We Bought The Most EPIC Excavator Ever!!!

čas přidán 22. 11. 2020
We bought another game changer piece of equipment!!! As we grow and expand our headquarters, we decided to pull the trigger on an excavator. Instead of going with a medium grade piece, we went with the most epic piece they have to offer. The KXO80 is one mean machine, this thing is practically unstoppable and we couldn't be happier with it. We have so many awesome things planned and we cant wait to share it with you! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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  • i wonder how many OSHA violations they would have *WHO CARES!* 🤣 still good videos! and yes, do tile!

  • Have u ever watched hedblom on utube? He has one and he has a tilt/rotator and man that guy is smooth as butter with it

  • Whatever happened to the land they bought for the hq I wanna see progress on that

  • It’s not called a claw it’s a thumb

  • I know I'm late to the party as I'm just now catching up on all of your videos in order after taking a few months off, but you could use the excavator for stump removal as well. This would be an even better option than mulching them with the paladin as they would be completely eliminated rather than just ground down to surface level. This would allow grass to grow even better in your fields.

  • ; )

  • Goonzquad is the best CS-tv channels....And the best ambassador for KUBOTA

  • Y'all need a fiberglass pool ..hollar at me in kings mountain NC I'll hook you up brother

  • The thankful side thessaly want because mind fittingly fold athwart a damp camera. lowly, gullible gusty watch

  • If that is the most 'EPIC excavator ever', then I wonder what this Kubota is: cs-tv.org/tv/video-AA442GdkVAo.html

  • Every piece of equipment you buy ,brand does not matter ,will pay for itself 10x over , you just need to know your job description , long term

  • These guys should just paint houses

  • Dude!

  • Buy more please

  • Good job but more stuff guys piece

  • House build: episode 39.5😂

  • isn't the huracan worth more?

  • Looks like one nice tax break.

  • Hey your investment in your business is an investment in our viewing experience. The bigger you go with your infrastructure the bigger you can go with your content development.

  • Goonzquad: "We bought a surprise gift..." Me: *Looks at title* "Hmmm.... I wonder what it could be..." For real, though, very excited for yall. I'm a few weeks behind on videos, but y'all keep cranking out awesome videos and I'll catch up someday. Excited to see everything y'all have coming!

  • Ballin the whole family

  • Use those long logs to install a temporary light post that includes a security array or cameras and timelapse cameras to record progress on the property . You can dig the hole with the new excavator near the container

  • Great content.... enjoying the property build!!

  • Cool Boys 👍

  • not sure if anyone mentioned, but you can change the controls to suit your preference. cs-tv.org/tv/video-No6T9BmQb5A.html

  • You guys are definitely doing things right and well with being able to upgrade your shops and get new equipment!

  • 11:00 thats a lot of "Limited Availability" Goon Squad T Shirts and Hoodies! ...... $ 2000 a month is really nothing I'm sure they will drive more content from it each month that will easily take care of the payment.

  • Like and subscribe and comment and staytoon for the new shop

  • I love the house content. I was not a fan of the helicopter tho. Just my opinion.

  • I'll give you guys some cold brewskis to come to New Mexico and paint my house! 😂

  • john moreau calgary AB canada

  • Wheres the new puppy?

  • When will you guys work on the helicopter

  • Great work guys, awesome content!!! You guys have to get a rotor-tilt for the Kubota excavator! A rotor-tilt will take away your limitations you have now and increase the efficiency in your work, makes it so much easier! A rotortilt is an hydraulic attachment between the bucket and the bucket mount which let you rotate and tilt the bucket. I’m a excavator operator myself of a Volvo EW160E and I have a Engcon rotor-tilt, which I wouldn’t want to be without! steelwrist.com/en-us/

  • honestly you don’t even have to do contracting you could rent it out

  • Hey - love the new house content. Don’t be put off by any negative comments. Keep going. Always have loved your auto content too but I’ve been really enjoying all the new content. Love love love seeing your house come together and all the epic equipment you’ve been able to use. Dang son! keep going!

  • You should get a mother c can and put it there and make a roof on top and make a big space for all the cars between them

  • 7:33 Did he say Wife? These guys are living the dream dude.

  • invest in a new camera guys

  • you guys need a gooseneck trailer

  • Kubota knows what is doing. You deserved it!

  • led rgb all the equipment xD rave while digging party

  • Need to crush a car with that monster tool

  • Any DIY content is gold imo... Plus the car content they'll put out after they are done gonna be sick

  • Love the good vibe god bless y’all

  • I’ve been here since the start of the garage being built ❤️

  • I like this house build, my father was a carpenter for 30 plus years. I love the laborer work like this any construction work I get in my other village I get a change to get a laborer job I can get. Like your content, been about a year watching your guys videos. Other thing I like to do is work on atv, snowmobiles for tough me and my older brother how to work on atv and snowmobiles.

  • Love to house content. Please don’t stop. It’s all part of the Goozquad story.

  • I love how you guys are so open and honest about the prices about some of the simple things...

  • Very Humble- Mom&Dad raised you boys right!!

  • You can change the control pattern there is two different ones

  • You guys should paint tht forklift Kubota Orange

  • Gonna have to bounce. Really enjoyed the car rebuilds but this channel has taken a turn to home remodeling and ohhhing and ahhhing over excavator work. Peace.

  • Need Hydraulic hitch for buckets changes guys

  • You guys can really spend the cash

  • Bro I remember when these guys were doing it with no garage and no subscribers amazing to see how much they’ve grown this channel

  • Deliver a dumpster with junk in it....

  • Should be a switch lever in front of the seat on the right side of the cab to change the controls.

  • Cant believe over 1,000 people gave this part a thumbs down. Not me, I like all your videos

  • you should get a tilt rotator from sweden for that kubota digger!

  • Dude it's unfair because you built this house together and he will live with his wife in it

    • He’s going to live on the same property, just in the living quarters of the garage they’re going to build.

  • Most mini excavators have 2 Different hydraulic functions being “back hoe” mode and “Excavator” mode look around in the machine for a lever to switch hydraulic functions or modes might be why your not used to the controls.

  • interested!

  • Try utube channel Paul and Kathy short. They do kubota tractor modifications for a lot of different kubotas.The have a lot of led light options.

  • Dang son the IRS is here

  • Boys.......these machines come with a switch that changes the controls from "Cat" controls to "John Deer" controls. These are user preference but will mess up the operator if he or she is used to the other set of functions.

    • What slip on, half boots do they wear?

  • Love what you guys are doing!!! Keep up the amazing content!!!

  • Would be awesome to see you guys on ridiculousness lol

  • Hey guys! I have a quastion! maybe you are Ukranians?

  • keep it up, your fan from Saudi Arabia

  • ask kubota if it has a lever to change the controls to what you are used to

  • Use 1/2” hardibacker not durrock and you guy can do it! Might struggle with the pan but plenty if videos on how to.

  • this is cars channal or building construction channal 🤣

  • Y’all have worked your asses off for this keep it up and a great idea for the back yard is keep the rocks going around where the garageis going to be and have a bigger back yard for your family time all you guys to spend time together

  • I've noticed these guys never ever have any subscriber giveaways. I've never seen one. They do hawk merchandise at the start of every video. Kinda selfish not to give back anything.

  • I loved cutting can lights out in ceilings, that last little spurt of drywall dust always goes in your eyes 🤣

  • It would be dope if y’all painted your forklift to match your Kubota equipment!!!!

  • Why are there not that many shirts?

  • There should be a lever to change those controls to the mode your familiar with

  • Loving these home videos!

  • What slip on, half boots do they wear?

  • Tint the windows lol

  • You don't want to use cement board in shower , the latest is go board its quite, stronger ,waterproof , no comparison

  • You guys should look into a I DIG digging assist system, I just got one an it is worth the investment

  • The house and new HQ is the adventure that takes you further in car repair and mods. I was skeptical at first but I see the story unfolding into a lifetime of entertainment from you guys.

    • These 2 Boyz Are So Much Coordinating As They Just Worked Together To Build up Their Future 👏💙✌️

  • I would put a light bar on it

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡😷😷😷😷😷🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • I just spent a week on one of those KX080-4 Kubota machines to dig my well and do some yard work. I personally like the John Deere units the best of the excavators I have been in which have been Bob Cat, John Deere, Kubota and Cat.

  • Deliver a dumpster with junk in it....

  • This is epic daaaaannnngg son lol

  • You have never introduced your wife!


  • At this point what haven’t they bought, wouldnt be suprised if they bought a tank😂

    • please offer stickers got a lanyard you guys have a happy thanksgiving

  • They probably bought the project house so they can have a reason to buy heavy toys.

  • you guys are a salesmans dream lmao.

    • 24grand a year to say you own an excavator. guys.. you dont need that...trust me. if we make this possible by watching, go return that thing and make some better stuff happen. once you are done building here in a year or so you are going to be literally sitting and paying for a machine thats incredibly over capable for anything you could personally get yourself into on your own property.

  • Love the house so much .the house is big and beautiful .the land is big enough for two houses maybe u can build another one for ur brother

  • Ok,, I have excavator envy,..LOL!!

  • no one: the boys: got more than 5 cars but their jaws are out coz of an excavator.....

  • These 2 Boyz Are So Much Coordinating As They Just Worked Together To Build up Their Future 👏💙✌️

  • It's call a thump