Wedge tornado causes extensive damage in Mississippi | AccuWeather

čas přidán 23. 03. 2023
Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer captured these videos of a tornado approaching Rolling Fork, Mississippi, and some of the first views of its devastating aftermath.
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Komentáře: 137

  • I was watching Dr Timmers feed live the entire time, he realized just how large and dangerous this storm was. His expertise and and years of experience help educate people and save lives. The heart of a true meteorologist.

    • You can't blame Reed. His first ever tornado was the infamous May 3rd, 1999 Moore tornado, and his team almost got hit by it under an overpass. They could have become one of the overpass casualties that day, as the same tornado hit three other overpasses that day that each had a fatality. Reed knows firsthand how deadly these storms get.

  • Was watching this go down on Ryan Hall's livestream. That tornado hit Rolling Fork, Silver City, and Winona. A pure monster.

  • Incredible footage 😮 Well done for helping those poor people tonight Dr Timmer. You're a shining example. Vince, Brandon and Charles Peak really helped some families by Rolling Fork. I can't imagine the sights that you gentlemen sometimes see after such direct strikes. Best wishes to you Sir.

    • I'm from Anguilla and while I do appreciate coverage of the tornado, the last thing we need is someone running around screaming their head off during a tornado emergency. This does not help anyone and only creates further chaos in an already serious situation.

    • @Jeanie Ferris I'd just politely point out that any shouting shown in the video was done on the side of a busy road, prior to the tornado impact. You'll see that Reed was very solemn, and helped taking victims to the hospital when the video cuts to after the impact. He's a PhD meteorologist with 20 years experience chasing tornadoes and doing danger close research with scientific instruments. If Reed shouted by a roadside 10 miles outside my town, I wouldn't turn him away when he calmly pulled me out of the devastated wreckage of my home and took me to hospital. You know?

  • Respect to the men and women who put their life on the line to spot these and give citizens a fair warning. You guys are awesome

  • Thank you Reed for all you do!!!

  • Crazy stuff man!! Prayers go out to everyone involved! 🙏

  • It’s been a terrible and nerve racking night . And seeing cities like Hackleburgh and Smithville under tornado emergencies brings back bad memories

  • I am very impressed Reed Timmer and You did a great job with Storm Footage and most importantly You were there for the people in need of help and support , your amazing Reed Timmer!!!!!!!!!

  • Prayers to the people that had to go through this, hopefully towns like Amory can recover soon

    • Prayers??? Now can we talk about Climate change? These people would be alive if the United States respected the Kyoto protocol.

    • @Autumn Fragrance man you are so disrespectful, 23 people died so far

  • Reed Timmer is always there helping everyone

  • I’ll take living in Florida with hurricanes to living in tornado or dixie alley any day…those middle of the night wedge tornados are absolutely petrifying. God bless all who were impacted and those who participated in the search and rescue🙏🏻

  • Thanks for the footage. I pray everyone is good

    • I talk about it all the the time as a northerner

  • Wow! I was in around jasper alabama when that storm was coming through Bama. Crazy! God Bless the families in Mississippi! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank God the dog survived. I watched this live last night as it occurred and Reed took 2 to emergency for head and rib injury

  • God bless y’all I’m sorry that happened.

  • Keep dominating brother Reed. Stay safe-ish!

  • I'm a tornado spotter and I knew instantly that "today was going to be a bad day:

  • This feels like the storms opened a Pandora's box of Greensberg 2007, Joplin 2011, Manchester 2003, Mayfield 2021, among others all in one tornado those familiar with them know what they did

  • Egypt, MS has the worst one going through right now more than likely will end up a EF-5 prayers this is a tornado epidemic from this hot and cold weather 😞

  • Pray for the victims, the pets and livestock, and for the rescuers. The rescuers will be involved in much death, destruction, and suffering today.

  • 2 tornadoes....... the rolling fork tornado and the amory tornado... both extremely powerful... both ef4 tornados. or higher.

  • I hope everyone is safe

  • My condolences to the family of the deceased 🙏

  • Prayers for texas From Australia

  • I'm praying 🙏 for all Mississippians and family members and friends ❤ I pray 🙏 for y'all health and safety tonight 🙏 I pray 🙏 for people who have passed😢

  • was very scary lastnight. hope everyone makes a safe recovery first time ive ever hid in bathroom

  • I hope someone helped the dog too.

    • If anyone knows anything about that dog I’ll take it. I live in Pensacola but I will come get that pup. That was so sad to see.😔

    • @Monique Milner That pup broke my heart! It looked so scared!!!!!!

    • @Diana Parker-Whitis I know😢

  • Porfavor ayuden a los animales también

  • What a badass, im never experience even once. I wish i could.

  • im starting to think its safer to be in a car than a cheaply made house. Yea , if the house exterior walls are cinder block or brick , maybe not. But if the house walls are plywood , the car is safer. ( smaller profile for the wild to act on , greater sectional density

    • With an EF-5 tornado, the only safe place is below ground. I lived through Hurricane Irma with the eyewall going over our house built to 2006 Hurricane codes (Concrete blockwith metal shutters on every window and strapped down roof) as a CAT 3 (Sustained winds up to 130mph) and we could still feel wind seeping through air and laundry vents and our windows rattling. EF5 tornados can be up to 200mph winds…maybe an above ground bomb shelter could tolerate that, but not even the sturdiest homes in Florida. An EF will pick up a semi truck and smash it back down on the ground like an empty soda can.

    • @Dee Da Dee yea, im suprised very few homes are built to tolerate tornados, especially in texas, Ok, LA, Miss, etc.

  • So very sad. Prayers.

  • I hope everyone is ok

    • Everyone is not okay. 20+ dead. Likely EF-5 damage.

  • The weather in Egypt used to be similar before it was destroyed. People are under emotional anesthesia and don't understand that changes in weather are provoked by bad human behavior.

    • No

  • That’s was my hometown wow….

  • The excitement in Reed Timmer’s voice only gets more annoying every time I hear it. Ppl will lose property and loved ones and this perpetually juvenile chaser has to change his pants because it’s a wedge.

  • this when you know the seasons changing tornado's down south

  • This was, of course, an ACT of GOD. The people of MS better figure out what they've done to anger the Lord so much that He (in his infinite wisdom and righteousness) sent these tornadoes to punish the sinners and their families. If these fallen people don't repent and beg God for mercy, this will happen again. Praise His Holy Name!!

  • We live in amory/smithville Ms. Some major damage

  • This guy has seen tons of tornadoes. So I don't understand why he screams like he's never seen one before. He just keeps shouting and shouting. My heart goes out to the people affected by this monster tornado. As we watched the radar and CC in real time, it was evident that this one was causing a lot of destruction

    • There must have been people standing there who were trying to see the tornado. He was trying to get them to take cover and through his experience was able to tell it was a wedge.

    • because it's an adrenaline rush, that's why. It doesn't mean he is insensitive or unaware of all the potential destruction or loss of life, he cares more than anyone--but it's just an incredible experience. If you've seen a great sunset it doesn't mean the next one isn't any less spectacular. Now imagine that sunset times a hundred. That's the thrill of the experience. And Reed is passionate about it. If you don't have any passions that keep you shouting, you ought to find one.

    • @Petemonster62 he does that every time he sees a tornado. Yelling

    • This thing was massive, look at the devastation it caused. I would have been yelling too.

    • What do you mean ? He was in panic, maybe it was unordinary tornadoes he ever seen.

  • Beautiful destruction. I love it. 🥰

  • Wow that’s a biggin 🙏🏻

  • Prayers🙏🙏🙏

  • Poor people and innocent animals, makes me sick!!! 😢

  • This is when it was crossing into rolling fork

  • This spring weather is too much

  • Sounds like Dr. Reed Timmer.

  • Did the dog running by the camera get rescued?

  • Was it a wedge? I couldn’t hear you. 🙄

  • 🌪️🌀⛈️☔

  • I think its a wedge...

  • You guys are NUTS !!

  • Oh No! Prayers for these townsfolk!

  • This is why you don't chase at nite you cant see anything and you put you life in more risk. I have chased any be quite close but I would not even think of chasing at nite.

    • They have real time radar readouts in the vehicles, GPS, etc. since Reed is one of the best and most experienced storm chasers in the world and lots of tornadoes happen at night. So, definitely not something for amateurs! Personally, I am happy to be on the west coast when it comes to watching tornadoes.

  • Was on the Live feed with Reed Timmer & Friends & also Twitter feed. Was very impressed with everything esp. Reed transporting 2 injured people (Reed was told they will be ok). Prior to Reed having to leave the stream bc of communication/cellphone issues & the fact he was helping people...The chat moderators were being absurd. I was posting Twitter info about the damage done & where help was needed ( I was not called out or asked to stop, so this is NOT personal)!! Chat mods were picking on anyone using a lot of emojis or caps. in their messages. At a time when information is needed desperately & fear was literally palpable...who cares if someone used 8 praying emojis? Or cap locked THEIR MESSAGE? js. {{PRAYING FOR ALL THOSE WHO WENT THROUGH THIS TRAGEDY}} !

  • Poor little doggie.

  • I heard most of Mississippi deserved the tornado.

  • 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 dangit

  • Wait till morning 🥲

  • Dominating dominating dominating reed timmer

  • Lmao the yelling xDDDD

  • My God

  • Bad weather in usa

  • Didn’t think to save the dog?

  • Please say it took out Brett Favre. 🤞

  • Must be pretty bad.

  • سبحان الله العظيم

  • Listen people EF 5 Twisters are like a atomic bomb. Be aware that if what I am worried about

  • ooh nooooooo

  • Poor dog!!

    • He's scared, but he's alive and lucky.

  • You guys are officially nuts

  • It wouldn't be a storm chasers footage if it wasn't them constantly yelling and repeating themselves.

  • Could someone help that poor dog????!!!

    • people are dead, and you worry about a dog?

    • @Lesley Lesley Right people died and the original commenter is worrying about a dog that’s still alive.

    • What if the person survived and is injured and that’s their pet. How would you feel if they saw your dog alive after a tornado and didn’t save it

    • @William Schaefer exactly. If I survived and I thought my pets were running around terrified, I would be crushed. To those ignorant people saying humans are dead and that poster is worried about that dog, why can't people be concerned for both? Are people that shallow that they can't offer empathy for both?

    • ​@William Schaefer nahh, the dog was just fine, i believe the dog will go straight to heaven when it die.

  • Get the heck outta there


  • Why in the world is this trending?

  • Rasheed Carter!!!!!punishment is being handed out.

  • God is great like Ukraine sent more weapons!!!

  • Nahum 1:3 KJVS The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked : the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

  • That’s a wedgie nobody wants

  • Why my teacher died.

  • Not much seen here and not worth watching...

  • Put the dog in the car

  • Let's see how biden helps his voters..🤣

  • Gotta be mind bending to have your live destroyed before your eyes, then to have some kids hopped up on adrenalin and redbull run through your devastated neighborhood excited about the mile wide "wedge" Toronto that just savaged your property. . Wonder if it ever occurs to them

    • Have you ever heard of storm chasers? You think they just randomly happen to be in rural Mississippi mocking a tornado? The whole point is to watch storms and alert people. I guess the national weather service is hopped up on Red Bull? Who wouldn’t be reactive to seeing a huge tornado… and I’m sure after a small town is destroyed… residents are glad to see people arrive.

  • This is an act of God Mississippi stop being racist towards black people

  • Calm down reed you child.

  • A huge warning from God about your racist racism

  • it’s this similar like the one it got mayfield kentucky.

  • Prayers aren’t going to help these people - those that survived need $$$$.

  • Put the dog in a car or something ffs

  • Shoulda grabbed the dog. Everybody likes dogs🥲

  • Praying for more disasters and hardships coming your way America.. 🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁

  • Who cares is Ukraine hurt

  • Another example of prayer being absolutely worthless.

    • We live in a fallen world-- Satan & sin abound. But we are in “end times” now. There is Hope for a world that’s a Hot Mess! It’s as easy as A B C A. Acknowledge sin. Ask Forgiveness. Romans 3:23 B. Believe in Jesus. Son of God. He shed His precious blood to cover our sin & make God accessible to every single one of us… matter how horrible we have ever been. John 14: 6-7 C. Call upon His name for Salvation & you Will be saved! Romans 10:13 Prayer is our direct lifeline directly to God & his intervention into our lives & world…but that does not mean that natural consequences don’t take place.

  • hope they were all republicans 💙

    • Thanks for showing which party has the moral high ground once again❤

  • Crazy stuff man!! Prayers go out to everyone involved! 🙏