We Locked Our Phones Away For A Week

čas přidán 30. 10. 2019
We attempted to live without our phones for the first time over 5 years
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  • I would take going on vacation and having genuine fun over staring at a phone _anyday_ of my life

  • If I did that I would literally die

  • E: I love it!! E: did you get it E: did you get Lmao 😂

  • Just sum time stamps :) 1:26 1:42 3:46 4:39 5:38 6:03 6:59 7:13 7:20 7:46 7:56 8:14 8:35 9:57 10:47 11:04 11:20 11:59 12:12 12:42 13:07 13:23 13:40 14:13 14:54 15:15 15:31 15:50 15:58 16:26 16:40 16:54 18:43 19:41 20:38 21:06 21:29 21:31 22:15 22:52 23:32 23:39 24:33 24:48 25:22 25:58 26:22 26:32 26:46 28:12 28:17 31:04 31:37 32:02 33:08 34:37

  • I love how Grayson is the early bird 😊

  • If Grayson's assistant like wants to quit or something, I volunteer as tribute!

  • If 14:19 ain’t the most relatable thing 😂😂🥰

  • CALA BONGA!!🌊🌺

  • Avocados are not vegan.

  • why does grayson sound like a vacuum/lawnmower when he's sleeping HAHAHAHAHA

  • Can I just say 31:39 I almost switched to Ethans lane. But then Gray got me back at 31:46 hehe 🥰🥰

  • When he said bed sticks I thought of bread 🥖 sticks lol. Is it just me

  • 11:20 ur welcome

  • are we not gonna acknowledge the fact that Grayson was snoring so loud 😂😭 11:55 - 11:59

  • I turn off my CS-tv notifications and I get on CS-tv to check on Dolan twins and they were on Oahu the whole time I could’ve met them

  • I didn’t know Ricky Dillon worked for them, wow you learn something new everyday.

  • I wish phones weren’t made but at the same time I kinda wanted them to be made

  • Where’s the I needed this in my life button? Yaws happiness is our happiness!

  • y’all look so happy😆

  • 38:58 me every day

  • 19:07 rIsE aNd ShInE

  • Ver la felicidad en sus caras y cuando hablan, me hace feliz. Me contagian.

  • What about there snap streaks lol

  • 28:01 has me dying 😂💀💀💀

  • I have watched this video 4 times and for some reason havent noticed until now about how he didnt deny 11:17 like what 😳😝😂

  • I love how whenever Ethan is sitting and Gray is standing he always puts his hands on his shoulders or hair it's too cute istg-

  • No one: Gray: obviously we don't have our phones so-

  • 💎🕸️💎🕸️💎🕸️💎

  • Ily

  • i live in hawai'i😎

  • Every ten seconds of this video: I'm NOT thinking about my phone. Every 15 seconds: We're off the grid

  • I felt so poor while watching this 🤣 but also felt like I need to do this with my phone

  • I did the same thing you guys did and my dad took my phone away for like almost 2 weeks and it made me bond more with my family

  • Grayson: CEO of screaming for no reason

  • @dolantwins

  • I went to the same beach omg!!!!

  • Nana times they said Ricky is in sane

  • Grayson is a funny man

  • 20:15

  • aww i regret not watching this video sooner🥺

  • Lowkey tho, I’m actually in love with them. Like their personalities are just so chill, they’re the type of people who’d bring out the best in you

  • so the twins get their own bedrooms while the camera guys have to sleep on the floor? 😂

  • i did not know Ricky Dillon was ur camera man

  • Eefwffew

  • Lifeguard Grayson Dolan

  • 11:54. Bro Greyson’s face is funnnnnnnny

  • Why haven’t the Dolan twins posted in a month?

  • Life guard Grayson

  • In the montage at the end ethan was the cutest bean ever ;0

  • و لا تجسسوا أكثر .

  • Ethan is just like me he annoyed Grayson by staying in the store sniffing shampoo bottles that is something I would do

  • i was laughing the whole video but then the montage hit me like a brick and really got the tears flowing

  • Ethan:sends Grayson a Snapchat Grayson:why did you send me a Snapchat I'm going with you

  • the ending was so cute!

  • Once I saw the word coherent I was like there in Hawaii and then I seen the pineapple and I was like oh there definitely in Hawaii now

  • Bruh I wish I had a brother or twin that I could make videos with we would've been huge too...

  • Friends

  • Doland twins:Ban their phones for a week Me:how do you do that???

  • His is how many times they cursed 👇🏽

  • if you put the playback speed really high, it almost sounds like Spanish in some parts 😂 idek what this is😂