What’s Hiding at the Most Solitary Place on Earth? The Deep Sea

čas přidán 15. 09. 2019
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Sometimes the world feels boring. All the remote islands are visited, the arctic conquered, the dense jungles discovered. Except, there is still a place to explore: A wet deadly desert where mysterious creatures live in total darkness: The deep sea. Let us dive down.

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  • hey, isnt that woman from Ponyo?

  • 도대체 어떤 알고리즘이 나를 여기까지 끌고왔는가....근데 개꿀잼

  • 우리는 아직까지 지구에 대해서도 모르는 부분이 참 많죠. 많은 곳들을 정복하고 해답들을 얻어냈지만, 심해는 아직 알지 못하는 것들이 많은 것 같아요. 재미있는 영상이었습니다

  • I like how you made the frilled shark look slightly intimidating

  • YTP makers finally have a clip of Kurzgesagt saying nut

  • "Sometimes the world feels boring.." Tell me about it

  • His animation is so beautiful 😍


  • NEW!

  • 9:24

  • People: Finally, we've reached the lowest depths of the ocean! Plastic Bag: Thank god! I'M SAVED! Wait here, I need to tell the others!

  • This is like one of those submarine experiences in theme parks like legoland or didney worl

  • 7:47: Warning, entering ecological dead zone. Adding report to databank.

  • 꿀잼

  • Vidio sangat menghibur dan memberi pengetahuan saya suka chanel ini

  • This video would have been perfect is it was sponsored by an ocean preservation organisation, that that plastic bag being there would have been a perfect kickoff for introducing the sponsor

  • Omg 1:51 that's ponyo mother grandmamere

  • this looks like subnautica, the tiny submaring is the seamoth and the creatures are the aliens from subnuatica

  • I saw some Pokémon in this video lol

  • Hay alguien de latino américa aquí? O soy el único?

  • Pokemons i found 1:27 - Corsola - Lileep - Goldeen - Finneon - Qwilfish - Horsea 1:38 - Luvdisc 2:27 - Lugia (bottom right) and 1:50 - Granmamare (Ponyo) There seems to be a few more, but I don't know

  • It is very funny video! I like this video.

  • Did anyone else see Goldeen 😂

  • This video in particular has been assigned as viewing material from three different college professors of mine.

  • 1:50 PONYO'S MOM?!?!

  • ah yes, my favorite organism P L A S T I C B A G S

  • Am i the only one who saws the Ponyo's reference in 1:50? Xd

  • Amogus

  • Brillant is free ONLY IF YOU PAY A LOT ;)... This video is just an add to make you pay after.

  • I remember in second grade, me and my class studied the ocean and each of us studied a specific sea creature in it. The way we did the ocean is the start of the classroom (near the door) was the shallowest zone, and the further from the door you went, the deeper into the ocean you got- And at the end in a closet like indent in the room was the deepest zone, and we had painted jellyfish and stuff in glow in the dark paint then used a black light to make them glow ’Twas fun

  • I’m horrified of the ocean

  • Fucking humans, hope ya get snap out of existence so the planet can heal like it was slowly doing during the pandemic

  • so boring place to live, but very mystery

  • Anyone noticed the goldeen and quillfish

  • Humans: First human object to enter challenger deep is a submarine. Plastic bag: Allow me to take that tittle

  • Thanks a lot! This is officially the most sensible video on deep-sea creatures.

  • я учю англиский !!!

  • Who's that woman floating about around the continental shelf waterS?

  • 1:51 ponyos mom in the corner-

  • *reinstalls Subnautica*

  • at 1:30 theres are 2 pokemons!! Fineon and goldeen!

  • the plastic bag caught me off guard, kinda sad tbh

  • I like how birb has a beanie

  • pokemon?

  • The amount of references in this video is frightening. I've seen only first 2minutes and I can recognize Pokémon and Ghibli references

  • 1:34 varios wild Pokémon appears

  • so cool!!!

  • I'm commenting here so the algorithm recommends this vid to more people.

  • 9:23

  • I like the background music it makes me calm

  • did anyone see the ponyo reference just me? ok

  • The narrator voice is so soothing.

  • The narrator voice is so soothing.

  • Detecting multiple leviathan lifeform. Are you sure what you are doing is worth it?

  • wth is she 1:50 huhhh???

  • i found nemo hurray! 1:26

  • Subnautica players: Tag me in, coach

  • You should have more subscribers.

  • Imagine being their and Met Megladon or the monster in underwater

  • did anyone noticed there were pokemons in the sea

  • that's funny at 1:35 there is a goldeen from Pokemon I think thats it's name its been a really long time since I've watch or played pokemon

  • Imagine what outrageous places plastic bags went to but we didnt

  • 11034 ft I read that's the bottom I think there s more to go human life haven't reach it yet this can't be it I need more depths

  • Brooooo I love the subtle yet obvious Pokémon influence in your videos

  • Guinea pig science's please 🐹❓❔❓

  • At 0:24 I believe that is a ghost leviathan from subnatuica

  • Subnautica: animated

  • I think I saw a Pokémon reference

  • This is the video we watched at intervention

  • Can anyone please explain why this has so many dislikes for some reason?

  • You like pokemons😁

  • 11:51 ponyo's mum

  • Narrator: oceans are SO deep Me: yes daddy 🥺 Also me: what wait what

  • seems like we should be "burying" our dead in the ocean to increase marine snow to help out

  • Tq

  • try making a video game about what you show on youtube

  • If they had an audio book i want this voice to read it

  • 1:24 Pokémon reference

  • And yet people make jokes about the plastic bag, i know that commenting here wont make a difference but damn have some decency

  • This is kind of overwhelming on acid as you go deeper and then realize you've only gone 5 percent of the way down.

  • Imagine being scared of water, couldn’t be me

  • A desert is an area of land that receives no more than 25 centimetres of rainfall a year, so technically the bottom of the ocean is a desert.

  • Anyone else seeing lileep chilling in the left bottom corner at 1:35 ?

  • New sub love this channel!

  • If these deep sea creatures can endure this pressure, what what happen if they are brought to surface ? Would they die? Expand? Get bens? Change?

  • FJB

  • Very good

  • I love the Pokémon included in the video ❤️

  • it would be pretty cool if these guys made a netflix documentary

  • Pokemon are always there lol ahaha

  • Wait there is at 1:33-1:34 pokemon that Kursgesagt put in the animation like lileep, goldeen, quilfish, Corsica, horsea, and finneon

  • 2% biomass in the ocean only??? that’s nothing wtf i bet it used to be at least 15% before commercial fishing and other things

    • @snayceman you just aren’t using any logic here, you are failing to understand that most of the ocean is just blue void, no life there, nothing to live on, therefore the small areas that do harbour life are isolated and far between, this means that there is a low percentage of life, which will not have been impacted by fishing at all

    • @Pure-Unadulterated-Animation not trying to be deep or philosophical lmao. get out of my notifications loser

    • And I bet it didn’t, stop trying to be deep and philosophical

  • 10:53 I finally know how to pronounce Kurzgesat

  • I definitely saw some pokemon haha. Corsola, cradily, qwilfish and a lot more.👌🏼

  • Decepticons

  • i am soooo amazd your vids

  • I see those pokemon

  • That one plastic bag chillin at the bottom of the sea watching as the world evolves around it

  • Sponge Bob and bikini city, unbreakable truth.