W.A.S.P. - The Idol - Official video

čas přidán 2. 10. 2009
W.A.S.P.-The Idol -Official video

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Dedicated to my friend :)) Ave Caesar :))))


If I could only stand and stare in the mirror could I see
One fallen hero with a face like me?
And if I scream, could anybody hear me?
If I smash the silence, you'll see what fame has done to me

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I'll never know if love's a lie
Ooh - being crazy in paradise is easy
Do you see the prisoners in my eyes?

Where's the love to shelter me
Give me love, come set me free
Where's the love, to shelter me
Only love, love set me free
Set me free


Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I'll never know if love's a lie
Ooh - being crazy in paradise is easy
Do you see the prisoners in my eyes?

Where's the love to shelter me
Give me love, come set me free
Where's the love, to shelter me
Only love, love set me free
Set me free


  • Underrated song, underrated band... Still the best for me

  • οι καλες εποχες του Βlackie. Πριν γινει θεουσος.

  • Still one of my Favorit Songs!!! I am born 1992 ;) Thanks to my Dad

  • 1:41 ♥

  • Tonight i did something stupid

  • вершина творчества старика блекки....

  • This is my favourite 💞 song

  • Real .. Music from heart.

  • EPIC.....EPIC.......EPIC.....

  • Where's the love to shelter me Give me love, come set me free..

  • just prisoners to our particular faith. Blacky forever \m/

  • cuts off way too early

  • Американцы, вы делали хорошую музыку

  • Esto es música que te llega a lo más profundo del alma 🤘

  • Fucking awesome

  • Minute 2:00 🎸

  • WTF!!!! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!

  • Why am i crying ! .....

  • El que no le guste esta balada.... Dios mio ,!no hay volumen!

  • I want comments of all the people who found themselves!

  • We are listening to.. Blackie. The song of all.

  • Соло это просто пиздец.

  • Блэки, ты лучший

  • I cry

  • Que hermoso tema !!! Saludos desde Resistencia Chaco Argentina

  • This song defines the genre Acoustic Metal. I mean we had Metallica's Fade To Black back in 1984 but that was something else.

  • Качественная музыка на все 100%!!!

  • The 80s was the best music EVER ! Still listening 7-1-2020 ✌

  • anyone still listning this song in 2020 ?

    • One of the best of all time

    • cs-tv.org/ch/UCq7UqJWWF84_a0eBq5qObCg

    • She does alot of reactions to songs and bands like these most reactions are corny but not hers . Tbh I'm just trying get her more subscribers .I ran out of friends lol but she is the best.

    • Look this lovely woman up on CS-tv reactions *I You *

    • My first time hearing it was good

  • ВАСП Лучше!!!!!!

  • Goodbye Bob... Will always remember you for this divine solo you left us.

  • We came here at this masterpiece to comment, because we just learned about the loss of Bob Kulick...RIP...

    • Really a great loss. Think that Blackie often didn't worth so enough about his crew. Sadly...

  • Very bad new. Heartbroken. All my condolences to Bruce. RIP Bob Kulick

  • R.I.P. Bob Kullick, one of theb est guitarists W.A.S.P. ever had

    • A total guitar Monster. His solos were out of this world. May his soul reach the String Valhalla.

  • I go crying when I hear this BIG SONG...

  • Flashback to teenage years. Always a pleasure.

  • David Gilmour (comfortably numb) influenced ya think?

  • Bought this single when it first came out followed by the album. One of WASP's best. Seen them in concert, couldn't hear properly for days.... awesome 😂

  • The only thing this song is missing is Chris holmes

  • 2020. daha iyisi gelmedi.

  • Кровь застывает от запредельного вокала Блэки Лоулеса, фантастика! Шедевр! Вот это РОК МУЗЫКА!!!

  • I just realized that this song sounds a bit similar to "Sweet Victory" from Sponge Bob…

  • kiss away the pain and leave me lonely...

  • Black is an EXCELLENT PERFECT!!!

  • Γρήγορα ξημέρωσε πάλι.

  • This song, how I love it to this day....I myself, have seen my own pain in the mirror and despised what I saw. Even today, not a fan of mirrors. My own eyes reflect parts of my broken soul. Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. have always been able to evoke even the darkest of emotions out of me. Long live, long live, long live the King of Mercy.

  • W. A. S. P..... Italy 🇮🇹 2020

  • pop ups re goofle should be time based/..not content or title..

    • 3rd party sequence...

  • Grande Blackie, gracias por habernos regalado grandes temas , por haber creado a WASP 😉.

  • THIS is music!

  • 16 марта 2020 и я здесь Вечная музыка.

  • most beautiful songs....russia with love

  • Что он делает с гитарой😱

  • Blackie....Hall of Fame...

  • недавно услышал этот трек и кайфанул,даже не знал что есть еще такие классные и мелодичные группы как мановар и Айрон мйдан

  • I really like this album. It's so great. Drums, guitars, vocals, bass, story and everything.

  • Best W.A.S.P. record ever

  • Probably one of their best songs. Blackie is timeless in metal.

  • Close you eyes !

  • Blackie, i oldest whith you

  • That's some great Bob Kulick playing guitar! Sucks he isn't in the video!

  • Great memorial

  • Guitat solo sound just like pink floyd

  • 🤙🔥

  • I've always liked blacky great arist and musician.

  • Это шедевр! Слушаю с 1993 г. и никогда не надоедает!


  • Oh 80's hair bands, how I miss thee

  • How i lived all this time without knowing this awesome song?

    • And just about any song by lynch mob after

    • Then check * Lynch mob * through these eyes .

  • Svaki dan bar 10x

  • Alles gut!!!

  • It's a very good song... 80's

  • milame o dramer dinei recital.....!!!!!

  • Где та любовь, что сделает меня Свободным? Только любовь,сделает меня Свободным,только Любовь...

  • Listening to Bob Kulick's guitar solo gives me a boner!

  • Song thats cuts your soul

  • What a GREAT song!!! And stuff like this...."Cries in the Night"....:Wild Child"....wont ever get played where I am....just that same ole lame ass shit.

  • that's why i love my b.c.rich

  • If I scream can she me.......

  • Это нечто! Последний раз слушал её 24 года назад! Эх...!молодость, девченки...

  • 😭

  • Wuaow ever fantastic Great Amazing Song !!!

  • Not enough volume ,,,,,,,

  • Once in a while there comes a song that says what you can't ......anyone feel me 😐🌪️🍾🍾🍾

  • If Stevie Nicks had a baby... And that baby was a boy... And that boy grew to be a man... That man's name would be Blackie Lawless

  • Canzone senza tempo forse la migliore di loro un inno di dolore e follia grande gruppo gli wasp

  • I'm not a glam fan, but I really like W.A.S.P! W.A.S.P is about music, not about girls clothes and other shit.

  • LAMENTÁVEL essa finalização com esse maldito fade-out.

  • 98 posers gave this a thumbs down ..wasp kick ass...

  • ❤🎶🎶Kiss away the pain & leave me lonely I'll never know if love's a lie 🎶🎶❤❤❤❤

  • Simply put absolutely phenomenal fantastic

  • Yes heavy metal at its best W.A.S.P is excellent 🎸. play it loud 🔊

  • Biggest underrated band ever without question F/n great tune and album still in 2019 and forever more

  • nice guitar solo.



  • I watch first WASP in channel Moscow its wondeful...been 1993...Now and before 1990 last command forever! i stay wih u!

  • Is Doug Blair on guitar?

  • 95 morons have no soul. This song is simply amazing! I'm crying my eyes out feeling the soul invested in these lyrics. WASP are amazing...simply...amazing!!

  • favorite song.