What the last Blockbuster has that Netflix doesn’t

čas přidán 29. 08. 2018
Did you know the last Blockbuster in America is in Bend, Oregon? In 2004, the company went from over 9,000 locations worldwide to exactly one in America. But in this streaming age, is there anything we can learn from Blockbuster? We traveled to Oregon to find out.
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  • What do you miss about going to local video stores?

    • That video store smell. Getting to pick out our own movies, and trying things we may not normally watch. Oh and you can’t forget the candy.

    • @NPC 33331 ok boomer

    • somewhere to go and something to look at?

    • Asking for movie recommendations

    • Renting a movie and a game getting a snack, and that was your weekend. Whatever you picked that was it, simple as that

  • The last? We have some still in Northern Ireland.

  • They dont have original cases? And what about ps2 games?

  • I remember buying video games from Blockbuster


  • Just got a Netflix ad in the middle of this video. Smooth, CS-tv.

  • This is why we have the fortnite bogger

  • I liked the physical interaction. Holding the case, reading the back. Talking about it. Walking the aisle. The smell! Getting the movie and actually finishing it, not stopping midway and choosing something else in just a moments notice. I miss it even more now that socializing has been changed forever. I would buy a blockbuster franchise just to be there, and interact with people. Funny how things just.. change.

  • Looking at some of the movies they have in there, fortunate to say I was part of their productions as a featured Actor and seeing those titles in Blockbuster of the company I grew up with, makes me feel Amazed 👌



  • I remember getting new super Mario bros wii from my blockbuster in the U.K. Good times

  • I worked in Blockbuster video Madrid Bravo Murillo street shop!! It was in 1993. How old I am!!!!!

  • I literally live in that town. Have for the past 30 years. I remember going to Blockbuster when I was younger to pick out the next NES game I wanted to play, and later SNES and towards the end Playstation games. So to answer the pinned comment, nothing. I miss absolutely nothing about going to a local video store at the moment. I love the personal interaction of actually going to Blockbuster, and having a real human suggest to me something that I may not have even considered. And yes, Bend is exactly as friendly as this video makes it out to be.

  • I miss the smell

  • Seen coraline in The Background LMFAO

  • I wanna go tho

  • When next year I’m moving 30 minutes away from it

  • I miss the smell of blockbusters 💔

  • OMG I use davinci resolve for my videos on my second channel!

  • Everything

  • Makes me cry

  • 😢😢😢

  • Man o man i missed this 😔 😢

  • I think their is room for both as well

  • 3:23 I wonder if it's the censored version of the film that Blockbuster used to carry. I'm sure it's not, just the way he says it's great, he wouldn't try and push an edited version. Wasn't it weird that Blockbuster used to do that? They were like the Walmart of video rental stores.

  • Nostalgia.

  • I’m lucky I remember going to Movie stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood video all the time with my friends and family and watching movies ahhhhhh I miss it. I Would prefer a video store and pick out movies rather than online movies and videos

  • It's funny how there is another blockbuster in redmond that's like 30 min away and they dont talk about it

  • Making it an event similar to going to the movie theatre. Watching the extra features of a DVD like behind the scenes & the Directors commentary. Looking at each DVD’s artwork front & back. Getting recommendations from staff or other customers about hidden gems.

  • Did anyone else notice that Albertsons in the background?


  • No Friday Night was better than those nights where you could go to Blockbuster, pick out a movie, game or a season box set. Get some snacks and a drink and just stay in with the family or friends Still remember when my Dad came back with a bunch of PS1 games for me to try out

  • I had place called faimly video it shut down it had games for Xbox360 ps3 u could rent orbit movies or games

  • What blockbuster actually has is NEW RELEASES!!!! plus a WIDE range of movies to rent unlike crappy NETFLIX that plays the lowest rating movies. Smfh.. Blockbuster & hastings was the best

  • I live in bend Oregon so I’m so happy

  • I want vhs tapes and betamax tapes

  • if they close it, i will be so mad. even if they dont make enough profit, the government should turn it into a museum. so much nostalgic power

  • The minute you walked in, you knew you had entered an electronic library. That “fresh tape” smell you get when you unwrap a brand new dvd... it was like that, on 100. But it was a good smell. With a hint of sweetness from the move theater candy. And those thick as hell plastic bags. What was lost in all this was an experience that people (like myself) in this era relished on Friday or Saturday night. There was a joy in trips to the video store that got taken for granted. I wouldn’t mind going to a Blockbuster again, to scope out new releases and old fav’s amidst their stellar, OCD level of video rental organization, and just talk about what’s good.

  • I don't know how I feel about this the thing about any curator is that they're going to have their own biases that a machine isn't going to have.

  • Great vid bro! wasn't expecting u to go into depth about the town, it was awesome!

  • Ok 10 years ago i went into a liquor store and got carded. So i put my car keys on the counter and i still had a blockbuster membership card on my key chain. The cashier saw my blockbuster card and said nevermind.

  • What Blockbuster used to have that netflic doesnt... Pokemon Snap

  • Requiem For A Dream is a great movie, but it's tough to get through. My friend couldn't watch it, she had to turn it off halfway through

  • Okay but who still watches DVDs though? The only device I own capable of playing DVDs is the PS4.

  • I remember the smell of that place. So distinctive.

  • I see youtube has tried to double down on ads. Had two neither skippable *eyeroll*. This was a good vid tho.

  • DVD's?

  • Bruh i got a netflix notification rn

  • used to be more of a sense of randomness as appose to limiting content.

  • Blockbuster has movies you actually want to see

  • Went there last week. Good day.

  • I miss going to blockbuster with friends or my brother as a kid picking out movies for the weekend but I dont miss my DVD rental being scratched and skipping thru the movie

  • I kinda really want to go the blockbuster

  • Man, I wasn’t born during the blockbuster franchise, but I wish I was. The nostalgia epidemic.

  • Blockbuster must create their own streaming app to make theire brand forever i hope people will love it.

  • I don’t why a spy agent .., I don’t care how “helpful “

  • Blockbuster is for people who don’t know how to use technology

  • 8292:visiting the last human

  • I laugh when a town of 55 thousand is called small. That's more people than my entire geographically large country in Pennsylvania.

  • Where my Mitchell County, NC fam?

  • as an aspiring filmmaker - it's my dream to make an independent film set in a Blockbuster in the early 90s. i'm thinking "Video Store"... would anyone watch? think "take me home tonight" (late teen angst) meets "that 70s show" (the groups banter and how they get along) meets entourage

  • I miss Blockbuster -2008 kid

  • Choice. Duh.

  • I know I'm not the only 1 😔 that misses Blockbuster

  • I got an ad for Hulu.

  • Seems like my kinda town. 😂👌

  • Ah memories. 😊

  • Whichever employee picked out Who’s Got Game and Alpha Dog knows what’s up lol 👍🏻

  • the answer is swag

  • The people who live near Blockbuster are very lucky! Netflix is so boring...

  • I don't care about selling this to me with "you can find stuff you don't expect." Nah. Not really. But that's fine. The rituals and atmosphere is enough to justify the existence of video stores.

  • I love Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc but if we had a Blockbuster or any local video rental store, I would still go to rent.

  • We need some of you hipster kids to get together and bring back the rental store model. You can do it, I believe in you.

  • I actually prefer the streaming we have now to old video stores. Streaming services have even started producing their own content based on watcher preferences. Blockbuster was an old dinosaur that refused to change that's why they died. They even had the chance to buy Netflix and the money to do it instead choosing to do other things like buy more stores and team up Dish up. Yep that work out real well...

  • to be honest blockbuster still has more variety than netflix

  • It is so hard to find good movies.. Have netflix. Vudu and netflix.. All. Algorithm.. Vudu is kinda better..

  • Still not the same. Lacks people in every row browsing through movies.

  • When basic human interaction becomes nostalgic ...Because of this stupid Pandemic. @Sketchyevan

  • Dust?

  • You can also get Blockuster app, to different devices, so that is one way to watch movies from Blockbuster, that are not in Netflix, Hulu, etc.

  • Who else still buys physical movies and video games? The cases look awesome on your shelf, you can’t deny that.

  • Number one thing Blockbuster has that Netflix doesn't..... *Your Dad*

  • A Blockbuster AND a Albersons across the street?

  • Sticky floors, and the nasty smell of week old popcorn.

  • The last video rental store I was in my kids almost managed to get me arrested..... *"HEY DAD!!!!* from across the store *"HERE IS THE SAME MOVIE YOU DOWNLOADED LAST NIGHT!!!!"* me covering my face with my hoodie ..... *"DAAAAAAAAAAAAD CHECK IT OUT DAD HERE IS THAT OTHER ONE YOU DOWNLOADED!!!!"* ......me pretending not to know them creeps quietly out the door

  • The hours-long drive trip to the other side of the country

  • People interact with getting out of house not being lazy I named two things

  • the first 10 seasons of family guy?


  • Yeah,Unless Donny and his China covid has something to say.Noooooooo !!!! Not the last one!!! To the curb with your brick and mortar store!!!

  • What Blockbuster has that Netflix doesn't: LATE FEES

  • Blockbuster will make an explosive comeback just you wait!

  • netflix hasent got what blockbuster had

  • i really hate red box rent a movie from a ATM machine didnt work out well

  • Please be kind...rewind..

  • Blockbuster seemed like it disappeared overnight.

  • The last blockbuster has every new release in good movie that Netflix doesn’t. Sadly at almost 5 dollars a new release rental it’s not worth it. Go to Redbox. Oh wait I almost forgot get the movie pass if they still offer that

  • Blockbuster doesn't what Netflixdon't

  • I hope it never closes down.