Warcraft 3: HellHalt TD #31 - Gateguard with Auras!

čas přidán 17. 06. 2019
Again, only chose the hero for the fans + we were already winning that game easily at that moment. I thought, why not get a hero!
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  • Play prac pls, paac is just boring spam

  • wow the hero won the game mvp pog , great vid

  • I like ure vids, but this is just "complaint the move"

    • I get that I have the tendency to complain a lot, but I did not see ANY complaining in this video...

  • Please don't upload such shit games with 167 leaks level one and 197 level two.

    • Was indeed a bad game. Just wanted to make people happy by getting the hero at the end.

    • Well with that third guy being completely new apparently.