čas přidán 12. 11. 2017
Being a student in the Czech Republic is so much better than being a tourist. But don't take our word for it, see what students got to say about it :)
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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš
Prague Based Journalists


  • Нет украинцев Нет россиян Нет белорусов Soooooo STRANGE

  • WE,, HATE,, czech republic?? those.dirty.pedophilez.are crazy.

  • WE,, HATE,, czech republic?? those.dirty.pedophilez.are crazy.

  • What University is this

  • lol, just seen it, 0:32 'I like your food, I like gulas', it is more Hungarian than Czech. Great vid btw ;))

  • Why would someone from FINLAND (!) come to study to Czech...?

  • Is this country safe for muslim girls?

  • Super bro😍

  • Dude had eyebrows that scare the kids

  • "I like your food, I like goulash" lol yeah Czech, like Trdelek.

  • Attention all foreign students who want to study medicine in English in Prague. I was studying 6 years at the first medical faculty, paying 14000 euros each year. These English programs are just well organized criminals, they steal your money, fail the students in the exam and then terminate their study. These criminals are calling themselves Europeans and they have nothing to do with being so. They stole from me loan and terminated my study. They first medical faculty in Prague have a maniac vice dean named Sedmera. Actually I found those criminals naming their university, Charles university to attract students from England and keep stealing them. The name of the university is karlovy university in Czech language which means Karl’s university and NOT CHARLES university. They have a city named Karlovy Vary, they don’t call it Charles Vary. Do you know that the Czech president was caught in Chile by a security camera of stealing a pen? And they security guards saw him and told him the put back the pen you stole and put in your pocket. Never trust a Czechs, these are pure parasites and criminals indeed

    • Karlovy university? What about Karlova univerzita.....

  • Anyone in prague who is studying in Flying Academy Europe ? Im looking forward to go there next year .

  • Igualzinho ao Brasil 🇧🇷

  • A huge lot of Czech people are highly racist and lack intelligence. They bring shame to the Czech Republic and are a disgrace to the human race. Prejudiced and weak minded, not something one would expect from an European country. They refuse to do business with foreigners or let students/expats rent apartments because they are of different nationality, no matter if they are law abiding, educated civilians. They'd rather take some alcoholic rapist Czech criminal over a rent paying law obeying individual.

  • A girl from Czech came to nagaland and she enjoyed all the naga dishes and culture.. Literally she took away so many men's heart! 😅 Hopefully I'll get one 😂

  • what is the name of this university?

  • 아호이~

  • Czech people do not like foreign students from Africa and Asia. They hustle our girls day and night and typically want to stay for good. GO home and do not come back! Czech government should not allow invaders to "study" in my country.

  • I wish to visit Czech Republic. Beautiful.

  • What do you do when you graduate and want to work in Prague?

  • Can you please make video on study of aerospace engineering in Czech Republic

  • Thank you bro Your Czech Republic videos very helpful

  • I am coming soon

  • Can we get part time jobs there while studing?

  • Komu by se taky nelíbilo na VŠE

  • I made this video! My fiance is sitting at the restaurant behind Janek in the beginning of the episode with the teal backpack and I am right across from her. Awesome!

  • The country is beautiful...many positive things to say. The customer service is horrendous. I have never encountered anything worse. I wonder if it is the worst of all Europe....or the world.

  • Goulash not czech food, omg, but hungarian. What about knedli? Thats czech!

    • Originally yes. But czech version is very diferent from hungarian style.

  • Great video!

  • Hunt :dd

  • 2:16 his eyebrows are T H I C C XD

  • Homework - uncountable.

  • Amazing

  • I wanna study in Czech Republic

  • great videos!! very useful information...what about Brno?? is it so nice as Prague?

  • Why would people study abroad? Does the degree transfer elsewhere?

  • Nice video brother...

  • Lol his reaction at 1:20

  • You can not be anywhere in europe within an hour ! Take it easy now !

  • i am thanking to study in czech ?

  • 0:41 class have 3 days in a week

  • Planning to study tho... Thanks for this!! 💓💓💓💓


  • Hello. I just saw your videos now and immediately subscribed to your youtube channel as I can see you have so many interesting and based on facts videos about czech. I'm so interested about czech first of all is that I know one lady from czech whom I really like a lot and I think I should learn about czech and second thing is that I think it is a very nice and interesting country same with my own country (Philippines). I am looking forward for more interesting videos and hopefully you could help me haha. Dekuju

  • love from Bangladesh....brother

  • Homeworks exist only for don't doing them. :-D

  • Last month my head department gave me a recommendation about studying at Czech, then this video pop up on my yt recommendations, i think Czech is good place for foreign students, i will prepare for my english skill next year and start searching for scholarships, wish me luck!

  • Just want to let you know that,Czechs dont like foreigners . 😉

    • That´s strange, i am Czech and i like foreigners, or doe´s it mean that i am not Czech ?

    • I can confirmed that based on my experience. Used to study in Charles University for 3 years 😁

  • 1:11 so rude buddy 😠to that cute girl 😢

  • Very impressed by your video

  • I love czech republic I m uygur forum East turkstan Leving prague Cezch Pepol vere good 👍👍👍👍👍❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • What university is shown in this video? Thanks!!

  • Czech Republic is country full crooks and cheating people. If people going to see a doctor or going to hospital, they have to bring with them some bribe, present, otherwise they are treated differently. This is same If you going to some office and need something from them. Bring some sort of present, otherwise you are going to wait longer. This sort of corruption and crooks isn’t in the western country’s. So they are acting as people from western democracy country, but mentally are long way behind.

    • That thing with bribes is absolutely bullshit, this is not Balkan. :-D

    • Have you any proves about it?

  • guláš 😂😂

  • ,, I like food" ,,i like gulash" :Ddxddd

  • My pretty niece want to go there for study... Pl help me in

  • Roxette

  • I'm coming for Erasmus in September 2018! Thanks for the vids. They've been very helpful!!

  • To get a study visa is easy or difficult ?