Weaponised Homemade Screwtank

čas přidán 8. 10. 2020
Its Finished and what a Project........
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See How I built it
Making the Screws cs-tv.org/tv/video-NASkgw9rufA.html
Chassis and drivetrain cs-tv.org/tv/video-1saFrMlRVc0.html
Hydraulics cs-tv.org/tv/video-m1VXya1ZUBw.html
First Test cs-tv.org/tv/video-UuDNc-_4v94.html
Making it Float cs-tv.org/tv/video--9c782blnEw.html
Making The SEMI Auto Cannon cs-tv.org/tv/video-cBazTqyIp2w.html
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  • There we have to Furze Screwtank, been a good project this, so what other vehicles projects would you like to see come out the Colin Furze Shed.......

    • can you build a functioning Terminator made out off metal or stainless steel...

    • A full panzer battalion including but not limited to a resurrected romel

    • Can you build a Stand up Gas scooter

    • Народ посмотрите пожалуйста cs-tv.org/tv/video-zKzHZVFIULs.html

    • Try to creat something which would put off fire. 🌊 Which is much needed in California now :(

  • Add a glass

  • just me, or does it look like he tryna start a wildfire or sum🤔🤨😂

  • I thought he was gonna start a forest fire

  • screw this.

  • NitroType: Haha, stealing idea go BRRR!

  • Next video, invading Poland with my homemade screw tank

  • Weaponised? Time to invade Berlin now.

  • Cool

  • This look like the tank from fallout 3 Anchorage dlc

  • You have to so something crazy with jorg sprave

  • I'm literally laughing i came from nitro type expecting it to be on wheels but it literally uses 2 huge screws to move.

    • ikr lol

  • This is SOOOOO GREAT! I am getting ideas like a homemade train transport around my home...

  • Colin you are old. Drop the skate punk all ready.

  • Put a turbo in it

  • Am I the only one that thinks this guy should do a house with weels?

  • You gotsta be in Texas!!!

  • Wow it is scary what smart people can make at there house.

  • Colin should make a battle bot.

  • 4:10 Holy moly.... is a real weapon 😂

  • 3:02 ColinFurze Junior is lucky to have a "crazy" inventor Dad like you Colin :)

  • FURZEARMY 😂🤣😂 the Best Army in the World !

  • I bet the hacksmith is jealous

  • Imagine an airsoft battle with a nerfed version of this

  • You have created a war machine

  • I literally only know this guy from nitro type

  • 5:30 The mandolorian has entered the chat

  • Scwrank

  • This has some fallout 4 vibes

  • 12 yr olds be like: NitroType!

  • build a mini atat walker from starwars (like 1/2 size for 1 person not like a really mini thing just not 300ft tall) you know the 4 legged walkers from hoth. that

  • 5:00 fire in a forrest?

  • You should put something that lights the rocket on the top automatically

  • Who agrees they should put this tank in the game and call it the Furze?!

  • He can invade and conquer Russia with that.

  • I might be a bit late to the party, but dutch youtuber master milo built a homemade tank aswell (no i dont mean the fixed up type 69-2). Might be fun to test the vehicles against eachother

  • This dude would be scary if he were in America.

  • Swiper no swipeing

  • Man potato guns are illegal in the uk?! That sucks man you oughta move to the us we can make whatever we want.

  • Does he know nitro type put his tank in the game

  • This is amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • What about making a submarine

  • I'm surprised there hasn't been a single screw you in this whole video

  • a minature railway?

  • Looks like 2 meat grinders and sprinter and 2 avengers. Time to build this in Crossout

  • If I sponsor you can you make me Iron Man suit?😛

  • Everyone saying mark rober is the coolest uncle ever got it all wrong

  • Mom, I want world of tanks We have world of tanks at home Tanks at home

  • COL there was a Russian bloke in the 90s who made screw vehicles i read some of his paper [i was studying Archimedes at the time] anyhow he had all sort of ways to make the screw move vehicle faster, things like changing size of flutes and the front were smaller diametre than back, though hard to do, he ended getting 15 mph from his giant screw tank,

  • Spaceship.

  • This guy will build an even deadlier killdozer.

  • This is how forest fire starts

  • How about a hydroplane bike. With a ski/wing that lowers out of the bottom. Could be water jet powered or propellor powered or even better turbo prop with a home made jet engine exhausting into a monster turbo driving the prop. Now there’s some serious calculations to be done.

  • Two or three speed gearbox between engine and hydraulics. Why no use a bike engine. Larger diameter scrolls for better floating. Keep width/length ratio same as a tracked tank, No need for bar/axle down the middle. Track scrolls should be strong enough anyway. Spinning the scrolls in water gives you some steerage but a hydraulic powered propeller would give it a boost. Junk the hydraulics and use a car differential that can lock one side. Fit two 125cc bike engines. Could be fun for gear shifts but that’s how real tanks do it.

  • Last time i checked.... flamethrowers where a war crime

  • Should have put the control valves up by the engine. Less pipe less drag more power. Push rods connect the levers.

  • 👍

  • COLIN LOGIC 4:59 flame grower in forest, sounds safe

  • Hey collin I love your channel please could you try put wheels on the screw for you're next big project

  • Attach a pulse Jett to the back

  • I get the feeling Britain won't need the Americans to help them in any more wars.

  • Of course Furze inadvertently makes a apple cannon "too power" for "uncertified use" Silly restrictionists!

  • Indonesia hadir

  • magnus/coanda-effect roller hovercraft, with wheels, you should try

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-ALutpnyeMm8.html Gravity assisted pulse motor generator, make a better one. I am still testing. The goal is to generate more electricity then it uses. Great work, I love your videos. Cheers

  • Now make grobda from xevious

  • This is what happens when a sherman fire fly hangs out with a universal carrier hahah

  • 4:23 *sadness noises*

  • Could you make a bike with huge wheels, like 56" penny farthing wheels each end?

  • F I R E.......... F O R E S T??? F O R E S T F I R E FOREST FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • This should be called The Your Screwed Tank.

  • #make arc reactor from iron man

  • Fire dept: So exactly did this wildfire start? Colin: I was just playing with my tank

  • Make 2 devices one in 2 separate locations and make one replicate a smell exactly like where the other device is at. Like a telephone of smells

  • Make the screw tanks hover

  • Homemade quad with a motorcycle engine in it.

  • Bruh everyone at my school r talking about this cuz it’s on nitro type😂

  • I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • What is your iq sir

  • dose anyone know that this is one nitrotyip

  • Oh so thats how forest fires start i see

  • Suggestion- make a submarine!

  • Phineas but there is no ferb

  • Make a drivable trebushet!

  • Yep, I’m putting this on my letter to Father Christmas this year.

  • Diese Verherrlichung von Kriegswaffen finde ich zum Kotzen Collin. Von diesem Sponsor solltest du schnell Abstand nehmen. Denk an deine Vorbildfunktion für Tausende von Kids.

  • Easily the most impressive project ive ever seen someone hand make them self. That potato cannon was next level. And i love how you casual mention that u learned to code the automation system in a week. People spend months doing that and get haof the results. When i saw it blow through that plywood...hot damn. Thatd do some serious damage. All around A+.

  • I like how you decided to do this in a forest

  • That Fire launcher would get you in deep trouble here in Australia...

  • wow

  • Great video! Just wouldn't recommend using a flame thrower in the middle of a trees. The grass is literally on fire. cs-tv.org/tv/video-4hI22E9LcY0.html

  • He's a pyromaniac now?

  • Elon Musk's hero must be Colin..

  • This is in nitro type

  • Make a two-wheeled rolligon

  • 2:15 looks like urine

  • Man takes over the world with his home-made tank.

  • One of your best videos

  • This is how the war against nature and humans start

  • Будем рады видеть вас в кроссауте