We Are SO Divided! | Rise of Polarization | Wednesday Checkup

čas přidán 2. 05. 2019
In our current political climate, the rise of polarization is apparent. What is not so clear is the reason for this divisive spike. I've been doing some serious research and came to a concept I have yet to seen discussed. That is how the major influx of information and mental stimulation is causing us more and more to rely on our knee jerk, lizard brain, reflexive logic. This is a rather short video because I wanted to be clear and concise but know that this isn't the last that I'll be discussing this topic. Please let me know your thoughts!
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Theres a great book called “Freedom of Speech for Me-but not for Thee” by Nat Hentoff. It shows how both sides of politics act primitively towards each other. That book took me from being a tribalist to being a more accepting person. To anyone who is either in tribalism right now, or if you know someone who is...give them this book. It makes you more tolerant towards each other.

  • Doctor mike: I feel like I have to get a new iPhone every three months and I have to learn how to use it Apple: do we make iPhones so frequently?

  • I would say that it's a lack of god but the Crusades and the Schism would disagree.

  • One of the few youtubers who doesn't polarize people but tries to bring them together. Great video Dr. Mike!

  • Doctor Mike, I am afraid for the life of your buttons... nice gainz though, Doc

  • Idk why but the thumbnail made me think of les miserables

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  • I’m only 14, but polarization can become very dangerous. Especially with the us vs. them mindset. These sound like steps leading to genicide🤷🏾‍♀️

  • I think the main issue is not that we've become more polarized; I grew up in the eighties, it was pretty much the same. The thing is that completely unacceptable ideas are trying to gain mainstream status, like anti-vaxers and racists, and doing so by trying to present themselves as a reasonable alternative and demand we take a middle ground between them and reasonable standpoints, whining about polarization if we refuse.

  • Jesus Christ they're are kids in cages. C'mon

  • This is why I'm going to become independent once I register to vote

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  • Capitalism is the disease, socialism is the cure.

  • Workflows at work!!!! Oh what a wonderful life! I’m too blessed to be stressed ❣️

  • You should do a video on flat feet and fitness! Specifically squats. I’ve that issue lol

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  • This tribalistic thinking and the problems it causes is exactly what Jordan Peterson has been talking about for years, and it's why he became so popular.

  • Please start an online university 🥰 really would retain more medical information if you taught me!!

  • Any opinions on the "Last Week Tonight" episode about medical devices?

  • Pro tip: Don’t get your politics from a medical doctor.

  • Ahhh fuck me, you too dr. Mike? I come here because you were the tv dr. It was great it was fun. I am so tired of every god damn Tom dick and wanna be Harry going all SJW. I thot i was safe here. Peace out I'm over it. Thanks it was awesome while it lasted.

  • I stopped political debates amd started doing friendly debates about game of thrones. It was all friendly until Daenerys burned kingslanding, i still like her. GoT fans are turning against each other, and Daenerys haters see us, her fans like some sort of hitler suporters

  • okay i’m fed up of people saying the world is so violent so much when in fact we are the most peaceful we have ever been in the history of humanity. tribes were at war at each other ALL THE TIME thousands of years ago so calm down it’s not the end of the world

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  • Hey mike idk where to ask a comment with the hope of getting a response, but I was curious about what causes hair loss in people like me (early 20s who exercise and eat reasonably well)

  • So brave of you to do this.

  • Just learned that people are apparently treating their children's autism by giving them bleach. Just thought that should be out there.

  • you are so smart! maybe some video with your father - he had such a interesting journey - first medicine in Russia , than in USA. etc et cetc

  • This really reminds me of the TED talk about the girl who escaped the Westboro Baptist Church. She talks about how polarizing her views were and how much everyone hated her on Twitter, but then someone took the time to use those techniques and she realised everything she believed was a terrible indoctrine

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  • I mean, the actual issue is that few people think. When you base everything on experience, you automatically reject things you haven't experienced, because you don't get them. People look insane when you don't understand them. It's even worse when they act with information you don't have, and can't possibly understand, because you are not thinking. When was the last time you tried to speak with people who grind your gears and tried to understand why they do what they do? That's it. People don't care about understanding, it's about winning the argument.

  • Good Video.Also, I got onto the channel because dude is hot.It's a factor.

  • Honest question, and let me start off I think anti-vaxxers are a danger to their kids and society and 100% disagree with them, but one of their biggest (sensible) sticking points about wanting to make their own health decisions I can relate to. I have struggled with depression and resisted anti-depressants although I've had at least 5 doctors give me an open invite (I'm not a danger to myself or others, just have very bad disinterest, which I would consider much less immediate in need than being suicidal, for example) but I believe for my level of depression that pills are more dangerous than my depression. I've done a lot of research and I want to trust my doctors, but honestly, they often have lead me astray. One said I had PCOS and prescribed me medication that could have killed me because she just jumped to conclusions, she didn't even test me for it. So how come my judgement on those issues is acceptable to put above a doctor's but not their opinion on vaccination? I understand vaccines protect all of us, but I don't believe anyone should base medical actions based on possible ill affects to society. I mean we allow smoking even though second-hand smoke is bad for you, we allow extreme obesity which can create fire hazards (as in so big they can't leave their home), etc - we allow people to make personal choices that could hurt other people because their body their choice. Genuinely curious how you would respond to this kind of thing, how do doctors draw the line between health skepticism/personal choice medicine vs mandated vaccines and whatnot, because I honestly haven't found a good answer yet...

  • As much as I respect you Dr.Mike, I'm not sure if I agree with this stance. I don't really see polarization as a bad thing nor as something new. If you look back upon our history, we've always have been this polarized. Whether it be Patriots vs Loyalist, Federalist vs Antifederalist, Republican vs Democrat, etc. And America has always pulled through. What is happening now is nothing new. And personally I like the fact that the parties are being more divided because it gives leftist like me to have more of a voice. A major reason why we are getting "more divided" is because there is push for the democratic party to go further left, which I don't see as a bad thing personally. And there is a push for the Republican party to go further right(which imo is kind of scary as it leans towards facism and bigotry). The only reason why we weren't as divided as we were let's say like 30ish years ago is because one party compromised its political beliefs (democrats) and went further right to appeal with the Republican voters. That's the only reason. The difference today is that there is some push back from leftist who want to reform the left to go further left. Another thing that I also want to mention is, sometimes I can't simply disagree with someone because of their political beliefs. For some beliefs I can, for others I can't. For example, when someone thinks that LGBTQ+ people shouldn't have special protections to help protect us(a very known marginalized group who is at a very high risk for violence) or that I don't deserve the same rights as my straight friends and family, I'm going to have issues. Or when people believe in policies that disenfranchise people of color, that to me is no longer just a normal opinion. That sort of opinion is harmful and can have REALLY bad consequences. Yes people have the right to disagree with one another, but not all opinions are as valid. Some can be, but not all. Not all sides have equal weight, and we should acknowledge that. I still love your content Dr.Mike, but I wanted to add a bit of nuance in this discussion since I don't see anyone countering/critiquing your points in the comment section.

  • We no longer have things to unite us. Religion has fallen by way side. We job hop and can’t trust our employer. We don’t stay with family in close proximity or remain with a community. The Russians or Arabs aren’t coming to get us. So we fight with one another because we belong nowhere.

  • I would love the see a video of your thoughts and opinions on the Amen Clinics

  • He sad thing is you are more known/mostly known because of your appearance 😔. But you use it to educate. Thank you!

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  • Do a video on hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

  • Hey Dr. Mike- I wondered if you knew of a way to locate the most reputable physician or physicians that treat certain medical conditions? With all this information advances- I’ve yet to find a site that truly provides consumers the ability to search doctors based on reputable feedback for treatments, diseases, and outcomes. I ask because I need to find a doctor or team of doctors who treat and fix recto vaginal fistulas - aka RVF. Thanks 🙏🏻

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  • I have a mole on my scalp that my hairdresser really got today and I've had moles removed before but never on my scalp. What could I expect if I went to my dermatologist to have it removed?

  • I have to say that I agree I mean I had no idea that I had a friend that was racist, until a couple of years ago when Obama was president and she was making racist comments on her Facebook, I had no idea. I unfriended her because I just don’t think that I want to be friends with somebody whose like that.

  • Glad I watched this. I've been actively trying to adjust the way I think about and react to things. There's a palpable hostility to how people express themselves these days. So many ideas and opinions are expressed in terms of rigid absolutes, like "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem," whether the issue is social, cultural or political. People talk *at* each other, rather than *to* each other. I used to be in the thick of the fights, exchanging metaphorical blows on Twitter, Facebook and forums. Then I decided, 'no more.' I didn't want to be that person anymore. I got rid of Twitter, I stopped engaging with the hostility on FB. When I post, I try to not argue the specifics, but to call for rational discourse and a compassionate perspective. In my personal life I try not to get angry at strangers or to be argumentative with people I know. I focus on the positive. I know now I've been carrying a lot of anger in me, but I don't want to feed it any longer. I think it's working. I've noticed a change for the better, and seeing this video affirms that I'm on a better course having made that decision. My life isn't perfect, but my outlook is much improved.

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  • I’m just sad he supports Ben shapiro and mike pence. They are openly anti trans and gay. Sad.

  • What is the recent study on stem cells?

  • I literally was writing to talk about cbd derived from hemp benefits and disadvantages. When you mentioned it lol... please make a sole video on cbd. And you trying it out. Maybe blood tests.

  • you should do a video about your opinions on CBD and if there are pros and cons

  • THANK YOU! I've been thinking about this lately

  • Hey Dr. Mike. I am 21 and have arthritis in my left knee due to a couple previous skiing and soccer injuries. I love to run, rock climb, swim, and due to work I spend a lot of time on my feet. Is there anything I can do to help reduce the pain I often feel? Disclaimer, my diet is often suboptimal.

  • We're getting more divided politically because a lot more people have realized how much the bureaucracy and both parties were doing nothing well bureaucrats and politicians just consolidated power. It's now we have people in the media, the ivy league, and politics who say to hate everybody else, but act as if they're teaching tolerance. From my perspective, a lot of those people teach hate while claiming to be the most tolerant, so you get a group that says tolerance tolerance tolerance but creates people who will bang pots and pans to keep someone who disagrees with them from speaking. the focus on division also ignores all the people who are living their regular lives and getting along just fine outside of social media because social media is not the only thing. There's also a lot of people in the pre 2016 power structure who benefited heavily from creating hate, but have to double down now or lose their power.

  • Hi Dr Mike. I'm a 1st year medical student. You've mentioned that you used to watch lectures online. Which is the channel I can probably refer to for anatomy? Love your channel! Thanks!

  • Also Tseries and Pewdiepie

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I just found your channel, and I think it's rathet enjoyable and informative. You mentioned the 'Dangers of Vaping'. What dangers are you talking about? Have you read the research that has been done? I don't for a second believe that vaping is truly safe, but the level of harm reduction from quitting cigarettes/chew/snus is immense and pretty immediate, assuming you've completely quit the cancer sticks. Royal College of Physicians in the UK has claimed that it is up to 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco use. Studies have shown that the exhalation of ecigarette vapor is almost void of any toxic chemicals. Studies have shown massive improvement to heart and lung health after making the switch. I've not seen any trustworthy data that supports 'dangers of vaping'. Every study I've seen has been paid for by big tobacco, and because they have a horse in this race, I say it's highly suspect. Big tobacco has seen record loss of revenue because of vaping. Teen smoking & vaping rates are plummeting. If you can do a whole video on the subject, with sources(I'd love to look at & read them) it would be greatly appreciated. I feel that as a practicing doctor with over 3.5mil subs, you are in a unique position to help a lot of smokers make the switch and get off the icky sticks. As a last point, I know that if you're not a smoker there is no reason to start vaping. Being sober is far preferable. But Dr. Mike, we still lose millions from preventable smoking-related illness/disease. Thanks! Subbed, and the bell has been clicked.

  • Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 love ur videos

  • I want to become an orthopedic surgeon when I am an adult, I am currently a freshman in high school and I am planning on taking anatomy 1 and 2 next year and then start taking college courses during my junior and senior year. Do you think that is a good idea for me considering the fact that I want to become a surgeon? Please respond