What 2000+ Hours On Ela Looks Like - R6 Console Ranked Highlights

čas přidán
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/liveferra

Sens:H:100 V:55 ADS: 60 Deadzone: R=5 L=11

Equipment: Elgato Hd60, Elite Controller Series 2, Turtle Beach Elite pro 2

Controller cam: cs-tv.org/tv/video-2WpxrDooxmQ.html


Audio: Night Mode

Controller Rotation: Default

Servers:East US

Console: Xbox


  • Thanks for 12k subs

    • Your amazing. I watch your videos as a reference to help me and I have gotten way better because of it. Your great and I hope your channel continues to grow. Keep it up.

    • I’m Ferra

    • & How’d you 4K from mid ya was so lucky 🥴

    • 1:56 billows a bum!!

    • www.twitch.tv/samthe2kgod_ help a brother out

  • is this actually you or a different person

  • you good

  • How do you control her recoil at long range?

  • You deserve a sub others only use like one clip with a operator but you showed multiple amazing clips with ela respect

  • None of these drone what rank r they😂

  • How long have you had an elite controller bc I got one recently and I'm not used to it yet. Also can you tell me you're sens

  • Bro ur a goat and all,you have better aim than Truman but your not a champ ur a plat3

  • Bro I cant find a single match in r6s on console

  • This man is the best xbox siege player rn🐐🐐 bout to binge watch his videos.

  • I don’t even have 2000 hours on the fucking game

  • yeah, imagine playing in a different server besides US

  • Controller bois

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="851">14:11</a> 😭😭😭😭

  • haven’t seen that many comp console players recently but it’s good to see more in the community :]

  • Do you use a elite controller

  • Bro I think u are playing with mouse and key board .if it's right,how do u enjoy killing controler players with that?

  • How do u control ela's aim?

    • Try the settings in the Description and it’s easier

  • Dude your amazing

  • So you’re telling me that you have 83 days played with ELA?

  • people over here so pressed about clickbait champion but it don’t matter to me since ur insane! subscribed!

  • When you play mnk and are plat

  • Ha Xbox stop it I’m already laughing

  • Bro u should add me on xbox:N4L28

  • Bro ferra i wish my teamates would actually want to play as much as i do 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Yo what attachments do u use for the Scorpion (Or Skorpion... I forgot which one)lol

  • You used a xim apex

  • You are mnk

  • switch to pc

  • Get the champion rank off your thumbnail you 1.5kd plat 1 boosting of shitty plat3’s

  • Home boy plays with booters, gets carried by champs to get elo, plays on Smurfs for clips and view bots his channel.... I'm done😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • 34k views 12k subs plays mnk with booters still plat im weak

    • Factsss

  • i wonder instead of 100h and 20v i should try 55v

  • Have to say it. Amazing bro. Your AIM is incredible 🥵👍

  • Can I add you?

  • I dont know how but you got all the timing. And every shot on the face is a insta kill, when I play thats no happen. You are a beast with the ain and movements

  • Finally a good controller player.

  • what servers do you play on?

  • Everyone potatoes on you and they never counter your strats or play as a team. Are you playing against golds??? No hate lol ur still insane

  • Titles like this always cringe me. Basically said, "what being a virgin looks like in rainbow six siege". If you have that many hours on 1 op you really need a hobby.

    • Ok boomer

  • Ferra are u not mnk

  • Can you give me a quick tip on how to grow your channel because you’re blowing up

  • what do you use to record on xbox?

  • ik thats a fuckin macro lol

  • yo ferra do you use the xbox clip system or do you have an external recording device (like an elgato) if you use the xbox system then how do you get teammate comms in the clips because that never happens when i clip stuff

  • Ill follow your twitch if you give me a kiss

  • Imagine if you actually had 2000+ hours on ela

  • Ay mate what sense u run

  • How so you control your aim so well on a fast sensitivity mine is ok but not that hood

  • Bro this how you know this guys a god he can still win even when people are talking in the party everyone else would’ve said “ShUt Up”

  • Bro nice vid, but why xbox players are so bad?

    • Smiler 30 He’s playing with people below his rank, of course they look like trash...

  • You shouldn’t be in plat 1. I’m diamond and can help u get to it on a smurf. Or we can just do r placements together next season. 1.45 seasonal

  • Lol

  • Ewww console

  • #setting


  • ty for the ear rape <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="852">14:12</a>

  • mnk on console means u r to bad to play pc or two poor stop ruining this already shit game

  • You wanna play some time I’m plat 2

  • Yo I played you when you only had 200 subs me and And my friend 2v2 you told me to sub I did and now your at 12 k good work

  • You played against my friend Elaxzi and you stressed the servers 😐

    • I don’t play with any dossers

  • I searched it up this man only has 23 hours with Ela, not even a day. He only had 500 hours on siege in total which is not even close to 1000 hours. "2000 hours" he says. Come on man dont lie just say "this is what a god Ela player looks like" or something

    • Klaus Fallen man he was just doing what nuggy did it’s a funny joke don’t take it so hard

  • What are your elite controller settings?

  • Yo, Ferra does night mode give you any advantages?

    • I’m Ferra oh that’s actually good, but does it change lighting? Or colors?

    • Night mode makes gunshots quiet and footsteps easier to hear

  • What’s your sense bro I play on Xbox too

  • What Operators Does Anyone Recommend For Defense If I Want To Know Where People Are, And On Attacking If I Dont Want People To Know Where I Am (Or Just Name Some Really Good Operators And I'll Check them Out.)

    • @AMG Productions It is a great weapon, he also has a shotgun to open up hatches and what not. He is banned a lot in ranked though so food for thought

    • @Rico Manibusan I was also looking at jackal on attack because I heard that his weapon kit is good with the c7e, I think that's what it's called. And his gadget is pretty cool.

    • @Rico Manibusan alright thx

    • It's a bit late but Lesion on defense is arguably the best for Intel on defense. For attack, you can test out Nok since she can't be seen by cams with her ability. But that's really the only way to not be seen by cams and what not. Just use a 3 speed on attack and crouch walk around the map if you want to be sneaky.

  • What 2000 hrs of no life looks like🤣😆

  • pls dude pls add to equipment Cronus. Im playing this Game since 3years and First ela‘s scorpion evo have not a firerate like you if you play Ela. And Second theres no chance to hold the recall like this. But maybe you are a good Player, just be fair and add Cronus to equipment. And for your videos, the shots ingame that we See are A-Syncron to the sound.

    • You’re a dumbass if you think this is cronus mac

    • @BoubaV9 you need to go to literacy class bud you really can't write.

    • Im calling about Cronus Not cheating and the Cronus is in the XBOX, PS4 etc. so play show the recall of Ela with showing the XBOX inputs

    • I read this 3 times and still don’t know what you’re saying😂 if you’re calling me a cheater than look in the description for my hand cam video

  • You legit have 10x the amount of ela hours that I have played the game btw the ela buff is great

    • if uve played 200 hours uve played more ela than him check r6 tracker

  • What barrel do you use on bucks gun bc I’ve been switching between muzzle and flash and don’t know what to use. Really good vid aswell

  • U wanna play some time I’m on Xbox 2

  • I’m calling it ferra ab to be on top

  • So people 80% time don't even turn around or give claymore on common places in console? Pc is so much easier.

  • Xbox so ez

  • How long have u been doing CS-tv? And how long did it take to get this much subs?

  • ??? Why yo Ela do so much damage I at least have to shoot the enemy 15+ times to kill them and he’s killing them in like 3 to 5 hits

    • I hit headshots and aim chest level with out missing shots. Doing this makes ela the easiest operator in the game.

  • Why is everyone in the other team so trash mayne they have the slowest reaction with no headsets I would've been turned on just by running

  • Why not 60fps?

  • U should add me

  • I just spoke to aviiat on how I see his GT playing with u lol kinda crazy luv ur vids btw

  • Go subscribe to my channel and watch my post 😁