Wearing a Glove of Venomous Ants | National Geographic

čas přidán 3. 03. 2011
Pat takes on an Amazonian bullet ant ritual and is thrown into 24 hours of mind-numbing pain.
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Wearing a Glove of Venomous Ants | National Geographic
National Geographic


  • Dude puts Coyote Peterson to shame

  • The thumbnail tho

  • POV: you come from the other video with the thumbnail that looks like it was taken on a toaster

  • There in pain while the other guy was like la la laa la laa lalaa la

  • wow this guy takes it like a champ. and i thought coyote was a badass

  • I would recommend having a pool of bullet ants in every prison for a special therapy for the most wanted ones

  • Him: I haven’t felt better ever...How about you get a girl

  • Lemme guess, First, it was the Aghori, then it was the video about the cannibals that was taken from a calculator then this came up

  • OK stop acting like you’re delirious in front of the camera come on

  • Coyote Peterson got nothing on these guys.

  • I don't care if this is their culture, how does that justify torturing these kids? Coyote suffered that much from one sting imagine what kids feel from a glove full of them.

  • I can feel the pain just watching


  • whats even more crazy is that it would probably hurt less chopping your hands off.

  • Thumbnail taken by a microwave 🥵

  • The guy dancing with them was just like okay cool guys 🤙🏽 the dance is over lol

  • Make the gloves smal as ur pp and insert ur pp in it

  • others: *chill* him: *cant handle the pain*

  • Chris pontius and steveo just laughed it off

  • ok so anyone wanna explain why they stuck their hands in gloves of fire ants

  • bad editing 2011 lol

  • “How did we get on the boat”😂😂😂

  • OOF wow why would you do that?

  • Who came from you talk I ripe your head off

  • that thumbnail was taken with a dvd player

  • You got a weird but alright body lol

  • The thumbnail looks like it was taken on a calculator.

  • what can you expect from this really stupid people

  • Lol the thumnail pixel

  • Why on earth are their people laughing in the background that looks painfull

  • Where did they get Nike

  • Where did they get Nike

  • I just had a "Wildboyz" flashback LOL

  • Ahahahha

  • *Sente a pressão nenem*

  • As bad as it looks WHO WANTS TO TRY THIS. I don’t know why but I do, be an incredible experience

  • How long does it last ? Dude : 24hours How long now? Dude: less then an hour Bruh!!! 😕😕😕😕

  • What is that?on ur hands

  • Kkkkkkk Novator

  • There are more ants in that glove than pixels in the thumbnail

    • 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌Underrated!!!!!

  • It can’t be that bad if the kid showed no emotion

  • the others, younger than him, acted chill, but he acted like he was dying, which he probably is

  • Coyote Petersons career was probably inspired by this video

  • "how did we get on the boat" 🤣🤣

  • Why? Why? Why? Why put human in pain for no reason?

  • SMH So dramatic...

  • 4:36 when you first get the gawk gawk handtwist 3000

  • bro i understand this is tratition but are you trying to kill your self

  • Why do they do this???

  • These kids destroyed coyote Peterson

  • pra gringo é mais caro

  • The video looks like it was taken on a Brick

  • I would shoot up my hands with lidocaine and then do it like a boss lol

  • Bro Was this thumbnail token on a xbox 360 broken kinekt

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yikes

  • Even worse you don’t just do it once you have to do it 20 times

  • When you want to win no but November challenge

  • Well, after that you’d be pretty much immune to anything life can throw at you

  • How does he nt scream

  • 2:57


  • Why the thumbnail look like it was taken on a calculator

  • Guess some people never evolved and some of you will tell me this is how humans are suppose to be living

  • What is the point of this exactly?

    • its a right of passage I think

  • Wildboyz did it first....

  • 02:37 Michael Jackson playing in my head thriller

  • I remember watching this ep on our TV when I was still 12.

  • Rip National Geographic least words “how did we get on the boat”

  • This is really scary.

  • I quit. Call OSHA

  • Omg

  • I imagine your hands feeling like there on fire .. cuz when he dipped his hands in the ice it looked so refreshing

  • where can I watch the entire episode?

  • Cayote peterson : " hello brother"

  • How can we see the full episode?

  • Neanderthals

  • "It hurts so bad!" "It feels so good"

  • For reals

  • This guys a pretender

  • Coyote you're up mate

  • Those are the strongest drugs he's ever done.

  • This makes Coyote Peterson look like an amateur.

  • *"Im about to enter the sting zone with,120 bullet ants"*

  • Props to this guy for still standing afterwards

  • This video should be titled: "bullet ants and how i learned to walk with T-Rex like arms"

  • "The dance ends, and I'm alone with my pain." Literally pans to the other boys who just did it too.

  • Rogan brought me here .

  • Stupid

  • Whatever happens, im NOT moving there. They do this to 7 year old boys for 10 MINUTES. THAT IS CRAZY

  • The ending looks like the end of SAW 3D but no death ( Anyone agree ? )

  • Why?

  • why

  • He is over reacting

  • He did better than the other guy lmao


  • Meanwhile I'm scared of spiders

  • chance to die 20%.....?

  • I like the video soooooo..... I see this is in your recommended now :))

  • In the name of Science