Welcome To Minecraft Dungeons

čas přidán 27. 03. 2020
Minecraft Dungeons Beta has been released and we gonna check it out.
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  • Huh, this actually looks pretty cool.

  • Geek commentary

  • Why would they call them illagers before evillagers

  • Funny how he first picks supercharge enchant on bow then later learns that you can charge bow shots...

  • Wait this game is literally just Dungeon Rampage with MapleStory 2 features.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="512">8:32</a> your literally sonic the hedgehog

  • Why would you not pick the chain pull, it's totally a no brainer just saying

  • Why didn't they focus on actual Minecraft and just put all this new content into that? Instead of leaving us with boring vanilla and bees ffs

  • 게임 재미있게 보고 갑니다. Thx! That's a good video.

  • Somethink tells me this game will become as grindy as trove.....

  • The world feels a little empty, Diablo 3 you'd get HORDES of enemies. and it looks too easy, hope the harder difficulties fix that

    • Hope they realize og Minecraft fans are now adults and enjoy a nice challenge

  • you act like you’ve never played anything else but minecraft

  • Idk looks fun but am I the only one who can see the game getting really repetitive and boring

  • Love the video, but this is literally a minecraft version of Diablo. I was hyped for Minecraft Dungeons, but seeing this makes me wonder if the game is worth it now. Like for real, the mobs just sit there like in Diablo. The fighting is the same, it kinda erks me. I thought it would be something different, but it is what it is.

  • This honestly looks way better than diablo

  • Ima just wait for it to come out for free on Netflix like Minecraft Story mode XD

  • is that area theyre in going to have other players so you can see each other's gear or friend them?

  • is this game out yet

    • You can pre order it but youll have to wait until the 26th to play it

  • I hope they have a rougelike endless dungeon you can play with your friends

  • I'm trying to get mc dungeons all of the card details are correct and when we click buy it says error help someone plzz and anybody else having this problem?

  • Rough commentary :(

  • im gona buy this when it comes out it looks so cool!

  • This shouldn't be another game, this should be in Bedrock Edition.

  • plays like a mobile game, i'll happily buy it for 8.99 to play on the phone not on pc. i got path of exile to fill the void

  • I just pre order the game! Really looking forward to play with it!

  • I'm SO hyped!!! 10 days left!

  • This game looks like Bastion

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> Loot per person = instanced loot ;)

  • Baby zombies can ride spiders


  • why does he say unalive instead of dead?

  • "Justin Timberlake Plays His First PC Game Ever"

  • This Reminds me of Jedi Fallen Order in Minecraft form

    • Yea, kinda, with the enchantment for the skills

  • Player created maps should be a thing

  • Anyone else notice how he kept saying "unalive?"

  • skin texture pack diablo will come for this lol

  • I this isn’t a replacement for Minecraft: Story Mode. Even though it is on Netflix it is still not as good as the real one like on stores but is deleted. Telltale Games is on a new company but hopefully they get all their games back. Even though we *might* not get a Season 3 i hope Minecraft: Story Mode goes back to all stores.

  • Creeper woods awww man

  • 1776: all free folk are now enemies of great britain 1940: all free folk are now enemies of the großdeutsches reich 1950: all free folk are now enemies of the soviet union 2020: all free folk are now enemies of the illager empire

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="990">16:30</a> that's actually pretty cool

  • Why do the colors look so washed out for this video?

  • Penis

  • I think Minecraft Original needs Ragdoll Physics too

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1028">17:08</a> The captain made the bruh sound

  • this has a hobbit vibe to it

  • Chris Hampton?

  • is cross platform avail?

  • why can't i pay it ?

    • You gotta wait until the 26, you can pre order it but u cant play it

  • Hey captainsparklez, I remember on your roblox game i was just chilling on it and then I saw that the owner joined then you like made everything foggy and flew around. Thanks for the memory

  • I love these two when they're together. I miss the Trials Evolution videos

  • You changing your bow make your arrows go down I think

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="660">11:00</a> "unalived end"

  • can't wait to see the speedruns for this game

  • this better have raytracing for all.

  • wait how can people greif

  • If you want the clusters play on a higher difficulty.

  • This was so much fun to play. I got the beta and this was incredible.

  • Can anyone tell me how the controls are gonna be like is it W A S D or like what?

  • I’m surprised that when he saw a creeper he didn’t just scream AWWW MAN

  • Enchants his bow so it has super charge. 4 minutes later "OMG you can charge your bow??"

  • *They have to add free mode, and world generation, so you get to explore the world and find missions*

  • I really want to get this game when it comes out on PS4

  • If only you could use your minecraft skin. That would be lit

  • Illegers sterling villagers and making them slaves pewdiepie get in the boat

  • i think i lost pretty much all my brain cells watching this video.. this is what happens when people only playing minecraft try some other game...

  • Not gonna lie, I forgot this was happening lol the game I mean

  • I like how they get the Supercharge enchant but don’t charge their shots

  • Can we build home ?

  • ...whatever the f**k it IS...it just became [MineCraft] *Dungeons*...

  • Sorry but this is the most epic game that's come out in years that everyone needs looks absolutely epic, a game that is addictive, tons of loot and difficulties which I like in a game such as borderlands and diablo, generated enemies and loot can't wait

  • Diablo 5

  • creepa (do de lyrics down below

  • All hail the savior of Minecraft

  • Entertaining video. But. This game is just a kid-friendly version of Diablo. Oh wait, that would be Torchlight. This game is a poor-man's Torchlight.

  • lmao he didnt read the 2 wolf armors had different stats and he enchanted the crap one xD

  • they let the super graphics pack fall but have RTx and Minecraft Dungeons instead... cool i hope to preorder


  • this so far is just awesome to me it's like they combined Wildtangent's FATE with Minecraft

  • Can I play it In mobile?

  • Actually, you can enter in the structure