We Tried Breastfeeding In Public • Ladylike

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
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  • Not sure how the most natural act in the world could be a thing but if it is just don't look

  • I think Devin might be a soccer mom

  • If you literally cannot produce milk then you don't have to be breastfeeding

  • Chantel's hair looks SO gorgeous in this video ! ❤️❤️

  • Back when breastfeeding was the only way to feed a baby (the only sufficient way), breastfeeding (at least for women who couldn’t afford a wet nurse) was seen as completely normal. It was basically seen as feeding a baby with a bottle. Nothing was disgusting about, there was NO other option to make sure your baby was fed except to breast feed, so it was normalized. Then these idiot feminists (I’m a woman myself and believe in equal rights for humans) decided that breastfeeding was less superior and to bottle feed. I am not judging women who do bottle feed, I’m judging the women who think breastfeeding is disgusting, because it isn’t. Breast are for feeding babies, not for sexual activities (biologically speaking, not judging people who like looking at boobs but be respectful people). People who find breastfeeding disgusting are gonna retardant. I rest my case

  • There's SUPERNATURAL playing in the background!! Like at around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="422">7:02</a> I saw Dean on the T.V in the background towards the upper right hand side.

  • I would never ever ever have the courage to do this. So I'm glad they did this to show that it is ok.

  • I agree with some of the other comments; I think people are, for the most part, just trying to give them space so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:01</a> is that Supernatural what I see?

  • The lady named Asia looks a lot like tia and tamara

  • Beby

  • I had to click right away because I am so tired of people shaming moms for breastfeeding in public. The fact that department stores built a nursing room adjacent to restrooms is disgusting on many levels. I appreciate people designing inflatable rooms for nursing at graduation events but it's still inconvenient for women to leave her party, trek hundreds of yards away with a hungry baby under the hot sun just so she wouldn't offend others for doing something that's totally natural.

  • I’m ok with someone breast feeding in public as long as it’s not in a restaurant or a place to eat because it’s showing skin 😬

  • I feel that getting up and walking away could've also been a thing of respect because they want to give you space maybe

  • feeding your baby is the most natural and normal thing in the world

  • mmm monkiy

  • Breastfeeding is much much much MUCH better for a baby. Plus Brestfeeding is a free boob job cause it makes your Breasts larger lol (before you attack me for making this up I’m a breast feeding consultant and I help mothers learn about this stuff and I took multiple collage courses about Breasts and their anatomy and the science behind it

  • Group of friends: *Sees the hair of a child's head* Freddie:*Whips out a toothbrush, gel, and tiny scissors*

  • Sometimes I don’t think it is they don’t agree with it I sometimes think maybe they want to give you your own personal space. Anyways yes it is stressful taking care of a baby so I myself if I were to remove myself it would be to give space and respect to the mother and her child. Boobs are boobs that’s it

  • It’s the girl from TikTokkk

  • That 2nd mom in the green dress is babe all day, hot hot hot

    • Mark Prius ewww your a disgusting human being!

  • That is the nicest teacher ever. I have heard of college teen moms who have just been told just to bring the baby to class and then the teacher teaches with the child well the mom is able to take notes if the mom can't find a sitter which I think is amazing. I don't think that breastfeeding in public should be an issue so what you're feeding another human being. I had a teacher how did it in the zoo because she couldn't get to the feeding room fast enough because there wasn't that many.

  • I had a milk ad before the vid

  • You guys should try to go to the south and do this!

  • I love this video 🥳

  • It's actually recommended to breastfeed till two

  • Did anyone else noticed that the fake babies clothes were on backwards

  • You are showing that boobs are not for a man's pleasure they are there to feed babies and not let a guy touch them

  • I love how in the start- they just enjoyed talking about how they talk about ‘boobs’ 😅

  • Does anyone else imagine Hermione looking like Chantel?

  • Im so glad that the fat chick did not come out on this vid.

    • rude

  • Does yall still read these??

  • Also devin it could also be interpreted as “okay she’s doing something give her space. “ or “this is awkward Imma go”

  • This is no longer “this is buzzfeed” it is no “this is breastfeed”

  • Or as my Israeli brother in law (with a thick accent) likes to say “breathfeeding” which is “a very nutritious thing that babies eat.” Lol

  • MY mom breast fed me for a month but she had to stop because she wasn't producing enough

  • If a man stays and looks, he’s sexualizing but if he gets up and leaves, it’s disrespectful. Men can’t win 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Did you guys use reborn dolls for this?

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="419">6:59</a> I like how they are just watching supernatural at work

  • I'm from Argentina and my whole life I I tought that breastfeeding was a normal thing everywhere, I was so confused when I noticed it wasn't

  • People can just be generally curious about what you're doing, don't assume the looks are malicious or rude

  • The comments were deleted duh

  • Well third video in 24 hrs that I’ve watched that’s has less than 25 comments

  • Boobies

  • Why are the comments gone from almost all of the Ladylike videos???

  • Posted last year 1.4 million views 38k likes 11 comments...

  • There are not many comments

  • Did they just turn the comments on?

    • Bianca Gonzalez No. 😮

  • I love that supernatural is playing in the background of this video

  • Why is there less comments then usual?

  • How are there 7 comments (me being the 7th) but so many views and them all from today this was posted 10 months ago

  • what?

  • Uhm...10 months ago?

  • Fourth comment 🥰💕

  • second comment I guess

  • first?

  • I'm 10 years years old and I've got a CS-tv channel called KITTY KEIRA

  • I want chantels hair.

  • 🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱

  • Devin looks amazing in this video!!

  • Oh plastic ones

  • Who’s babies are these?

  • Anyone else notice supernatural in the background???

  • My mom is pregnant and already had 2 kids 😁

  • To the mom who breastfed her twins for two years, wow! You are a superwoman!

  • I always watch this show when i feel insecure about my body thank you lady like your my life saver 😊

  • "I'm a LIL strEssED"

  • I can hardly wait for a ladylike lady to have a baby

  • we cannot control other people and make obscene people unable to see our breasts as sexual objects if women choose to breastfeed in a public place without a cover. unless you don't respect yourself and allow lewd people to enjoy you

  • Completely freaked out when I realized Supernatural was on the tv behind Freddie!

  • You think 2 years is a long time my auntie breastfed fed for 4 years!

  • My mom told me that she didn't breastfeed me and my sister because society assumed you were poor if you had to.

  • I’m a twin and my mum breastfed us until we were 2

  • Is it optional to breast feed ther In India its a rule in fact the governments tells us to breast feed the baby at leat for the first 6 months

  • Who else got a pumping add during this

  • If you did this in the philippines youd be viral everyone would be judging you

  • It is 100% natural! It was "normal" before the late 1800's! NOW, it is OMG. (What is wrong with today's world?)

  • This was so interesting! I breastfed my twins (usually one at a time) in public whenever they needed to eat. None of us liked covers, but wearing bf friendly tops helps! Also RBF is your friend. I never once had a negative experience in 3 years.

  • The tightness in the jaw is a real thing. She's good 😂 also on another note- a plastic doll would be way easier. It's way more fun when. They are screaming because milk is coming out too fast and squirting them all over the face while in public.

  • They clearly don’t have kids lol u don’t but a blanket over a pram it’s dangerous absolutely with a real baby not plastic