What's the Longest Straight Line You Can Sail Without Touching Land?

čas přidán 31. 08. 2019
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  • Mercator projection does no justice in a real world. Aircraft has been doing that with exception of overflight of some less desirable countries. Also satellites has been doing that since 1957.

  • You make amazing content and I want to support you the best I can but holy shit It makes me wanna rip my hair out being advertised 2 like a fucking dumbass

  • You can‘t. The Earth isn’t flat.

  • Now do vise versa. How far can you travel on land without touching water.

  • This blows my mind and causes my ship from Pakistan to Russia please help

  • Eddie Bravo is triggered

  • 2:44 hey line u good

  • Irritation music..

  • I checked a globe, if I went into a straight line from the part of the US I live at, I'd end up in Portugal.

  • HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR SOMALIA MAN. Its not pirates and kidnappers. Fucking stereotypical bullshit

  • Isn’t there a Line that goes from Canada to Canada, without touching land?

  • taiwan straight is so rought we used to pass every vogage there..

  • but sadly before u arrive in rusia, u crush ur ship onto plastic island in the middle of pacific ocean... lol

  • "Have you ever sat on a beach?" Me:no

  • music so loud

  • 3:28 someone please tell me why Poland is spelled "Polen," Moscow spelled "Moskau," Bering Strait called "Bering Meer," and Canada spelled "Kanada"

    • Harry Partington oh yeah i forgot those exist oof

    • HazLobb64 obviously just a different language

  • 6:23 what about ships?

  • Wait? Does Norway claim land in Antartica?

  • flat earthers got really confused in this video hahhahaha

  • Checkmate, flat earthers.

  • Not having watched the video: Considering the Earth is round, the longest line you could sail in an actually straight line would be none, since any movement would start to slowly take you off the water and into the space, eventually.


  • 3:27 Your globe is wrong, weirdly. It shows Charlotte as the capital of North Carolina.

  • RealLifeLore: head so far north that u eventually start heading south Everyone: wait thats illegal

  • Live in Florida, about 20 miles or less from ocean

  • Not straight from that respective

  • Who is watching in 2020 by the way

  • Just go from Greenland to Antarctica.

  • Panama Canal: wtf bro I’m still here

  • 1:33 eyyy that’s israel I can see the land itself

  • Minecraft players: Let us introduce ourselves

  • South pole to Antarctica?

  • What if we don't go with a great circle? Wouldn't one of the smaller circles towards the poles be a circle that only cross the ocean but never collide with land?

  • I contemplated this a few weeks ago and came up with the exact same solution as they did lol

  • Everybody gangsta til the Somalian pirate start stealing your lines

  • Man, I was not expecting all this hating on Somali pirates. That's kind of a 2011 reference.

  • “Something that nobody has ever done.” Me: Ok I’m on my way

  • Remember to turn off waves and hostiles to make it easier

  • A

  • What’s the longest straight land on earth??

  • Venezuela is named after Venice becauae 'Palafitos' a type of house raised on piles over the surface of soil or water.

  • Me: ok I'm gonna sail in the longest line between two points of land. The wind: ok boomer ;)

  • If I went to the beach not far from my home and I look straight that water would lead to South-East Australia

  • I’m watching from Warrington England

  • Hey, I do a fair amount of Flat Earth debunking, and this video is perfect, right balance of facts and humor. Would you mind if I mirror this with full credit to you?

  • I don't know why but I always find your videos to be addicting to watch.

  • People who think earth is flat they have flat brains People who think earth is round are normal People who think earth is a cube are gods noni

  • This is how many times he said “barely squeeze through” ⬇️

  • Lol! I’m from Venezuela and my father is Italian 😂

  • Flat Earthers TRIGGERED

  • "You'll pass nearby Somalia, so try not to get k̶i̶l̶l̶e̶d Captain Philips'ed on the way"

  • Wieso ist seine Weltkarte (Politisch) immer auf deutsch ?

  • Rip flat earthers

  • Interesting geometry problem

  • **angry flatearth noises**

  • It would take 6,938,772 Toyota Corollas to span that length.

  • 4:19 Double voice.

  • 4:54 Somehow wish Greta Thunberg would take on the challenge on her £4m carbon fibre yacht... to raise awareness or something.

  • I have been thinking about for like months and now I have the answer thanks!

  • Things you need to sail from Pakistan to Russia: A sturdy medium sized boat Essential Things for about 6 months(Food water clothing) A lot of fuel for 6 months Sailing equipment and spare parts Radio and communication equipment Guns to deter the pirates And the most important thing you dont want to miss... 1 terrabyte of Hentai to keep you and your crew "entertained"