What Was Valve Hiding? - Steam Deck Teardown Reaction

čas přidán 7. 10. 2021
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We finally got our first look inside the Valve Steam Deck, here's our reaction.

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  • I want to get one but I’m not sure if it’s necessary since I have a gaming laptop

  • @14:00 was in sync as well. That's a bold strat and I think it's gonna pay off

  • Is it possible to use the steam deck for cyrpto mining?

  • Valve saying "don't open it" is probably more of an idiot-proofing measure than anything. Like for me, an idiot, who definitely should not be opening something like this, and would probably leave it to a more tech repair-inclined friend.

  • Suggesting they don’t open it, and saying you can’t are two different things

  • Trying to watch this is infuriating, you GENIUSES cannot wait for the video to move on 10 sec to show what you are ranting about. The starting and stopping is horrible and far worse than the Valve video that is for EVERYONE where your content IS FOR YOU Linanus.

  • I may simp for steamdeck soon

  • 2:04 - Flex!

  • I know what it's hiding

  • Yeah the exact reason I hate Apple, and sometimes Windows. I use Linux as much as I can now because I swear if I keep getting an error saying you dont have the permissions to delete this or that. Im going to lose it

  • "You have every right to open it up" Last I checked this isn't Soviet Russia stop treating people like they're 4.

  • Yeah Anthony!!!!

  • 6:23 I don't think that what they said there undermines the legitimate safety warnings they gave. They're acknowledging that as a reason that people might want to take apart their valve index and they're making the video to satiate the desire to see it disassembled

  • Lol I once accidentally grabbed some random 350w hp power supply (I was moving it and thought it was unplugged) by the heat sinks and got electricuted and survived with 0 problems so I am very confident that a power supply can't hurt me.

  • Why would Valve show their own product catching fire? I'm dumbstruck!

  • This is the best, continuous contradiction Steam Deck video ever. The nonstop pausing to question their words, tools and the general Deck innards has me in a mix of laugh cramps and brainfreeze. Thank you. There really are funnies left on the webs.

  • Pause andy

  • Anthony is an OG 😎

  • Sounds like the lawyers wrote this

  • This is the battery. Don't catch you slippin' now

  • Do you guys ever Shutup? Play the Valve Clip geees.!

  • nobody dislike this what (i liked)

  • When linus talked about pc psu's it reminded me of when I opened my 800 watt 3d printer psu to replace the fan that was too loud. Stayed calm the whole time but that little voice in the back of my head was telling me to stop.

  • Its not exactly a rolls Royce lol

  • i feel like valve was saying that for the people that don't actually know how to do hardware pc stuff, a lot of the switch's userbase is probably gonna be interested on a steam deck

  • Linus, they're idiot-proofing the video by saying "don't open it up". People like you would anyway open it.

  • 25

  • I really want one of these!

  • Just another video reminding me that Anthony is my favorite on this channel. Hes awesome.

  • So... If I get a 64G Model, can I increase the internal Storage with a SSD Replacement or not? Got a little confused

  • what people dont understand. SteamDeck is the prototype for their stand alone VR headset that will obliterate the quest 2

  • The teardown must have been directed by Quentin Tarantino

  • 8 minutes in and you’ve paused so much he doesn’t even have the cover off yet

    • again, this is a review not the video if you want to see the video then go to the Valve CS-tv channel.

  • Car manufacturers provide every single part of their cars to sell you for more because they know they will be making money from selling those parts. In a study done in 2010-2012 models in Europe they found that in order to buy every single part of a car it will cost 3-10 times (depending on model) then buying the car brand new from a dealership. I know it is not the same for cars and electronics because cars will last a lot longer than electronics, but those electronic factories are losing money for not providing spare parts.

  • I want to see valve go all the way too. Keep thinking of the consumer and I hope that you throw the enthusiast some bones too.

  • Dude I believe steam is actually downplaying for the sake of the new consumers. They’re hitting a great market and it seems like they’re intentions are pretty good. I’ve never been one to pay attention to steam so I don’t know if it’s one of the many companies with an agenda. I like this pitch a lot. I hope they fix these standards

  • All of the "don't do this" stuff is just for lawyers. They're basically just saying you can't sue us if you set fire to your unit or damage it or shock yourself.


  • So can we get the 512 model and upgrade the SSD?

  • :( it got delayed

  • 7:30 I've had those metal inserts come out of the plastic. They need a very decent amount of plastic surrounding them to work well. On a Dell laptop they used them to mount the LCD to the lid and on my laptop the plastic cracked and the insert fell out.

  • Quit bitching. The deck deletes the point of the switch.

  • Great commentary. You guys are awesome.

  • “You go until two fingers can’t get it in anymore” - Linus, 2021

  • What i heard Was that those Warranty void stickers Are full of shit. And that it doesnt really void warranty to open up a device, and they on top of they its is the manufacturers burden to Prove that you messed Things up inside and what way to void you warranty. Atleast in europe, as in general i believe we have better consumer protecting laws here.

  • They invited you to have a look at their new console but they got funny when you wanted to tear it apart? What a surprise. They didn't really have that in mind when they wanted to show you their new console.

  • So much of the video was…bizarre. Valve did some good things here, but they had some strange cuts and timeline mismatching.

  • By the time Linus is 60, he will have amassed so much knowledge of various industries that I half expect him to make a video teaching 5th graders how to write their own video card drivers from scratch.

  • Custom steam decks, that would be hella cool

  • I don't think Valve is making spare parts for "good guy" points. But rather, to crush the competition.

  • What I don't get is why didn't they use M.2 as both Primary and slave storage.

  • LMAO

  • I love how his electricity absorbing bracelet is over his glove. They just warned you of the dangers and decided to skip out on safety when just demonstrating it

  • For the love of your pause button sheeesshhhhhhhh so painful to watch this.


  • Goodness were 9 minutes into this video and all they have shown is this guy removing the screws. Stop pausing the video so much.

  • They are clearly doing this in a style to discourage people from attempting a repair or back engineering.

  • They were also being funny, basically like the humor in Portal..

  • Doesn't valve have a problem producing enough units of everything? Most of their products was never officially sold to the Norwegian marked for example. So it probably makes sense for them to go about doing something like this compared to many other companies. If they sell replacements parts for those who broke their products, many of those would probably not go about buying a new one. And for the ones who actually would buy a new one, if they don't and an issue moving them out, they are better off selling them to others people and getting a few bucks extra in replacement parts.

  • 199 Canadian Roubles.. pml, love it.. what's that in British Drachma?

  • take steam deck gpu and put into nintendo switch

  • I caught your joke Linus. I made a similar one when I watched the vavle video lmao good one. @ its harder than you think joke

  • Linus is about to move the steam deck parts to the switch and make it better

  • "only 2230 size will fit" Linus: is that a challenge?

  • "you could die if you do this wrong" I think you guys didn't get valve there *That was a threat*

  • Not only do I want one because it's cool, but simply for this consumer strategy. The fact that they are officially providing sources to purchase replacement parts, is simply amazing. Love the pro Consumer choice.

  • The reason why you have no problem opening this is because you do this stuff every day, you have that privilege. It would be no big deal to buy one for you, mess around with it, screw it up, and buy another one if it came to it.

  • 6 minutes in and we haven’t even gotten to the part of the video were the guy actually opens the deck

  • Battery can can kill because of the acids inside

  • Anthony is a pretentious schmuck. He speaks quickly and uses fancy words to try make himself look smart. Guest what it only makes you boring. Know that repeating big words and high tech terminology doesn't make smart you're only an end user

    • well i dont think there are smaller words for those words. . .if you just expect to hear "electricity in ciruit" you probably shouldnt watch tech channels

    • Jeeze calm down

  • Wow. I wonder how much they paid you to kiss their asses that much. Thats just flat kiss-ass hypocrisy

  • I will say that when valve says don't open it up. I feel like they mean send it to us and we will fix it. I am a big right to repair person. I would never say don't repair something if you can. What I can say is that I've never had an issue with valves customer support and at least when it came to my index, I didn't have to pay much in terms of repairs when something went wrong. I feel like valve gets that people will do self repairs but also want to dissuade amateur fixes, especially for devices that may not have many available replacement parts. I totally fucked up my index controllers once and attempted a sled repair. I could have probably sent them in for replacement before I opened them up but after, there was no way they would take it back in so many pieces.

  • YEAH YEAH a battery fire can kill you if you punctured a battery and it catches fire after the repair job while u are sleeping. Therefore i will make sure NOT to stick an effing screwdriver through a Li-Ion-Battery. BTW much more often defectively produced batteries catch fire. Remember certain smartphones going up in flames.

  • I like the idea of being able to buy your parts and build one yourself. They sell gun parts that way and it costs a lil more but alot of people want to do it to learn.

  • Valve doesn't make money by selling the Deck so they don't mind people repairing them, a repaired Deck can sell Steam games as well as a new Deck.

  • Can't have your cake and eat it too. They can't tell people how to do this and then have people return them and then saying it was Valves fault

  • Informative idiot proofing.. 😆

  • WTG Valve!! Good guy points!!! I support companies that support their community and right to repair. I'll take 4 maybe even 5 for Christmas if I can get my hands on them. WTG!!!

  • Play the video talk after you just made me go too the tear video

    • well mate if you want to see the tear video its already on there channel this is the review of that

  • I have zero interest in handheld gaming devices anymore as I'm 20+ in age and my elderly eyes aren't so good, but dang, props to Valve for this consumer friendly approach.

  • Atleast in the US, its the law that opening your device doesnt void the waranty. And its the manufacturers burden of proof that you were in fact the one to do the damage. So thats not a good on valve thing, thats just a following the law thing

  • You would know why open up a swisher so controversial because Nintendo has the same opinion on this kind of thing if they do on a Malaysian

  • oh come on they joysticks and trackpads of every laptop i've ever owned have spares readily available on ebay - valve isn't standing out for saying these parts will be offered. only apple fwhits have nazi anti-repair policies.

  • Technically doesnt any company have to prove your modification or opening of a device was what broke it to void your warranty? Ive been told even if they claim opening voids warranty thats not actually a legit thing unless you break it yourself. I know with cars so many people think their warranty will be void of they mod their car. I modded my car. Intake, downpipe, brand new suspension, wheels, etc etc. When i was asked if i wanted to sign ip for the extended warranty years into owning and asked if my mods would void it. I was told they cant just void a warranty based on mods being done. That is illegal and would be the manufacturer not abiding by their contract. But if they can prove my mod resulted in the issue then they could choose to not honor my warranty... but it wouldnt void the warranty. I could install a new suspension and spacers... the spacers could factor into the barrings going bad and they might choose to not replace the barrings. But if the following month my ignition system goes out they still have to fix my ignition under warranty... even if they already decided they dont have to replace my barrings due to my mods. Warranties dont just get voided. They can opt to not honor a specific fix due to tampering... but th device itself still has a warranty.

  • Valve doesnt care with customers interests! Beware that you will deal with bad waranty system and low support by valve.

  • Don't do this, BTW here u can buy shit to do this

  • 6:14 "having said all that [as our legal team required], we also wanted to make this video to simply show you what's inside the Steam Deck."

  • ....... I want one

  • I have been a fan of the channel for a long time like since the og kitchen set and this video was just terrible like it didn't seem like a standard ltt video and it just felt long and drawn out

  • Way too many pauses, way too many criticisms. Literally paused the video every 5 seconds, criticised something, then the video explained the reason behind it, then they're just like "oh okay". You then said ESD doesn't matter to an ESD sensitive device, and mentioned your electroboom video again. I mean you really are a garbage human being, you want to find every corner possible to defend and bring that video, don't you?

  • i love anthony

  • Wait what happened with the iMac Pro? Lol

  • RAWR 15:17

  • they opened it up or ZACH will

  • How does Linus not understand that the intro was written by Valve's lawyers?

  • Always gotta love the gate keepers calling themselves "pros", the pride is pathetic really, but that's what happens when u pay 120k for a degree. All knowledge becomes gated and idocracy flourishes

  • KIOXIA only make OEM 2230 drives? Then what's this 1TB 2230 doing sitting on my desk, waiting for the Gabe Gear to arrive...? Bless ebay :)

  • Seriously, you play the video for 10 seconds then talk about what was said for 2 minutes or more. Stop interrupting so much. Especially when just saying things most of us already know.

    • Ok, 12 minutes in, sick of the video constantly being stopped for guessing what things are instead of just watching to see what it is. I give up.

  • Canadian rubles? 3:48

  • The chilly woman evocatively drum because pyramid successively flower to a numberless hate. massive, animated chemistry