We brought Hasbulla to the USA!

čas přidán 26. 03. 2023
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  • You guys put together such a good trip for Hasbulla! W NELK! 🔥

  • The fact you sneaked away and didnt drink infront of hasbulla shows great respect👍

  • This is better than any prank. Do these type of videos. You guys worked so hard to build this empire. Enjoy it now!

  • this is proof that the boys and the fun are universal. they don't even understand each other but still had the best time of their lives.

  • Kyle genuinely seems like a cool dude he remembered how well they treated him as a guest so he returned the favor double fold🎉 one cool ass dude

  • Hasbulla scaring Dana is the most wholesome thing ever.

  • I love Hasbullas energy. What an awesome dude. You guys really did a great job capturing his essence. Great vid!

  • Crazy to see how much Kyle has grown and matured over the years! He’s going to make a great Dad one day.

  • Kyle is truly a happy dad around Hasbulla

  • I just want to say I've been a subscriber for a long time and and the happiness that you guy bring me is literally un real, I was down in a bad place and watching you guys literally made me feel like I'm almost a part of a family and I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, keep continuing what you are doing it makes me feel alive and makes me realize how you are just supposed to have fun in life and smile thank you Nelk boys I appreciate you guys more then you know!

  • Hasbulla trying to bully Mickey Mouse had me dying 💀💀

  • This might get overlooked but Bro this is so crazy I remember when you guys would do the “Calling in sick to places we don’t work at” and “taking selfies with strangers” and “bad walmart employees” and now you guys are so monumental and legendary. I’m glad I was able to watch this grow into the channel that it is today. I love you guys ❤

  • Hasbullah has two moods :

  • seeing them say goodbye was so sad, that just showed how fun they had together and how their relationship was, can’t wait to see him back with the bell boys ❤

  • Dana definitely had a huge part in this. I would not doubt if he set the whole day up for the boys. The boys got major pull with Dana now.

  • Thank you to the Nelk Boys crew for bringing Hasbulla to Adrenaline Mountain! A great memory for our team.

  • Can’t say that I’ve looked forward to seeing what you guys drop next as much as I can this year. That’s wild because I’m always tuned in waiting. The evolution I’ve seen in the last two videos is jaw dropping. Killin’ it boys

  • What a brilliant video this was... Nelk boys treated Hasbulla and his 2 friends like royalty the absolute joy flowing through him was so beautiful to witness he was shrieking with excitement such happy little fellow his energy is amazing and his joy at the different activities was so genuine he was truly so happy and excited...Kyle is like the ultimate best friend a human could have in life ...great stuff as always Nelk boys and Hasbulla such a cool little dude🤩😍

  • I’ve never smiled for 36 min straight. I love this guy

  • Thank you guys for bringing my man Hasbulla to America it looked like he had a dope time he really will never forget his trip I love u guys And We got mad love For Hasbulla in DC ❤