We Tried Breastfeeding In Public • Ladylike

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
"This woman is out of her mind!"
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  • Any mommas breastfeeding their babies while watching? 🙋‍♀️

  • 11:30 that man probably got up to give y’all privacy.

  • I was watching this then my mom walked in BREAST FEEDING --------------i have nothing against breastfeeding it is a bond to the mother and the baby so I think every mother should give it a try

  • I really want to believe that they just turned into a lesbian couple with a baby .

  • omg Chantels hair!!!!! wow!!!!! so long and pretty! I don't remember it being that long ?

  • I used to be homeless and I lived in a shelter. Whenever I ate, I breastfed my baby. One evening I was eating dinner and one the staff members told me my hip was showing (I was using a nursing cover). I said "ok, I'm feeding my baby. My breast are covered." She said" Well the men serving the food just got out of prison, and I am tempting them." I was looking around, like nobody seems bothered. Yep, I didn't stay there long . This was a christian shelter and I am an atheist, you can see how I felt there. Luckily I am no longer homeless. I wish the best of luck to mothers who are homeless.

  • personally as a guy I fully support breastfeeding in every way but at the same time if i'm next to a women breast feeding I am just naturally awkward so I might leave but that doesn't mean I don't agree with it or that i'm being disrespectful But great video! love you guys!!!

  • I think it should also be taken into consideration that people might leave to give you some privacy. It could be a way of people showing respect, not being uncomfortable 🤷‍♀️ just a thought

  • Supernatural in the background

  • When they went to Glendale my first thought was "andy garcia a podiatrist from Glendale!" Anyone else know that show?

  • Putting blanket over pram can cause baby to overheat and suffocate

  • Before I breastfed myself I was very naive. I thought everybody just breastfed unless they had medical reason to prevent them doing so. I didn't realise it was something people chose until I was pregnant I just assumed breastfeeding was what's done.

  • I didn't get to experience breastfeeding in public. I had planned to but I had soo much trouble breastfeeding my son in general and I didn't make enough to feed him about maybe a week after we left the hospital I gave him formula. I supplemented with formula before then but after a week it was straight bottle all the time. Breastfeeding in the hospital though was kinda strange for me. lol. I didn't mind the nurses or anything but when my family came into the room I always hid behind the curtain while I sat in the recliner with him. I wouldn't have minded using a blanket or something to cover him and just do it that way but I didn't have anything like that and I don't think it occurred to me at the time to ask for one. I was so tired and in pain from having a C section it took me a while to get used to everything.

  • also the men who left may have just been trying to give her space to be respectful

  • Lol I just thought they looked liked a lesbian couple this time and it was so adorable😂😂

  • My name is krista to but it's krysta

  • A child doesn't have a functional imune system for about the first three months, in which they get their protection from their mother's milk. So it is actually better to breast feed, at least the first three months.

  • Oh my god it's finally occurred to me... Devin looks like Lily Rabe in the Asylum season of AHS... at least in my opinion..

  • Yay Glendale! My hometown :)

  • At 7:01 I noticed a TV and on that TV was supernatural and I totally fangirled

  • …..Liberals oh psha *wrong*

  • Two memorable nursing occasions: 1) on the boardwalk when a 50-ish man noticed, nodded with a smile, and walked on; 2) knee-to-knee on the train with a 20-something guy who smiled and nodded and stayed put, relaxed. This was 17 years ago. Worst moment? None. No one cared. Not even the toll booth guy who realized I was pumping while driving. And i never used a blanket. Just couldn't figure that out. Unbutton a blouse from the bottom and the shirt IS the modesty blanket.

  • CLC here, just remember you have the legal right to breastfeed in anyplace public or private in the USA with or without a cover! ❤️ Yes, you can still drink caffeine and eat spicy food while nursing. Personally, I nursed my son 17 months until he self-weaned I was also 33 weeks pregnant! Going on 6 months with my daughter now! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it! 🤱🏼

  • They're missing the irony that 'breastfeeding in public is taboo in our culture' and they didn't even pick a woman who were actually breastfeeding? Why not? They also did the cover-up thing that many women have a problem with.

  • If I ever run into a woman breastfeeding I’ll just be like………YOU GO GURL!!!

  • Chantal, not sure how many moms would stock their baby's head in their shirt. 😁 Breastfed 3 kids over 8 years. I don't know how much they benefitted but I got saggy uneven breasts. Yes, beautiful for bonding but it was also limiting. Bottle fed our 4th (he refused the breast) and there was no difference health wise, developmentally, and our 4th is smarter than any of us. (He's 16 now).

  • Bet if I did this in the Midwest I get different reactions


  • I’m long past my breastfeeding days. But with my daughter, it was very frowned upon in public (she’s now 26). When her brother came along 6 years later, the laws had been signed that I had the right to nurse him anywhere and everywhere. I no longer had to literally be banished to bathroom stalls. Yes, I literally nursed her while sitting on a toilet when she was 2 months old. It sucked.

  • I fed any and everywhere. I stopped visiting family members homes that weren't supportive. Thankfully all my friends were super on board. However covering isn't really an option for all children. Mine hated it and would rip it off

    • And I live in south MS for the record

  • I can see that you ladies are doing a wonderful job covering up during breastfeeding, and that is the real issue about the whole breastfeeding thing. Some mothers think that it is perfectly okay to show their breast in public. There is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. I am a woman who breastfeed her two children. I never did it in public, but I can understand the necessity. The point is: I do not want to see anybody's junk.

  • I am loving your hair Chantelle!!!!👌🏼😍

  • I wouldn't get past 8 months breastfeeding.

  • Or the reason they left is they wanted to give you space

  • A lot of people avert their eyes because they don’t want to make people feel like their staring at a mother’s breast

  • A lot of people avert their eyes because they don’t want to make people feel like their staring at a mother’s breast

  • I don’t know if I liked this video 🤔 Maybe try it with real moms that have different views or how they breastfeed in public🤱

  • In Germany, lots of mothers don't cover themselves up while breastfeeding. I've seen boobs. I think looking away isn't a sign of disrespect or anything, it's more like "I'm not trying to see your boob". Leaving the (public) place because someone is breastfeeding seems too much though.


  • 15 months breastfeeding my daughter, 9 months in with my son. It's hard, its tiring, its amazing, and wonderful, and the whole thing for me has been worth it. Breastfeeding in public uncovered has never been an issue even at church when little ones have asked their parents it's always been well the baby was hungry so mommy is feeding him. It's been wonderfully positive.

  • 11:30 it could also mean they were trying to be respectful

  • Y’all should’ve used reborn baby’s. They look extremely real and it would have been more convincing

  • I whip out my boob everywhere to feed my baby. NORMALIZE BREASTFEEDING! I actually have a 4yr old son who I breastfeed on front of all the time. He will sit next to me and watch and tell me to take out my "boobies" when the baby cries. He even goes so far as to tell people I feed the baby with my "boobies". I think it's good for him cause he'll grow up to be an understanding man. As opposed other men.

  • I feel like some of the time people avoiding women breastfeeding, they might be showing respect or trying to give her space, which I think is a really good thing

  • Am I the only one that saw supernatural on the TV screen after Freddie was walking away from giving "Stephano" a haircut

  • I just wanna stop and say that I really appreciate seeing Dean's face (Supernatural) on the TV in the background of minute 7

  • Dude I get nasty looks from other moms while breast feeding in public

  • Watching Supernatural in the office >>

  • With my daughter I exclusively pumped for the first 4 months enough to last till 6 months when fortified with formula. With my son (2 in September) I have been breastfeeding (exclusively pumped for the first month now Just from breast.) We are doing baby led weaning. Honestly as a mom it’s hard. You get judged for everything and anything. As long as you’re not hurting anyone do what needs to be done. Covered, uncovered, bottle, formula whatever baby needs. Life’s too short to worry about a negative Nancy who can’t see that you’re just doing the best you can for your child. Also for any Mommas out there, do your best breast milk or formula you got this!

  • All the supernatural fans in this comment section give me life 🦕

  • 7:00 SPN? lmao jesus I'm so addicted to supernatural. That was literally just a second of Jensen ackles.

  • Breastfeeding bras that the top flaps down are awesome and should be worn all the time not just when breastfeeding. Most comfortable bras ever.

  • I’m SCREAMING. Freddie really has edge control and a toothbrush at work and brought it out for the babydoll 😂

  • keep in mind people may leave to give you privacy :)

  • with people leaving the area: it could be them trying to give the mother her space to feed, and trying to be respectful about it. on the flip-side, as the women earlier in the video mentioned, breastfeeding can be isolating. so on one side (usually those who dont breastfeed) are folks thinking they're doing what they can to help and be respectful, while the other doesn't want to disturb other folks to the point of making them move from where they were sitting.

  • At 7:31 Kelsey’s face is like what is she doing, even tho Kelsey is doing an 100 baby challenge.


  • A couple of weeks ago was the first time I had experienced seeing breastfeeding in a more public setting. I was throwing my sister a bridal shower that day and one of the ladies had asked if she could bring her newborn (of course she can and did). When she got to the house she asked if anybody would mind her breast feeding the babe and nobody had any issue with it. I noticed that I would look over occasionally and avert my eyes because it's a situation that has been shunned for so long, and out of curiosity as I have not had a child and never experienced breast feeding, wanted to know what it would look like to others if I ever did breast feed. It was very natural and not sexual by any means. Just a woman feeding her baby.

  • Oh my god chantles hair in this makes my day😂❤️

  • Chantel was part of my pansexual awakening

  • You all should come to Maine I’ve been following you since I was 16 I’m now 21 ...i hope I can meet you someday ❤️ you all are so amazing keep up the fabulous work

  • 10:00 that Stresssssss....

  • Shantels hair is so pretty!

  • It kind of feels like you were hoping for more reactions so you could be outraged. I've breastfed two babies (often in public) and never had any reaction positive or negative.

  • One of the moms breastfed 2 kids at the same time for 2 years. YEARS! We Stan a queen 🙌🏻🖤

  • What if a person saw chantel breastfeeding the baby and then 15 minutes later saw devin breastfeeding?


  • 9:40 is when it starts

  • Asia looks like tamera mowry


  • I think Devin should actually have a baby xxx

  • Should have done this with reborn dolls

  • Once I saw a mom breastfeeding her son and I was *always* smiling when I ran next to her ._.

  • Am I the only who noticed SPN in the background? 😂 edit: I love Chanty's hair ❤️😭

  • I live in South Carolina and breastfed for two years. I never once had anyone say anything negative to me (well other than my mother lol) about feeding in public. I fed in restaurants outside etc. I normally wore a cover, but when it was very hot I hated covering her so I didn't. Never a problem. I was expecting the worst but had nothing but support

  • 7:00 love how supernatural is just playing in the background

  • My name is Asia!

  • I love the fact your watching Supernatural in the back 😂

  • Supernatural playing in the background

  • I don't think people leave because they disagree with breastfeeding. It just might be kind of awkward for them, especially guys.

  • I live in the south (central Arkansas) where people are more “traditional” and I had a fantastic breastfeeding experience. I fed my little girl for 9 months, often in public, and never once had someone approach me with negative comments. Shout out to all the moms that deal with closed-minded people and keep feeding your littles! #normalizebreastfeeding #fedisbest

  • Do you sometimes get the vibe that Devon has a pregnancy fetish? Because I do.

  • Watching this while nursing my 2 week old. Currently 2:53 AM. Loved this experiment 💗 I breastfed my 1st daughter for 16 months. Strictly breast no bottle whatsoever. & I hope to do the same with my 2nd. ☺️❤️

  • 7:00 look at the tv that is your reaction

  • I Stan Fred whipping out the toothbrush to do the baby’s hair 😂😂😂

  • Or, ya know... they could just be trying to be polite and give them privacy... not everybody has malicious intent

  • People have things to do - I sincerely doubt they even noticed or cared that u were breastfeeding. But whatevs

  • Why they blur out barns and Nobel? We know it’s Starbucks lol

  • You should've got actual breastfeeding moms. I dont use a cover and usually have no problem. Even the stereotypical mom nod from passerbys which is reassuring. But the odd time there was an old lady with a stick up her butt who called me feeding my baby "disgusting" 🙄

  • So if your not actually breastfeeding. How about just don't do this. Get a real mom and an actual nursing baby? Weirdo's

  • The men might have left because they felt like the women wanted privacy and that it would be more comfortable for them if they had privacy with the baby

  • Hi! In my experience when folks get up and walk away what they're doing is giving you some space. Real babies (when young) usually nurse to sleep so momma's do want quiet for them, when I've breastfed I always got the vibe that people wanted to be quite so not to disturb us. In some cases that meant walking away to be respectful. I've also had an a-hole loudly criticize me at a restaurant when I tried to feed my first, under a cover, in a corner, at 6 weeks. I swear I almost cried, I was already having such a hard time! But then his wife read him the riot act even louder (from her rant she had breastfed 6 of his babies lol) and he tucked tail and hide in his seat. That woman is the real MVP lol. I still try to channel her whenever I'm out with my kids.

  • hey please check out maggie lambert she is a teen mom and is very vocal about breast feeding and is now facing a law suit by her babys dad which mght lead her to not be able to talk about breast feeding or even show her baby in her videos

  • Love the Spn in the background

  • I mean, people can also leave because they want to give you privacy. It’s not always wanting to disapprove

  • Curious what would happen to a Black woman

  • She's angry that they avert their eyes, she's angry that they stare. Choose.

  • No, the problem with breast feeding is that it’s not there to seduce the male. It’s not there for his pleasure. That’s why so many men have problems with it.

  • You should do this with simulator baby dolls

  • I've been breastfeeding for a year (on Sunday) & I've fed in public covered & uncovered. Hardest yet most amazing experience I've ever dealt with💕