We Made Home Alone R-Rated

čas přidán 8. 09. 2019
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The crew takes on their most intense VFX Makeover yet - Home Alone.
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  • I feel like the Express VPN ad is a Workers comp disaster in the making

  • Omg make saw G rated I wanna see how you pull that off

  • Dude that's a toy gun, Not a real gun

  • Maybe we should have a part 2????

  • hocus pocus

  • A Marvel childish crap R rated wanna be? In what wet dream? 😂😂 You want to scare all the marvel incels? They are used with childish crapso disney movies, with cheesy lame jokes every 5 minutes!

  • G rated Hacksaw Ridge

  • IT G rated

  • Continuity error: You used a clip of the tall guy with the "iron mark" on his face *before* you showed it falling on him 14:22

  • This is making me ticklish in every part of my body.

  • Make a G-rated Annabelle

  • Make Game of thrones G rated

  • Make hatchet g rated movie #challenge to you

  • Do they like this stuff?!?!? WTF

  • Make hocus pocus less family friendly

  • With great creativity comes great responsibility

  • Corridor Crew × EditingIsEverything

  • Make Braindead G rated:D

  • the title should be ......wrong turn to home alone.....:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Logan G rated

  • I cringed so hard when he stepped on the nail

  • The good son 2

  • Try making Robocop G rated hahaha

  • G Rated Saw

  • Try to make some Bollywood movie R rated. I mean they already have wacky stunts.

  • Saw g-rated!

  • Die hard as g rated

  • I dought you can make these movies G rated Django, or Inglourious Basterds

  • Someone show this to Macaulay Culkin :D He'll love it

  • Make Final Destination G Rated

  • Suggestion for an R-Movie to turn into a G Movie: "Debbie Does Dallas"

  • Make SAW VII G-rated

  • Make Final Destination G Rated

  • You fucking suck

  • Confirmed.... Kevin grows up to be Jigsaw

  • Stop

  • Try making Martyrs G-rated. The French one. See you next decade- Wren's voice may even have broken by then.

  • 😂

  • Dumbass soy boy cucks don’t even know The difference between a BB gun and real gun.

  • The Human Centipede g-rated

  • 13:13 when it finnally starts and they stop talking shit

  • If you waited until Christmas time to release the video, you would’ve gotten way more views than what you have now🤷🏻‍♂️😂good video though👌

  • G rated Braveheart

  • Do the devils rejects G rated

  • You guys are pretty professional ^^

  • I usually hate when people put ads in their videos I always just skip them, but that was pretty sweet. That’s how you do an ad

  • Kill bill G rated

  • Make American Ultra to a Child Movie

  • This is so bad

  • The part where harry gets shot in the balls 0:42 : *Now imagine:* a torn off testicle flies by

  • Kill bill g rated

  • The Joker G Rated lmao

  • Wauw plz make saw g rated

  • and no monetarisation

  • best sponsored video


  • Rejects from hell. G rating!

  • Congratulations you have ruined my favorite Christmas movie and my childhood dicks

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-qyXkq2vpFws.html

  • Make spy kids r rated please