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čas přidán 15. 09. 2021
im a microwave i cant drive

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  • Do I dare? Does he realise what show he’s on 😂😂

  • Then change if your not getting good feed back. Just cause your the owner boss doesnt mean you are alway right

  • Lmao that title, I was so confused I had to click on it😂

  • Oh, this was the all-brawn no brain muscle episode..

  • It kills me that Gordon’s first instinct when waiting is to take a nap loll

  • i dont know why but there's a nice sit down restaurant with a drive thru near me called "El Patio". good little mexican place. but yeah..weird lol

  • Steroid abuse warning

  • The people on the road may have thought that they were shooting for a film with all those camera crew around 😂😂

  • 0:00 i wanna watch the full episode does anybody know what it's called?

  • the title has me

  • The titles of these videos are the only thing that pulls me in tbh

  • During COVID times that drive thru is really handy 😂

  • "Do you want me to do it like we usually do it?" Well shit I hope y'all don't just show out for Gordon Ramsay to hide everything he's there to FIX 🤣😭

  • That second guy watched too many mafia movies and clearly doesn’t understand what decade he lives in.

  • Jesus christ that was the biggest fucking fight I've seen on kitchen nightmare seriously. The shows supposed to be about food and all and instead they showed this fighting shit 🤦‍♂️🤣

  • “im a microwave i cant drive” -Description

  • Cooked with stress and a microwave. Lol but the microwave takes away the cooking part and the stress how can you still fuck that up.

  • 5:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • No word of a lie. Dis he just call him a....... Blow job? 😂😂😂🍆

  • "I don't think he even likes the water" lmao

  • my guy waiting his whole life for this 2 minute explosion... nice.

  • When the npc is the hidden boss fight

  • someone give the title maker a raise

  • Too the people who didn't read the description "I can't drive I'm a microwave"

  • I don't think he likes the water🤣🤣

  • The girls in the drivethru being all horny over Gordon was really weird. "He smells nice" and "Hes got a really cute accent"

  • "I don't don't think he likes the water" 😂😂

  • The guy calling the bill collector a blowjob made me laugh so hard. What kind of an insult is a blowjob? Thats a good thing.

  • Fast food mean need to be fast at the same time

  • So you’ve never been to a steak and shake ?

  • At least clean the microwave 🤢

  • "Gordon, what are you doing in the bathroom?" 🥺 "I frew up"

  • Whoever runs the kitchen nightmares channel needs a raise for the title and the beautiful description of a microwave.


  • "I've never been into a sit-down restaurant with a drive through window" COVID would like to speak to you......

  • Gorden opening that pack and only seeing a knife and fork is hilarious.

  • Was Fredo really gonna fight an old man and act like he's a bad ass running his spaghetti suckers like a dam fool

  • I love when he went in the bathroom and threw up.

  • Ewwww that Irish chef was all touching himself near his privates before cooking on television. Can imagine what goes on when no one is looking?

  • I’m so confused. He’s a bill collector and Peter is angry because he’s doing his job to collect his money? I could be wrong but is that not what they do? Or is he harassing by going to the restaurant?

  • never noticed this but the bill collector was the first one to try helping pete's dad up

  • Been here since Day1, good stuff!

  • I don’t get the title

  • Yeww farknn bloww job!!! 😂😂

  • That knife wasn't very sharp chef. Ramsey did a better job cutting it with a table knife.

  • 04:37 I like how Gordon GTFO when he realizes the pump-up mafia guy really means business threatening the collector guy... One thing trying is trying to stop a fight surrounded by a security team like at Hell's Kitchen. Other thing is be at a public place without knowing how nuts people around you are, if they are armed and you don't have anyone to watch your back...

  • "He smells really good"

  • Extended warranty? I call it tax payer dollar

  • Honestly, im very surprised that not one of these restaurants gave Gordon food poisoning yet

  • The random roid rage guy scene was hilarious

  • I hate that this show is staged. But I still watch it

  • How’s the fuck is that man still alive!!!😂😭

  • “I don’t even think he likes the wooter” 💀😂😂

  • I’ve never heard someone call someone else a blowjob

  • "im a microwave I can't drive" PLEASE THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF TITLE'S AND DESCRIPTIONS IS THE BEST And the thumbnail

  • 5:40 The way he hit the window look so softly

  • So much staged stuff on this show, Yawnnnnnnn!!!!

  • From the thumbnail i thought there were people screaming at Gordon while we was napping inside his car 😆

  • That was nice of the bill collector to sign off on the show lol.

  • Welcome to covid 2020

  • anyone else noticed @1:58 the subtitles say "thanks daddy"

  • that microwave needs throwing away. good thing they weren't too lazy to grab the phone and call kitchen nightmares

  • I’m blown away why the people that work in the restaurant that Gordon is coming to help are shocked when he doesn’t like the food! 😳

  • I love how Gordon wants to break up the fight but doesn't want his head smashed in the process 🤣

  • Whose in charge of these amazing titles

  • these titles are so corny omfg. i want to know what's going on in the video, this isnt a meme compilation

    • @Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó i don't think we're watching the same video if you think this title makes sense lmao

  • so she said she put all her money into the restaurant, biggest mistake ever

  • *This looks like a fast-food restort.*

  • I just have to give it a like

  • What episode is this from?

  • 1:34 You lost the opportunity to name the video “Is it bussing jannel”

    • Whoever makes these titles needs a raise, they are funny af.

  • I’ve never heard someone call another person a blow job 😂

  • 0:35 well no wonder why people tell you more about what’s wrong with you, it’s ‘cause you’re a Karen 🤡🤣

  • 7:13, she's so funny.

  • God bless the community manager

  • Imagine just driving along and you see Gordon ramsay trying to stop a fight

  • Look at the state of that microwave. That's a disgrace, no wonder the food tastes funny. Haven't any of these people heard of cleaning?.

  • That girl was fucking IN LOVE!

  • Jesus mate, guy in the black shit had major roid rage

  • That thumbnail and title. I'm shook 😂

  • -this is not good *keeps eating*

  • Literally first 30 seconds "It's cooked with stress and a microwave" "Get the lasagna out of the microwave!" Not me pulling my lasagna out of a microwave while watching

  • he said he gonna love my food like he cooking it bro all u doing is putting it in the micro

  • Bad enough to cook in microwave, but that thing was also disgusting!

  • Give the dude who titles these videos a raise

  • I just realized I fell into a hole of Kitchen Nightmare videos for the past hour 💀🚶🏻‍♀️

  • Haha yes fight

  • 0:48 Julie t-poses to assert dominance over the stress in the kitchen.

  • Ever since this mans taken over the titles he's just completely made them either memes or original jokes. Thank you Kitchen Knightmares title man.

  • to be fair they were prepped for quarantine, kinda

  • You have GOT to be REAL fuckin' mad to call someone a Fockin BLOWJOB

  • Looks like she lost everything because the restaurant went out of business.

  • Roid rage isn’t a real thing 5:00

  • The inside of that microwave is revolting.

  • During Corona a restaurant with to go window sounds like a good idea.

  • We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty!

  • its a new jersey thing. you know

  • Bill collectors are the worst no wonder the guy was angry

  • “Stress and a microwave” story of my life

  • Holy moly that video title name tho