What THESTRADMAN Really Thinks of My AMG GT Black Series?!

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
I'm back with @TheStradman! My AMG GT Black Series has been staying at James' Dream House in Utah, but despite the snow, we're heading out for a drive and to see what he thinks from behind the wheel of the GT BS, and in particular my UK RHD modified Solarbeam beast!

After the first part of the epic GT Black Series tour here in the United States, I'd parked up the AMG at Strad's Dream House following our journey to Las Vegas and back for SEMA. At the time I wasn't entirely sure how long it would be until my return but after a quick stopover in Miami, it's time for the journey to continue from Utah across towards California!

Unfortunately I've not been able to come up with a plan for the cracked windshield; it's not possible to fit a LHD one due to the sensors' location, but US dealers also can't get a RHD one thanks to grey-import rules within Mercedes. However, in the meantime the show must go on! The car has been in safe hands, hooked up to a CTEK smart charger but now ready to be pulled out into the snow, perhaps not the best conditions for such a high powered, rear driven supercar on Sport Cup 2 track tyres.

Despite being with him for nearly a month, James hasn't actually taken the GT BS for a drive and it's time to do so, to see what he actually thinks about it!

A huge thanks to James for his hospitality, and help with my car while I'm away.
/ thestradman

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:13 Back in Utah
04:31 Out of the Garage
05:52 Meeting with TheStradman
07:57 Back in My AMG GT Black Series
10:09 TheStradman First Drive
20:45 Back at the Dream House
21:45 What Happens on Snow
22:50 Final Thoughts
24:01 Wrap Up

#TheStradman #AMG #GTBlackSeries

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  • Shmee it’s a ninja. He appears and disappears on different places around the globe, having a blast and enjoying! Keep up the good work Tim, you the best 🥂

    • I am glad Schmee flies around so much I dont like winter need to be more warm

    • Lives like a dj

    • The global show is incredible. Thanks from Australia, we love watching here. ( travel via "Shmee-Flight") 😀

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    • Maybe Shmee is Santa Claus? ?

  • Hats off to stradman for having patience and not doing chrome and pink on the GT BS 😂

    • @Shmee150 pink gt sv serious black lol

    • @Shmee150 hello ! Please l would ask you if you know the CS-tvr working at Mercedes-Benz? Amazing videos by the way ✨

    • @Countrified Jose Exactly what I was thinking too 😂😂😂

    • @Shmee150 and a exhaust

    • I think Tim was a little disappointed it wasn't pink and chrome 😂

  • Shmee and stradman 2 of the best CS-tvrs ever

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    • Facts 💯💯💯

    • I think so too

  • Imagine James painting it back to its original colour.. that would have been the end of a friendship 😂

    • @DHenderson oh, I see. hey, thanks for answering me that 😊

    • @HeRo TuRtle this one is original black he painted solar beam yellow as he couldn't get that colour at the time

    • which color was it, original? I'm surprised, it did have another one, since it looks like as if he brought it brand-new. I do remember the SLS got repainted blue (and silver wheels) just like he always dreamt about and then one other GT, his first one, I think, where he "saved" on the factory yellow solar beam option just to have it wrapped later on in that color (I kinda believe this was to advertise the company that made them foils.)

    • @DHenderson ofc not but imagine the reaction would have been murderous

    • He wouldn't do something so permanent

  • My brother in christ!, that peak on Stradmans mic literally blew my eardrum 😂😂

  • We need more Shmee and Strad! You guys are such a good duo!

  • Really cant wait for James to visits shmuseum on summer. May be a roadtrip from UK to the nurburgring with him might be a good idea for a collab. Oh those videos are gonna be a good one!

    • We've got some cool ideas!

  • The feel and familiarity between you two... it's like you're literally family. That's quite nice.

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  • I’m surprised Strad didn’t have a heated driveway installed when building the house.

    • @scwyd You obviously have never purchased a house.

    • @Tracy Boisselle Tell me you are poor and jealous without telling me you are poor and jealous.

    • @OwenSpalding that argument fell off the table the second bro added a car elevator lol

    • He can't afford the driveway he has.

    • @OwenSpalding I mean a heated driveway is a pretty standard thing to install in a place where it snows. It's not like he's new to the state either.

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  • My parents used to live in Utah for many years. What a beautiful state it is. Thanks Tim for giving us another beautiful scenery of Utah!

  • jamies has massive respect for you can tell as he never taken your car out lol

  • I’m almost surprised James didn’t do a heated driveway with the cars he drives

  • Looks for me was always number 1 for a car, and still is, so to hear James say that as well is reassuring but also really cool to know😂

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  • ALWAYS a great dynamic to watch you both enjoy the cars! Kindest regards Tim. Big love, as ALWAYS, Richard U.K

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  • Great video as always Tim! Glad to see you back in the beautiful state of Utah!

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  • Your kindness and pureness is what gives you the success you deserve, keep it up! Love from Greece

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  • The mountains are always trippy out there. Because of their size they look so close. Then you start driving towards them and it seems like you drive and drive before actually getting to them.

  • Tim to James about his one-of-a-kind AMG GTR Black Series: "you could have taken it out if you wanted to" and "launch it!". 🤯

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  • Insane to allow Stradman to drive the GT Black in snow on the R tires.

    • that's probably exactly why he dropped the, "R" off .. for enhanced winter performance to help out James 🤣 (so, it's only sitting on cup 2s without the, "R.")

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    • There are many places that can make them up for you, just Google search

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