We are storming Area51 [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#61

čas přidán 15. 07. 2019
Do not storm Area51, this is just a joke. Dont do it ironically or unironically, just dont.
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  • Area 51 raid: if we naruto run we can dodge the bullets Me: Love em or hate em you can’t deny they’re s p i t t i n g f a c t s

  • What if inside Area 51 is a DEMOGORGON?

  • Really

  • Man there is so many people going there that the government will make fukin area 52 literally

  • This video will disappear after 20th September

  • Just don't vaccinate the guards the wait 4 years. Then we attack.

  • *20 million people show up* AREA 51:*PULLS OUT MINIGUNS*


  • *M E M E R E M E M E*

  • Anyone want to go with me to see if we can find the Stranger things season 4 script!!!

  • هذا ابو حمدان😂😂

  • Why did u put #61 if it’s Area 51

  • My birthday is on September 20

  • They would all die Area 51have giant cannons of death

  • I am your #1 fan!👽👽👽

  • кртуо мне нравятся твои видосики ты самый лучший)!!!!

  • Pewds: wHaT!? yOu n---- Me: **CLICKS AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE**

  • Me when i see Duolingo giving me 10000 spanish homework: 4:48

  • 4:56 most kids here don’t even know what game that is from 😔

  • J

  • Por qué ponen titulos en español?! Los youtubers grandes que no son españoles?

  • 7:11 yess thats how i feel(loki's voice)

  • I wonder why president of the USA did not speak on this matter, and order to open the door for any guests for one day??? It is simple and will prevent tragedy (open door day). But maybe he have not sufficient power to order Majestic 12 (or their followers)? In my opinion in the day 09.20 Majestic 12 will find peacefully solution, because they are smart, very smart, and have got a lot of money and big support from another bases, police, FBI, CIA... maybe this area will be empty to that day. Who knows?

  • If CS-tv rewind doesn't have the raid of area 51, We will drop a 100m dislike bomb, Who's with me🙋

  • i have feeling what if 10 million humans stromed area 51

  • Why not try to get a job at area 51 so u can see what's going on

  • We want to see Dem aleans

  • Watch the Gov.t bomb all the people going to Area 51 and trying to raid it

  • I hope i find Sh monsterarts Godzillas in there

  • Area 51 is were they have the sub count t series vs pewdiepie

  • Leaving Area 51 in a banshee aircraft

  • SESH

  • Cat girls have 4 ears

  • I cought a mewtwo at area 51👽👽👽👽

  • area 53

  • Is Nice video you área very Nice youtuber (;^ω^)

  • Pew dew pie pewdewpie

  • What if avengeres raided area 51 lol

  • U S A: have been to wars that have 1 million people and you think you can stop us?. People: yes

  • They've stopped selling bath and started selling shower water

  • Ahahaahahaha thats legendary I play the PewDiePie simulator game now and I will play that game forever and I will make a video of promise my Lord hahahahaha best of my idol gamerzzzzzz


  • Go with a new peepeepoopoo army

  • Have fun getting shot guys ^_^

  • Im not going cuz im not dying to Day butttt sure do it im not gonna stop i lol

  • What we need is Dio brando and Jotaro kujo And giorno giovanna

  • It came to a meme but know it’s a real thing we want to see dem aliens

  • I going to storm area 51

  • No jojo piano music

  • damn haha

  • All this and not 1 modern warfare 2 comment

  • Subtitle Indonesia nya mana kok ga ada tumben

  • Bro,, I'm from Bangladesh,,, Do you know Bangladesh,,???

  • Is everyone familiar with our battle plans

  • I'll tell you what I'm getting The B.F.G. 9000

  • jag och pojkarna kommer att raida på Area 51.

  • Tim to pull out the tabs strats

  • my sister birthday is september 20....

  • Yup

  • take slippy to shit when we leave lol he can shit on the gaurds

  • they call kill us all with tanks they can us deadly force against us

  • Just strom the S4, cause the 51 is empty of any ufo

  • the area 51 memes are probably the best memes in a while

  • I just want to go to area 51 to fuck an alien with 3 tittes

  • 1:10 song?

  • 9:45 Pewdiepie knew the name of PeePooPoo in his minecraft series long before his arrival.

  • My mom said I can't go because I haven't finished my homework from school

  • is it me or is he starting to speak with *iNdiAn aCcEnT*

  • guys go naruto

  • What if the person who made the post is working for the grovement

  • How did t series won

  • If Area 51 was a youtube channel then they would have the golden play button.

  • Furries are the human shields

  • they should storm in by digging underground tunnels

  • Me when people don't have tuber simulator 10:57

  • Saying intro with another language Jacksepticeye: barr an dréimire maidine PewDiePie:hej hur går det med mitt namn är pewdiepie

  • Quick meme, actually quick fact Watching Morgz makes you lose so many brain cells you could join Team 10.

  • When you see the Naruto headband... CLICK

  • wait wait wait people say they are going to leave in an space ship but do they know how to even fly it your going to need a proper pilot who knows how to fly many different planes including ones like jet star emirates and many more

  • If presedent dunald trump strom area 51