What's the Longest Straight Line You Can Sail Without Touching Land?

čas přidán 31. 08. 2019
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  • You never showed the crazy shape of the route on the flat map!

  • 23K to 457. I think a few hate comments are, as I like to say, a vocal minority. A very very small minority.

  • What about the longest straight line on land?

  • 2:44 this one is incorrect because where he is showing that body of water it is really just ice and snow

  • Antarctica has 300 trillion ants in it

  • Greenland to Antarctica

  • Laughs in flat earther

  • There are so many ways to travel across an ocean. You can: - pass through - skurtttt through - head through - squeeze through - barely squeeze through - barely skurt through - cross between - meme through

  • How long would this take?

  • RealLifeLore : *reveals that you can pass from Pakistan to Russia in a straight line* MrBeast : are you challenging me? but lets be honest if there is one challenge MrBeast can't take on it is this one.

  • Yeah..if earth was round 😏

  • Italy to Venezuela? There was a Venezuelan who impersonated an Italian VENICINIMATI CONFIRMED

  • Music?

  • I have another long route that seems stupid on a map. Namibia to The Dominican Republic

  • What’s the background beat called lol

  • Another word for the “great circle” is the “geodesic”. It appears a lot in General Relativity because non-euclidean surfaces ;p

  • I would hit Italy if i did that

  • wowwwwww!!!!

  • ,, ..., but that's boring compared to this." So going in a straight line is interesting?

  • Easy, just take an aircraft and fly around the world in a straight line. Technically not touching land lmao

  • Notice me

    • PizzaGuyMike no

  • 1:34 that's israel

  • Program is flawed

  • Longest Straight Line You Can Sail Without Falling Of The Edge*

  • 2019: Mission Across Wales 2020: Mission Across the Alps 2021: Mission from Pakistan to Russia.

  • isnt there a line that goes around completly without any land

  • As a portuguese i want to do this, in honor of my ancestors

  • If I had nothing but money and time I would definitely give it a go, either you grab an increasingly rare 'first to do' or you die trying and your 15 minutes in the 24 hour news cycle. Also, what an icebreaker at parties.

  • Cool to see that other people think about random things like this

  • Shit, if I head west towards San Fran I could probably travel 2,000 miles before I hit ocean!!! East or south I might only get a few hundred miles. North, I may even be able to go farther than west!!


  • OOOh This was uploaded on my Birthday. Thank you!

  • Also I want to welcome my neighboring Indian butt-hurts to spoil our happiness.

  • Really Pakistan seems like computer is on our side.

  • The longest strait line you can go in without touching land is on a bridge around the world I have a high IQ

  • 5:40 😂

  • Kay?

  • That was just because of that it would work better to be Oklahoma

  • Spicy!

  • Geowizard: *you dare challenge me?*

  • I mean it can start from Russia in the other direction so Russia should just take the Sevmorput, load it up with some token cargo for Pakistan and get on with the straight line sailing. I'm sure its nuclear reactor will be up to the task.

  • Proud to be a Pakistani............. I guess cause this the time though

  • Did he talk about the longest stretch of land?


  • The earth us. Flat

  • Yeah but how many Toyota corollas can be placed on that line im still waiting

  • S O M A L I A N P I R A T E S

  • Or its like finding a needle in a needle factory... that's gone out of business

  • If you delete the globe

  • What are the dulldrums!? No wind for weeks, wtf!?

  • i am stchraight

  • I’m going north... *_To the northern north_*

  • Also try not to get killed in Pakistan itself as the 'Laden' sanctuary is a terrorist state. Also brave people from Baluchistan are fighting for freedom from Pakistan so maybe support it for passage and freedom but for that Just stay away from any Chinese u find building Chinese roads. Maybe check all of results from this simulation.

  • What happens when you sail to the edge?

    • Maybe that is what flat-earthers should try to do so they can prove they were right!!

  • Nobody will like this comment. I'm sad 😐🙁☹️😕😟😞😢

  • The longest straight line between two points of land is between Asia and Asia.

  • Turku !!!!!

  • This vid is false because earth is actually flat. (not relly)

  • Plenty of people have circumnavigated the globe but that's boring Ferdinand Magellan triggered

  • But did they factory in the Currents of the ocean?