt lol

  • The Fiesta was cold at the Soundtest.

  • Hyundai i20 sport Is sound nice

  • best sound is obviously the background fox!

  • No point the Hyundai being there. Truly awful, no resale and no ‘petrolhead’ would be seen dead … moredoor too 🤮🤮🤮

  • I hope those hatch car will popular in China one day.

  • hyundai i20 n is also selling in indian which is great

  • I would sooner walk than drive a fiesta

    • @Tarquin2trappy I've never owned or wanted to own a VW. My mate owns this Fiesta, its horrible to drive, sounds awful and feels cheap so what's to like? If I was 18 I'd pick the GR Yaris but I'm 38 so I wouldn't buy any of them

    • Why wtf? Easily the best car there. Let me guess you one of those VW bumlickers?

  • Hyundai of course before video started. Fiesta is shit car. So polo second. But would never buy polo or fiesta

  • The polo gti sounds like crap

  • Everyone likes i20N but very very few buy it.

  • Poor choice of trousers Matt! 🤣😅

  • It pains me to say that the Hyundai sounds best

  • i20 N

  • One of your best reviews!

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-NWif1F7Ix2c.html Polo GTI 18, without gpf...

  • They’re all getting on for Mini JCW money… I know what I’d prefer

  • I20N is the best and fast

  • The sound test put the Polo to shame

  • 2018 Polo GTI sounds so much better. The 2019 update added an OPF, killed the rumble and pops and bangs

  • i20 N exterior with the Polo interior. That's what I want.

  • That squid games piece of shit

  • The i20 N.... Sounds and looks the best

  • Tf are those shorts Mat?!

  • Too bad the i20N looks ugly

  • teenagers i20n, in their twenties st, grown ups polo.

  • Polo looks very old

  • If you are building a hot hatch, make a hot hatch...boo VW👎... Good job FORD 👍... WELL DONE HYUNDAI 👍👍

  • Why do you never include the BMW 128ti in these things? The Golf GTI is slain by the BMW. Are you a VolksMan?

  • Jeez 4 cylinder engines almost all sound so dreary don't they.

  • The i20N sounds the best

  • Is no one going to talk about that weird noise halfway through the video?

  • i20

  • All of them look better than the new BMW M4, with its disgusting kidney grills. 🤣

  • mat please review the new vw polo r 2022 facelift

  • Polo for me

  • Did anyone ever tell you that you look like that guy Bill Gates ?

  • Review a clio 4 rs trophy or rs18

  • Kiiiind of inopportune to upload this right as the Fiesta ST and Polo GTi are getting a refresh

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  • Per il suono sceglierei Hyundai,per la bellezza la Fiesta e per la comodità la Polo. Tutte sono molto valide.

  • Vote to volkswagen polo

  • mazda 3 2.5 turbo

  • the polo looks horrendous

  • Polo sounds asthmatic

  • I think I’d go for the i20 N , I rarely see them in the wild , I see the other 2 every day. Also the fiesta is just too Snickety for me

  • Oh yeah Hyundai for the win... I own a Tucson by the way...

  • You know what I don't get the VW Polo is actually bigger than the original VW Golf few years time it'll be bigger than a VW Passat 🤔🤔


  • 😲 Those shorts are very... short ! Great video, thank you

  • You never had the fiesta ST in sport mode for the sound test, this enables the pops and bangs! I noticed you done this in the drag video too…

  • In germany the fiesta has an exhaust that you can swith to sports Mode, it Sounds so much better then. German fiesta would smoke the i20n at Sound comparing