What You're Really Eating! 6 Worst Food Chemicals: Health, Safety, Nutrition, Detox Tips

čas přidán 6. 01. 2017
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What You're Really Eating! 6 Worst Food Chemicals: Health, Safety, Nutrition, Detox Tips
Find out the 6 WORST food chemicals you probably eat everyday, which foods contain them and how to avoid them! These tips will help you get health, lose weight, detox, etc. Get rid of the junk food and go for the health food. Great diet tips from Corrina Rachel.
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    • Ooh that sounds like great fun

  • Damn shes gorgeous

  • I'm surprised she doesn't look extremely malnourished 🙃😨

  • It’s okay. Im gonna die anyway. Dorito time

  • You forgot the worst!! Dihygrogen monoxide! Or sodium hydrogen carbonate!

  • You disapprove of animal studies huh? Well, why don't you stop using everything that has been tested on animals then. Like uhh, oh, I dunno.. Medicine? "Detox tips". Any rational human would run from a person making statements like that. Here's my detox tip: YOUR LIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why are these foods being made concidering how bad they are for us?

  • If you live in a cold area, you can't avoid eating junk, unless you have your own land and grow your own food. ... even then, you need your own water supply, because flouride in the water kills pants ... literally ... they don't grow.

  • And you realize I really don’t care

  • We are all going to get cancer or some some illnesses cuased by the food

  • I’m glad I gave up soda I don’t like it anymore I only prefer water, sweet tea, apple juice and orange juice

  • Putting junk food and soda into the body reminds me of a brand new vending machine. People keep pouring soda down the coin slot, also cramming Hostess cakes up where the cans come out. Soon the machine becomes sluggish and doesn't work as well. Eventually it doesn't work at all.

  • You look soooooooooooooo good

  • I don’t have any of those except peanut butter :(

  • If you ever wonder why there are chemicals in our food, research Operation Paperclip

  • Titanium dioxide is the 1st ingredient in my white paint... That is labeled toxic...

  • Why drink green tea if it gets rid of toxins?

  • FOODS THAT FEED PARASITES: Sugar, bread, meat, dairy, eggs, pasta and fruit JUICE. 1 square inch of raw sushi also contains 10,000 parasite eggs on average.

  • Thank you so much!!! I feel disgusted by junk foods now...urgh

  • Soda has so much sugar and acids that my face started from clear to acne, but I dont drink soda like everyday I drink it one in a while but it also come from all of the sugars that are within the junk foods that everyone is eating.

  • 🍆 can’t watch she’s too hot to stay focused

  • So if I only eat fruits and vegetables will I start to look like you?😂

  • Tig ol biddes

  • Ok I'm not saying she's lying or wrong but *where* *are* *your* *SOURCES* *????* I mean, I'm supposed to believe just because you say so? If you put in evidence to back up your claims. Or at least anecdotal weblinks to help support your claim. But *no* all I get is...you're...pretty? So I guess you're right?

  • Nobody commented a list of this wow 😭

  • Yeah, I feel bad for the animal testing as well.. but let's think about this. They are Purposefully adding these chemicals that Purposefully cause cancer, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, death and too many others to name.. into OUR food. That part really bothers me. Why are they adding these to OUR food knowing what it's true purpose is? Poisoning our food supply and approving it to be sold and consumed to millions. It's sick really.

  • Hey I love Cheeto s

  • Honestly, if it comes in a can or a box don't eat it. I don't even purchase frozen fruit or vegetables because of all the stuff they add when packaging to extend the shelf life. Even vegetarian options like the frozen vege-burgers or frozen meat substitutes are loaded with chemicals for flavor and texture. And even something like store made breads are filled with chemicals to keep them from getting moldy, to improve texture, taste and help the dough rise higher. At first, it was a daunting task to scratch make everything but once you get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep. I even make my own coconut milk because the commercial brands add thickeners and things to make it "creamier" along with other artificial preservatives and additives. Back in the 70's the FDA ran public service announcements asking Americans to "read the label-set a better table", so I did. I didn't like what I was reading.

  • What about xylitol

  • Shutup

  • Since getting diagnosed with lupus i decided to quit eating all pre-packaged foods like biscuits, chocolate and chips. Before i used to eat tons of sugar after coming home from school because of fatigue. During the first few weeks it was a little rough but now i've found that my intense sugar cravings at around 4-5 pm have stopped, and i only eat dessert a couple of times a week now. For dessert when i do have it, i eat either unsalted popcorn, unsalted corn chips, a square or two of dark chocolate, a date or a home baked muffin or something (obviously not all at once though.) whereas before i'd just down squares of chocolate, biscuits, chips etc. I've also found that eating too much bread makes me feel yucky and a bit bloated for some reason, although oddly enough i am ok with other grains such as bulgur, wholemeal pasta and brown rice. Which is a bit odd, i wonder why that happens? It can't be gluten intolerence since like i said, eating other grains seems to produce no problems for me. I hope the dietary changes ive made myself are actually helping and it's not just the medications i'm taking which are making me feel better. Doctors always act like its all about the medication.

  • Omg speed it up lady.

  • Just eat fish and berries

  • So bonus video we get tingles?

  • This video is already boring and you moving along so slow isn’t helping just food for thought

    • Yea she should list it up just how tasty makes their videos lol

  • Gorgeous 😍

  • Your'e so hotttt

  • Great video! We need to educate everyone about this harmful chemicals we are eating and drinking.

  • You kinda look like Kaya scodelario

  • Stevia is a natural plant product, right? Does it have adverse effects?

  • She’s hot as f&@@&k

  • It's scary how all those chemicals and preservatives are in very popular foods and beverages...

  • Im drinking a mountain dew as i saw a mountain dew in the backround. I ❤ mtn dew. Theres nothing in it that won't make me stop drinking it.

  • Tachycardia is a racing heart, not twitching

  • what i dont want is cancer m'lady.

  • It so sad that our biggest industries are sickness , war , justice and consumerisum .. mikey no like it

  • I think she eat all whole junk foods

  • Thank you, that was brilliant. I only eat fresh foods but it might save a few vegans.

  • The real deal? Our bodies are as natural as plants. We are not science we are unprocessed and unaltered minerals, created from earth by God. Man created science (Medicine) to manage our health complications caused by processed and chemically developed foods. Medicines can't and don't cure it ONLY manages our physical failures, caused by man. Someone for a long... long time made it legal to trash our foods, that's killing us and causing health complications. And that health complication? Allows them to make money selling us their scientific medicine, that can't heal us but simply manage our concerns until we die.

  • There is a reason why to all your questions regarding food medicine and in general every aspect of our daily life. If you take 15 minutes out of your day and you leave behind the concept that out there there are people that care about your well-being and your livelihood and in general your life and start to ask questions about quite literally everything that you eat everything that you drink all the medicine that you take and just in general the entirety of society you will have a hard time sleeping for several days knowing what I know. By all means none of this is a secret and quite literally it is all in front of us it's not a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy everything that you have a question 2 is out there for you to find an answer the truth is out there waiting to be found you just have to work very hard to find it. Now a bit of a warning once you go down this rabbit hole it is a very deep hole and if you proceed and try to reach the bottom you'll be surprised what you find at the bottom and that is quite literally hope but on the way down you will never be the same again.

  • Watched this video and stopped listening since she showed us the Eat What app bc that can just do the job for me LMAO

  • I had a Chick-fil-A ad before this video😂

  • Truth about diet and health, you'll be surprised: cs-tv.org/tv/video-Og62hbNl794.html

  • She's hot🔥

  • I will never stop oreos

  • I try to stay away from as much processed food as I can. Probably impossible to avoid them 100%

  • I got a pizza ad before this video

  • Tachycardia is not twitching. It is an Accelerated ❤️ rate.

    • Dr Berta Maria Hines that’s what I was thinking lol

  • Awesome video. Scary too. Wow. I am looking into what the body does with all these chemicals when breaking them down. Thanks for the great work. Coloring... That is wild.

  • I feel like these toxic foods are the reason real food is so expensive