Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes

čas přidán 22. 11. 2019
Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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  • Musk: Hit it! DemoGuy:Sure? Musk: Yeah DemoGuy: ---- splashkkkk! Musk: Ohhhh my G! YOU BROKE IT! Oh my! DemoGuy: lets hit it onemore time? Musk : ehhuhmm... dont ruin my show..

  • 1:37 do i spot nate from TKOR?!

  • why do people not like the look of it, its something different i really like it

  • it is the batmobile

  • Love this man

  • It's a great car. I love such cars. I also have a car channel for all car lovers. Welcome to my channel

  • The "strong guy" with that sledgehammer hit the cybertruck's door on the first hit so light

  • To be fair however, the ball didn’t go through. Worse comes to worse you gotta get new windows but thats a lot better than risking the safety of those in the car. Also if that were a regular truck ,that glass would have been absolutely done for.

  • It's ugly 😭 I don't like it

  • This material in the Tesla car would be awesome.


  • Time for a new night rider show with this truck

  • How would it handle in the Snow as a plow truck?

  • Truck...?

  • elon musk the illusionist

  • Man that Is one ugly truck

  • Elon musk is so petty for this🤣😩

  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cool truck, but I’ll stick to my Ford, love the sound of a naturally aspirated engine and exhaust!

  • I'm disappointed that there's no room for external cargo. Especially on the ATV

  • If two cybertruks collide I wonder what’s left of the drivers

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Looks like a washing machine.

  • Wow guys this minecraft x tesla collaboration its so great

  • Roblox-Themed car. *itensifies roblox blocky cars* hehehehehehe

  • This comment needs likes to be disliked when it becomes famous

  • at least the wheels are still round

  • no hyi vittu

  • Questa e una delle auto piu brutte che abbia mai questa e l'evoluzione non mi piace per niente

  • Sledgehammer.. more like a rubber mallet

    • And it still dented the door on the ford, its dead blow hammer, still carries the KE to damage metal.

  • 5:47 TAKE MY MONEY 😂

  • Imagine blasting los corridos in that 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • he roke glass on purpose.his smile says it all. he just saved marketing budget!!!

  • What a bellend

  • That looks like a mallet made of plastic, not a sledge hammer

    • @Steve1963 D the damage doesnt come from the head being made of steel, the F150s door could not handle the force of the impact, the cyber truck did, besides its cold rolled steel very hard stuff so a steel hammer would also have trouble putting big dents. but the brake force required on 3mm of steel could mean damage on a good swing, but a puncture on the F150 door.

    • Miguel lopez A sledge jammer would’ve done much more damage and would not have bounced off like that plastic one did

    • Still dented regular Ford tough door.

  • Superb Powerful Cybertruck ,i like to have one in Nepal...

  • Kind of small for a truck

    • @Steve1963 D F150 isnt a truck...

    • Miguel lopez F150 isn’t a truckIts a Ute.

    • Same size as the F150.

  • How does this guy not have his own channel on youtube?

  • Electric cars environmentally friendly...any one ever seen a tailings dam for a lithium mine.... lithium is the new asbestos

    • Aver seen what we do pulling coal and oil out of the ground? It involves more then local rivers.

  • It is not a good truck

    • Did he just repeat every word two or three times after the window broke 😭😭😭😭