War Hippies - The Hangman (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 26. 09. 2022
The Hangman (Official Music Video) by War Hippies
Director: Paul Gaehring
Producer: Scooter Brown
Executive Producer: War Hippies
Filmed in Montana & Tennessee
A special thanks to The Ridings Family and David Curtis, horse trainer.
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  • My wife and I met them in T-Town back on Oct 19th. They were down by their merchandise. Well I'm a desert storm vet and my wife is former Navy. Introduced myself and welcomed them home. As we talked my wife told them that I had brought her up for her birthday. At the same time they asked her name. Then they both broke into Happy birthday and sang to my wife. They just got two new fans that night. It was a honor and privilege to meet them. Thank you for making my wife's birthday special

  • Why the hell did it take me so long to get into bands/artists like this? I'm elated to see that 'storytelling' music is still alive, well and good hands!

  • Your music is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for the history stories you tell in your videos. Thank you for your service!✨🇺🇸✌️💜🎶

  • Im 69 soon to be 70 Ive heard this song hundreds of times, but the way you sung this song with deep passion made the spiritual goisebumps rise on my body and stirred my heart and caused me to raise my atms and PRAISE our Mighty God and Savior Jesus, who this song was written about. What a voice God has given you. I prayed you will use it more to glorify God.

  • Sorry I am late to party, but I'm here to stay now. These guys are freaking amazing. This is my first song and first time listening to these guys and I'm a fan. Lead singer has got a wonderful soulful voice and if he's playing the guitar as well, he has been pickin for a good while. (He can play). I've never heard a true violinist stick with country soul, and never heard a fiddle player stay with the orchestra side. And the harmony between both gentleman are amazing. I'm just a nobody putting my two cents in. However I'm looking forward in to diving down their rabbit hole and look forward to upcoming songs from them. Keep it up gentlemen! Blessings to everyone and Thank you for taking your time to read my comment.

    • Thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to listen and write in...more coming soon! Hope to see you at a live show too!

    • @War Hippies We are actually coming to see you this coming up Thursday. We got tickets to your show.

    • My first time right this moment 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒 IN LOVE!!! THE ONLY THING i would add to what you said was AND THAT BEAT 🥁

    • I've NEVER been a country fan, but you guys ROCK!!! Never heard of you, but I'll be looking forward to hear more from you. Thank you!

    • ​@War Hippies 2:25 ❤

  • Glad I found you guys. Amazing voices great song writing. Videos are off the hook! Hope to see you on tour! ✌️

  • First time hearing y’all. I love your sound. You’ve got another fan. Sharing with my family and friends. Just bought your album on iTunes. And Holy Night. Maybe we can get a Christmas Album from y’all this year. One can only hope. ❤️

  • So great hearing and meeting you guys last night at the PPL center! Thanks for the pics, hugs and especially thank you both for serving our country. 💙💙💙

  • I'm from the north of England (Oldham, near Manchester) so dont have much of a connection to the world this kind of music comes from, . The closest my hometown has ever come to what this makes me think of is Buffalo Bill once came to England with his show and did one in Oldham. But ive really been getting into stuff like this lately, music really does travel....

    • come on over to the states my man. plenty of places you can get realy immersed in the cowboy life for a little while.

    • ​@ShadeSlayer890 where is the best place in the states to explore and experience the ' cowboy' lifestyle??

    • @Michael Brown there are many places in West US. Where I live in Tuolumne county California is one good place. We are near Yosemite, South of Lake Tahoe. Little town of Columbia which grew out of the gold rush is now a state park where you can visit all the original stores, bank, saloon etc. Even take a ride on a horse drawn stagecoach or pan for gold.

  • These guys are amazing seen them tonight for the first time live with Travis tritt and Chris Janson and they killed it just as good as they did, I’d recommend seeing them in concert to anyone they were awesome!

    • That has to be a special night. Travis Tritt came to mind the second this video started.

    • @Johnny for sure I won’t ever forget it I even got to get my picture taken with them and their autograph after the show

  • Just saw them live at a private event. I’m not into country at all. Their whole set was amazing and this song hits hard! Great performance!

  • Great video awesome song, glad I found this band gonna show this to all my friends.

  • That was one of the deepest songs ever love it 👏 just subscribed

  • They are killing it omg

  • Just seen these guys live last night! They are killing it! See y’all at the Opry one day!

  • That's a great tune. I love it

  • Loved their set opening for Travis Tritt and Chris Jansen. 2 guys, a violin and a guitar… that’s it and they were just so good. Hoot Harmonies, Batman!!! ❤ bought the vinyl: really good!

  • I've been a hippie for decades, and I LOVE this song!, They have a new fan, and I hope they come to Alaska to perform!,

    • Alaska ? Lol I hope so for you too buddy but you might have to travel a bit lmao

    • Does Alaska have venues ? Lol i've never seen Alaska on a tour list that i can recall

    • @Harley Hook definitely in Fairbanks

    • Looking forward to it! We've been up to fish in the recent years and hope to be back soon playin' around fire on the ice

    • Hi hippie from Alaska been a while sence I have been home they would be awesome up there and sell out stay warm and safe from another old hippie

  • I’m so impressed! I’ve sent a couple of your videos to music friends. You guys are fabulous. Not my usual music, but I truly appreciate y’all. I’ve saved what I’ve seen. Thank you 🙏 Sorry but I have to add this. You guys really went out of your way to make a really fabulous video and again I say, I’m very impressed.

  • Thank you for your service gentlemen and thank you for the great music much respect to all who serves and serve it's not too many jobs you put your life on the line amen🌎🇺🇲🙏❤️✌️

  • Seen these 2 guys with Travis Tritt in Pikeville KY. this past weekend. These put on a HELL of show. Great guys doing a damn good job!!

  • I love the song and the video is fantastic! Congratulations! It js awesome! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thank you for your service that allows us the freedom to choose to listen to the best new music I've heard in a while. I hope you guys are enjoying your new gig.... because I dam sure do!!

  • absolutely phenomenal song about what so many men go through. thank you

  • Hell yes!!! Where have you been my whole life. Powerful!! I just played the lead guitar version of this song on my guitar. That was perfect guys!!!!

  • Your music is amazing. Can't wait for more videos

  • seen them in concert last Saturday. they opened for Chris Janson and Travis Tritt. they sound just as good in person as on here. they are awesome

  • You guys are the best Love and respect 🙏

  • Love it.... Keep them coming

    • How are you? so sorry for the infringe on your privacy. Beautiful song.

  • Love this song ❤️

  • Keep this kinda stuff dropping 👌

  • Love this! It's got an, "Young Guns", feel to it! -April

  • There's more truth to this song then anyone realizes omg

  • This going places ❤🔥🤘 thank you

  • Não percebo uma palavra. O som a voz Meu Deus é incrível. Obrigado pelo vídeo. 😎

  • What a great guys Thanks a lot for this masterpiece

  • Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥grea job!

  • Y'all sound amazing I love the way you tell a story in the song you can actually feel the emotion. I do have a question though what do the two gun shots at the end mean?

    • The lawmans wife harbored a fugitive. The law is the law. Hanged for their crimes. Note the line that says “mighta got it wrong if the hangman cries.” The shots were an implied suicide.

  • Loved it ❤

  • Wow! One of a kind show and sound.✔️🎵

  • YALL WERE AMAZING WITH TRAVIS TRRITT IN CHARLOTTE NC. Never seen a man bust a bow playin so furiously. You are goin far guys.

  • Just found this. Man it's great! gained a fan

  • Love the song, love the video

  • You nailed the video for this song. Great job.

  • 😮 wow my first time I'm gonna follow this band 3 am music hopping this is a good one

  • Why do I love this so much 🙌

  • Thank you amazing song bro love it ❤️

  • Awesome love this great song


    • I listen to this a lot and I’m not really interested in to country music

  • Caught the tail end of your set in T-Town was floored by the Star Spangled Banner and the new album is absolutely amazing every single song keep it up

  • Thanks for your service guys ! 🇺🇲 👍

  • Great song and I love that name War Hippies.

  • WOW!!! ❤🤯 this is AWESOME song and video!!!

  • Obrigada CS-tv pela sugestão. Eu amei!

  • This popped up in my suggested and I'm glad it did. This awesome!

  • War Hippies is an all-time great band name

  • Love the song, great music, good vocals. I would like to say though that the saying should be "The Creek's don't rise" referring to the Creek Indians going on the war path. I know, I know, it is still good and someone will spank me but that is the saying lol. Great song Guys and I put it on my play list, thanks and keep on grinding.

  • SEMPER FI brothers. That is one dark intense song and video. I loved it!

  • If a man claps in a room and no one is there to hear it does it make a noise? Yes it does. You may not hear it but its still happened, believe me. First time hearing War Hippies and I think just like a drug I am hooked after one high!

  • Interesting song. Very Southern Gothic in every sense of that idea, even the music video. If all their stuff is like this that would be great because it’s something a little different. I’m really a honky tonk old school purist where my world starts with Hank Williams Sr. And ends with Ernest Tubb hahaha but I’m a music lover so it really is refreshing to hear something this different from what I play!!! It doesn’t seem cheesy or contrived which can easily happen when bands try to do this kind of thing, for example, The Dead South, clearly a major label act assembled to do that but just seeing their costumes is a dead giveaway they have no true knowledge of southern culture. They look more like Amishmen from Lancaster Pennsylvania than Appalachian or plantation men. From Carolina and Georgia. But this group War Hippie is the real deal or at least seems as such from watching this one song. Can’t wait to dig deeper on this group!!

  • I know that place.....Been looking forward to seeing this video. Way to go Warhippies.

  • On the first bar I knew it would be lit 100%

  • Storytelling makes me feel like am in a movie!

  • HOLY SHIT I love the video and as soon as I heard the first line I loved the song. It's amazing.

  • Im really not sure what to class your music as, i mean obviousely it's country... but i hear some metal roots too. What ever it is, i like it!! You've got a new listener.

  • I don't thank I've ever heard a song more acute my life!

  • Popped up in my feed. First time ive geard ofvthis group. Definitely in my rotation

  • Wow the #instrumentals are #breathtaking absolutely #beautiful I can’t say enough #canada #usa #world

  • That is some good stuff!!

  • Love it. Looking forward to seeing you guys this Saturday at 713. Show starts at 7:30 right?

    • Awesome! thank you for being there!

  • 🇺🇸Hell yeah! Good ole story tellin song.👊 #RHEC #CREEKSQUAD

  • 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 thank you for being there for me. I can sleep 😴 at night knowing that you have our back's.

  • Might be drunk. But this song was a BANGER

  • Freakin killer video!!

  • WOW. Love this

  • I love this song so very much

  • Thank you, I love it!

    • How are you? so sorry for the infringe on your privacy. Beautiful song.

  • H*ll yes! 💯 Love love love it

  • Reminds me a bit of The Civil Wars. This is more country than any of the so-called country star that only sing rock or pop with a country twang- and get country music awards.

  • this is ooooooooo great!

  • So I'm just chillen cleaning my rifles thinking about the inevitable and I decided to listen to some Upchurch. All the sudden this song pops up and holy smokes I'm all in. This is Idaho certified classic

  • Gotta be the coolest band name ever.

  • I'm an English guy , born in the south of England , but damn there is something in my blood that cries out America is my home !!!

    • c'mon down brother!

    • It can be. You are welcome on our shores.

  • Wow so amazing so true god bless you all 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


  • Blessings, Much Love as Angels, Demon's artistry blows my mind... Bee 🐝🎵🎵🎵💕

  • Can't wait to see you in person in St Augustine FL this month ❤ can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday...❤🥰 ❤️~Tenderheart~❤️

  • Fuck, I've come across something too good again

  • Semper Fi Scooter, Great video---JC

  • God be with us all 🙏 amen I give you five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Chills❤❤❤

  • Let us go to War, Oorah, Semper Fi,Carry On and Beyond 👍👍👍‼️‼️‼️

  • One awesome song

  • Thank you for your service my brothers , IGY6

  • God Bless America 🇺🇸 and all the people who believe in freedom !!

  • That's the kind of song that would be awesome in RDR. Who agrees?

  • Badass🤠👊🏼🇺🇸

  • Thank you for Sharing🎶🌎

  • Cool 😎 video thanks for sharing this

  • Heard story's tonight about lynchings in the later part of the 1800s. From a guest speaker who's done area history.. My kid seen it in me, patted my hand. I was in a room of near a dozen people, when the story's of back then were told and I got mad hearing it, I almost had to excuse myself from the room. . Small offense of being even the Wrong color skin, looking at a white woman too long. Or the story of a mentally slow guy being nice to a guy's wife, or mistaken identity, to know they didn't do really anything and got killed for it and the killers never brought to justice and out of near 40 cases known of buried barely 5 Graves are known today in this county area. Some are just cowards not to speak out, do something. Most of those who did the deed are worse then filth, trash, or the lowest of life forms. No Justice! This County is Supposed to be about Justice! Some Hung up without even a kangaroo Court. Couldn't even believe some were transported "assumed" criminals and the transport was more or less hijacked and whomever was inside was strung up and the law never brought them to justice or anything. ITS MADNESS! that is what it seems..to think if it got to a point, you have to be almost scared of your own shadow, hide from a Posse at night, nor look at a woman and you just do your work, stay away from people, because God forbid you say something, look at someone, or do something no matter how slight or or look even slightly like someone, or wear a similar hat and you could be killed.