We Raced the WORLD'S SMALLEST Motorbikes

čas přidán 22. 05. 2023
🏍 Thanks to FAB Racing for having us, check them out here! 👉 bit.ly/43pdvgX
THIS is Mini Moto racing. It’s full grown men riding on TINY children’s bikes that will do 80mph. For some reason, the’re letting US have a go with hardly any experience on motorbikes.
Before we go out we thought we’d watch these for some tips
These bikes are the perfect size for kids, but they also have the senior class which we’ll be racing in today. They might only have 13 horsepower but they weigh just 30kg. They’re capable of 80mph AND they’re ridiculously easy to crash in MULTIPLE different ways.
Seeing as I was chosen to go first, I definitely needed to get some tips. We spoke to Reece who builds AND races these bikes.
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  • i love that while you are following the top gear formula, you arent copying them. you come up with your own events and challenges. well done. glad i subbed a while back!

    • I absolutely love what they’re doing, it’s definitely a format that works and I’m all here for it

    • It also helps spread awareness of the lesser known motorsport in the UK. I’d love to see them try Autotest!

    • It's like Top gear but with actual motorsport. Scott is a real racecar driver, Callum is an amateur driver, and Will... drives, but the TG trio were TV hosts first, drivers second.

    • @Karst Kiwi frankly it could be a housewife a an MP and a bin bag collector. its the chemistry that matters.. id be bored watching race car drivers do this as a rule. if i want to see what they do ill watch racing. i prefer when its more average people.

    • ​@rip vanwinkle exactly, also I enjoy the mix. I like to have the 'pro' for an objective review, and then the average driver to see what I would realistically do

  • I want to see an AI-edited version of this where the bikes have been removed, so these grown men are hovering around the track in a squat. 😂

  • 80mph on them is wild

    • 79mph on your backside is pretty entertaining also..... 🏍 🚑

    • With a single gear as well?

    • @Alex Willis That's what I'm wondering. Surely they can't be automatics?

    • @Bald Manc Twat With A Head Like A Fucking Orange Yup. Centrifugal clutch.

    • Mine used to do 45mph with a 100cc head on and that felt like inwas doing triple that so low to floor no springs so much fun

  • Watching Will try to fit on that bike was like watching OJ try to put on the leather glove, "eh...Oh well. Doesn't fit, guess I'm free to go."

    • Shame they can't all take part. Maybe it's intentional!

    • @Alex Willis doubt its intentional

    • @Alex Willis No fat chicks!

    • Yoga is a prerequisite :)

  • This is absolutely ridiculous I love it!

  • I’ve only been on one mini moto and you really do feel like you’re doing the speed of sound at about 18mph on them 😂 You’ve got to get Callum on a proper bike now! Could be an interesting series after the Caterham one, get Callum his bike license!

  • "Can you high-side a horse" is a great quote

    • i want to see them horse racing now lmao

    • @Briffy 100% agree!

    • Highsiding must be too easy on these, at least you’re pretty close to the ground…

  • You can tell that Scott was having a good time, because he sounded even more Brummie.

  • Love the motorbike content. Would love to see you guys try Sidecars, F1/F2 or even mini sidecars.

    • Holy shit, sidecars would be mad fun. Making each one of them do the role of the side car woudl be wild

  • More motorbikes content in the future 🤔? Would love to see you guys trying out supermotos

    • *Chunky Motos

    • The little 50cc sumos would be cool

    • Yea, more two wheeled content! Trial, motocross, supermoto, maybe 'big' bikes on track? Edit, an overdrive freetech 125cc endurance team😁😁

    • @b.w.93 motorcycle ice racing would be something

  • For guys who've never been on bikes, someone could've at least told them how countersteering works, cause that's exactly what callum was struggling with on his first outing with those turn in-out-in-out-in-out wobbles.

  • Grew up racing mini motos, even 15 years ago they were pretty dam fast, im guessing they have gotten even quicker in that time. Absolutely the best time of my life if I'm honest, brutally competitive, super fun and genuinely very easy to crash haha

  • Pocket bikes like these were really popular around 2007 or something, and it was always fun to take them for a trip around town before the cops came looking.

  • Yeah the little liquid cooled ones are wild tbf I used to race them myself as they are fairly cheap but I jumped back on a much slower air cooled one recently and I think I've lost my bottle 🤣

  • Goodness, I would have loved to ride MiniMoto on a track like that when I was young. I done it twice with motorcycling mates, but on tight and narrow indoor tracks, and came second overall the first session, but I'd taken it seriously enough to lose a bunch of weight especially for it - I dropped from my usual 72kg to 68kg. That made it much easier to ride the tiny bike. I felt pleased with myself though, as we'd all done track days, and some of us had raced on Tarmac. I raced on dirt for ten years. If I was to give just one tip - especially on indoor tracks - it would be to try and be as smooth and flowing as you can. So thank you guys for risking your selves on our behalf, but PLEASE don't be tempted to do a video on fast road bikes as you can die doing that with no previous biking experience. A dirt bike, MotoCross session would be fun though. You can still crash, but you are not going as fast, and the dirt is 'slightly' softer to land on.

  • I want to see will ride the next size up in class, that way he could've actually rode something there, I can relate cause the little ones are wayyyyy too small for my big, non-flexible body to ride on too

  • This thing is not a joke - 80mph?! But it's definitely very funny seeing an adult on thosw tiny things! Weird tho, as a 190cm dude, I wanna try this out😂

    • As i kid i had on of these and i have a lot of fond memories of my 190cm dad on it 🤣🤣

    • Was about to say.. these are for kids. That's how their racing career typically starts.

  • I NEED to see another episode of this!! xD Love your vids a lot guys! Keep 'em coming

  • Love this guys. Hope this channel gets huge 🎉

  • I actually would be interested to see you guys race horses or do chariot racing. True old school racing.

  • Think you guys should take your motorbike practical tests! Great episode

  • i love this channel more with every new video. been following from the start. great job you guys

  • You're smashing it at the moment!! Keep it up!

  • My local track, on OVERDRIVE, this is awesome.

    • i know i went ballistic too when i saw it 😂

    • I recognise it too, where is it?

    • @Matt Meyer Bury St. Edmunds, England - Red Lodge Karting

    • Same! I was delighted to see it getting some love

    • Looks like a pretty cool track tbh.

  • Another outstanding video of fully grown men being inventive , silly , funny and nuts all in one go...👍👍👍

  • Reece's vibe was perfect for this sport.

  • Wow, love your video’s, its fun to watch your videos when they release, and you guys release quick if you think about the time it takes to make, edit and upload them!

  • It’s like watching a video game with mods to make the bikes smaller it looks so unreal but fun at the same time lol.

  • Watching kids race these is nuts, they're a miniature replica of the Superbike riders no joke. Seeing adults on them is just hilarious 😂

  • One of the funniest videos I’ve seen in ages 😂 Brilliant lads! 👏

  • video 4 of commenting that i love your no fuss straight to the point intros!

  • Are they one gear? Only bike ive ridden thats similar size was multigear, but was a bit bigger and 20 years ago lol. Looks like a blast.

  • Absolute madness! You guys rock!

  • i use to race in supers class in the British minimoto champs, come 5th, and was 15.4 stone at the time. absolutely great fun reminded me so much this vid of the first time i had a go on one :), nice 1 lads, nice 1

  • use to race these in Ireland had 2 bikes both Polini GP3's raced in 2 classes a 6.2hp senior and a open class which my was 16bhp so much fun no matter rain or shine, i do miss racing these things

  • Cool, racing at Red Lodge Karting! I go there for normal karting, but this looks very fun too

  • These are so fun! I never actually raced one but I did ride one once.. So fun, and VERY challenging! even for a motorcycle rider XD

  • these things and the slightly larger bikes dotted around in this are my childhood. such good memories, miss it dearly

  • We used to race these in the British Champs..mega fun but by god do they hurt when you send them at the scenery. Great content!!

  • I remember being like 10yo and my borther had a mini motocross, that was a looooooooooot of fun, doing 20-30mph seemed already mental enough so i can't even imagine those machines ! This kinda makes me want to try tho...

  • You should definitely try speedway (the motorcycle one). Motorcycles on a dirt oval without breaks and extremely fast acceleration. Would be fun to see you try.😄

  • I don't know if this exists in the UK, but in the US they have lawnmower drag racing featuring some super high performance builds, some even having a turbine engine! If you can get to see that, you'd have a blast.

    • They already did an episode on that I think

  • They should try 125 endurance racing, could be funny

  • I bought the cheap Chinese version. Had 3 of them in fact. It's great fun... until you crash and break your shoulder blade (like I did🙈) Never raced them though but rode them on the streets (cough) I mean, in parking lots, and other designated areas.

    • I've been on a few cheap ones, but riding one drunk (on private land, honest) at night and the lights failing really really was scary. Sooo lucky I didn't bin it. Never again!!!

    • @Samuel Garrod But you have to admit, it was fun right?😉

    • @Figgy D Randoms Hell yes!! Great fun but I'm nearly 50 and I don't heal so quickly these days. 🤕

  • Can't believe Will didn't call full sized bikes Motomotos as well

  • This looks so stupid, I absolutely love it! Top work lads. Banger racing sometime?

  • That little bike is as fast as my 150 lol.. it may be faster since it only weight 30kg and my 150 is 130kg. Hope you're making more motorcycle content in the future!! :D

  • This video was so good. I'm kind of annoyed at how fast Scott was 😂😂 you'll get em next time lads.

  • I had one of these as a kid, it was so much fun, but mine wouldn’t go 80mph

  • A race on big harleys or those chopper shaped bikes needs to be a thing too!

    • There is a series called King of the baggers.

    • @Skadoo Husky ouh! Interesting.. these guys need to partake in that too😂

    • @Skadoo Husky and it’s awesome!

  • I use to have a mini moto. What great fun. You should all get kitcars on a track like that. Haha. I'd bring mine. Cool video.

  • Raced these years ago as a nipper and it was great fun and very competitive.

  • I’d love to see you guys do some motorcycle speedway!

  • I'd love to do minimoto (as a 53yo) - looks like an unmitigated blast :)

  • next: a proper beginner bike race. I want to watch Will race.

  • This is the yob mobile I remember from my childhood. I’d just come to the UK and every chav was riding one or stealing one or riding one to steal something.

    • Look the same, cost 3k more.

  • Would you try autograss racing? Very underrated and very wild builds can be seen

  • Its a real life versionof mariokart, and tons of fun!

  • They should make an electric stand-up scooter that looks like a Pocket Bike. It would be kind of sporty.

  • "It is more fun when Callum crashes" You're not wrong Scott

  • I started out racing Minimoto. I moved up to 85cc (Motolite) then 125gp(Honda RS125 NF4). I got 2 lap records at Phillip Island. I also raced an RS250. If you can punt a minimoto around fast you can ride anything fast.

  • More motorcycle content would be cool if possible imo

  • Keep up the good work I love u your guys' video. My favorite on CS-tv at the moment.

  • Kid's are crazy on these things, they have some mad crashes too. It hurts to watch sometimes. Got to give them credit for giving this a try.

  • This is how I feel riding on my 125cc bike

  • you guys are crazy… i love it

  • Should see the lads who do this on mopeds 😂defo worth doing for a future video

  • Wow brings me back in 2005 " cmmq" used to race pocket bike air cooled / liquid cool and open class Still have the 3 rusting on my balcony can't get rid of them

  • 2:35 that marshal in the background, cinematographically walking away. The clothing flapping in the wind. Heading straight into ArtStation.

  • Yes, you can indeed high side a horse. Probably not called that, but it can be brutal if the horse lands on you.

  • I had a Geovani powered super dirt mini dirtbike. 50cc "stroker" with carbon reed valves and +3° timing and it crushed. It did 88 kph. The only problem is it over heated all the time.

  • held the lap record in honda cadet on that track for years shocked to see you boys on the mini motos

  • This is brilliant

  • I'd love a go at these, I'd basically be a driver mod Adult class, 5 foot 7, 56kg Basically a jockey haha

  • Props for Callum, for the first time this was really good.

  • This is nonsense that Will keeps getting out of things 😂 get him into some Yoga classes and do this again!!!

  • Try supermoto next. Done on Kart tracks and usually inexpensive to race.

  • Get ready for another video showing the real world’s smallest motorbikes.

  • "Can you high side a horse?" Now that's asking the real questions lmao

  • imagine a hollander on one of these

  • Why are these videos so short? 10min? C'mon! This is great content, I'd have watched 20min+

  • Gutted for Will... and us! Was looking forward to him crashing 🤣

  • It's like Mario kart irl hahaha

  • Looks like we've found a way to make the Monaco GP exciting.

  • You got to check out the mini Moto sidecars....it's as mad as it sounds

  • Get him some gear that fits, he needs to have a go as well!

  • Imagine this in city traffic

  • It will be interesting if you try mini sidecars, and if you get bored of engines and motors, why not take part in a BHPC recumbent race?

    • Or pedal car racing. I'm sure Royce would find you guys a seat.

  • 150kmh was my top speed on those the fuel screw only get 3 turns in total. and have a catch can for the extra gas falling out the exhaust !!! the front tire leaves the ground at 130kmh. and hold on.

  • That’s funny 👏 you guys should be the new top gear.

  • Please try motocross. It’s like this but more comfortable and more variety. My problem with F1 for example (I’m not an avid viewer. I may be way out of line) is that there is a racing line and it’s very limited in passing opportunities and fast line alternatives. Dirtbikes however, have tracks with jumps, insides and outsides that are both viable, and other features. This puts more of an emphasis on a riders skill to make a line work. Eg. Yes the inside is tighter, but you brake a lot more to be able to turn. The other option is to carry speed around the outside which has its own challenges. This variety of options makes for more exciting racing and experience as you can do something different every lap and still be fast.

  • Being under height for normal BMI, I guess I belong to "chunky" moto too. Hahaha

  • Dying at “chunky-moto” 😂😂😂

  • Try pit bikes next 😉

  • Next time you should try the next size up, maybe an Ohvale or a Kayo!

  • Would love to see you guys do a collab with Donut. Have a race with your KA against their low car.

  • “can you high side a horse?” 😂

  • This looks like when you put Bowser on a standard bike in MarioKart

  • great video loved it

  • please don’t pay much attention to comments about being “like classic top gear”*, just keep being yourselves- you are so much more wholesome. *i assume people mean like the top gear reboot but anyway.