Watching only the FIRST and LAST episode of *GOSSIP GIRL*

čas přidán 18. 11. 2020
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  • i envy that he never had to endure rebel jenny or vanessa, i suffered for years

  • No but the fact he’ll never know that Blair was a LITERAL PRINCESS

  • The way he read Nate PERFECTLY after one scene 💀

  • “He was gossip girl? Didn’t think of that!” Well neither did the writers until the last minute.

  • Me laughing at him thinking Jenny and Eric were TOTALLY gonna get together

  • “They can’t all be together that’s one Stickley family plot”

  • “Such a boring white boy plot line” that’s literally Nate throughout the whole series

  • He is so lucky he didn’t have to endure the whole Ivy/Lola situation that went on for whole seasons

  • Him calling Dan the one good element of the show is PHYSICALLY painful

  • the only person ever to enjoy dan being revealed as gossip girl

  • The actor that plays Chuck is British in real life. He really does have quite a deep voice, but when he's speaking in an American accent, it becomes that weird dramatic thing. Always bothered me too, but I guess you just get used to it after a while haha.

  • Idc about him missing literally everything else but I’m so sad he doesnt know Dorota is a real and important character 🥲

  • Fans:

  • "It just seems like Nate's the kind of guy who never developed a personality because he was always attractive and popular"

  • the fact he never watched bart die, come back to life, serena half killing someone, the whole ivy issue, serena and dan being step siblings and sharing a sibling, and everything else that happens just makes me laugh

  • dan's whole character was just his preparation for joe lmao

  • It’s funny how he thinks it doesn’t make sense that he celebrates when his father died and that Chuck is the most hated character when his father literally tried to kill him, he became the show’s main and favorite character, and Dan is the one everyone hates.

  • The fact that Dylan will never know how terrible Bart is an actual crime

  • "goth girls unite" oh dear if only you knew what was coming

  • Idc who thinks Gossip Girl is trash, it’s iconic trash. Its cultural impact still puts 99% of teen dramas to shame. I usually wouldn’t be caught dead watching shows like this but it really hooked me and the worst part is I’m not even sorry. I love these characters flaws and all 😂