What Went Wrong With California's High-Speed Railway

čas přidán 2. 06. 2021
It promised to transform how Californians travel but is now seen as a “bullet train to nowhere.” This is why America's west coast megaproject has been far from high-speed. For more by The B1M subscribe now - ow.ly/GxW7y

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Adam Savage
Video Editing and Graphics - Jim Casey

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Additional footage and images courtesy of California High-Speed Rail Authority, Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, Google Earth, J. Stephen Conn/CC BY-NC 2.0, Lisa Ferdinando/U.S. Secretary of Defense/CC BY 2.0, National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Siemens AG, TTCI, Virgin Hyperloop and OpenStreetMap Contributers ( www.openstreetmap.org/copyright ).

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  • Nobody from Northern California travels to Southern California....it might as well be in the hills of Scotland...


  • Simple. To that many Democrats with fingers in the pie

  • They stole the funds that’s what happened

  • It doesn’t matter if this train is ever completed as these are very well payed union construction and government jobs that will last long enough for workers to begin as a 20 year old and then retire as a 70 year old and still be building this line.

  • It costs too much! They lied to us! First it was 9 billion TOTAL! Now it is 77 billion and increasing.

  • I think that we may need to change our political system in order to keep the high speed train project alive. When I come to US in 80's, I have heard about the project extension of 710 to connect FWY 210 to the north (about 6 miles). Forty years later, I still don't know when the extension will be done.

    • @Black Hole The money and the blueprint were there. The project is stalled because endless lawsuit from the citizen. Some of the people want to get it done so the traffic will be smoother and some of the citizen want to keep their expensive properties intact and the local city want to keep the property tax. I don’t see a easy solution. Nobody wants to sacrifice for the society or just want to sell their properties at an outrageous and unrealistic price.

    • Blame your state or local government as they are the ones in charge for highways.

  • Take land via eminent domain and quit talking.

  • Whoever is saying that Americans wouldn’t prefer to take the train over a flight or DRIVING for six hours is either stupid or lying because of their involvement in either commercial aviation or the automotive industry. A train between LA and San Francisco, with a line to Las Vegas, would be enormously popular and successful, if properly managed.

    • 6 hour drive is about the about the maximum Americans are willing to drive before thinking about flying. Flying pretty much already does this trains job but faster and cheaper.

  • Construction is so expensive and inefficient in the U.S. it really hampers the nation and prevents it from having a modern infrastructure like many other countries

  • I hope this state falls off in my lifetime.

  • Waste of money!

  • America hasn't been able to do anything big since putting a man on the moon. Its ridiculous.

  • I’ve ridden European trains. They are excellent. I wish HSR had been designed to leverage existing assets better (i.e. tie up to BART in Pleasanton). And perhaps the first leg should have been Sacramento to Pleasanton - a smaller first bite of the elephant.

  • You are not talking about “America” but about United States. America is a continent.

    • The country’s name is United States of “America” Imagine if I called Brazil the “Federative republic”

  • In China they deliver HSR lines with similar lengths within five years..in much more complex terrain.

  • Anserver is simple. Make railway ticket much more attractive than traveling by car. For comparasion in poland using local metropolitan railway is in average 5 times cheaper and 2 times faster than traveling by car.

    • Making something that expensive cheap doesn’t really help. You need ticket prices to be somewhat manageable as you need the money to keep operating and maintaining it. America is just way too cheap to travel by car for this to even happen.

  • What will get built first, the second avenue subway or California HSR?

  • Mega-construction projects are mostly possible when you have a steady supply of cheap "slave" labour, thats why China and the Emirates build like crazy while the West is barelly able to finish anything comparable without going at least 2-3 times overbudget.

  • Tax the rich make them pay for it, America trickle down economics is a cruel lie that’s been fed to you.

  • Mark my words it will be another 50 years before those rails will be completed and connected, that's if it doesn't get abandoned first.

  • The laughing stock of the world now! From 10b to 100b that's 10x increase! Bunch of crockery corrupted US gov can't even build one section.

  • So much for the vitality of the market economy for nation-building..... This project may never happen. But who cares, the profit has already been pocketed.

  • If you want to knock down a poor community, it’s no problem, but it’s hard and expensive to acquire land in California, especially when rich Californians own them.

  • …this project is outdated now, it’s a waste of time…

  • Politicians stole the money.

  • If California wants it then they can have it. It’s a neat idea. But they should fully fund it. Instead of sending billions of federal dollars for that, it’d be nice to have some infrastructure fixed in the forgotten areas. Flooding damaged a bridge in the spring of 2018 in my area. So the entire road is closed and will be “indefinitely”. As the main travel route to and from the only grocery store, it’d be wonderful to have it fixed. The closure adds 22 minutes each way to the drive. A trip to the closest gas station that usually took 16 minutes now takes over an hour. 33k people live in this area are having to deal with this nonsense. And I’m sure there are areas in the U.S. that have it far worse than we do here. So again, it’s a neat idea and would be interesting. But that money could be so useful in other areas of the country.

  • The problem with the California high speed rail is that the California Government is overseeing the project. California is known for corruption and bad planning.

  • Once again a European fails to understand just how large and thinly populated the US is outside the east coast. It was also nothing but a scam and the graft is mind boggling.

  • what a joke

  • 0:30 Wrong. China is also a superpower.

  • Why the American,the Big Advanced economy, Industrial and tech Nation didn't want to bring the Highway Speed Rail exist to US? I'm confused and also as Indonesian I'm very proud that our phase 1 HSR project will finished somewhere between in the middle or at the end of 2022.. hopefully....,and I hope the States have to do that too.. lots of benefits if the HSR exist.. 👍👍👍🙏💪🇮🇩🇺🇸

  • nothing went wrong....... just people got fucked of their Public Taxes money....... North American Govt's are so well planned and expert to fuck their people that People never realize how they got fucked each and every time.........

  • Only $20 billion of the $2T bill was earmarked for Rails? The California High speed Rail is $100 billion alone!

  • NIMBY.

  • Too slow, too inefficient everywhere except for missiles and bombers.

  • American politicians and rich people: while smelling my own rich farts I wish there was a bullet train network. Me: then quit dicking around with your head up your butt hole crying about nothing important and just make high speed railroad long happen....it’s already pathetic that we can’t engineer our own passenger trains anymore because of forgetting how to make an efficient diesel engine or electric motor to pull the train without needing Europe to help

  • There is no intention to build a railway to cover that distance hence the gross inflation of costs regardless of licensing.

  • Sadly, california politicians are just downright incopetent

  • If you want to build a freeway: Federal Funding: Have as much money as you need, have more in fact, as long as its solely spent on car infrastructure. Environmental Impact: Who cares Land Acquisition: I don't care how many towns get ripped in half, or how many businesses and homes get demolished, that freeway's getting built. If you want to build a rail line: Federal Funding: We're not too enthusiastic about backing this project, and we can pull our funding at any time, especially after an election cycle. Environmental Impact: Have you thought about this one subspecies of frogs you might marginally inconvenience? Let's spend a third of your budget analyzing that. Land Acquisition: Have you thought about changing the route? You might endanger a barn.

  • hyper loop is NOT Musk idea

  • The Americans should decide on what rail network that they want then get either the Japanese or the Chinese to build it without any interference Mmmmmmm it would be up and running before you know it. In comparison to the American and the British the Japanese prefer efficiency over personal choice when it comes to owning a car and the Chinese aren’t much different from what I have been told. I’ve seen some horrendous traffic jams on a regular basis in both the United States and the United Kingdom Mmmmmmmmm while the car can get us from A to B in most instances when I’ve been in a traffic jam most of the cars around me have just the driver Mmmmmmmmm the idea of car sharing came and went without much success. So unless we change our mindset about OUR car then things are only going to get worse Mmmmmmm unless we want to move to Japan or China where they have a different mindset towards the car but then you have to cope with the different mindset from the government Mmmmmmm what a choice

  • please use the metric system, ididot!

  • The speed train was always a foolish idea but it was a great money making scheme for many.

  • California HSR will be completed till 2030,or2040,maybe2050.

  • The US is no longer a country capable of doing big things.

  • Obama.

  • THE BIGGEST PROBLEM is the Thieves HAVE STOLEN THE MONEY any money that is freely around every one has a hand id the pot in the 1960 there was a bill and a bond was passed for some swimming pool the taxes were put in place for the pools there was even the land and ground set aside for the pools the pools never happened when one asked there was NO MONEY it turns out that the money was diverted this is even though the money was set aside and there were tax money there and added to the local home owners the THIEVES got all of it and if one asks now the only thing one gets is funny looks California where the money pot has no bottom they took it and sold it for Scrap Oh the sides are still there it looks good

  • What went wrong? Democrats.

  • Wonder if that infrastructure money will go to this? Lol..yeah, sure. No one will use this piece of junk!

  • LMFAO.... Can you say a "Dump Load" of Pay-Olla!

  • America is a victim of its own ignorance and incompetence. Its blinded and will never see its own future. They are no longer the leaders in the world. And soon they themselves will be the third world country. And they have no one to blame but themselves. An empire will fall when it allows its infrastructure to crumble.

  • Here is USA American don't like public transportation since you have to travel to the station. buy a ticket and than sit with others on a train. We Americans believe in independence where we like to just get in our cars and drive off. This is the reason high speed trains will never work in USA because our way of thinking.

  • So strange to see a video from a British guy about the area I live in give me more useful information than 20 years of pundits screaming on TV/Radio about the most important infrastructure project that will affect me and where I live directly.

  • What’s wrong ? It’s american dream. That’s the problem.

  • Yeh, righton! The greatest country in the world! Please!

  • India soon completing high speed rail network project. 🇮🇳, Hope USA soon get it too

  • Just ask Japan or China to help with the design as they are the leaders in high-speed trains or are we still so arrogant as to refuse to even ask them?

  • Want to see a train go fast? Watch this: cs-tv.org/tv/video-EOdATLzRGHc.html , it's the French TGV setting a speed record in 2009 by reaching a speed of 574,8 Kph (more than 350 mph).

  • It should be "what went wrong with America's public infrastructure"🤣💅🏻💅🏻

  • So I guess we can call this a “train wreck”! 😉

  • Yes 19th century technology is "sensible" ROFL. Even more "sensible" when dumbass Democratic politicians who cant balance a budget get involved.

    • The first high speed train was in 1964.

  • Newsom got rich

  • Pointless. Californians hate public transportation almost as much as they hate Trump.

  • I'd LOVE to be able to ride a high speed train over flying. But the kickbacks and dirty business doubles the cost of any rail project in the USA. We seriously need better project management.

  • Can not even build a stupid conventional HSR, keep bluffing about hyper loop . Good job Elon.

  • When you display imperial units, could you please display metric units next to it? I'm sure you have a lot of international viewers like me, and you can help us save time and energy looking up the conversion.

  • Recall newsome sept 14 2021

  • What went wrong? Democrats.

  • Lets build a HSR line through the most expensive real estate corridor in the world. I wonder why we are over budget?

  • at the same time, you have the 690billion dollar military budget...

  • I think high speed railway is great to cut green house emmisiion ! First high speed railway network in japan was far mor expensive than it was planned and even the engineer who designed the whole plan resigned in the fear that it would fail , but it was huge success ! Same way government should not fear if it goes a bit expensive than it is expected . People will get use to it and love it once they try it … it is very convenient ! No need to travel to far to reach the airports which are generally quite far from main city ! Then the checks , luggauage and its saves lot of time… and no need to concentrate on driving .., just spread your legs and you home….!!! Once people try it they will love it and saves environment.

  • Turn this over to Musk and Virgin Hyperloop and let them figure it out. It would save the taxpayers of California a lot of money and would likely get done. The problem that this project has is that it is run by the California government.

    • @ms711 The ideas we are aware of anyway. I am sure he could come up with something better and more cost-effective than what they have now.

    • Musk’s ideas so far have all been about moving few people in cool looking individual pods. Vegas loop is a underground tunnel for Teslas. So it’s mostly inefficient ways of moving people.

  • Incompetent state government happened. California is run by a bunch of left-wing buffoons that have no idea what they're doing. That's what happened.

  • I honestly don’t know why someone would make a video about this project while treating it as a serious project. It was never going to happen, the proposition only raised a pittance of what would be required.

  • 1:50 "Sun Whacking"

  • God , I hate how stupid and awful we have become as a society. This and now anti vax rejects. I regret getting my citizenship

  • If I could constantly go to Northern California from Southern, I'd be beyond happy. Being able to visit Northern California would make down here feel much less boring and ugly

  • The only way this HSR thing makes sense is if it runs from SF to LA, and given California’s notoriously strong cadre of NIMBYs, ineffectual government, and geologic faults, the Bay Area and LA segments will probably never happen. And even if the Central Valley segment is completed, nobody will use it. There is already an Amtrak segment between madera and Bakersfield that nobody uses, and not because it isn’t fast enough.

  • To many road blocks California has created for itself in the last 25 years. That’s why it isn’t finished. And they want the fed to give them money for it. If leadership wanted it, they would have it by now.

  • America is the worst first world country we somehow can't do shit compared to literally everyone else, all because of money, politics, bureaucracy and "Freedom" or whatever.

  • This is a bad joke on Californians

  • We germans used the BR Airport as a joke when it comes to taking time to build something. Guess America has cracked that one... Which isn't really a compliment

  • High speed rail, what a waste of money!

  • We are the West Coast not the East Coast, we like our freedom and space around us... I don't want to hear and smell my neighbors fart at night....

    • Does that freedom include being forced to own a car as well as cities being forced to have minimum parking requirements as well as ugly freeways?

  • Most of the money went into Pelosi's pocket.

  • Too many corrupt democrat politicians will never allow to happen

  • I hope that $20 billion goes to other states, because if it comes to us in California, it'll only afford promises.

  • The USA has - for exemple - the best private Universities of the world and the worst public school system of all developed democratic countries - so a good public transportation system is unlikely. IMHO

  • Why can’t Americans do anything right? God, we even suck at war now.

  • Democrats and their world of lies are what went wrong. The filth of the Democrats must be washed away.

  • It's a money laundering scheme.

  • 150 MPH is not fast? Damn... in my country 150 but KPH is called fast

  • If you compare the European rail network with the American one, the European rail network is much, much better.

  • Bonehead project managed by boneheads.

  • Politics. I live in San Francisco. It's 2 decades now. Took me 4 hour from SF to LA. Going 100 miles all the way. When I was going to school in LA. I drive to SF for lunch and dinner then come back.

  • Its funny ho american videos always repeating "world's only superpower". Its like obsession.

  • What went wrong? The answer is CORRUPTION.

  • Lets just hire China to build it. The entire line would be completed in a year. Oh wait....politicians and unions. Make that 40 years.

  • The fearful fearless snake parallely force because decision especially suck opposite a magnificent litter. jumbled, ragged planet