We Went Camping In Our Backyard

čas přidán 18. 07. 2019
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  • You can bring at least two dogs to a campsite

  • That’s a big ass tent

  • Jenna: is ready for camping by wearing all Camo Also Jenna: wears neon tie dye crocs


  • 0:17 I can’t 😂😂😂 the dog

  • Jenna:Protecc from Skinwalkers Me: -snort snort wheezing-

  • Capricorn gang?

  • I'm new here do they have kids?

  • Is Jenna wearing the all camo outfit she bought Julien in I buy my boyfriend's outfits.... sneaky

  • Since when was marbles bobby?

  • By far one of my favorite jenna marbles videos of all time.

  • This is the coolest tent I've ever seen, does anyone have the link to it?


  • “One time my dad didn’t brush my hair for 11 days, my mom was very mad” I don’t know why but that really affected my spirit 😂

  • Marble?????????

  • I love her crocs

  • Anyone else using this as ASMR material to fall asleep? XD

  • I love doing this

  • What brand of vegan chocolate did you guys use? 😋

  • Would pay big money to pet kermie

  • I hate camping, but I'd go to this one. When the shower is near and you can quickly escape from the sun))

  • hi

  • Why is this literally the movie over the hedge “gotta clean this we’ll attract bears”

  • 16:33 Minecraft zombie in the background

  • I love how easy they are with each other, they're such a warm and loveable family! Julian's story time was so naturally funny, everyone hushed and just reeled. They were reeling. And Jenna's so awesome, just cracking up all the while embracing the dogs, far out - such joy! X

  • 10:44 Couple goals 😩

  • Sis you wanna like drop the link to where you got your tent

  • Pls canoe or kayak in your pool

  • Jenna's tities were gone the most of the video... they were gone!!!!!

  • Lol, I’m that middle aged lady, but with 2 dogs, not 4. 😂

  • I could watch a whole 20 minute video of kermit chasing a fly

  • Skinwalkers always appear when camping

  • I once told a therapist I'm either into really really good people or really really bad people. He diagnosed me with catastrophic personality failure. Ha he ha Nicolas Cage the perfect balance.

  • This was so adorable

  • as a fellow earth sign, I too enjoy over analyzing everything I've ever done or said

  • That heavy huh. Jenna like beech don’t mess with me.

  • kermit is the reason we have no bees😔

  • The tent makes Peach look small

  • is it just me or does Julien look different every time we see him?

  • dude they would be the best fucking parents

  • Can someone please tell me how I just found out that I have the same birthday as Jenna Marbles?

  • 5:00 idk if i cried laughing at this cos its 3am or cos its so funny

  • I am still waiting for the canoe video Jenna. still waiting............😑

  • when i was just camping in the adirondacks 😆

  • Jenna: *is earth sign* *loves nature* *lives in southern Californian suburb*

  • im confused are they dating or just friends?

  • “One time my dad didn’t brush my hair for eleven days”

  • Cermit: **sees bee** Cermit: _time for revenge_

  • So there was a stand up comedian and he was really nervous about his show on Friday because he was gonna debut some new material. So he finally gets on stage, it’s Friday, he finally gets on stage and he says “...... hOw aBouT aIrplaNe fOoD?!...” and the rest of the kindergarten class says “...yAy, he’s a kindergartener!” It killed. The material killed. - Juilen


  • I have that tent

  • 10:43 aw that’s adorablllee

  • One thing I learned from this video. You need at least one friend to go camping.

  • marshmallows are made with gelatin, but if you got vegan ones, yer good.

  • Glamping 😂

  • You should do a 24hr in the tent

  • Seriously, go canoeing in your pool 👌🙏✨💕

  • What’s the tent called??

  • Why does Bunny have 16 collars? Lmao

  • I live in the ADK’s! I love that you’re from upstate NY cause I am too 😍

  • legend says that kermit is still doing weird shit in that corner XD

  • Why is bunny so skinny she is gonna starve to death that's bad

  • totally do a vid on the beech who hit her dog.

  • Loved how she lit up going camping in the backyard we all need more people like that who in joy camping

  • 0:15 Kermit is already crying 😂

  • I like that there content is a little bit 13+ but at the same time for kids

  • yo, but could you actually canoe in your pool?? i think that would be pretty funny

  • Jenna: “A Nicholas Cage movie?” Julien: “Yes. Correct.” *Slow zoom* Jenna: “Hell yeah.”

  • Their relationship makes me so happy

  • this video was so relaxing

  • You're a low key stereotype of a lesbian and i love it

  • I'm camping with u

  • Can dogs have mocholate tho?? #FriendsReferencesForDays

  • My grandma literally drive across county in a RV with three Iggys and puppy 😂

  • can you jenna und julien adopt me?

  • Ehat is the link to this

  • Hahaha!! I love it!!!

  • Is nobody else going to comment of the act that marbles is legit licking the inside of peaches ears? 8:27

  • 4:32 cermit: *MoMmY WhErE MoVinG AgIaN?!?!*

  • A relationship made in Heaven....